SCOTLAND: Dunbartonshire Marriages


Agnes Gelespey married Andrew Burne May 23, 1704 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Alexander Gillespie married Anne Fergus 1849, Oct 28, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Alexander Gillespie married Margaret Mcintosh Dec 30, 1868 Dumbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland

Andrew Gelespie married Jean Wallace June 14, 1695 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Annie Gillespie married Robert Munroe August 24, 1860 Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland

Annie Gillespie married James Boyle June 25, 1875 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

Archibald Gillespie married Janet Blair July 9, 1868 Bonhill, Dunbarton, Scotland


Barbara Gillespie married Thomas Pitcairn 1848, April 16 Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Barbara Gillespie married John Marshall August 14, 1874 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Bernard Gilespie married Susan Ferry Nov 7, 1843 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

Bridget Gillespie married Michael Goldan Nov 14, 1851 Row, Dunbarton, Scotland


Catherine Gillespie married James Fraser 1853, May 22, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire Scotland

Charles Gillespie married Mary Ann Baird 1828, May 24, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Charles Gillespie, married Elizabeth Scott 1847, Oct 24, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


David Gelespie married Janet Barrie June 6, 1698 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland


Elisabeth Gillespie married Robert Alexander 1846, Nov 27, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Elizabeth Gillespie married James Mcallister 1781, April 15, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Elizabeth Gillespie married John Allan Moffat June 26, 1860 Dumbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland

Elizabeth Gillespie married Daniel Mclaughlin August 25, 1870 New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

Elphinston Gillespie married Janet Paterson March 4, 1859 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Euphemia Gillespie married George Stewart 1849, Sept 22, Bonhill, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


Hellinor Gillespie married Robert Brewster March 1, 1665 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland


James Gelespie married Smelley June 13, 1695 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

James Gillespie married Helen Brisbane 1802, March 26, New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. (Note they moved to Renfrewshire for birth of some children). 

James Gillespie married Margt Colquhoun 1831, April 16, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

James Gillespie married Euphemia Stewart 1852, Dec 4, Bonhill, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

James Gillespie married Isabella Dick 1853, Oct 24, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

James Gillespie married Elizabeth McNicol June 9, 1869 Luss, Dunbarton, Scotland

Jane Gillespie married Finlayson Walker May 18, 1850 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

Janet Gillespie married John Donaldson April 13, 1703 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Jas Gillespie married Ann Kinniburgh Oct 7, 1870  Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Jean Gillespie married Finlison Walker 1850, June 7, New Kilpartick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Jessie Gillespie married Robert Somerville June 11, 1874  Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Johne Gillespie married 1663, June 4, Jennet Dabbie, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire Scotland

John Gillespie married Agnes Whitlaw 1664, Feb 9, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

John Gillespie married Grissal Watsoun 1665, May 26, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

John Gilaspie married Jean Stark Sept 4, 1696 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

John Gellespie  married Barbra Guding Oct 18, 1692  Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

John Gillespie married Catherine Ross Nov 26, 1869 New Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland


Margaret Gillespie married Robert Kirkwood Feb 11, 1869/March 11, 1869 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland

Margaret Brewster Gillespie married Robert Moncrieff March 10, 1829 Row, Dunbarton, Scotland

Margaret P Gillespie married James Purves July 22, 1872 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

Mary Gillespie married Alexander Macfarlane 1816, May 4, Arrochar, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


Peter Gillespie married Margaret Mcintyre 1845, May 30, Bonhill, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Peter Gillespie married Janet Bryson June 8, 1830 Old Kilpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland


Robert Gillespie married Margrat Miller 1666, May 26 Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire,Scotland

Robert Gelespey married Agnas Burne April 20, 1704 Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton, Scotland


Samuel Gillespie married Jessie Black June 16, 1871 Dumbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland

Samuel Gillespie married Ann Smith Oct 31, 1873 , Dumbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland


Thomas Gillespie married Agnes Scott 1831, June 18, Bonhill, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


William Gillespie married Janet McCafferty May 8 1840 Old Kirpatrick, Dunbarton, Scotland

William Gillespie married Catherine Farnie Dec 13, 1870 Dumbarton, Dunbarton, Scotland

Record Count:  52

Source of Records: Mormon website,  Scotland Marriages, 1561-1910