USA: New Hampshire Marriages

Sadie S CAIRNS, child of Stewart Cairns and Sarah A Gillispie, New Hampshire.


Alexander GILLESPIE birth 1881. Parents Patrick, Catherine Clifford. Spouse Catherine Callahan. Marriage March 15, 1906 Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

Alice M Gillespy, birth 1859 Whitneyville, Mc(?), parents John, Johanna Sullivan. Spouse Austin H Hogan. Marriage June 17, 1896 Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Annie E Gillespie married John C (no last name)  Child Lawrence A Stoup. New Hampshire. (2nd record gives child’s last name as Storys).


Bessie Gillispie, birth 1892. Parents Daniel Gillispie, Mary Ferren. Spouse Solomon Wood. Marriage Sept 28,1915 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire.


Charles F Gillispie birth Middleton, Essex, Massachusetts. Parents Patrick Gillispie, Catherine. Spouse Nellie J O’Connell. Married Aug 19, 1889 Derry Depot, Rockingham, New Hampshire.


Daniel Gillispie, spouse Mary Ferron, child Bessie Gillispie, New Hampshire. (2nd record gives mother’s last name as Fefren).


Edith Gillispie birth 1873 Great Falls, NH. Parents Henry, Emma. Spouse Frank S Hennesy. Marriage April 21, 1892 New Hampshire.

Edward Gillespie married Grace J Walsh. Child Anna, New Hampshire

Edward Gillispie birth New Brunswick, Canada. Parents Francis Gillispie, Nancy Beardman. Spouse Grace Walsh. Marriage June 19, 1894 Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire. (could Grace  also be “Josie Walsh who was married to Edward Gillespie?”)

Eliza J Gillispey, spouse George Henderson. Child George Henderson. New Hampshire

Elizabeth Gillespie married Christopher Powell, Child Mary Powell, New Hampshire

Ethel Mary Gillespie birth 1895. Parents Matthew, Mary O’Neill. Spouse Francis B Marden. Marriage Jan 28, 1914. New Hampshire.

Etta Gillispie birth 1873 Great Falls, New Hampshire. Parents Henry Gillispie, Emma. Spouse William A Canney. Marriage March 15, 1892 New Hampshire.


Francis Gillispie. Spouse Nancy Beardman. Child Edward Gillispie. New Hampshire.

Francis Gillespie birth Ireland. Parents James, Margaret. Spouse Lucinda  Ringland. Marriage June 6, 1886 Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire.


Henry Gillispie, spouse Emma. Child Etta Gillispie, New Hampshire.

Henry Gillespie married Nancy Dixon. Child John, New Hampshire


James Gillispie birth Ireland. Parents Neil, Mary. Spouse Jane Stewart. Married Nov 11, 1886 Dover, Stafford, New Hampshire.

James Gillespie married Catherine Mack. Child Ann, New Hampshire

James Gillespie married Catherie Maynock, Child Martin. New Hampshire

James Gillespie married Catherine Mahor. Child Margaret. New Hampshire

John Gillespie married Bridget Haper. Child John, New Hampshire

John Gillespie married Mary A Underhill, New Hampshire. Child Annie C.

John Gillispie, spouse Sarah. Child Mary A Gillispie, New Hampshire.

John Gillespie married Mary Duff, New Hampshire

John Gillespie married Luella Walker Sept 4, 1884 Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

John Gillispie, birth Ireland. Parents Michael, Mary McDonald.  Spouse Mary Donahue. Married May 2, 1894, Somersworth, Strafford, New Hampshire.

John J Gillespie birth 1869, Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts.  Parents John, Catherine Enright. Spouse Mary A Ford. Marriage Oct 6, 1897 Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Joseph Gallespy. Married Mary Wendell Nov 4, 1824 New Hampshire. Child Frances.


Loretta Gillispie, birth 1891. Parents John, Alice Seeley. Spouse Cornelius O Rourke. Marriage Sept 13, 1910. Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.


Margaret Gallespie, spouse Joseph (no last name) Child John J Mcmahon. New Hampshire.

Mary A Gillispie, birth 1840 Melbourne, Ce (?). Parents John Gillispie, Sarah. Spouse Augustus Dana. Marriage May 12, 1866 Manchester, New Hampshire.


Patrick Gillespie married Winnifred Brannon Nov 22, 1860 New Hampshire.

Patrick Gillispie, spouse Catherine. Child Charles F Gillispie, New Hampshire.

Peter Gillespie birth 1875. Parents Peter, Mary Mccarty. Spouse Frances M Hoit. Marriage Nov 2, 1911, Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire (2nd record Mother’s last name given as Mccarthy. Bride as Hort).


Rachel Gillespie , d/o James Gillespie & Mary Allen of New Hampshire. Married John Williamson, Child Annie May Williamson

Robert Gillespie married Lena Champagne, Child Ethel. New Hampshire

Robert Joseph Gillespie birth 1888. Parents Matthew, Mary O’Neill. Spouse Mary Charlotte Bertha Baker. Marriage Oct 15, 1913. New Hampshire


 Vivian Gillespie married Orin Hall,Child Prescilla Mary Hall, New Hampshire


William Gillespie married Sally Oaks. Child William H. New Hampshire

William H H Gillespie married Emily C, New Hampshire (last name of spouse given as Gillespie).

Source of Records: Mormon website

Record Count:  42