USA: Minnesota Deaths


Alice Gillespie birth June 26, 1889 death Dec 16, 1960 St Patrick Cemetery (Shieldsville)  Parents John & Bridget Cahill Byrne. SP Peter. Minnesota

Anthony Gillespie birth Jan 1834 . Death 1908. St Patrick Cemetery, SP Catherine Rutledge, Minnesota

Austin M  Gillespie birth 1869. Death 1947. St Agatha’s Cem, Minnesota. SP Ellen F.  With Austin & Mary.


Byron Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1902. SP d April 24, 1934 Faribo Regional Centre Cemetery, Minnesota


Catherine Gillespie birth Jan 1834. Death 1912. St Patrick, Shieldsville, Minnesota.  SP Anthony.

Catherine Gillespie birth June 13, 1877. Death Oct 6, 1950 St Patrick’s Cemetery, Shieldsville, Minnesota

Clarence Gillespie obituary Oct 8, 1901 Scott Co, Minnesota


Donna Gillespie birth 1929. Death not given. Lakeville Grove – LGE. SP Ivester Gillespie Jr.


Edward Gillespie (Mrs) death Feb 23, 1976. unknown burial. Age 59      ?Resurrection Cem, St Paul, MN .

Ellen F Gillespie birth 1880. Death 1919. St Agatha’s Cem. Spouse Austin M.  Minnesota.

Esther E Gillespie birth April 2, 1899. Death April 1, 1994 Bohmeian National Cem, Minnesota. SP Patrick Herron. Parents Joseph & Mary Dieble Wanous


Frances Gillespie birth 1907. Death 1918. St Agathas. With Austin & Ellen F. Minnesota

Frances M Gillespie birth Jan 16, 1904. Death March 3, 1965. Burial St Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery,  City of Osseo, Hennepin Co, Minnesota


Hazel Gillespie (Alger) death May 22, 1994 age 94, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

Hazel B Gillespie death 1986 Hubbard Co, Minnesota


Isabelle Gillespie death Dec 12, 1929 Carver Co, Minnesota

Ivester Gillespie Jr birth 1932. Death 1980. Lakeville Grove -LGE. SP Donna.


James Gillespie death April 30, 1913, age 57, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

James Gillespie birth Sept 27, 1878. Death Nov 23, 1960 Burial St Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery, City of Osseo, Hennepin Co, Minnesota

John Gillespie death Nov 22, 1921 age 59, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

Joseph A Gillespie birth 1917. Death 1937. St Agathas Cem, Minnesota. With Austin N & Ellen F

Joseph E Gillespie birth 1905. Death 1969. St Agatha’s Cem. Minnesota. Uncle with William R & Mary B Wilson.


Leonard Thomas Gillespie birth 1921. Death March 3, 1960 St Patricks, Shieldsville, Minnesota. PAR Patrick & Catherine Haney Gillespie. Died Cambridge, MN.

Lionel Gillespie birth May 16, 1929. Death March 28, 1988 St Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery, Osseo, Hennepin Co, Minnesota

Lloyd L Gillespie obituary July 12, 2001 Scott Co, Minnesota


Malcolm Esmay Gillespie, Dr, death Aug 7, 1997, age 70, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

Malcolm G Gillespie, Dr death July 23, 1984 age 89 years, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

Mary Gillespie birth 1836. Death 1911. St Agathas Cem, Minnesota.  SP Austi n. Born Co Sligo,  IRELAND.

Mary Gillespie birth Oct 24, 1882. Death Nov 7, 1942. Calvary Cem, Faribault, Minnesota. SP Thomas. Parents John & Mary Ann Haley Haggerty

Mary Gillespie (Miss) death Oct 2, 1951 Fort Snelling Cemetery, Minnesota. World War II Nurse

Mary Ann Gillespie birth 1858. Death Aug 1, 1943. St Patrick Cem. Shieldsville, Minnesota. Age 86. Wife of Hagerty. Died Farerbault, MN

Melvin Jack Gillespie death Dec 13, 1969 Hubbard Co, Minnesota

Michael A Gillespie death July 27, 1961 age 78. Possible burial Resurrection Cem, St Paul, MN.

Michael Shaun Gillespie birth April 7, 1964. Death April 8, 1964. Owatonna  Memorial. PAR: Marilyn Barker Gillespie


Patrick J Gillespie birth March 17, 1871. Death Nov 25, 1936 St Patrick, Shieldsville, Minnesota. SP Catherine Hanley Parents Anthony & Catherine Rutledge Gillespie.

Peter Gillespie birth March 19, 1888, death Aug 27, 1926. St Patrick Cem, Shieldsville, Minnesota. SP Alice Byrne. Parents Peter & Mary Gavin Gillespie


Robert James Gillespie death July 23, 2009 Carver Co, Minnesota (Chanhassen Villager)

Ruth M Gillespie birth Dec 22, 1908. Death Nov 27, 1989 Owatonna Memorial, Minnesota. SP Homer. Nee Auker. Mar Aug 10, 1929.


Thomas F Gillespie birth July 6, 1882. Death April 11, 1919. St Patrick Cem, Shieldsville, Minnesota. SP Mary Haggerty. Parent Anthony Gillespie. Died Cannon Falls, MN.


Verna Gillespie (Palmquist) death Sept 25, 2004 age 83 years, Evergreen Cemetery, Minnesota

Vernell Gillespie birth Jan 1, 1929. Death Feb 22, 2016. St Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery, Osseo, Hennepin Co, Minnesota

Vincent Gillespie birth Feb 15, 1906. Death Dec 10, 1958. St Vincent de Paul Catholic Cemetery,  Osseo, Menneplin Co, Minnesota


William B Gillespie death April 25, 2013 Carver Co, MInnesota

William Leonard Gillespie death April 16, 1911 age 64, Evergreen Cem, Minnesota

Sources: Carver Co Historical Society; Evergreen Cemetery Association; St Vincent de Paul Cemetery records. Scott Co History; Dalby Database (with additional notes provided)

Record Count: 44