USA: Kansas Births & Baptisms

Frank Lewis BARNHART, birth Aug 19, 1908 Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. Father Lewis Barnhart, 26, b Pa,  Mother Blanche Gillispie, 22, b Ks. Race white.

COPPLE, (female), daughter of Cal Copple and Gillispie Copple, Kansas.


Gellaspie, (male), birth Sept 23, 1890 Miami Twp., Miami, Kansas. Father R. F. Gellaspie. Mother E. Dickey.

Gillespie, (female) birth Oct 30, 1890 Walnut, Crawford, Kansas. Father Greely A Gillespie, age 29, b Illinois, USA. Mother Dressia B Cornwell, age  23, born Illinois, USA. White race.

Gillispie, birth Oct 30, 1891 Elk City, Montgomery, Kansas, United States. Father Ovid Gillispie. Mother Mahala Micheal.

Gillespie, (female) birth March 18, 1898 Crawford, Kansas, USA. Father Mr Gillispie, age 40. Mother Miss Cornwall, age 35 years.

Gillaspie (male) birth May 21, 1902 Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas.  Father L. I. Gillaspie, age 31 y, b America;  Mother Les Mcniel, age 25, b America. Note: 2nd name note. Race white.

Gillespie, (male) birth Jan 4, 1909  Kansas City. , Wyandotte, Kansas. Father S B Gillespie, age 38. Mother Maryette…Rain.

Gillispie (male) birth March 5, 1909 Circleville, Jackson, Kansas. Father Roy Gillispie, 28 yr b America. Mother Bessie Dulich 28 y, b America.


Kallie Kay Gillespie birth July 25, 2018, in Hutchinson. d/o Levi Gillespie & Lindsey Klein. She is welcomed home by sibling Addysyn. Grandparents are Greg and Kristi Klein, Mark and Bonnie Gillespie, and Bryce and Kara Johnson.


Margaret Gillaspi, birth Jan 7, 1911 Chicopee, KS. Father Ernie Gillaspi, 31. Mother Mary King, 31. Race white.


Pauline Gillespie, birth Feb 12, 1909, Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. Father Ed Gillespie, age 21, Mother Pauline Meditz. Residence Kansas City. Both parents born USA. Race White.

HILL, female child born of B A Hill and Della Gillespie, birth Kansas, USA.

Willard JAQUISS, birth July 15, 1907, Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. Father Millard Geo Jaquiss, age 30 b Iowa.  Mother Sadie Gillispie, 34 b Illinois. Race White.

PISTOLE, female baby of J. C. Pristole and  Ella Gillespie Pristole, Kansas, USA

Amy Elizabeth POTTER, Father Emsley F Potter. Mother Rosa A Gillespy, Kansas.

Laura Henderson SATTERWAITE, birth July 13, 1898, Girard, Kansas. Father Mr A. R. Satterwaite, 47. Mother Miss Mary Gilispie, 37. Race white.

Leslie Andrew SATTHERTHWAITE, son of Andrew R Satterthwaite, age 43 and Mary Gillespie age 33, born Illinois, USA;  child’s birth Dec 19, 1894 Girard, Crawford, Kansas. Race white.

Mary Ridgeway SATTERTHWAITE, d/o A R Satterthwaite and Mary Gillespie Satterthwaite birth Dec 6, 1888 Girard, Crawford, Kansas, USA

VERTAL, (male) birth May 29, 1907 Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. Father Alexander Vertal, 35, b Missouri. Mother Martha Gillispie, 29 b Illinois.  Race White.

Record Count: 20

Source of Records: Mormon website, Kansas Births and Christenings, 1818-1936; online obits.