USA: Connecticut Deaths

Agnes Gillespie ALEXANDER died Dec 29, 1900 Waterbuy, Connecticut

Mary Gillespie CONLIN, birth 1844. Death 1914. Butial New Britain, Connecticut


Agnes Gillespie birth May 31, 1816. Died Dec 29, 1900 Waterbury, Connecticut. Burial Waterbury 224.

Agnes Gillespie death June 4, 1918 Farmington, Connecticut

Allen Lyndon Gillespie birth April 27, 1887, Death May 29, 1905 Stamford. Burial Stamford 418. Connecticut

Andre Gillespie death April 26, 1965 Windham, Connecticut

Anna Gillespie death June 6, 1932 Derby, Connecticut

Anna Gillespie death 1852 Stamford, Connecticut. Burial Stamford 418.

Annie Gillespie birth 1859. Death 1921 Bridgeport. Burial Bridgeport 402. Connecticut

Annie Gillespie birth 1866. Death 1930 Stratford, Connecticut. Burial Stratford 419.

Annie Gillespie death June 28, 1961 West Haven, Connecticut

Anthony Wynn Gillespie, birth Oct 26, 1852. Death July 12, 1876. Burial Stamford, Connecticut.

Arthu Gillespie death July 18, 1964 Hartford, Connecticut


Barbara Petrie Gillespie, birth March 25, 1827. Death Jan 3, 1908 New Haven, Connecticut. Burial New Haven.

Barzilla J Gillespie death 1926 Avon. Burial Avon, Connecticut.

Barzillai Gillespie death Oct 20, 1926 Farmington, Connecticut

Bertha Gillespie death Nov 21, 1903 Hartford,  Connecticut

Bindl Gillespie death June 19, 1966 Stamford, Connecticut


Catha Gillespie death June 9, 1968 Greenwich, Connecticut

Cathe Gillespie death Nov 14, 1955 Stamford, Connecticut

Cathe Gillespie death March 16, 1958 Greenwich, Connecticut

Catherine Gillespie death May 10, 1905 Ansonia, Connecticut

Catherine Gillespie death May 22, 1937 Portland, Connecticut

Catherine Gillespie death Feb 3, 1951 New Haven, Connecticut

Charles Gillespie, birth June 30, 1859, Died May 8, 1933 in Orange. Burial Orange, Connecticut

Chris Gillespie death July 25, 1962 Fairfield, Connecticut

Clara Gillespie death Jan 18, 1939 Farmington, Connecticut


David Gillespie birth 1831. Death August 30, 1892 Manchester, Burial Manchester, Connecticut

David Gillespie death May 23, 1918 Stamford, Connecticut


Earle Gillespie death July 7, 1951 Norwalk, Connecticut

Edith Gillespie, birth July 7, 1895, Death August 16, 1895 Avon. Burial Avon Cemetery, Connecticut

Edith Gillespie death Feb 2, 1966 Stamford, Connecticut

Edith May Gillespie, birth 1868. Death Dec 17, 1882 Manchester. Burial Manchester, Connecticut

Edna Gillespie death May 13, 1955 Wallingford, Connecticut

Edwar Gillespie death April 21, 1960 Waterbury, Connecticut

Edward Gillespie death Oct 28, 1922 Stamford, Connecticut

Edward Gillespie death Jan 9, 1923 Stamford, Connecticut

Edward Gillespie death Nov 21, 1923 Stratford, Connecticut

Edward Gillespie death Nov 27, 1942 Stamford, Connecticut

Edward Gillespie death Feb 25, 1943 Stamford, Connecticut

Edward A Gillespie, birth April 27, 1858. Death Oct 28, 1922 Stamford. Burial Stamford, Connecticut

Edward L Gillespie, birth 1897. Death 1923 Stratford. Burial Straford, Connecticut

Edward Stanley Gillespie, birth July 3, 1878. Death Oct 10, 1915 Stamford. Burial Stratford Cemetery, Connecticut

Edward T. W.Gillespie, birth 1841. Death 1923 Stamford. Burial Stamford Cemetery, Connecticut

Eliza Gillespie, death Aug 24, 1899 Vernon, Connecticut

Eliza Gillespie death May 2, 1941 Hartford, Connecticut

Eliza Gillespie death Dec 7, 1956 Stamford, Connecticut

Elizabeth Gillespie death April 12, 1922 Stamford, Connecticut

Elizabeth Gillespie death July 1, 1932 Norwalk, Connecticut

Elizabeth A Gillespie birth 1857. Death July 15, 1860 Manchester, Connecticut

Elizabeth B Gillespie, birth 1842. Death Jan 31, 1850 Stamford, Connecticut

Elizabeth J Gillespie, death April 12, 1922 Stamford, Connecticut

Ella Gillespie death April 7, 1925 New Haven, Connecticut

Elsie Gillespie death Nov 16, 1961 Stamford, Connecticut

Emily Gillespie death June 15, 1943 Waterbury, Connecticut

Emma Gillespie death May 3, 1938 Stamford, Connecticut

Esther H Cornwall Gillespie, birth June 2, 1891. Death April 4, 1928 Stonington, Burial Stonington Cemetery, Connecticut

Eva Gillespie death Jan 7, 1941 New Haven, Connecticut

Evelyn A Gillespie, birth March 19, 1853. Death April 4, 1920 Stamford, Connecticut


female Gillespie death Feb 24, 1902 Bethel, Connecticut

Florence Eustice Gillespie, birth 1862. Death Jan 6, 1862 New Haven, Connecticut

Francis Gillespie death Aug 5, 1908 Milford, Connecticut

Francis Hobart Gillespie, death 1905 Milford, Connecticut

Frank Gillespie, Jr death Sept 12, 1958 New Haven, Connecticut

Frederick Charles Gillespie, birth May 20, 1873. Death Sept 27, 1891 Stamford, Connecticut


George Maitland Gillespie birth March 14,  1882. Death May 10, 1914 Stamford, Connecticut

Grace Gillespie death Jan 20, 1953 Norwalk, Connecticut

Grace Gillespie death Dec 10,1968 Stamford, Connecdticut


Hannah Gillespie, birth July 22, 1836. Death March 26, 1882 Stonington, Connecticut

Harold Gillespie death Aug 17, 1945 East Hampton, Connecticut

Harold Gillespie death May 9, 1951 Hartford, Connecticut

Harrie Gillespie death (no date) Hartford, Connecticut

Harriet Gillespie death Sept 28, 1946 Wallingford, Connecticut

Harriet Nuphey Gillespie death 1870 Avon, Connecticut

Harry Gillespie death Oct 20,1906 Hartford, Connecticut

Harry Gillespie death May 22, 1966 Derby, Connecticut

Hattie Gillespie birth 1863. Death June 12, 1885, Stamford, Connecticut

Helena T Gillespie birth 1896. Death 1910 Avon, Connecticut

Helene Gillespie death Oct 26, 1910 Farmington, Connecticut

Henry S Gillespie, birth May 16, 1854. Death July 25, 1911 Hartford, Connecticut

Hugh Gillespie death April 9, 1963 Greenwich, Connecticut


Ida Gillespie death Jan 2, 1951 Hartford, Connecticut

Isabella Robertson Gillespie, birth Nov 11, 1827. Death Oct 3, 1893 New Haven, Connecticut

Isaiah Gillespie death May 6, 1923 New Britain, Connecticut


J Gillespie death Dec 27, 1964 Norwalk, Connecticut

James Gillespie died 1805 Connecticut

James Gillespie death Meriden. No other information.

James Gillespie birth Oct 3, 1825. Death April 29, 1909 New Haven, Connecticut

James Gillespie death Jan 23, 1923 Meriden, Connecticut

James Gillespie death June 1, 1927 Bridgeport, Connecticut

James Gillespie death Dec 7, 1940 Stamford, Connecticut

James Gillespie death Aug 31, 1962 Fairfield, Connecticut

Jane Gillespie death August 5, 1945 New Haven, Connecticut

Jennie Gillespie death Jan 8, 1905 Waterbury, Connecticut

Jennie Gillespie death June 2, 1948 New Haven, Connecticut

Jessamine Gillespie death Feb 2,1932 Stamford, Connecticut

John Gillespie death notice Bridgeport Daily Standard Issue June 28, 1862. His death June 22nd

John Gillespie birth 1861. Death Jan 13, 1866 Manchester, Connecticut

John Gillespie, Jr death June 25, 1904 Waterbury, Connecticut

John Gillespie death Oct 4, 1907 Bridgeport, Connecticut

John Gillespie death April 18, 1923 Greenwich, Connecticut

John Gillespie birth 1879. Death April 6, 1927 Thomaston, Connecticut

John Gillespie death March 17, 1932 West Haven, Connecticut

John Gillespie death March 4, 1957 Stamford, Connecticut

John Gillespie death June 23, 1967 Hartford, Connecticut

John Gillespie death Sept 19, 1968 West Haven, Connecticut

John B Gillespie birth 1835. Death June 22, 1862 Connecticut

John Edward Gillespie, 93, formerly of Trumbull and Shelton, passed away peacefully on September 20, 2019, with his devoted family by his side. For 59 years, Jack was the beloved husband and dashing dance partner of the late Shirley Sorensen Gillespie. He was born to the late Thomas and Helen English Gillespie on June 23, 1926 in Bridgeport. A proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, he served honorably during World War II. After the war, he spent more than 35 years working at Bullards before retiring. Jack was a dedicated family man who took great pride in researching and sharing his Irish heritage with all his “kids.” He is survived by four children, 11 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, as well as many nieces and nephews, all of whom will cherish his memory. He was laid to rest privately with a Mass of Catholic Burial.

Josep Gillespie death Oct 25, 1953 New Haven, Connecticut

Josep Gillespie death Dec 4, 1956 Stamford, Connecticut

Joseph Gillespie death Nov 8, 1919 Stamford, Connecticut

Joseph Gillespie death Dec 18, 1948 Middletown, Connecticut

Julia Gillespie death Nov 9,1934 Stamford, Connecticut

Julia Gillespie death Feb 21, 1946 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Julia Gillespie death May 31, 1950 Meriden, Connecticut

Julia E Gillespie birth 1873. Death 1928. Connecticut

Julie Gillespie death Nov 23, 1928 Stamford, Connecticut


Lewis Gillespie death Feb 17, 1924 Manchester, Connecticut

Lilli Gillespie death June 8, 1956 Stamford,  Connecticut

Lillian Gillespie death Aug 22, 1915 Stamford, Connecticut

Lily Gillespie death June 22, 1942 Stamford, Connecticit

Lina E Gillespie death May 24, 1912. Hartford. Burial Avon, Connecticut

Lizzie Gillespie death Nov 1, 1900 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Lois Gillespie death Dec 26, 1938 Meriden, Connecticut

Lucy Gillespie death May 13, 1958 Farmington, Connecticut

Lydia Gillespie death July 30, 1892 Danbury, Connecticut


Mabel Gillespie death June 23, 1943 Stamford, Connecticut

Mabel Gillespie death Oct 26, 1961 Plymouth, Connecticut

Male Gillespie death Sept 6, 1900 Hamden, Connecticut

Margaret Gillespie death Jan 3, 1903 Portland, Connecticut

Margaret Gillespie death Sept 5, 1918 Hartford, Connecticut

Marion Gillespie death April 4, 1918 New Britain, Connecticut

Mark Gillespie death Jan 13, 1955 Wallingford, Connecticut

Marth Gillespie death Jan 9, 1960 Newtown, Connecticut

Mary Gillespie death Aug 27, 1935 New Haven, Connecticut

Mary Gillespie death Jan 10,1943 Meriden, Connecticut

Mary Gillespie death Feb 13, 1949 New Haven,  Connecticut

Mary Gillespie death Nov 17, 1951 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Mary Gillespie death June 6, 1960 Stamford, Connecticut

Mary J Gillespie birth 1883. Death 1886 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Mary Jane Gillespie birth July 15, 1872. Death Feb 11, 1879 Stamford, Connecticut

Matthew Gillespie death notice Danbury Farmer’s Journal Nov 1791.

May Gillespie death Jan 25, 1952 Stamford, Connecticut

Micha Gillespie death Aug 2, 1956 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Michael Gillespie death April 16, 1927 Stamford, Connecticut

Michael F Gillespie birth 1866. Death 1927 Darien, Connecticut

Morris Gillespie death Aug 25, 1935 Hartford, Connecticut


Oliver Gillespie death Jan 27, 1928 Hartford, Connecticut


Patri Gillespie death Nov 21, 1954 Greenwich, Connecticut


Rachel R Harren (Warren in 2nd Record) Gillespie birth May 15, 1832. Death Aug 13, 1873 Hartford, Connecticut

Richard Gillespie death Jan 23, 1911 Stamford, Connecticut

Richard Gillespie death Jan 15, 1941 Stamford, Connecticut

Richard H Gillespie birth 1848. Death 1911 Stamford, Connecticut

Richard James Gillespie, 54, of Stamford passed away peacefully on March 28, 2017 at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY. He was born in Stamford on December 3, 1962 to Robert J. and Frances Ferrullo Gillespie. Richard was umpire-in-chief for the Stamford American Little League; he played baseball all his life and was an avid baseball fan. He also enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, boating, and hiking in the New England woods. Richard worked as a printer at The Total Printing Center in Norwalk, CT for the last ten years. He is survived by his loving mother Frances “Fritzi” Ferrullo Gillespie of Stamford; a son, Jason Gillespie of Florida; a daughter, Ashlee Marie Gillespie of Milford, CT; sister Donna Ford (husband Thom) of Manchester, CT; sister Kathi Cirello (husband Michael) of Rockaway, NJ; sister Maureen Ellen of Bristol, CT; brother Bob Gillespie (wife Debbie) of Stamford, CT; many nieces and nephews, and life-long friend Jon DeCrescenzo. He was predeceased by his father, Robert J. Gillespie.

A Mass of Christian Burial was  celebrated on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 10:00 am at St. Leo Parish, 24 Roxbury Road, Stamford. There will be no calling hours; interment will be held privately.

Robert Gillespie death Aug 20, 1958 Stamford, Connecticut

Robert Gillespie birth March 10, 1822. Death 1861 New Haven, Connecticut

Robert Gillespie death July 21, 1925 West Haven, Connecticut

Robert Gillespie death July 2, 1934 Farmington, Connecticut

Rayolor Royol W Gillespie birth 1874. Death 1901 MIlford, Connecticut

Rose Gillespie death Aug 5, 1935 Stamford, Connecticut

Royal Gillespie death May 9, 1909 Milford, Connecticut

Ruth Gillespie death Sept 27, 1908 Stamford, Connecticut


Sadie Gillespie death March 14, 1963 Stamford, Connecticut

Samuel Gillespie birth 1830. Death Feb 13, 1912 Vernon, Connecticut (2nd record date Feb 19, 1912 Vernon).

Sandy Gillespie death Sept 5, 1954 Hartford, Connecticut

Sarah Gillespie death Aug 25, 1897 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Sarah Gillespie death March 5, 1922 Stamford, Connecticut

Sarah Gillespie death March 15, 1948 Stamford, Connecticut

Sarah Gillespie death Nov 30, 1954 Norwalk, Connecticut

Sarah E Gillespie birth 1852. Death 1922 Stamford, Connecticut

Schulyer Gillespie death Jan 3, 1942 Stamford, Connecticut

Sex M Gillespie death July 12, 1951 Hartford, Connecticut

Susan Gillespie birth 1843. Death 1926 Simsbury, Connecticut

Sylvester Gillespie, Connecticut
Sylvester Gillespie, Connecticut

Sylvester Vaugh Gillespie, On Monday December 20, 2021, a servant of God was called home. Sylvester Gillespie touched the lives of many. He was a sharp dresser and a smooth charmer that lived a private life. He was a father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. Sylvester was born in Hartford CT, graduated from Hartford Public High School and lived in Hartford his entire life. Sylvester grew up among 13 siblings and understood the true meaning of family love. Sylvester worked in the Hartford School System and The First Church of the Nazarene for 16 years, where he was a faithful and dedicated member. He loved his job, Pastor Sealy and his church family, and serving the Lord. Sylvester leaves behind sons Sylvester Gillespie Jr. of Vernon, CT. Twins Devon and Jordan Gillespie of Bingham, Maine. Daughter Sandra Lavaughn Carter of East Hartford, CT, and stepsons Darnell Kinsey and Keita Carter. Sylvester was a grandfather of 7. He was predeceased by his mother Agnes Phyall Gillespie, father Sylvester Washington, and brothers Headley Gillespie and Levy Gillespie, and sisters Sandy Gillespie and Mandlyn Williams. He leaves 9 siblings: Lorenzo Phyall (Carol), Albert Gillespie (Nadine), Leo Gillespie (Cheryl), Leroy Gillespie, Jeffrey Gillespie, Thomas Gillespie, Patricia Osbourne (Owen), Deborah Gillespie, and Susan Starling (Cody). Sylvester had many nephews and nieces, and a best friend Terry Hightower.

Calling Hours were Dec 30th 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Henry L. Fuqua Funeral Service 3:30 pm   94 Granby Street, Bloomfield 06002


Thelma Gillespie death Jan 26, 1950 West Haven, Connecticut

Theodore Gillespie death April 10, 1915 Orange, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death Darien, Connecticut. No details.

Thomas Gillespie, Jr death June 9, 1930 West Haven, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death Aug 1, 1931 Stamford, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death Feb 12, 1937 New Haven, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death Jan 15, 1939 Bridgeport, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death April 20, 1940 Stamford, Connecticut

Thomas Gillespie death July 28, 1951 Hamden, Connecticut

Thomas H Gillespie Jr, a 55-year resident of New Canaan, CT, died on April 25, 2023.  He was born in Chicago, IL on August 21, 1933, a son of Thomas Howard and Florence Stoker Gillespie, and raised in Kenilworth, IL.  As a youth attending Joseph Sears School and New Trier Township High School, Tom was active in sports and achieved his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts at the early age of 13. Tom graduated from Cornell University, Class of 1955. He was an active member of the Sigma Phi fraternity in college and for more than 60 years thereafter. Drafted into the Army following college, Tom served primarily in the Signal Corps in the Philippines.

Following his service, Tom attended the Northwestern Graduate School of Business (now Kellogg), receiving his MBA in 1960. That same year he moved to San Francisco to begin a career in investment management. He met his beloved wife of 43 years, Josephine, his first week in San Francisco. Jo and Tom were married soon after and moved east in 1965. After achieving CFA certification in 1966, Tom co-founded the predecessor to Gillespie, Robinson & Grimm, an investment firm that he led for 49 years before his retirement in 2020 at age 87.

Tom moved to New Canaan in 1968 and lived in the same house for the remainder of his life. Tom was a generous supporter of national and local causes and served on the boards of the United Way, Woodway Country Club (of which he was a member for 50 years), The New Canaan Inn, and the Congregational Church of New Canaan. Tom always believed he led a blessed life. He could find someone he knew from his past almost anywhere in the world. He was always active, including skiing on the National Ski Patrol, shooting river rapids in a and playing golf all over the world. An avid traveler, Tom covered most of the globe and won the family’s 50-State Challenge. While later in life he could be found enjoying a good book of historical fiction and sipping his favorite “Scottish wine” (aka Scotch), he continued to travel the world into his late 80’s. Tom was a kind and generous man, with a keen sense of right and wrong. He had time and a story for people from all walks of life, but his family was his focus, with his 8 grandchildren the collective apple of his eye.

Tom is predeceased by his wife Josephine Bunch Gillespie, his parents Thomas and Florence Gillespie and his brother Robert Alexander Gillespie. Tom is survived by his 3 children and 8 grandchildren, including his son Thomas (wife Mary, children Shea, Josie, Trip) of Great Falls, VA, his son Douglas (wife Serena, children Alexandra, Douglas) of New Canaan, CT and his daughter Allison (children Ryan, Lindsay, Graham) of Atlanta, GA.

A service was held at 2:00 PM on Sunday, May 21 at the Congregational Church of New Canaan, with a reception immediately following at Woodway Country Club.


Viola Gillespie death June 17, 1908 Watertown, Connecticut

Viola Gillespie death Oct 3, 1965 Windsor, Connecticut


Warren Gillespie death March 22, 1941 New Haven, Connecticut

Wilham Gillespie death Sept 30, 1913 Watertown, Connecticut

Willi Gillespie death Jan 14, 1952 Middletown,  Connecticut

Willi Gillespie death March 17, 1952 Stamford, Connecticut

Willi Gillespie death April 25, 1965 Newtown, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Bridgeport, Connecticut. No details.

William Gillespie death Dec 30, 1907 Stamford, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Nov 19, 1908 New Haven, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Feb 7, 1915 Huntingdon, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Jan 4, 1918 Farmington, Connecticut

William Gillespie death June 1, 1918 Bridgeport, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Oct 13, 1927 Bridgeport, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Oct 22, 1949 New Haven, Connecticut

William Gillespie death Jan 7, 1951 Preston,  Connecticut

William Arthur Gillespie birth 1884. Death Aug 18, 1887 Stamford, Connecticut

William G Gillespie birth 1881. Death 1886 Bridgeport, Connecticut

William R Gillespie birth 1858. Death Jan 3, 1862, Connecticut

William R Gillespie birth 1895. Death 1915 Bridgeport, Connecticut

William W Gillespie birth 1905. Death Sept 30, 1913. Watertown, Connecticut

Williamina Robertson Gillespie, birth 1858. Death Jan 3, 1862 New Haven, Connecticut (2nd record gives birth as 1860).

Edith Gillespie HORSFALL, death Aug 16, 1895 Connecticut.

Annie Gillespie MCCLINCH, death 1930, Connecticut

Susan Gillespie RUTHERFORD, birth 1843. Death 1926 Connecticut

Record Count: 212

Source of Records: Mormon website. Online obit; Bridgeport Newspaper; Connecticut State Library; Legacy