USA: Gillespie American History

This brief summary gives an overview of earliest Gillespie settlers along the Eastern Seaboard of the USA. See also Immigration Records from left menur bar for more individuals,  and census for  listing of Gillespie Heads of Families over the years. Watching the movement of people along early pioneer roads as the wilderness was opened up by the axe and hard labour of those seeking a better life.

1683 Birth of George Gillespie Jr  in Newcastle, White Clay Creek, DELAWARE. His parents had immigrated from Scotland.  (That is 334 years ago)

1739, June                   Neil Gillespie, wife Mary McIlfeder and children Gilbert & Angus to NEW YORK from Isle of Islay, Scotland with large group of Islay settlers.

1741, Aug 5    Mary Gillispie, person ordered for transportaion to America from Co Donegl, Ireland for grand larceny

1752     Patrick Gillespie obtained 265 acres in Frederick Co VIRGINIA on Nov 1st. He married Anne Dennison. They had at least two sons.

1753    Birth of William Gillaspie, so George Gillespie & Mary Moore of Albemarle Co, VIRGINIA. William later married Nancy Hudson, and they moved to Madison Co, KENTUCKY

1755     Margaret Gillespie of NEW YORK married Samuel Crawford on March 1st

1758     Thomas Gillespie Jr was born in NORTH CAROLINA s/o Thomas & Naomi Gillespie

1758-1765 Probate of will of James Gillespie of DELAWARE in Kent Co.

1759     Probate of will of John Gillespy of Newcastle Co, DELAWARE

1760 (2nd record gives 1750). Death of George Gillespie Jr in DELAWARE who had immigrated from Scotland. Wife Rebecca Allison. 7 children. Probate of his will within two years.

1760 Death of Robert Gillespie, age 36, born 1724 in the year of the Cherokee uprising. He had married Elizabeth,  who later married William Steel. Robert was buried in NORTH CAROLINA, Tyratira Presbyterian Cemetery, Rowan Co.

1760     William Gillespie, yeoman. Wife ary. Children: William, Samuel, David, Ruth, John, Alexander in Chester Co, PENNSLYVANIA. Wil June 13.

1760     James Gillespie did some appraising in Bath County, VIRGINIA

1761     John Gillespie settled on 190 acres on Stuart’s Creek, Bath Co, VIRGINIA

1761    William Gillespie settled on 320 acres on Cowpasture River, Bath Co, VIRGINIA.

1761 William Gillespie was a new minister Sept 5th in Cecil Co, MARYLAND, settling on land on the Elk River which he purchased May 1st. Wife Elizabeth. He later moved to Chester Co, PENNSYLVANIA

1762 George Gillespie b 1744 in Co Antrim, Ireland, settled with Jane Allan in Washington Co, PENNSLVANIA.

1763   David Gillespie born in Rowan Co, NORTH CAROLINA that year, arried Mary Martin about 1814 and they moved to TENNESSEE when he was about 50 years old. He served in the war and both he and his wife applied for a pension.

1763     James A Gillespie married Jane Graham in NORTH CAROLINA. He was a son of Thomas & Naomi Gillespie

1764     Richard Gillespie, an Irish immigrant to Boston, MASSACHUSETTS.

1766     Samuel Gillespie, probate of his will in New Castle, DELAWARE

1767     James Gillespie, probate of his will in Newcastle Co, DELAWARE

1768    John Gillespie, a New York gentleman, married Mary Ellsworth February 25th. Both were of NEW YORK

1768     The will of James Gillespie in Augusta Co, VIRGINIA names his children and his brother John in Ireland.

1769     Matthew Gillespie married Jane Nelly December 5th, Presbtyerian Church in Good Will, Orange Co, NEW YORK. In the same church the next year, March 21 John Gillespie’s daughter Elizabeth was baptized;   On April 14th Daniel Gillespie’s baby, Catherine, was baptized. On Nov 7th , 1770 was the baptism of John, s/o Mathew Gillespie.

1770-1771     Birth of John Gillespie, s/o Robert, s/o Hugh Gillespie, in Bath Co, VIRGINIA (2nd record says birth in Washingto Co, VA)  . He married Comfort Griffth in 1798 and they moved to Braxton Co, WEST VIRGINIA. 2 children.

1770     Robert Gallaspy of Botecourt Co, VIRGINIA received a land grant of 54 acres for military service. Augusta Co, va.  His will was later probated in April 1798.

1771     William Gillespie of Chester Co, PENNYSLVANIA, New London Twp. A Yeoman.

1771     James Gillespie and Jane Mash, married May 9th. Both of Morris, NEW JERSEY. He died of camp fever in 1776, an officer of 3rd Battalion American Revolution. Jane then married Samuel Gordon and moved to Pennsylvania in early 1800s.

1771     James Smiley Gillespie, s/o Colonel Daniel Gillespie and Margaret Hall, was born. He married Hanna Denny in 1791 and they moved to Rutherford Co,  NORTH CAROLINA.   5 children.

1772    Aug 29  A court record for Jacob Gillespie of VIRGINIA. Son Jacob.

1772      Elizabeth Gillespie, probate of her will in Newcastle, DELAWARE

1773     Irishman Henry Gillespie b 1732 was first of three white settlers to Turkey Grove/North Cove, (now Burke Co). He died there. NORTH CAROLINA. Wife Elizabeth Thompson. Children David, William

1774     Aug 14 Birth of Captain Simon Gillespie in VIRGINIA. He later married Elizabeth Simpson about 1797 in VA. Son George.

1774, May 19th   Arrival of William Gelespie on the ship Matty from Scotland to NEW YORK.

1775  July   Immigration of two Gillespie men, John & Thomas,  from Doune, Perthshire, Scotland to GEORGIA via Grenock.

1775  Dec 4th Birth of Thomas L Gillespie, s/o George Gillespie & Mary Graham of Rowan Co, NORTH CAROLINA. Thomas later married Catherine Beard about 1796 in NC. Child Naomi. Family moved to Vienna, ILLINOIS where Thomas died there about 1855.

1776    Thomas Gillespie, eldest son of James from Co Tyrone, Ireland, born in VIRGINIA. He later moved to Hopewell Twp in PENNSYLVANIA, then to OHIO about 1814, settling in Crawford Co.

1776    Alexander Gillespie from Ireland immigrated to Washington Co, GEORGIA. Applied for a land grant in Wilkes Co & Greene Co in 1790. Sold that land and moved to Jackson Co, GA. Sold again in 1811 and moved to LOUISIANA. Found in 1839 in Copiah Co, MISSISSIPPI where he died.

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1780    William Gillespy of VIRGINIA. Court record:  “Levy for his wagon and team all day working on the public road.”

1780     Alexander Gillespie of VIRGINIA. Court record: ” Allowed land for services as armourer and blacksmith in First Virginia Regiment.  50 acres.”

1783    James Gillespie, 200 acres in Holland, Cecil Co, MARYLAND

1787  Mrs Dana Gillespie celebrating her 100th birthday in Newport, Lawrence Co, PENNSYLVANIA

1788  July 23  Birth of Matthew Gillespie in SOUTH CAROLINA, Pendleton Co, s/o John Gillespie & Jane Harvey, Gunmaker. He later married Elizabeth Sitton 1810 in Bunscombe Co, NC. 10 children. Matthew died in 1871 in Henderson Co, NORTH CAROLINA

1790 1st USA census – click on link

1790   Mrs Gillespie in Suffolk Co, Cohasset Town, MASSACHUSETTS. Another Mrs Gillespie in Dorchester Town, MASSACHUSETTS.

1790  William Gillespie born 1837 in Co Down, Ireland was a Colonel in the rebel army in Ireland. When he came to the USA, he joined the American army. His death notice appeared March 25, 1841 aged 104 years at Belleville, OHIO

1796   Birth of Andrew Gillespie in TENNESSEE. He later married Minerva Nichols about 1821 in Wayne Co, INDIANA, and later Mary Ann McIntire. Andrew died 1856 in IOWA, Monroe Co.

1799  Birth of Thomas Gillespie in MARYLAND. He later married Mary Yoho, and they moved to North Sewickley Twp, Beaver Co, PENNSYLVANIA, where he died about 1856. 9 children.

1800 USA Census – click on link

1800   Birth of Richard Gillespie in York, SOUTH CAROLINA, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Flora McKay of North Carolina. Richard later married Elizabeth Hall about 1837. He died 1864 in Rock Hill, South Carolina

1801   Birth of J. C. Gillespie in NEW YORK. He became a town pumper. He married but was not with wife by 1880. He moved to Lemoruvas, Juneau, WISCONSIN.

1805    Birth of George Washington Gillespie in Mt Sterling, Montgomery Co, KENTUCKY.  s/o Capt Simon Gillespie of Virginia. George married Mallinda Allan 1829 Goodbread.  They moved to Wayne Co, ILLINOIS

1807   David Gillespie from Ireland. Wife Sarah. To New York City 1807. 2 children. They moved to Madison Co, ILLINOIS. David became a judge and Senator, and the City of Gillespie, Illinois is named after him.

1810 USA Census – click on link

1810   Birth of Archibald H Gillespie, New York City. He became a Major in Marine Corps 1832. The President of the USA sent him on a secret mission to California.  Archie died in San Francisco in 1873.

1815  Birth of Jordon Gillspie in Virginia, a black man whose parents were both born in VA. This was a period when plantation owners had offspring with their black slaves. Jordon married Matilda, and they were living in Rivanna, Albermarle Co, VIRGINIA on 1880 census. Another black man, Vardy Gillespie also born 1815,  married Linda and they moved to Union Grove, Iredell, NORTH CAROLINA. 6 grandchildren lists as all born in NC on 1880 census.

1816   Birth of David Gillespie who became captain of a ship. He had several ship wrecks in his career.  He married Mary Johnson. They lived in NEW YORK.

1817  Birth of Noah Gillespie in OHIO, Marion Co. He married Emeline Owens and they had 7 children. Noah was a school teacher and became a Justice of the Peace. Later to Montgomery Twp in Ohio.

Total Records;  56

Sources: Census Records; Vital Statistics;  Immigration Records