USA: Michigan Births & Baptisms


Baby girl Gillespie – see adoption bottom of page


Ethel Gillespie, birth June 27, 1889 Batavia, Branch, Michigan, father Wm J Gillespie, mother Alta M Gillespie


Hazie Gillespie, birth Oct 4, 1893 Scipio, Hillsdale, Michigan, father Will Gillespie, mother Unice Gillespie


John R Gillespie birth May 17, 1886 Berrien Twp , Berrien, Michigan, father Jay Gillespie, mother Ida Gillespie

Josephine, birth Oct 3, 1867 Jackson, Michigan, USA, father Matthew Gillespie, mother Ann.


Mariett Gillespie, (female), birth April 1, 1869 Biranch, Michigan, USA, father Hosley Gillespie, mother Sarah.


Patrick Gillespie, birth April 24, 1888, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, father Louis Gillespie, mother Mary Gillespie

P Sheridan Gillespie, birth March 26, 1886 Cheshire, Allegan, Michigan, father Martin V B Gillespie, mother Sabrina Gillespie


Robert J Gillespie, birth April 16, 1868 Genessee, Michigan, USA, father Alexander Gillespie, mother Sarah.


William Gillespie, birth February 20, 1874 Pleasanton, Manistee, Michigan, father Joseph Gillespie, mother Mary Gillespie

William F Gillespie. birth March 2, 1874 Ottawa, Michigan, USA. Father John Gillespie, mother Lorena.

Baby girl Gillespie born March 20, 1959  in Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, Oakland Co.  Pontiac, Michigan. Birth mother maiden name Gillespie, of German & Irish decent. Birth father not named but of Mexican or Hispanic decent.  Catholic Adoption Agency. Baby was four weeks old when adopted and given new name, Donna MINCHELLA. Adoptee mother Kathleen Minchella nee Curtis.  This child is searching for her birth mother.

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Source of Records: Mormon website, Michigan Births and Christenings, 1775-1995: Gary’s Adoption Index