USA: Arkansas Deaths


Agnes Gillespie death August 2, 1934 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Albert Gillespie death Nov 4, 1933 Lincoln County, Arkansas

Albert Gillespie death Aug 11, 1946, age 60, Phillips County, Arkansas

Albert Gillespie b Kentucky  death March 25, 1947, age 84, Lincoln County, Arkansas

Alice Gillespie, b Mississippi, death Jan 2, 1945 age 56, Lee County, Arkansas. Mother Cora Fuller.

Alvin Gillespie b Arkansas. d April 10, 1955 Franklin Co, Arkansas.

Andrew Gillispi death June 18, 1929 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Andrew Jac Gillispie death Feb 25, 1917 Ouachita County, Arkansas

Ann Gillespie b Arkansas. d Aug 13, 1955 Quachita Co, Arkansas.

Annie E Gillespie death Jan 11, Woodruff County, Arkansas

Anthony Gillespie b IRELAND, d Sept 27, 1935 Pope Co, Arkansas

Arch Gillespie b Tennessee. d Oct 16, 1947 Independence Co, Arkansas. Mother Mollie Brady.

Ardelia Gillespie, b Arkansas. d April 11, 1945 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Ardelia.

Areh Mor Gillespie death Oct 16, 1947, age 66, Independence County, Arkansas

Armelia Bri Gillespie death April 11, 1945, age 31, Pulaski County, Arkansas


Balus Gellispi death March 8, 1943, age 54, Nevada County, Arkansas

B B Gillispie death June 4, 1926 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Bee Gallespie death Feb 15, 1935 Ashley County, Arkansas

Benj Gillaspie death Feb 12, 1921 Jackson County, Arkansas

Bertha Gillespie b Arkansas. d May 26, 1955 Hot Springs, Arkansas. Mother Sarah Elizabeth Hughen

Birl Gillespie b Missouri. d April 28, 1953 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Minnie Downey

Blanche Gillespie birth Ohio. d Oct 8, 1936 Pulaski County, Arkansas. Mother Lizzie Giehle.

Bobby Gillespie b Arkansas. d Sept 1, 1954 Jackson Co, Arkansas. Mother Jewel Phillips


Carl E Gillispie death March 11, 1941 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Catherine E Gillispie death Oct 10,1923 Prairie County, Arkansas

Charlie C Gillespie, b Arkansas,  death Dec 20, 1943, age 41, Prairie County, Arkansas.Mother Addie McAlester.

Charles Gillespie b Arkansas. d August 31, 1953 Jefferson Co, Arkansas. Mother Mary Jane Culpepper. (see also Thomas).

Charles Gillespie b Arkansas. d Sept 13, 1956 Garland Co, Arkansas. Mother Lena McNeil.

Charles E Gillispie death Feb 11, 1924 Lee County, Arkansas

Charles Tho Gillaspi death Dec 5, 1929 Missisippi County, Arkansas

Charolin Gallespi death August 27, 1931 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Chester L Gillespie, b 04/12/1932   d 04/03/1987 US Marine Corps, PVT, Res Lavaca, AR, Plot 15 Fort Smith National Cemetery, Sebastian County, AR

Mrs Civil A Gillispie  b Feb 8, 1831 d Nov 23, 1907 Gillespie Cemetery, Ouachita Co, Arkansas

Clara Gillespie b Louisiana. d Sept 17,1952 Union Co, Arkansas.

Coma Gillespie b Arkansas. d Jan 4, 1946 Crittenden Co, Arkansas. Mother Balinda Burford

Cora Gillespie b Arkansas. d Aug 17, 1938 Mississippi Co, Arkansas.

Cora Hal Gillespie b Arkansas. Death July 9, 1937 Jefferson County, Arkansas

Creed Gillespie b Arkansas. d Jan 23, 1959 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Arkie Dickson


D Gillespie died Sept 5, 1878 Arkansas

Dell Gillispie death Feb 10, 1917 Clarke County, Arkansas

D J Gaillospie death Feb 23, 1916 Clarke County, Arkansas

Deorthy Gillispie death Aug 31, 1946, age 59, Crittenden County, Arkansas

Donald Gillespie b Arkansas. d Oct 28, 1955 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Ozelma  Butler.

Doris Gillespie death August 2, 1945, age 36 Poinsett County, Arkansas. Mother Narcissie Burford.


Earl Gillespie death July 4, 1932 Poinsett County, Arkansas

Edwin Gillespie b Virginia. d Jan 18, 1958 Benton Co, Arkansas. Mother Sarah.

Effeldia Gillespie death May 8, 1932 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Eldee Gillespie death July 21, 1943 age 41, Woodruff County, Arkansas. Mother Mollie Huff.

Elex Gillespie b Mississippi. d April 29, 1949 Phillips Co, Arkansas. Mother Fannie Hunter.

Elizabeth Galaspy, Lawrence Co, AR, age 29, died Oct 1850, typhoid fever

Elizabeth J Gillespie, 77, of Conway, sadly left us on Dec. 18, 2022. She passed away of heart complications. She was preceded in death by her parents and oldest son, Michael Gillespie. She left behind her youngest son, Brian Gillespie; grandchildren, Kristin Gillespie and Chase Gillespie; and great grandchildren Lynnex Passmore and one expected.   Visitation  Tuesday, Dec. 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Roller McNutt Funeral Home in Conway. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Visitation will be on Tuesday, Dec. 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Roller McNutt

Ella B Gillespie b 0125/1921. d 03/12/1996 res Little Rock, AR. Plot 23. Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co, AR

Erma R Gilispie death Oct 28, 1941 age 9, Woodruff County, Arkansas

Estella King Gillespie, b 04/21/1916. d 04/14, 1999. US Army PVT, Plot 24. Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co, AR

Ethel Gillespie b Arkansas d Feb 23, 1953 Mississippi Co, Arkansas.


F Gillespie death Oct 2, 1937 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Fay Gillespie b Missouri. d Feb 23,1949 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Carrie Clark.

Florence Gillespie birth Arkansas. Death Oct 2, 1937 Woodruff, Arkansas.

Frank J Gillespie b 05/26/1891  d 04/12/1976 PEF US Army, Plot 18. Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co, AR

Frankie Lee “Frank” Gillespie, 73, of Manila, Arkansas, died Oct. 25, 2018, at his home. He was a retired auto parts saleman, in the National Guard for six years, and of the Baptist faith. Mr. Gillespie was born Sept. 22, 1945, in Osceola to Earl and Jeffie Ford Gillespie.

He was preceded in death by his parents; wife Carolyn Gillespie; two brothers, Jimmy Gillespie and Donald Gillespie; and one sister Pauline Pipkin.

He is survived by one son, Johnny (Sandra) McCammon of Caraway; three daughters, Rhonda Bonee of Savannah, Tenn., Kim McCammon (Doran) Harston of Hardy and Stephanie (Craig) Teague of Manila; two sisters, Betty (Dan) Cowles of Tullahoma, Tenn., and Carol Ann (Norman) McAnally of Heber Springs; 12 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. Visitation was Saturday, Oct. 27, from 6-8 p.m. and services were 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 28, at Wilson Funeral Home in Osceola. Burial was in Mississippi County Memorial Gardens in Osceola with Bro. Allen Walker officiating.

Fred Gillespie b Arkansas,  death Jan 25, 1945 age 19 Pulaski County, Arkansas. Mother Christine Hall.


George W Gilispie death April 18, 1922 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Gillispie death Sept 5, 1914 Hot Spring County, Arkansas

Gilspie, May 13, 1916 Sebastian County, Arkansas

Gillespie death  Jan 9, 1923 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Gillispie death Dec 20,1923 Jackson County, Arkansas

Golitha Gillespie death April 6, 1917 Garland County, Arkansas

Gracie  Gillaspie death Feb 2, 1923 Jackson County, Arkansas

G P Gillespie death Sept 28, 1921 Benton County, Arkansas

Grant Cli Gillespie death Jan 3, 1948, age 46, Garland County, Arkansas (2nd record gives birth Arkansas, death date as Jan 4, 1948, mother Lucy Gillespie)

Grant W Gillespie, b Missouri,  death Oct 29, 1948, age 63, Washington County, Arkansas. Mother Mary Smithers.


Hattie Glaspy death Sept 23, 1916 Cross County, Arkansas

Hattie Gillespie death Aug 22, 1925 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Henry Gillespie b Mississipp. d March 19, 1958 Mississippi Co, Arkansas.

Herman Cli Gillespie death April 9, 1928 Logan County, Arkansas

Howard Jun Gillespie death Jan 10, 1935 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Howard Terello Gillespie, b 11/19/1912  d 11/03/1970 PVT USA, Plot 11. Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co, AR


Ida Gillespie b Louisiana. d April 16, 1954 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Louis Pearson.

Infant Gillespie, Hempstead Co, AR, age 1  year, female, died July 1850 of cong brain.

Ira Gillespie b Arkansas. d Dec 10,1939 Nevada Co, Arkansas


J Gillespie b Arkansas. d Nov 26, 1959 Jefferson Co, Arkansas. Mother Emma Sorrells.

Jack Lee Gillespie death August 25, 1930 Jefferson County, Arkansas

James Gillespie death Sept 7, 1914 Pope County, Arkansas

James Glaspy death Aug 22, 1933 St Francis County, Arkansas

James Gillispie death Jan 29, 1942, age 65 Pulaski County, Arkansas

James Gillespie, b 10/07/1921  d 12/12/1995  US Army, SGT, Res Little Rock, AR. Plot 24.  Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co, AR

James L Gillaspie death July 16, 1935 Clark County, Arkansas

James Ray Gillespie, birth Arkansas, death April 21, 1948 Jefferson County, Arkansas. Mother Jamie Lee Atkins.

Jane Gillespie, Jefferson Co, AR, age 2, female, died May 1850, cause of death cong fever.

Janie Gillispie (also Gillespie b Arkansas, death Jan 9, 1942 age 45, Yell County, Arkansas. Mother Jennie Weldon.

J C Gillespie death June 19, 1922 Ashley County, Arkansas

Jeanett War Gillespie death April 8, 1925 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Joe Gillespie b Arkansas. d May 14, 1949 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Martha Little.

Joel Gillaspie death Nov 23, 1920 Logan County, Arkansas

John Gillespie b Arkansas. d July 26, 1935 Pulaski Co, Arkansas.

John Gillespie b Illinois. d Dec 12, 1954 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Sarah Margaret Allison

John Gillespie b Arkansas. d Jan 13, 1961 Jefferson Co, Arkansas. Mother Kate Fleming Wilson.

Juanita Gillespie death June 15, 1927 White County, Arkansas

Obit: In Van Buren Twp on the 28 November, 1884, Mr John Gillespie, aged 72 years, 11 months, 10 days. Born Augusta Co, Virginia Dec 12, 1812 and was married in the years of 1832 in the state of Virginia, and moved from there to the State of Tennessee, living there about 20 years. In 1852 he constructed a boat and set sail for Arkansas, where he has lived every since. He leaves a widow, 74 years of age, and an adopted son, to mourn his loss.

John Glaspie death June 2, 1920 Ouachita County, Arkansas

John Gillespie death Sept 28, 1921 Benton County, Arkansas

John Gillispie death July 26, 1935 Pulaski County, Arkansas

John Gillispie death April 10, 1942, age 65, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Johnnie Gilespie death Feb 8, 1918 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Julia Gillispie death May 24, 1920 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Julia Glaspy death Jan 28, 1944, age 51 St Francis County, Arkansas

June Gelospie death Dec 26, 1917 Clarke County, Arkansas


Kate Gillespie b Arkansas.d July 1, 1953 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Katherine Kelly.

Kizzie L Gillespie death Nov 28, 1928 White County, Arkansas


L Gillispie death Jan 28, 1922 Lee County, Arkansas

L Gillaspie death April 11, 1922 Jackson County, Arkansas

Lance Gillespie b Mississippi. d June 21, 1952 Saline Co, Arkansas. Mother Laura Taylor.

Leila M Gillespie b Arkansas,  death Dec 7,1944 age 87, Pulaski County, Arkansas

Lena Gillespie b Arkansas. d March 13, 1950 Nevada Co, Arkansas. Mother Amanda Moores.(see William)

Lena Gillespie b Mississippi. d Nov 8, 1957 Mississippi Co, Arkansas. Mother Hamlin.

Leona Gillispie death Dec 4, 1915 Ouachita County, Arkansas

Leroy Joe Gillespie death March 8, 1920 Hempstead County, Arkansas

Letha Hen Gillespie death Feb 1, 1928 Garland County, Arkansas

Lillie Mae Gillispie death April 17, 1928 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Lloyd Gillespie, b Arkansas,  death Sept 25, 1948, age 25, Lincoln County, Arkansas. Mother Rebecca Blasingame.

Lou Gilaspie death March 21, 1920 Ashley Co, Arkansa

Louis James (Butch) Gillespie, Jr, 77, of Haynes, AR, died suddenly Sunday morning August 29, 2021. He was preceded in death by his father, Louis James Gillespie, Sr. his mother Beatrice Pierce, bonus mom Jessie R. Gillespie, bonus dad W.E. Eddings, Sr. and his sister Susan Felts. Butch was a Navy veteran and retired Captain from the Memphis Police Department, having served there from 1967 to 2001. He had been a uniform officer, motorman, interstate patrol officer (where he met his wife when he stopped her for speeding), STIS investigator and precinct captain. Butch also served as Vice President of the Memphis Police Association from 1988 to 1992.He leaves his wife Debby Lowry Gillespie, daughters Tracy Watson of Hernando, MS, USAF Colonel (Ret) Gina (Jeff) Paden of Lebanon, TN and a son Shane Gillespie of Marion, AR. Butch also leaves a sister Linda Reaves (Bill) of Memphis and a brother Bill (Jane) Eddings of Salem, AR. He was Papaw (or “BR” for Big Relative) to Travis, Josh, Hunter and Lexy, in-laws that were crazy about him and a host of cousins, nieces and nephews and friends.The family welcomed friends and family with a reception for a celebration of life at Family Funeral Care, 4925 Summer Avenue, Memphis, TN from 4pm-6pm on Thursday, September 2.

Lucy Hol Gillespie, b Arkansas, death June 19, 1947 age 86 Prairie County, Arkansas d

Lula Gillespie death May 15, 1932 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Lulu Gillespie , 80, died November 10, 1973 in Springdale, Arkansas. She was born April 29, 1893 to James and Frances Burkhart. She was survived by her husband, Harold Gillespie, a son Oscar Seamans, a daughter Pat Walker, and 3 great grandchildren. Burial was at Friendship Cemetery with arrangements by Sisco Funeral Home.

Luther Gillespie b Missouri. d July 15, 1952 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Mary Harris.

Luvenia Gillispie death April 18, 1933 St Francis County, Arkansas


Mac Gilspie death Nov 14, 1915 Ashley County, Arkansas

Maragret Gillespie death Sept 19, 1919 Benton County, Arkansas

Margrett Gillispie death Dec 23, 1919, Baxter County, Arkansas

Marietta Gillespie b  Arkansas. Death March 3, 1937 Lincoln County, Arkansas. Mother Rosie Davenport.

Martha Gallespy, Ashley Co, AK age 5m female, born LA, cause of death smallpox.

Martha V Gillispie, Jefferson Co, AR, age 4, died Oct 1850 of croup.

Martin W Gillespie death May 28, 1933 Ouachita County, Arkansas

Mary Gillespie b Georgia. d Oct 13, 1940 Sebastian Co, Arkansas. Mother Clementine Stewart.

Mary Gillispie death Aug 10, 1944, age 59, Jefferson County, Arkansas

Mary Gillespie death May 16, 1919 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Mary Gillespie death August 24, 1930 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Mary Gillespie b Indiana. d Nov 25, 1954 Washington Co, Arkansas. Mother Mary Crawford.

Mary Gillespie b Arkansas. d March 9, 1958 Hempstead Co, Arkansas. Mother Ellen Geraldine Somervell

Mary C Gillaspie, Hempstead Co, AR  age 1 year, female, died July 1850 of cong brain.

Mary Cra Gillespie death March 21, 1914 Washington County, Arkansas

Mary E Gillespie death Oct 13, 1940 Sebastian County, Arkansas

Marvin Gillespie death March 6, 1935 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Melville Gillespie b MIssouri. d Nov 24, 1955 Woodruff Co, Arkansas. Mother U Wilson

Mervin Gillespie b Indiana. d Pulaski, Arkansas March 6, 1935 Mother’s name Matilda Wilson

M F Gillispie death Feb 15, 1923 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Michael Gillespie b IRELAND. d July 17, 1957 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Catherine Kelly Lix

Missouri Gillespie b Mississippi d April 5, 1952 Pulaski Co, Arkansas.

Molly Vau Gillespie, birth Kentucky,  death Aug 28, 1948 age 78, Benton County, Arkansas. Mother Helen Mace.

Monroe Gillespie death July 3, 1915 Woodruff County, Arkansas


Necadah Gillespie b Arkansas, death Feb 18,1944, age 28, Phillips County, Arkansas. Mother’s name Pool.

Neomia Gillispie death May 15, 1946, age 63 Woodruff County, Arkansas

no name Gillespie, born March 1877. Died Feb 3, 1903. Lakeside Cemetery, Lafayette County, AR


Onean Gillespie death Nov 11, 1933 Lincoln County, Arkansas


Presley Gillespie b Mississippi. d Aug 4, 1956 Crittenden Co, Arkansas. Mother Fannie Fuller.


Raymond Gilespie death August 1, 1923 Ouachita County, Arkansas

R B Gillispie death July 15, 1943, age 58 Jefferson County, Arkansas

Richard Glisby death April 12, 1917 Woodruff County, Arkansas

Robert D Gillespie, born 06/06/1936.  d 03/17, 1993, US Navy, ETN2, Res Fort Smith. Plot 15, Fort Smith National Cemetery, Sebastian County, AR

Rosh Gillespie b Arkansas. d Dec 25, 1954 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Elizabeth Gates.

Ruby Gillespie b Arkansas d Jan 30, 1940 Jackson Co, Arkansas. Mother Eddie Hordison.

Ruth Gillespie death July 1, 1926 Pulaski County, Arkansas

Ruth Gillespie death July 13, 1941, age 1, Woodruff County, Arkansas


Sallie Gillespie died Nov 27, 1866 Arkansas

Sarah Gillespie b Illinois. d Nov 23, 1955 Baxter Co. Arkansas. Mother Sarah Wicker.

Sarah Jen  Gillespie death March 16, 1922 Franklin County, Arkansas

Sarah Lid Gillespie, b Arkansas. death July 1, 1945 age 67, White County, Arkansas. Mother Martha Hicks.

Simon She Gillespie b Arkansas,  death Dec 10, 1944, age 51, Columbia County, Arkansas. Mother Henrietta Hayes.


Thomas Gillespie d July 13, 1950 Jefferson Co, Arkansas. Mother Mary Jane Culpepper. See also Charlie).

Thomas F Gillespie, b 1869 d 1952. A friend to all men. Lakeside Cemetery, Lafayette Co, AR

Tom Bas Gillespie death Feb 22, 1931 White County, Arkansas

Tom G Gillespie death Oct 7, 1919 Mississippi County, Arkansas

Tony Gillespie d Aug 15, 1960 Garland Co, Arkansas. Mother Mazelle Calhoun.

T P Glaspey death Jan 28, 1921 Lee County, Arkansas


V E Gillespie b Arkansas, death Dec 18, 1948 age 66, Van Buren County, Arkansas. Mother Martha S Trendaway.

Virginia Gillispie death June 19, 1943, age 35, Woodruff County, Arkansas


Walter E Gillispie death Jan 28, 1947, age 76, Pulaski County, Arkansas

William Gillespie b Kentucky. d July 21, 1938 Garland, Arkansas. Mother Susan Alice Oark

William Gillespie b Arkansas. d Dec 31, 1949 Nevada Co, Arkansas. Mother Amanda Moores. (see Lena)

William Gillaspie, Clark Co, AR, age 39, male, died Nov, 1850, born Kentucky, cause of death, dropsy.

William Gillespie b Arkansas. d March 29, 1951 Pulaski Co, Arkansas. Mother Lucy Holland.

William C Gillespie death July 21, 1938 Garland County, Arkansas

William D Gillespie death Feb 26, 1929 Hot Spring County, Arkansas

William Zack Gillispie death April 27, 1925 Franklin County, Arkansas

W P Gillispie death Jan 18, 1930 Sebastian County, Arkansas

Record  Count:  185

Source of Records: website. Online Obits; Arkansas Research Co; Arkansas Department of Health; Dignity Memorials;; Washington Post


  • Gippespie, Anthony 09/27/1935 in Pope County.
  • Gillyispy, 01/09/1923 in Pulaski County, Arkansas
  • Geaspie, Hogis 10/14/1920 Woodruff County, AK