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Alexander A Gillespie, birth 1905 Delaware, USA Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, single, age 35, white in 1940, brother in law to head of house Clement A Carney, wife Anne G.

Anna Gillespie, birth 1873 Delaware, USA, widow, age 67 in 1940, sister in law William C Mears, in whose house she was living.

Arthur Gillespie birth 1898 Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware. He married Ann, 2 children Arthur & Marie. Age 42 married, white on 1940 census.


Calvin Lee Gillespie, birth 1935 Sussex, Delaware, son of Lee T Gillespie & Hazel V Gillespie.

Catherine M Gillespie birth 1936 Sussex, Delaware, daughter of Lee T Gillespie & Hazel V Gillespie (her siblings Calvin, Wilson, Leroy)

Charles D Gillespie, birth 1922 Sussex, Delaware, son of Carrie E Gillespie, also born Delaware.


Eleanor Gillespie birth 1876 Delaware, residence 1940 Ward 3, Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, age 64, single, white, head of house.

Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1922 Delaware, daughter of Frank Gillespie, Newcastle, Delaware


George W Gillespie, birth 1905 Delaware. Residence 1940 Sussex, Delaware. (Married Florence. Children Norma, Olga, Reginald) 


John W Gillespie birth 1924 Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, USA, son of Samuel  Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie from Northern Ireland


Lee T Gillespie, birth 1908 Delaware. Residence 1940 Sussex. (Married Hazel. Children: Calvin, Catherine, Wilson, Leroy)

Lola Gillespie birth 1917 Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, daughter of Samuel Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie from Northern Ireland.


Marie Gillespie birth 1921 Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, USA, daughter of Arthur Gillespie & Anne Gillespie, white, brother Arthur Gillespie.


Norma Lee Gillespie birth 1926 Milford, Sussex, Delaware, daughter of George W Gillespie & Florence Gillespie (siblings Olga & Reginald), white, parents both born Delaware.


Richard Gillespie, birth 1929 Delaware, son of Charles Edward Gillespie & Amanda Gillespie, Ward 7, Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, living with parents 1940, age 11, single, white (twin)

Robert Gillespie, birth 1829 Delaware, son of Charles Edward Gillespie & Amanda, Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware, single, white, a twin, age 11 in 1940. (Family from Pennsylvania).

Rodman Gillespie birth 1925 Delaware, son of Frank Gillespie, Newcastle, Delaware, USA,  white. (Siblings: Treasea, Albert, Marion)


Samuel Gillespie, birth 1905 Delaware, son of Samuel Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, white, age 35 in 1940, single, (Parents from Northern Ireland. His siblings Lola & John W).


Treasea Gillespie, birth 1924, daughter of Frank Gillespie, Newcastle, Delaware


William Gillespie, birth 1912 Milford, Sussex, Delaware, son of James Gillespie & Lydia Gillespie, both also born Delaware (siblings Dorothy & James)

William Gillespie, birth 1929 Delaware, son of William Gillespie & Marian Gillespie, single, white, Wilmington, Newcastle, Delaware.  (Parents both born Pennsylvania)

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