USA: North Carolina Marriages



A Gillespie married Oscar Lee O’Neal Feb 11, 1929 Surry, North Carolina

Ada Gillespie, birth 1902, d/o Pennie Gillespie, married Currie Smith or Lewis Smith, March 28, 1920 Kenansville, Duplin, North Carolina

Addadella Gillespie birth 1896, married Gaines Robinson Sept 10, 1916 Morven Twp, Anson, North Carolina

Alexander Gillespie married Polly Horah Sept 4, 1879, NC

Alfred Macay Gillespie married Emeline Knox April 20, 1866, NC

Alfred Macay Gillespie married Amy Dillow Nov 28, 1869, NC

Alice Elizabeth Gillespie born 1909 of Ararat married Benley Lee Sawyers July 14, 1923 Dobson, Surry, NC

Alice Gillespie Sawyers born 1910 of Ararat, married Oscar Lee O’Neal Feb 11, 1929 Dobson, Surry, NC

Alletha M. Gillespie married Joseph Reid Sr,  Sept 24, 1861, NC

Amantha Gillespie, born 1851, married Morris Jones Sept 26, 1872 Wilson, NC

Andrew Gillespie married Mary Albright May 4, 1871, NC

Andrew Gillespie born 1831 married Matilda Surey Nov 22,1873 Buncombe, NC

Ann Gillespie married James Bell, North Carolina

Anna Gillespie married Stokes Cowan Dec 29, 1892, NC

Annadella Gillespie, born 1896, married Gaines Robinson Sept 10, 1916 Morvan, Anson, NC

Annie Belle Gillespie born 1892, married Lonnie C Barrett Dec 26, 1911 Gulledge Tp, Anson, NC

Archie Gillespie, birth 1886, s/o Moses Gillespie, Adeline Gillespie, married Mattie Radcliffe Dec 27, 1919 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina


Beckie Gillespie born 1843, married E W Hawkins Aug 27, 1893 Cleveland, NC

Bessie Agnes Gillespie birth 1891, married Theodore E Rook 1910 Orange, North Carolina

Bessie Lee Gillespie birth 1900, d/o Joe Gillespie & Mattie Gillespie, married Tom Smith Feb 3, 1918 Kenansville Twp, Duplin, North Carolina

Bettie Gillespie married Mitchell Irvin Dec 23, 1876, NC

Bettie Gillespie, born 1870, d/o J H C Gillespie, Emaline Gillespie, married P F Oder Jan 12, 1891 Marion Twp, Mcdowell, NC


Calvin Gillespie married Molly Hyde Oct 7, 1876, NC

Caroline Gillespie, birth 1844, married Virgil Jones April 2, 1914 Magnolia Twp, Duplin, North Carolina

Caroline E. Gillespie married William A Poston March 11, 1851, NC

Catharine Gillespie married Silas Wilson June 3, 1873, NC

Catherine Gillespie born 1864, married Peter Bennett Dec 8, 1899 Long Hill, Surry, NC

Charles Gillespie, born 1881, married Daisey Hollifield Nov 15, 1906 North Cove, McDowell, NC

Chester M Gillespie born 1921, married Ann Margaret Jewett, April 11, 1947 Raleigh, Wake, NC

C H Gillespie, born 1896, married Gertrude Bridge June 5, 1920 Cleveland, NC

Charles Gillespie, birth 1879 married Bettie McLean Sept 11, 1927 Elisabethtown, Bladen, North Carolina

Charles Lee Gillespie, born 1896, married Sudie Mitchell Jan 7, 1927 Wake Forest, Wake, NC

Charley Gillespie, birth 1899, s/o Laura Gillespie, married Sarah Bryant Dec 14, 1924 North Carolina

See Chas

Charlotte R. Gillespie married William T Hudson Oct 17, 1882, NC

Chas R Gillespie birth 1911, married Lulu Gray Faircloth Dec 24, 1935 Smithfield Twp, North Carolina

Chester M Gillespie, born 1921, married Anna Margaret Jewett April 11, 1947 Raleigh, Wake Co, NC

Chester Neil Gillespie, birth 1917, married Vestal Columbus Taylor Nov 5, 1946 Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina

C. K Gillespie, s/o Frank S Gillespie, Sidney L Gillespie, born 1881 married Geneva Dunlap April 8, 1914 Ansonville Tp, Anson, NC

C. L. Gillespie born 1871 s/o Edward & Mary Gelispie, married Minnie Evans March 20, 1902, Nortons Twp, Alamance, NC

Cleaill Gillespie birth 1873, s/o Thomas Gillespie, Susan Gillespie, married Virginia Swinson Jan 16, 1896 Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina

Cowan Mitchell Gillespie married Alice Graham Dec 20, 1877, NC

C W Gillespie born 1878 married Mary L Needham Dec 25, 1901 Long Hill, Surry, NC


Daisy Gelmon Gillespie, birth 1876, d/o D C Gillespie & Effie R Gillespie, married Harry Smith June 30, 1897 Tarboro, Edgecombe, North Carolina

Daniel Gillespie marrie dJeannie Pearson Oct 17, 1867, NC

David Gillespie married Mary Luckey Sept 5, 1785 Rowan, NC (2nd record gives date as April 18, 1785)

David Gillespie married Mary Martin Feb 16, 1814 Rowan, NC (2nd record gives her last name as Marlin, See also John C Gillespie for wife’s same name).

David Gillespie born 1930, married Ostine Brown July 28, 1951 Raleigh, Wake, NC

D. O. H. W. Gillespie married Mary O Cox June 11, 1864, NC

Don W Gillespie, married Mary O Cox June 10, 1864 Mcdowell, NC


Ebenezer Gillespie married Mary Cowan Jan 24, 1878, NC

Edward B Gillespie married Mary F Austin July 15, 1855 Caswell Co, NC

Effie Gillespie, born 1887, married Lemuel Lee Poplin Jan 19, 1924, Cary, Wake, NC (2nd record says Mrs Effie Gillespie born of Cary)

Eliza Gillespie married John Rankin March 5, 1891, NC

Elizabeth Gillespie married William Lowry Dec 31, 1789 Rowan, NC

Elizabeth F Gillespie married George Elkins Moore Feb 24, 1874, NC

Ellen Gillespie, married Robert Johnson Nov 1, 1802 Rowan, NC

Ellen Gillespie, born 1861, married H. D. James, Feb 3, 1879 Buncombe, NC

Eliza J Gillespie born 1855, d/o H W Gillespie, Polly Gillespie, married R S Smith Aug 2, 1875 Mcdowell Co, NC

E M Gillespie, born 1878, married Fannie Barnes Jan 19, 1900 Westfield, Surry, NC

Emmanuel Gillespie born 1904, married Nezzie Boyd March 11, 1923 Gulledge Tp, Anson, NC

Ernest E Gillespie, born 1869, s/o Dal D, Catherine Gillespie, married Mattie Lee Mcivel Dec 28, 1905 Chatham, NC

Esther D Gillespie married James Rockewell Moore May 22, 1879, NC


F. C. Gillespie married James Knox Jan 12, 1853, NC (see also Jane Gillespie,  2nd & 3rd records gives date as Jan 10, 1853, Rowan, NC)

Fleta C Gillespie birth 1913, married Harvey B Smith Nov 14, 1936 Dublin, Bladen, North Carolina

Floratine Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1937 married Ray Mitchell Jan 14, 1958 Elizabethtown, Bladen, North Carolina

Florence Gillespie birth 1886, d/o Thomas Gillespie, Sue Gillespie, married Monroe Moore Oct 16, 1913 Duplin, North Carolina

Floyd Gillespie birth 1884, married Dorrsy Jane Blo..Net Jan 9, 1906 Bladen Co, North Carolina

Frances Gillespie birth 1885 married Wesley Lewis Seplt 2, 1906 Knoxville, Bladen, North Carolina

Frank Gillespie birth 1892, s/o Lou Gillespie, Claissy Gillespie, married Julia A Hodges June 17, 1914 Warsaw, Warsaw Tw, Duplin, North Carolina

Franklin Gillespie birth 1938 married Carrie Th…Ethel Lewis Nov 19, 1957 Bladenboro, Bladen, North Carolina


Gaston Gillespie birth 1896 married Loretta Brunson Aug 22, 1938 Bladenboro, Bladen, North Carolina

George Gillespie married Ann S Cowan Nov 17, 1830 Rowan, NC

George Lewis Gillespie , birth 1907, married Beverly Jean Nair Sept 7, 1961 Winton, Hertford, NC

G I Gillespie married Eliza C Robeson June 21, 1843 New Hanover, North Carolina

Gillespie‘ married George Lumpkin Feb 11, 1815, Caswell, NC

Gladys Gillespie birth 1902 married Peter McKay Dec 22, 1928 Bladen Co, North Carolina

Gr…..Gillespie birth 1854, child of John McLean, Aly Baxter, married Candis Murray Feb 28, 1882 New Hanover, North Carolina

Graham Gillespie birth 1875, married Bertha Santee March 31, 1934 Abbottsburg, Bladen, North Carolina

Graham Gillespie, born 1877, married Francis Kelly March 18, 1900  Bladen Co, NC

Graham Gillespie birth 1907 married Mary E Drye Oct 31, 1927 Elisabethtown, Bladen, North Carolina

G.S. Gillespie married Eliza C Robeson June 21, 1843 New Hanover, NC

Guy Gillespie born 1909, married Ethel Lovelace Aug 6, 1931 Cleveland, NC


Hattie Gillespie born 1915, married James Hopper June 14, 1936 Cleveland, NC

Haywood Gillespie, birth 1910, s/o Frank Gillespie &  Julia Gillespie, married Lisuana Nichoson March 18, 1930 North Carolina

Henrietta Gillespie, married William Caswell Jackson May 7, 1866 New Hanover, North Carolina

Henry Gillespie married Margaret C Duff Dec 17, 1869, NC

Henry Gillespie,  s/o Edward Gillespie, Ellen married Jennie Joice Feb 18, 1884, New Hanover, NC

Henry H Gillespie, b 1873, married Irene Powell Jan 9, 1904 Raleigh, Wake, NC

Henry S Gillespie, birth 1911, married Annie M Cooke Oct 28, 1944 Oxford, North Carolina

H J Gillespie born 1877, married Annie A Marsh Dec 29, 1898 Dobson, Surry, NC


Ida Gillespie born 1878 d/o J & E Gillespie, married Geo. Parker Aug 25, 1906, Montford Cove, McDowell, NC

Issac Gillespie married Mary Ann Mcguire April 12, 1791 Rowan, NC


See also Jim

James Gillespie, born 1912, married Joetta Christmas Oct 21, 1872 Wilson, NC.

James Gillespie, born 1853 married Susan Davis May 29, 1882 Buncombe, NC

James Gillespie birth 1881, married Hattie Hayes Oct 17, 1903 New Hanover, North Carolina

James G Gillespie, born 1882, s/o J H C Gillespie, Emaline Gillespie, married Betsey Dale March 20, 1903, Marion, McDowell, NC

James H C Gillespie, born 1848, s/o Henry & Polly Gillespie, married Sallie Adair Feb 22, 1894 Marion Township, Mcdowell, NC

James N Gillespie s/o Elijah Gillespie married June 4, 1872 Surry Co, NC

James L or T Gillespie or Gilaspy s/o ….dau Gillespie & Elizabeth Gill married Mary Beamer Aug 6, 1873 Dobson, Surry Co, NC

Jane Gillespie married Christopher Grimes or Graham Feb 18, 1812 Rowan, North Carolina

Jane A Gillespie married John R Knox Aug 5, 1852, NC (2nd & 3rd records gives date as Aug 31, 1852) in Rowan, NC

Jas C Gillespie, born 1902, married Pauline M Pittard Sept 14, 1930 Harnett, NC

Jean Gillespie married John Knox, North Carolina

Jenny Gillespie married John Knox May 25, 1798 Rowan, NC

J G Gillespie born 1881, married Ellen White March 2, 1905 Dobson, Surry, NC

Jim Gillespie birth 1883, married Sarah Andrews March 8, 1905 Bladen Co, North Carolina

John Gillespie, married Elizabeth Harrett April 11, 1707 Lincoln, NC

John Gillespie married Margaret Kerr Jan 31, 1786, Rowan, NC

John Gillespie married Sarah Ann Graham May 16, 1867, NC

John Gillespie married Harriet Leazar, North Carolina

John Gillespie, born 1882, s/o Sam Gillespie, Hanah Gillespie, married Caroline Hemphill March 31, 1903 Old Fort, McDowell, NC

John C Gillespie married Jane S Graham Oct 11, 1843 Rowan, NC

John C Gillespie married Harriet Marlin Jan 17, 1849 Rowan, NC

John C Gillespie, born 1882, s/o Jas H.C Gillespie, E Gillespie married Dora Stafford Feb 5, 1911 Nebo, McDowell, NC

John E Gillespie, born 1910, married Lenora M Freeman April 9, 1928 Raleigh, Wake, NC

John N Gillespie d/o Elijah Gillespie married Catherine Bickell June 4, 1872 Surry Co, NC

Jno H Gillespie, born 1874, married Julia Stotz April 16, 1905 Long Hill, Surry, NC

Joseph Gillespie born 1839 married Bettie Willis May 12, 1898 Bladen Co, NC

Joseph F Gillespie married Teresa Sloan March 1, 1842 Rowan, NC

Joseph G Gillespie married Obedience G Smith Jan 24, 1814, Rowan, NC

Joseph M Gillespie, married Sophia J Hendrick Aug 30, 1865 Caswell, NC

J S Gillespie, born 1889, married Mamie Blanton Oct 1, 1911 Cleveland, NC

Julia Hill Gillespie birth 1902, d/o Lon Gillespie & Clarisy Gillespie, married Will Eck Brinson Sept 17, 1922 Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina

J W Gillespie, born 1863, married Laura E Patton Aug 25, 1881 Buncombe, NC


Kate Gillespie b 1899 of Mt Airy, married Wm E Heath Sept 25, 1921 Mt Airy, Surry, NC

Kenneth Gillespie born 1884, s/o A. B. Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Jennie B Banner Dec 28, 1914, Avery Co, NC


Lacy Gillespie, birth 1898, child of Clatie Gillespie, Virginia Gillespie, married Mccoy Carlton Feb 22, 1917 Warsaw Twp, Duplin, North Carolina

Laura Gillespie born 1858 married Joseph West  Dec 23, 1880 Buncombe, NC

Lelia Gilllespie, born 1894 of Surry Co, married John Hale July 21, 1917 Mt Airy, Surry, NC

Leonora Gillespie, birth 1901, married Edgar Markham Nov 8, 1930 Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina

Leroy Gillespie birth 1916, married Ollie McKay Sept 6, 1936 Elisabeth Twp, Bladen, North Carolina

Lillie Belle Gillespie, birth 1892, d/o Thomas Gillespie, married John Moore Aug 22, 1912 Duplin, North Carolina

Lonnie Gillespie, birth 1883, married Hannah Jane Moore July 21, 1913 Duplin, North Carolina

Lonnie Gillespie, birth 1908, s/o Walter Gillespie & Irene Gillespie, married Callie May Carlton April 7, 1929, North Carolina

Louisa Gillespie born 1861 married A. G. Osborne Dec 25, 1883 Buncombe, NC

Ludia Gillespie married Joseph Whittaker Nov 21, 1873, NC

Luther Gillespie born 1890 married Emma Mosly Jan 14, 1917 Mt Airy, Surry, NC

Lutitia Gillespie married Grant Krider Nov 12, 1885, NC

Lydia Gillespie married Levi Long Oct 23, 1896, NC


Malinda C Gillespie birth 1879, d/o Allen Gillespie, Mary Gillespie married George Mitchell April 5, 1899 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina

Maray Belle Gillespie, birth 1902, d/o Tom Gillespie & Rachel Gillespie, married Graham Bryant Aug 29, 1923 Magnolia, Duplin, North Carolina

Margaret Gillespie married Thomas Phifer Feb 19, 1861, Rowan, NC

Margaret Gillespie birth 1912, d/o Joe Lee Gillespie & Mothie Gillespie, married Thomas L Gillespie Aug 2, 1930 North Carolina

Margaret Ann Gillespie married David Kilpatrick Jan 1, 1868, NC

Margaret E Gillespie  married Thomas M Phifer Feb 19, 1861, NC (2nd r& 3rd records gives date as Feb 15, 1861, Rowan, NC)

Margaret Inez Gillespie birth 1915 married J C Kirby May 30, 1936 Elizabethtown Twp, Bladen, North Carolina

Mariah Gillespie, birth 1877, d/o Caroline Gillespie, married Joe Wells, Oct 4, 1900 Magnolia, Duplin, North Carolina.

Martha Gillespie married Thomas Addison Jan 20 ,1770 Rowan Co, North Carolina.

Mary Gillespie married Austin Davis May 31, 1877, NC

Mary Gillespie married James Parker Dec 12, 1882, NC

Mary Gillespie, birth 1890, d/o Lou Gillespie, Clary Gillespie, married Alex Wallace Dec 14, 1910 Daplin, North Carolina

Mary Gillespie birth 1893 married Zeke McKoy Aug 13, 1916 Bladen Co, North Carolina

Mary Bell Gillespie birth 1901, d/o Tom Gillespie, Rachel Gillespie, married Kedor Parker May 15, 1921 Kennansville, Duplin, North Carolina

Mary J Gillespie married Thomas J Gillespie Sept 27, 1849 Rowan, NC (2nd record gives date as Sept 28, 1852)

Mary Ruth Gillespie birth 1918, married Asa Harley Sewell June 21, 1947 Elizabethtown, Bladen, North Carolina

Mary Susan Gillespie, born 1896, d/o Joseph & Mirah Gillespie, married Jesse Melvin Fulcher Oct 18, 1917 Haw River, Alamance, NC

Matthew Gillespie married Ella Rochester, North Carolina, USA

Mattie Gillespie, birth 1894, d/o Lon Gillespie, Clausay Gillespie, married Raymond Newirk July 5, 1917 Magnolia, Duplin, North Carolina

Mccoy Gillespie married Aley Graham March 3, 1812 Rowan, NC

M E Gillespie, born 1869, married Adolphus Lucas Feb 25, 1897 Bladen Co, NC

Minnie Gillespie birth 1894, d/o Lou Gillespie, married Jes Brinson Nov 19, 1914 Warsaw, Warsaw Twp, Duplin, North Carolina

Mitchell Gillespie married Fannie Hyde Aug 22, 1889, NC


Nancy A Gillespie married John Baker Dec 12, 1861, NC (2nd record says married Nov 26, 1861)

Nancy C Gillespie, married A N Hall, Jan 4, 1841 Rowan, NC

Nancy L Gillespie married James Cowan Dec 22, 1828 Rowan Co, NC. Witness George Gillespie

Nannie Gillespie born 1882, married F. A. Moser Jan 24, 1904 Dobson, Surry, NC

Nora Gillespie, born 1897 of Surry Co, NC married R. M. Marion July 1, 1912 Dobson, Surry, NC


O. R. Gillespie born 1887, married Grant Colbirt Feb 1,1904 Byron, Surry, NC

Ozelia Gillespie, birth 1904, d/o Lon Gillespie & Claresy Gillespie, married John Henry Williams  Sept 17, 1922 Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina


Patsy Gillespie, b 1858, d/o H W Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, married Guither Godfrey March 21, 1878 Mcdowell Co, NC.

Pearl Gillespie born 1900 of Westfield married Ray R Trittle Oct 10, 1920 Westfield, Surry, NC

Peter Gillespie, born 1840 married Jude Scott March 19, 1898 Bladen Co, NC

Congratulations on 50th Anniversary Aug 10, 2018 for Peter and Mildred Gillespie, Pilot Mound, NC. Married 1968.


Pompey Gillespie married Rosa Smith April 4, 1866, NC


Raphael S Gillespie birth 1874, married Nina Ruth McGill June 25, 1913 Bladen Co, North Carolina

Reather Gillespie, birth 1903, d/o Clain Gillespie, Jennie Gillespie, married James Artis Feb 21, 1926 North Carolina

Richard Gillespie born 1904 of Dobson, married Mary I Verda Wood Jan 13, 1924 Stewart Creek, Surry, NC

Richard Gillespie married Agnes Graham April 11, 1804 Rowan, NC

Richard D Gillespie married Annie Brincefield April 6, 1882, NC

R M Gillespie born 1883, married Essie Hamrick Sept 18, 1911 Cleveland, NC

Robert Gillespie birth 1895, s/o Tom Gillespie, Lizzie Gillespie, married Lessie Jane Moore Jan 22, 1915 Warsaw, Warsaw Twp, Duplin, North Carolina

Robert Gillespie, married Elizabeth Hunter July 8, 1779 Richmond, NC

Robert Gillespie married Lutitia Kerr Jan 23, 1879, NC

Rosa Gillespie birth 1880, d/o Weddell Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, married James Wilson Feb 27, 1899 Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina

Rosa Gillespie birth 1885 married Cornelius Jackson April 17, 1908 Bladen Co, North Carolina

R S Gillespie birth 1875, married Lena Singletary June 29, 1910 Bladen Co, North Carolina


Sallie A Gillespie married J. A .Gray Nov 27, 1870, NC

Samuel Gillespie married Maria Johnston Dec 31, 1868, NC

Samy Gillespie born 1857 married Ellen Poston Jan 13, 1876 Cleveland, NC

Sarah Gillespie, birth 1902, married John Hufham June 28, 1920 Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina

Sarah F Gillespie birth 1883 married R H Sutton Feb 12, 1908 Bladen Co, North Carolina

Sarah S Gillespie born 1880, married David H Beck Feb 24, 1898 Pilot Twp, Surry, NC

S D Gillespie, born 1850 married Mary Dovee May 29, 1875 Buncombe, NC

Shade Gillespie birth 1889, s/o Jssie Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, married Ophelia Miller March 3, 1909, Dublin, North Carolina

Shade Gillespie birth 1908, child of Walter Gillespie, Irene Gillespie, married Theourtha Farrior Nov 10, 1927, North Carolina

Sherma Dorich Gillespie born 1912, married Hester Blanche Davis Dec 11, 1935 Cleveland, NC (his first name also given as Sherman D Gillespie)

Silas Gillespie married Hetty Brown April 19, 1866, NC

S. R. Gillespie,born 1891 of Surry, NC, married Melta Hedgecoe Dec 16, 1915 Dobson, Surry, NC

Street Gillespie married Thos A Jones Dec 7, 1905 West Brook, Bladen, North Carolina

Sudie Gillespie birth 1896, d/o Pennie Gillespie, married Joe Lee Nilson July 26, 1914 Warsaw Twp, Duplin, North Carolina


Thomas Gillespie married Judith Breen July 17, 1784 New York, New York.

Thomas Gillespie married Luckey….Sept 5, 1785 Rowan, NC  – (see also David Gillespie)

Thomas Gillespie married Cathrine Beard Aug 24, 1796 Rowan, NC

Thomas Gillespie, birth 1843 married Maria Bowden Oct 11, 1913 Duplin, North Carolina

Thomas C Gillespie married Caroline E Austin Aug 2, 1847 Rowan, NC

Thomas J Gillespie married Mary J Gillespie Sept 28, 1852, NC

Thomas Pinkney Gillespie married Sarah E. Steele Jan 18, 1876, NC

Thos J Gillespie, born 1855, married Altha C James, 1877 Buncombe, NC


Virginia E Gillespie, married Patrick A Weatherford Feb 15, 1845 Granville, NC


W. E. Gillespie born 1886, married Minnie P Snow Jan 6, 1909 Dobson, Surry, NC

W G Gillespie, born 1897, married Annie June Williamson Jan 25, 1920 Harnett, NC

William Gillespie, born 1866, married Mary Jane Adams Sept 19, 1884 Richmond, NC

William Gillespie, born 1874, s/o James P Gillespie, married Eliza Shew Dec 12, 1904 Marion, McDowell, NC

William Gillespie born 1875 s/o J H C Gillespie, Emma Gillespie married Donie Flynn July 20, 1913 Marion, McDowell, NC

William Henry Gillespie birth 1934 married Hattie Lee Hokett Nov 1, 1951 Elizabethtown, Bladen, North Carolina

William R Gillespie, born 1869, married S. M.Smith Feb 10, 1887 Buncombe, NC

Wilson Gillespie born 1880, married Susa Bryant April 23, 1899 Eldora, Surry, NC

Wyona F Gillespie, born 1917, married I Harold Anderson Jan 9, 1949 Fuquay Springs, Wake, NC

W W Gillespie, married Polly Hoover March 27, 1867 Mcdowell Co, NC

See also Virginia Marriages as several people born in North Carolina were married there.

Record Count: 215

Source of Records: Mormon website