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Alexander Gillespie, birth 1872. Death July 19, 1905. Burial Cemiterio dos Ingleses Gamboa Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil



Andrew Erroll Gillespie birth Feb 1, 1925 Canada. Son of Errol P Gillespie & Beatrice L C Oliver. Arrived Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil 1960. Married. No children.


Betty Patricia Gillespie birth Oct 17, 1927 Canada. Father H Maitland Young. Mother M Patricia Thomson . Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Charles Lee Gillespie birth Dec 31, 1929 Virginia. Father Charles. Mother Sudie. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1964

Clarice Gillespie birth April 6, 1906 Eeuu. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1952. (unable to clarify Eeuu unless it means Europe).


Edith Gillespie birth Sept 30, 1895 Provo, Utah, father M M Warner. Mother Eleanor Warner. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1940

Eleanor Elizabeth Gillespie birth July 11, 1926 Barcelona Espanha (Spain).  Arrival 1944 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


From Poland, Helen Gillespie, 1958.


James Francis Edward Gillespie birth Nov 29, 1925 Eua. Son of William & Leola. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1955

Jane Trowbridge Gillespie birth Jan 20, 1941 New York, USA. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1962

John Daniel Gillespie birth Dec 5, 1885 Bevington, Iowa, USA. Arrived 1943 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

John Daniel Gillespie birth Jan 28, 1923 Eua, father Charles. Mother Nell. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1955.

John S Gillespie birth March 7, 1916 Detroit, Michigan.  Mother Engs. Arrived Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1958


William Hewitt Gillespie, birth Sept 6, 1905 China. Arrival Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil 1958 Father William Hewitt Gillespie. Mother Isabella Burgoyne Gillespie.

Record Count:  13

Source of Record: Find A Grave;; Brazil Immigration Cards. Church records