SCOTLAND: Kirkcudbrightshire Births & Baptisms

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Agnes Gillespie, christening March 14, 1780 New Abbey, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o David Gillespie & Agnes Biggar

Agnes Gillespie, birth Nov 6, 1819 Kelton, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o William Gillespie & Marion Mayoh

Andrew Gillespie, birth October 13, 1831 Borgue, Kircudbright, Scotland, son of Andrew Gillespie & Elizabeth Kelly.

Anne Gillespie christening 1782 Carsphairn, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, daughter of James Gillespie & Anna Ferguson


Charles Gillespie, birth Nov 25, 1873 Dalbeattie, Kircudbright, Scotland, son of Henry Gillespie & Isabella Morrison


David Gillespie christening July 21, 1768 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, son of Alexander Gillespie & Agnes Walker


George Ewer Gillespie birth Sept 6, 1869 Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, son of James Ewer Gillespie & Agnes Isabella Murray


Henrietty Gillespie christening Jan 18, 1828 Kirgunzeon, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Elizabeth Broun


Isabella Gillespie christening March 9, 1834 Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o James Gillespie & Mary Fergusson


Janet Gillespie birth August 6, 1864, Urr, Kircudbright, Scotland, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Annie Wilson

John Gillespie, birth Nov 10, 1865 Troqueer, Kircudbright, Scotland, son of William Gillespie & Agnes Smith.


Margaret Gillespie, christening Feb 10, 1811 Troqueer, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o John Gillespie & Janet Hume

Margaret Sinclair Gillespie, birth December 25, 1821 Kelton, Kircudbright, Scotland, daughter of William Gillespie & Marion Mayoh

Margaret Smart Gillespie christening Nov 13, 1825 Lochruttan, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, d/o Thomas Gillespie


Robert Gillespie, born Dec 30, 1778, s/o Reverend John Gillespie and Dorothea McLean, in Kells, Kircudbright, Scotland. He became a merchant in New York and died  Sept 20, 1830.

Robert Gillespie birth July 27, 1857 Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, son of William Gillespie & Martha Williamson


William Gillespie christening August 7, 1804 Balmaclellan, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, son of John Gillespie & Margaret Hare

William Gillespie, birth June 25, 1847, christening July 17, 1847 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, son of William Gillespie & Elisabeth Wilson Donaldson. Residence Crossmichael.

William Addison Gillespie, birth Aug 30, 1863 Crosmichael, Kircudbright, Scotland, son of Richard Addison Gillespie & Agnew Barbour

Isabella HAHHAY or Gillespie or Thomson christening December 3, 1854  Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, father Hannay, mother Agnes Gillespie or Tomson.

Record Count: 19

Source of Records: Mormon website, Scotland Births & Christenings, 1564-1950