USA: New York Directories

1888, 1890-93 Directories of Oswego, New York, 

Frank Gillespie, brakeman, location boards at Eagle Hotel, 1890/1891

Frederick B Gillespie of Business R W & O R R, a clerk, boards at 149 E Seventh. 1890/91

John Gillespie, a driver, boards at E Mohawk. 1890/91

John Gillespie, a driver at 135 E Cayuga, 1892/93

M. Gillespie, lives in Williamstown.

Robert Gillespie, boilermaker, boards at 135 E Cayuga. 1892/93

William H Gillespie, justice of peace. location 23 Arcade block. 149 E Seventh. 1890/91.

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