USA: Louisiana Deaths


Adlat Donald Gillespie died Dec 20, 1956 age 80 Rapides Parish, LA

Agnes C Gillespie death July 1947 age 61 Orleans Parish, LA

Albert Gillespie death April 21, 1877 age 36, Orleans Parish, LA

Albert Edward Gillespie death Dec 15, 1963 age 67, Caddo Parish, LA

Albert Edward Gillespie death Oct 26, 1927 age 2 months. Orleans Parish, LA

Alfred Page Gillespie died Oct 18, 1967 age 2, Orleans Parish, LA

Alma Chevalier Gillespie death July 13, 1965 age 79 Caddo Parish, LA

Alton Armon Gillespie death Nov 18, 1966 age 61, Acadia Parish, LA

Andrew Gillespie death Jan 21, 1953 age 71, Rapides Parish, LA

Anna Neale Gillespie death Oct 3, 1866 age 45, Orleans, LA

Arthur Gillespie death July 28, 1947 age 68, Rapides Parish, LA

Arthur Samuel Gillespie death Dec 28, 1952 age 50, Orleans Parish, LA


Ben Gillespie died July 24, 1937 age 76 Caddo Parish, LA

Bessie Skyles Ebey Gillespie death Sept 12, 1963, age 52, Caddo Parish, LA

Bill LeRoy Gillespie, death June 24, 1960 age 41, Tangipahoa Parish, LA


Camille Batholomew Gillespie death April 15, 1967 age 80, Orleans Parish, LA

Carroll J Gillespie death Sept 1949 age 11, Orleans Parish, LA

Carthegena Gillespie death July 23, 1910, age 86, Orleans Parish, LA

Catherine P Gillespie death July 20, 1947 age 80, Acadia Parish, LA

Charles R Gillespie death Feb 17, 1936 age 58, Rapides Parish, LA

Chester Gillespie death Nov 28, 1957 age 65, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Clarisse E Gillespie death July 6, 1945 age 38, Caddo Parish, LA

Claude E Gillespie Jr died July 15, 1965 age 42, Terrebonne Parish, LA

Clause E Gillespie death July 11, 1949 age 53, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA

Clifford Gillespie death March 28, 1965, age 67, Rapides Parish, LA

LEESVILLE, La. – Funeral services for Dr. Cynthia Ann Gillespie, will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, in the Cooper Baptist Church in Leesville with Rev. Edgar Evans officiating. Burial will follow in the Cooper Cemetery under the direction of Labby Memorial Funeral Home of Leesville. Visitation  held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., and on Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. until service time in the church. Dr. Gillespie was a native of Pennsylvania but had made Vernon Parish her home since 1978. After receiving her education degree from Davis and Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia, she taught three years in Randolph County schools in West Virginia before enlisting in the United State Army, serving her country where she was an NCO in the Signal Corp, a role that brought her to Fort Polk and Vernon Parish where she remained.

During her forty years in Vernon Parish, Dr. Gillespie continued to serve, this time serving the education system and its students and teachers as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal at Pickering Elementary from 1978 to 1994. When she left Pickering Elementary, it was to serve all of Vernon Parish as a Curriculum Supervisor and Curriculum Director for seven years, and ultimately as the Superintendent of Schools for seven years. Beyond serving her school district, Dr. Gillespie served on the Board of Directors for Louisiana Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, served on the State Advisory Council for Louisiana’s School Superintendent, and served on The Rapides Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 2010 through 2015, serving as Board Chair in her final year on the board. She was also a current member of The Orchard Foundation’s board.

While much of Dr. Gillespie’s life was dedicated to education in the formal setting of the schools, she also dedicated much time to her church and the needs of the children in particular, serving as a preschool and children’s Sunday school teacher for over 20 years. She additionally led the Ladies Bible Study and ministered to local nursing homes as part of the Women’s Missionary Union. She was a valued member of the Louisiana Alpha Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an honorary organization of women educators, where she served as chaplain, recording secretary, and vice president. Her service also extended into the Vernon Parish community as she served on the Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and was an avid member of the Vernon Arts Council.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Robert & Ruth Gillespie; One Brother: David Gillespie; One Niece: Rhonda Brown. Cindy is survived by her three Sisters: Roberta Brown of Elwood City, PA, Donna Kelly and husband Tim of Elwood City, PA, Amy Ferrese and her husband Joe of Mars, PA; Several Nieces, Nephews, and Great Nieces and Nephews, and a host of dear, wonderful friends.


David S Gillespie death May 5, 1936 age 42. Rapides Parish, LA

Della Gillespie (Mrs) died Dec 29, 1916 age 35. Franklin Parish, LA

Dennis Gillespie death Dec 16, 1923, age 60. Cancordia Parish, LA


Earl Gillespie death July 26, 1968 age 60. Orleans Parish, LA

Edith V Gillespie death April 17, 1937, age 58, Catahoula Parish, LA

Edward J Gillespie death Feb 1936, age 58, Orleans Parish, LA

Edward S Gillespie death Sept 26, 1919 age 8 months, Caddo Parish, LA

Elenora Gillespie death Jan 1, 1942 age 68. Caddo Parish, LA

Ella McMain Gillespie death May 3, 1962, age 85, Allen Parish, LA

Emiine Gillespie death Jan 3, 1916, age 42 De Sota Parish, LA

Emma S Gillespie death June 9, 1934 age 56, Rapides Parish, LA

Emma Wood Gillespie death June 21, 1966, age 85, Caddo Parish, LA

Emmie M Gillespie death Jan 4, 1931 age 75, Vermilion Parish, LA

Ester S Gillespie death Jan 22, 1930 age 68, Concordia Parish, LA

Ethel L Gillespie death Oct 28, 1945 age 27, Natchitoches Parish, LA


Fannie Gillespie death March 1936 age 67, Orleans Parish, LA


George Gillespie, death Aug 15, 1964 age 74, Orleans Parish, LA

George L Gillespie death Feb 1935, age 47, Orleans Parish, LA

George P Gillespie death April 21, 1963, age 87, Caddo Parish, LA

George S Gillespie death Sept 23, 1920, age 40, Caddo Parish, LA

Gooderum Davis Gillespie death Nov 22, 1926, age 81, Allen Parish, LA


Harvey Joe Gillespie death March 21, 1958, age 8 hours, Vernon Parish, LA

Hattie Love Yancy Gillespie death June 30, 1963, age 75, Caddo Parish, LA

Henry Bentley Gillespie death Sept 14, 1968 age 58, Caddo Parish, LA

Howard Earl Gillespie, Jr, death March 2, 1951 age 4, Ouachita Parish, LA


Idella Barker Gillespie death Jan 21, 1962, age 88, Caddo Parish, LA

India Gillespie death March 23, 1916 age 67, De Soto Parish, LA

Infant Gillespie, death Sept 25, 1919 age 17 weeks, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Infant Gillespie death March 13, 1928 age 3 days, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Infant Gillespie death April 29, 1931, age 2 hours Ouachita Parish, LA

Infant Gillespie death  June 22, 1941 age 1 hour, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Infant Gillespie death August 1945 age 3 hrs. “James/Bernice” Orleans Parish, LA

Izela Jones Gillespie death Dec 15, 1962 age 64, Calcasieu Parish, LA


J M Gillespie death May 7, 1934 age 81, Beauregard Parish, LA

James Gillespie death June 19, 1918 age 30, Vernon Parish, LA

James Gillespie death Feb 27, 1952, age 75, Orleans Parish, LA

James A Gillespie death Oct 31, 1941, age 36, Webster Parish, LA

James Donald Gillespie death May 19, 1963, age 49, Caddo Parish, LA

James (Jim) Donald Gillespie was born on September 30, 1939, and passed away on September 5, 2021 at the age of 81 in Princeton, Louisiana. Jim was born in Shreveport, Louisiana to James and Edna Gillespie and lived majority of his life in Princeton. He owned Gillespie Welding, located on Hwy 80, for over 40 years. He was proceeded in death by his loving wife, Linda, and his son, Michael. Jim is survived by his children, Mark, Jay, and Larry, along with his brother, Ray Gillespie and his wife. Popa loved his 7 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. .

James Jasper Gillespie death Feb 14, 1967 age 83, Caddo Parish, LA

James W Gillespie death Jan 12, 1950 age 63, Orleans Parish, LA

Jane Monroe Gillespie death Jan 15, 1953, age 81, Allen Parish, LA

Jane Wallace Gillespie death Aug 12, 1897 age 66, Orleans, LA

Joan Bergeron Gillespie death Oct 1, 1965, age 38, Jefferson Parish, LA

Joe Gillespie death Jan 13, 1932, age 42, Franklin Parish, LA

Joe T Gillespie death Feb 14, 1964, age 92, East Baton Rouge, LA

John Gillespie death May 10,1865, age 15 months, Orleans, LA

John Gillespie, death June 24, 1870 age 63, Orleans Parish, LA

John Gillespie death June 8, 1906 age 51, Orleans Parish, LA

John E Gillespie death March 10,1938, age 66, Caddo Parish, LA

John H Gillespie death June 29, 1933 age 69. Caddo Parish, LA

John Marion Gillespie death Sept 12, 1922, age 49, Caddo Parish, LA

Joseph Gillespie death March 14, 1950, age 34, Orleans Parish, LA

Joseph D Gillespie death June 5, 1947, age 77, Caddo Parish, LA

Julia Cheler Gillespie death Jan 24, 1960, age 82, Caddo Parish, LA


Katherine M Gillespie death Dec 15, 1907, age 44, Orleans Parish, LA

Kitty L M Gillespie death April 1948, age 78, Orleans, LA


Laura Kline Gillespie, death August 18, 1955 age 68, Orleans Parish, LA

Lelia Carrie Gillespie death August 1935, age 47, Orleans, LA

Lester Leon Gillespie Jr death Dec 31, 1963, age 38, Natchitoches Parish, LA

Lina Gillespie death June 1937, Orleans Parish, LA

Lina Carter Gillespie death Feb 12, 1963, age 68, Orleans Parish, LA

Louise H Gillespie death March 25, 1930 age 45, Rapides Parish, LA

Lucinda Gillespie death Oct 22 ,1918 age 19, East Carroll Parish, LA

Luella Gillespie death April 29, 1946, age 40. Calcasieu Parish, LA


M D Gillespie death Nov 18, 1928 age 70, Caddo Parish, LA

Margaret Finlay Hall Gillespie death March 11, 1868 age 41, Orleans Parish, LA

Marie Elizabeth Campbell Gillespie death Nov 11, 1965, age 65, Orleans Parish, LA

Martin Gillespie death July 24, 1885 age 50, Orleans Parish, LA

Mary Gillespie death May 1, 1923, age 66, St Landry Parish, LA

Mary Gillespie death June 11, 1926, age 68, Orleans Parish, LA

Mary Guine Gillespie death April 22, 1923, age 80, St Tammany Parish, LA

Mary J Gillespie death Oct 27, 1944 age 1, Concordia Parish, LA

Mary Lillian Guillot Gillespie death Oct 11, 1965, age 55, Rapides Parish, LA

Mary Ramsey Gillespie death Jan 24, 1964, age 60, Orleans Parish, LA

Mathew D Gillespie death Feb 29, 1872 age 45, Orleans Parish, LA

Michael Joseph Gillespie death Feb 25, 1964, age 37, Jefferson Parish, LA

Mildred Gillespie death Dec 27, 1948, age 70, Caddo Parish, LA


N T Gillespie death July 20, 1915 age 41, Caddo Parish, LA

Nona Josephine  Cassey Gillespie death Nov 27, 1962, age 54, Orleans Parish, LA

Nora Gillespie died May 20, 1952 age 66, Caddo Parish, LA


Odell Gillespie death Jan 11, 1944, age 27, Franklin Parish, LA


Pearl A Gillespie death Nov 1, 1965, age 90, Caddo Parish, LA

Peter Gillespie death May 22, 1860 age 56 Orleans Parish, LA


Ramon Gillespie died Oct 20, 1927, age 5, Ouachita Parish, LA

Reese B Gillespie death April 4, 1929, age 68, Orleans Parish, LA

Robert W Gillespie death March 22, 1893, age 50, Orleans Parish, LA

Rosa Philippi Gillespie death May 4, 1960 age 86, Clairborne Parish, LA


S D Gillespie death Feb 14, 1912, age 28, Corcordia Parish, LA

Sallie Gillespie death Oct 1, 1927, age 75, Tensas Parish, LA

Sallie Sanders Gillespie death Jan 11, 1927 age 53, St Landrey Parish, LA

Sarah Gillespie death May 26, 1923, age 70, Orleans Parish, LA

Setitieh Gillespie death Nov 6, 1943 age 66, Washington Parish, LA

Shelbert Gillespie death March 3, 1950 age 34, Rapides Parish, LA

Shirley Viola Gillespie death Nov 1942, Orleans Parish, LA

Sidney Marian Gillespie death Dec 18, 1967, age 64, Caddo Parish, LA

Spencer Gillespie death Sept 3, 1931, age 82, St Landry Parish, LA

Spencer Louis Gillespie Oct 1943, age 76, Orleans Parish, LA


Theodore Gillespie death Oct 6, 1866 age 44, Orleans Parish, LA

Theresa Gillespie death April 4, 1928 age 9, East Carroll Parish, LA

Thomas A Gillespie death May 24, 1953, age 84, Caddo Parish, LA

Thomas B Gillespie death Dec 20, 1941, age 66, Rapides Parish, LA

Thomas D Gillespie death Dec 31, 1940, age 66, Washington Parish, LA

Thomas Owen Gillespie death June 1940, Orleans Parish, LA

Travis H Gillespie death June 13, 1936, age 77, Allen Parish, LA


Vera Harris Gillespie death Oct 19, 1960 age 59, Calcasieu Parish, LA

Vernon Echoles Gillespie death August 28, 1951 age 68, Rapides Parish, LA

Viola Augusta Gillespie death Jan 31, 1915 age 23, Orleans Parish, LA


William Gillespie death  Feb 8, 1936 age 23, Catahoula Parish, LA

William C Gillespie death Jan 25, 1917, age 1 month, Franklin Parish, LA

William Kendall Gillespie death Oct 21, 1924, age 29, Caddo Parish, LA

William Layfette Gillespie death Nov 4, 1966, age 88, Caddo Parish, LA

William Martin Gillespie death Oct 21, 1965, age 63, Vernon Parish, LA


Yvetta Dubuc Gillespie death April 26, 1968 age 56, Caddo Parish, LA


Zeak Gillespie death Dec 15, 1931, age 49, Catahoula Parish, LA

Record Count:  137

Source:  Louisiana Secretary of State website: Newspaper Obits; Dignity Memorials.