1790 – This is the first census conducted in all 13 States on the Eastern USA seaboard, and districts and territories. Population as of August 2nd was 3,929,214 people. Includes name of head of the family, and lists others by total number by age groups for males, females, slaves. Records were later lost for Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia.  A total of 95 Gillespie households is indexed in a chart for: Maryland (8), Massachusetts (2), New York (15), North Carolina (24), Pennsylvania (28), and South Carolina (18 households). Spellings of last name included: Gillespie, Gelaspy, Galaspy, Galespie, Gillispie, Gillispie, Gillespy, Gilespy, Gillaspie, Gillispi, Gillaspie, Gillesby, Gillospy, Gellespie, Gilaspy.


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