USA: Connecticut Births & Baptisms

Catharine, birth 1879 Hartford, Connecticut, father David, mother Gilispie

Charles, birth 1870 Hartford, Connecticut, USA, father Charles, mother Gillespie

Edith G, birth 1895 Hartford, Connecticut, USA, father George, mother Gillespie

Edmond D, birth 1897 Hartford,  Connecticut, USA, father Charles J, mother Gillespie

Evelyn C Gillespie, birth 1889 Connecticut. Single, age 51, white 1940 census Stamford Town, Fairfield, living in home of her brother,  Gardner W Gillespie

Flavia B, birth 1888 Hartford, Connecticut, USA, father Clarence M, mother Gillespie

Gellespie, (female) birth 1870 Hartford, Hardford, Connecticut, father G. W., mother Rachael W

George Warren Gillespie, birth Sept 1, 1866 Hartford,  Connecticut, father George Washington Gillespie, mother Rachel R Warren Gillespie

George William, birth 1898 Hartford,  Connecticut, USA, father George, mother Gillespie

Gilespie, (female) birth May 5, 1864 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, father David Gilespie, mother Agnes Fellows

Harriet, birth 1876 Hartford, Connecticut, father Charles, mother Gillespie

Harriet I Gillspie, birth Jan 16, 1872 Norwich, New London, Connecticut, father Farnham Gillespie, mother Elizabeth Hutchins

Hellen E Gilespa, birth August 6, 1864 Hartford, Hardford, Connecticut, USA, father George W Gilespa, mother Rachael Gilespa

James, birth 1880 Hartford, Connecticut, father Charles, mother Gillespie

James W Gillespie, birth 1913 Connecticut, son of William J Gillespie &  Nora Gillespie. Residence Meridan Town, New Haven 1940 white, widowed, age 27,  living with his parents.

Mary Betty Gillespie, birth May 5, 1864 Hartford, Connecticut, father David Gillespie, mother Agnes Gillespie.

Muriel Gillespie, birth 1921 Connecticut, daughter of Michael Gillespie & Julia Gillespie. Age 19, single, white living with parents and sister Virginia in Bridgeport Town, Fairfield

Vivian Mae, birth 1906 Hartford, Connecticut, USA, father George E, mother Gillespie

William Gordon Gillespie, christening Nov 24, 1884, East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, father William G Gordon, mother Eliza Ann Gillespie

Elizabeth Mary GORDAN, birth May 3, 1882 East Hartford, Hartford,  Connecticut, USA, father Wm G Gordan, mother Eliza Gillespie

John Scott GORDAN, birth June 7, 1878 father William Gordan, mother Eliza Gillespie.

KENNY, birth May 15, 1874 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, father John Kenny, mother Kate Gillipsie

Source of Records: Mormon website,, Connecticut Births &  Christenings, 1649-1906

Record Count: 22