USA: Arkansas Marriages

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Birdie Gillespie “intended marriage” to  Sanford White Dec 19, 1937 at Poinsett, Arkansas

Carl Gillespie married Helen Lampkin October 24, 1939 Ouachita, Arkansas

Charles D Gillespie “intended marriage” to Evelyn Gray December 23, 1937 at Pulaski, Arkansas

Charles H Gillespie intended marriage to Dorothy E Foster January 14, 1936 at Pulaski, Arkansas

Clara G Gillespieintended marriage” to  Harvey V Gassoway January 23, 1935 at White, Arkansas

Cornilu Gillespieintended marriage” to Katherin Miller June 15, 1935 at Crittenden, Arkansas

Ernestin Gillespieintended marriage” to Sam Robeson December 24, 1938  Jefferson, Arkansas

F H Gillespie intended marriage to Mildred L Wilson Feb 23, 1937 Jefferson, Arkansas

Harold Gillespieintended marriage” to Martha Dickerson on August 14, 1937 at Franklin, Arkansas

Hilda Gillespie intended marriage to John L Jones Sept 12, 1936 at Saline, Arkansas

Homer Gillespie intended marriage to Lavonia Powell August 20, 1935 at Arkansas, Arkansas

James B Gillespie, intended marriage to Margaret L Houston February 24, 1934 Crittenden, Arkansas

J. N. Gillespie intended marriage to Alice C Russell January 10, 1933 Pulaski, Arkansas

Laura A Gillespie intended marriage to George A Souter January 2, 1937 at Ouachita, Arkansas

Lela M Gillespie, intended marriage to Joe T Wrenn October 26, 1938 at Quachita, Arkansas

Lillie Gillespie intended marriage to Willie Wright Sept 23, 1913 Mississippi, Arkansas

Pat Gillespie intended marriage to Bernice K Tedford March 31, 1936 Sebastian, Arkansas

Rex V Gillespie married Oma L Lewis Nov 21, 1939 Sevier, Arkansas

Robert Gratton Gillespie, son of Robert Gratton Gillespie & Sally Gray, married Elizabeth Clendening Ward, d/o James Alfred Ward & Virginia Elizabeth Clendening, on August 5, 1961 at Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas, United States

Verna M Gillespie married Earl Hinton March 28, 1939 Miller, Arkansas

Source of Records: Mormon Website: Arkansas Church Marriages 1860-1976; Arkansas Marriage Index 1933-1939

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