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Alexander Gillespie

b Nov 12, 1790 Edinburgh. Married Barbara Goodwin and raised two boys Robert and Charles Gillespie. Alexander died Jan 16, 1869 in Kirkinloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Family history traced through son Robert with links to Glasgow; South America and Australia. Record and notes provided by researcher, used with permission.

James Gillespie

  • Born at Roslin 1725 or 1726
  • of Spylaw, a tobacconist on High Street
  • He built Spyler House, 231 High Street – plaque there to honour him.
  • His younger brother John helped him in his business
  • Died April 8, 1797, four years after his brother died.
  • They never married.
  • Buried Colmton Parish Church. Edinburgh
  • He founded a hospital after his death and a school and a residence for the master and assistants.

Source: USA Gillespie Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 3, page 15

John Hamilton Gillespie

b 1852 in Edinburgh, immigrated to USA, and settled in Sarasota, Florida 1886. He became its first Mayor….

Thomas Gillespie

  • b 1703 at Clearburn, Parish of Duddington near Edinburgh.
  • His father died when he was very young. He studied theology in England. He was licensed to preach in 1740 whereby he returned to Scotland.
  • Minister at Carnock till 1752. Rejected. He then moved to Dumfrieshires for five years to preach.
  • He lived a separated life from the Church of Scotland.
  • Many more details on this website:  Scroll down.

Thomas Gillespie

at St Andrew’s University 1552-Ex Collego Divi Salvatorus, Matriculation Roll

Dr Thomas Gillespie

Professor of Humanities 1814-1840, Edinburgh University

  • Born at Closeburn Feb 1777 or 1778
  • Educated at Wallacehall
  • 1802 Entered University of Edinburgh
  • 1813 Appointed to the Church. Lived at Cults. Married Dr Hunter’s daughter.
  • 1828 Became Assistant Humanity Chair at United College
  • 1836 Became Principal
  • Died at Dumino  near St Andrews Sept 11, 1844, aged 67 years.
  • Wrote verse, and published some

Source: National Archives

William David Gillespie

  • June 28, 1819 to April 19, 1848. From Edinburgh.
  • S/o Dr Alexander G Gillespie of 30 York Place
  • Educated at Edinburgh Academy 1828
  • Went to the Hudson Bay Territory in Canada
  • Died in Italy

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Source: A Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants to Canada Before Confederation; Correspondence with researchers.

Record used with permission D Gillespie