USA: Ohio Marriages


Abraham J Gillespie married Amanda Tuller May 30, 1848 Franklin, Ohio

Albert Gillespie, birth 1890, Findley, Ohio s/o William Gillespie & Samantha Wohlganuth, married Nellie Winkler Feb 15, 1916 Lucas, Ohio

Alice H Gillespie, birth 1904 Colt, Ohio, d/o Lewis Gillespie & Beatrice Belman, married Edward H Scofield  Aug 20, 1928 Franklin, Ohio

Alice J Gillespie married Edgar H Bussey Oct 25, 1887 Montgomery, Ohio

Alice L Gillespie birth June 19, 1891 Toledo, Ohio, d/o Isaac G Gillespie & May Wenne, married John Wesley Houtz June 23, 1910 Ottawa, Ohio, USA

Alma L Gillespie married Moses I Dickey Nov 2, 1847 Franklin, Ohio

Amanda Gillespie married George D Bradford 1866 Cincinnau Volksblatt Newspaper

Anice Gillespie birth 1902, d/o Joseph Gillespie & Jennie Kirkpatrick, married William W Lewis Jan 11, 1921 Guernsey, Ohio, USA

Ann Gillespie married Henry Myers May 21, 1835 Ross, Ohio

Ann Gillespie married Patrick McGovern 1856 St Thomas Catholic Church, Ohio

Anna Gillespie birth 1870 Areville, Ohio, d/o Eugene Mccrahen, Helen Nash, married Henry Martin Lawrence Gillespie Aug 2, 1911 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Anna Mae Gillespie birth 1902 Highland, Ohio, d/o W M Gillespie & Cora D Setty, married Frank Melvin Ward Oct 21, 1920 Highland, Ohio, USA

Annie Gillespie, birth Aug 1, 1898 Bessinger, Alabama, d/o Henry Andrews & Lulu Clay, married Percy Suins: Gillespie, on Oct 20, 1928 Franklin, Ohio

Arietta Gillespie, birth Dec 26, 1904 Shawnee, Ohio, d/o George Gillespie & Mary Colvin, married Alfred Maye Oct 9, 1926 Franklin, Ohio

Arthur Gillespie birth 1881 Tennessee, s/o Jess Gillespie married Annie L Lockland June 22, 1914 Franklin, Ohio (see next record)

Arthur Gillespie, birth 1888 Tennessee, s/o Jess Gillespie, married Annie Martin Nov 13, 1923 Franklin, Ohio. (see previous record)


Benjamin Gillaspie or Gillespie married Elizabeth Moy Nov 14, 1833 Ross, Ohio, USA

Benjamin Gillespie married Mary E English March 5, 1857 Darke, Ohio, USA

Bernice Mariam Gillespie birth 1883 Christian Burg, Ohio, d/o Robert M Gillespie Deadurff, married Charles D Dominick June 22, 1910 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Bessie Gillespie, birth 1891 Franklin Co, Ohio, d/o Mose Terrell & Sara Hale, married John Earl Williams: S I Gillespie (is this last person a witness or the minister?)

Blaine James Gillespie, birth 1894, s/o Joseph H Gillespie & Jennie Rupfatrick, married Gladys Shattuck Jan 25, 1922 Guernesy, Ohio

Bridget Gillespie married Thomas Campbell 1851 St Peter in Chains Cathedral, Ohio

Brown Gillespie married Hannah Jay 1835, Restored Court House, Ohio

Burlingame F Gillespie married Mary Elizabeth Haefler Aug 21, 1882 Ross, Ohio


Carl Gillespie married Mary Digman, 1871 St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Ohio

Caroline Gilaspie or Gillespie married Samuel M Wiles May 24, 1841 Ross, Ohio (2nd record Samuel M Wiley)

Cathaion Emeline Gillespie, married Daniel Parker Nov 2, 1847 Montgomery, Ohio

Cecilia H Gillespie married John M Stevenson Oct 6, 1837 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Charles Gillespie married Rachel Lee Jan 6, 1876 Montgomery, Ohio

Charles Gillespie married Dora Haake, 1884, Cincinnati Free Press Newspaper, Ohio

Charles Gillespie birth 1881 Stubeville, Ohio, s/o Frank Gillespie Murray, married Eva M Sheward May 20, 1909 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Charles E Gillespie birth 1882 Sherwood, Ohio, s/o Charles Gillespie, Emma Sipes, married Olive Myrtle Jackson Nov 24, 1914 Franklin, Ohio

Charles F Gillespie birth July 2, 1897 Chillicothe, Ohio, s/o Fremont Gillespie, Mary E Haller, married R Rae Pickens Aug 5, 1920 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Charles Glen Gillespie birth 1893 Agosta, Ohio, s/o Charles M Gillespie & Ida Carey, married Bessie Mae Robertson Dec 24, 1913 Union, Ohio

Chloe L Gillespie married Darwin C Grinnel Oct 17, 1848 Franklin, Ohio

Clara Gillespie married Daniel West, 1842 Restored Court House, Ohio

Clarence Albert Gillespie birth 1888 Chilicothe, Ohio, s/o Budingacue Gillespie, Mary E Natler married Louise Edith Harding, Oct 4, 1913 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Cloyd E Gillespie birth 1886 Paulding Co , s/o T F Gillespie, Emma C Pease married Mabel L Frost Aug 1, 1904 Hanock, Ohio, USA

Cora M Gillespie, birth 1888, Whig Hill, PA, d/o Robt C Gillespie & Alma Hoyt, married Frank W Darden Sept 3, 1929 Franklin Co, Ohio


David Gillespie married Mary Turner, 1853, Restored Court House, Ohio

David Gillespie married Catharine Glardon, 1856, Restored Court House, Ohio

Dennis Glasby married Ellen Cain 1855 St Thomas Catholic Church, Ohio


Earl Gillespie birth March 8, 1898 Sutton, West Virginia, s/o Minter Gillespie & Effie Hyire, married Byrde Plantz Aug 22, 1928 Franklin, Ohio

Ed Gillespie birth 1897, s/o Ed Gillespie Sr, Susie Ernest, married Margaret A Gilhaus Nov 24, 1915 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Edith Gillespie, birth May 1, 1896 Highland Co, Ohio, d/o Curtis Hook, Maggie Malatt, married Overton Goins: Ralph Gillespie May 28, 1927 Franklin, Ohio

Edna V Gillespie married William M Peterman March 9, 1904 Licking, Ohio

Eileen Gillespie birth 1904 Shawnee, d/o Clarence Gillespie & Annie Williams, married John E Richards March 3, 1925 Franklin Co, Ohio

Elias M Gillespie married Sarah J Harvey Sept 1865 Franklin, Ohio

Elizabeth Gillespie married James Eby Jan 20, 1874 Montgomery, Ohio

Eliza Gillespie, birth 1894 Charleston, West Virginia, d/o R.A. Gillespie & Mary E Falls, married Bertha M O’Brien Nov 22, 1924 Franklin, Ohio (spouse a male name? Confusing record)

Eliza Jane Gillespie married Phares Binkley June 7, 1883 Montgomery, Ohio

Elsie Gillespie, birth 1898 Fayette, Ohio, d/o Fred Gillespie & Annette Thorton, married Oliver Kemp Oct 1, 1926 Franklin, Ohio

Emanuel S Gillespie married Mary Hornish Nov 28, 1854 Montgomery, Ohio, USA (2nd record gives date as Dec 23, 1854)

Emanuel S Gillespie married E Anna Ludy May 10, 1860 Montgomery, Ohio

Emma Gillespie birth 1887, d/o William Gillespie, Mary Huffman, married Harvey D Flanigan March 6, 1916 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Emma Bessie Gillespie, birth 1884, d/o Thomas F Gillespie & Sarah Emma Murray, married Fredrick August Thalhofer April 10, 1912 Lucas, Ohio, USA

Espie Gillespie, birth 1894 Portsmouth, Ohio, child of Espie Gillespie & Mary York, married Veatrice Mcdonald oct 29, 1923 Franklin, Ohio

Evan G Gillespie birth 1892 Edinburg, Penn, s/o Hearony M Gillespie, Mary Leratger, married Harold S Lyons Aug 17, 1913 Union, Ohio

Eugene A Gillespie married Clara JohnsonTmylie MIddletown, Ohio November 26, 1914.

Eunice M Gillespie, birth Oct 25, 1908 Woodsfield, Ohio, d/o Charles N Gillespie & Adda Baker, married John Phillip Gibbs Jan 27, 1929 Franklin Co, Ohio


Flora Gillespie married Lester I Bright Oct 28, 1894 Hanock, Ohio, USA

Florence Gillespie birth 1890 Jackson Co, Michigan, d/o Fred Houseman & Sadie Jacobs, married Earl Griffus; Chas Gillespie, May 19, 1917 Lucas, Ohio

Florence Gillespie birth June 7, 1894 New Reynoldsburg, Franklin Ohio, d/o Seymour Gillespie, Sarah Folz, married Russell Eckels June 2, 1917 Franklin Co, USA

Florence H Gillespie birth 1887 New York, New York, d/o Thomas E Gillespie & Sarah Mcmurray, married William H Strathmann Aug 6, 1912 Lucus, Ohio, USA

Floyd W Gillespie birth 1889 Columbus, Ohio, s/o John W Gillespie, Minerice Wayath married Helen H Perkins on Oct 30, 1912 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Francis Gillespie married Johan Hyndmann 1867 St Paul German Evangelical Church, Ohio

Frank Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1854, s/o Edward Gillespie, Ellen Carr, married Elsie Jennings Oct 20, 1917 Franklin Co, Ohio

Frank A Gillespie married Maud Mccoy Feb 6, 1892 Havelock, Ohio, USA

Frank Joseph Gillespie birth 1891 Fiffin, Ohio, s/o Frank Gillespie Muney, married Anna Gertude Leonard Oct 5, 1910 Franklin, Ohio


George Gillespie married Rebecca Lathrop 1845, Cincinnati Daily Gazettte Newspaper, Ohio

George Gillespie, birth Nov 18, 1879 Paulding, Ohio, s/o John Gillespie & Sarah Mercile, married Jessie Houchon May 19, 1901 Van Wert, Ohio, USA

George G Gillespie birth 1882 Doylestown, Ohio, s/o Wilson Gillespie & Margaret John, married Louise C Fels Sept 29, 1909 Lucas, Ohio, USA

George M Gillespie married Josephine Walters Oct 16, 1878 Montgomery, Ohio

George W Gillespie, married Francis Mcreynolds June 26, 1854 Montgomery, Ohio, USA (2nd record gives date as June 28, 1854)

George W Gillespie, birth 1847, s/o John Gillespie,  Mary Potter, married H Marie Hervey July 26, 1905 Montgomery, Ohio USA

George W Gillespie birth 1894 Ross Co, Ohio, s/o B F Gillespie, Elizabeth Hafler, married Julia E Fisher Nov 18, 1915 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Geo W Gillespie married Etlie Harris Feb 15, 1893 Ottawa, Ohio, USA

Gertrude Gillespie, birth 1871 Irwin, Ohio, d/o James H Gillespie & Annie E Hathaway, married William Brough Parrish; Hathaway (confusing. Last name may be a witness at the wedding. Could the colon be an accident by a former typist so that Parrish becomes the first name of Mr Hathaway? Need a second record to confirm groom’s full name.)

Gilford Lavern Gillespie birth 1874, s/o Thos F Gillispie, Emanda Bartell, married Norah Ellen Stanfield Sept 3, 1903 Hancock, Ohio, USA

Gillespie, _____(female) married David 1817 Restored Court House, Ohio

Grace – see last entry on page

Grace A Gillespie, birth 1905 Columbus, Ohio, d/o I D Gillespie & Beatrice Beeman, married Chester A Stine March 5, 1926 Union, Ohio, USA

Grace B Gillespie birth 1886 Fr Co, Ohio, d/o Mortemer Gillespie Frame, married Walter E Gordon Brothers Aug 23, 1919 Franklin, Ohio


Hannah Gillespie married Stacy Hawkly or Hawley Feb 4, 1827 Ross, Ohio

Harold H Gillespie birth 1886, s/o Josephus, Rebecca McKnight, married Margaret M Murphy July 26, 1917 Cuyahoga, Ohio

Harold T Gillespie, birth 1899 Washington C. H. O, s/o Fred Gillespie & Annetta Thorton, married Roberta Yates March 31, 1927 Franklin, Ohio

Harry Gillespie married Maria Louise Ropp Mckee May 20, 1886 Montgomery, Ohio

Harry J Gillespie birth 1888 Kansas City, Missouri, s/o Thomas E Gillespie, Minerva Gundefinger, married Mary Herlithy May 23, 1917 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Harry T Gillespie birth 1883 Springfield, Clark Co, Ohio, s/o Howard Gillespie & Minnie Ferrel, married Ruby Rapp Nov 17, 1913 Pickaway, Ohio

Harvester Gillespie married Elisa Baldwin Oct 4, 1840 Warren, Ohio, USA

Hazel Gillespie birth 1891 Chillocothe, Ohio, d/o Fremont Gillespie, married Frank Shipley Dec 23, 1909 Ross, Ohio

Henry Gillespie married Mary Ann Toops May 7, 1845 Ross, Ohio

Henry Gillespie married Orilla H Bryant Dec 25, 1893 Montgomery, Ohio

Henry W Gillespie married Lizzie S Valentine June 4, 1861 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Honora Gillespie married Michael Lydon 1854 St Patrick Catholic Church, Ohio

Hosley Gillespie married Eliza Gifford May 10, 1863 Hancock, Ohio, USA


Icy Myrtle Gillespie birth 1885 Hancock, d/o Henry Gillespie Wisely, married Bert Leroy Peterman Oct 15, 1908 Hancock, Ohio, USA

Ida Gillespie birth 1910 Paris, Ohio, d/o Charles Gillespie & Jennie Cordell, married Daniel E Webster Jan 12, 1931 Union, Ohio

Ida C Gillespie, birth 1889 Franklin, Ohio, d/o Jacob Rouff, Caroline Ehmann, married Carl T Zitzker Clinton Gillespie April 20, 1922.

Ivan L Gillespie, b 1910 d 1979 married Grace G Wynn 1934, Ashtabula Co, Ohio. (from Geneanet).


Jacob Gillespie married Levina Mccrackin Feb 13, 1838 Ross, Ohio

James Gillespie married Sarah Wright Feb 13, 1827 Ross, Ohio

James Gillespie married Agnes Polen 1850, Restored Court House, Ohio

James Gillespie married Margaret Beam Sept 7, 1866 Montgomery, Ohio

James Gillespie married  Sarah A Belcher 1879,  Cincinatti Free Press.

James Gillespie married Lydia Bollenbacker Aug 8, 1918 Cuyahoga, Ohio

James C Gillespie birth 1872, s/o James C Gillespie, Lucy Pratt, married Ida C Ruoff Oct 15, 1914 Franklin, Ohio, USA

James Johnston Gillespie married Eliza Letherman Aug 23, 1830 Montgomery, Ohio, USA  (see next record)

James Johnston Gillespie married Eliza Sotherman June 25, 1830 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

James S Gillespie married Martha E Ball May 2, 1865 Montgomery, Ohio

Jane Allen Gillespie married Merrell Morgan April 9, 1827 Montgomery, Ohio, USA (see next record)

Jane Allen Gillespie married Merril Morgan April 10, 1827, Montgomery, Ohio ,USA

Jane A Gillespie married John M Ammons Nov 9, 1830, Warren, Ohio

Jessie I Gillespie married Alexander N Albright Jan 15 1885 Ross, Ohio

John Gillespie married Lucy Ann Smith 1833, Restored Court House, Ohio

John Gillespie or Galispie married Martha Myers Feb 11, 1849 Ross, Ohio

John Gillespie married Catherine Martin 1852 St Frances Xavier Catholic Church, Ohio

John Gillespie married Charity M Close March 3, 1856 Ashland, Ohio, USA

John Gillespie married Nancy Meyers Dec 31, 1857 Montgomery, Ohio

John Gillespie married Julia H Wilson Aug 28, 1876 Montgomery, Ohio

John Gillespie birth 1858, married Sarah C Mericle Jan 1, 1879 Van Wert, Ohio, USA

John Gillespie married Frances Heffner March 29, 1878 Hanock, Ohio, USA

John Gillespie married Mary Carr Nov 28, 1899 Licking, Ohio, USA

John B Gillespie married Nancy Reichard Sept 24, 1851, Ohio, USA

John C Gillespie married Alta R Parsons June 3, 1916 Licking, Ohio, USA

John M Gillespie married Addie Alice Bacher July 18, 1894 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

John W Gillespie married Sally Ann Beane March 22, 1864 Montgomery, Ohio

Josephine Gillespie born Mt Pleasant, PA, d/o Henry, Mary Quinn, married John M Doloughty June 14, 1921 Cuyahoga, Ohio

Joseph Gillespie married Fanny Fritsch 1865, Restored Court House, Ohio

Joseph Oakley Gillespie birth 1887 Jackson Co, Ohio, s/o James Gillespie & Margaret Philliphs, married Hattie A Dunn Dec 21, 1905 Highland, Ohio, USA

Joshua Gillespie, s/o G W Gillespie, married Myrtle Decamp July 23, 1898 Van Wert, Ohio, USA

Joshua Gillespie birth 1878 Paulding Co, Ohio, s/o William Gillespie, Martha Jane Pease, married Mary Mae Sherburn Nov 17, 1904 Van Vert, Ohio, USA

Josiah Gillespie married Susan Beam April 29, 1873 Montgomery, Ohio

Juliann Gillespie married Saml Keagle April 30, 1835 Ross, Ohio

Junius Gillespie married Elizabeth Sever Aug 8, 1846 Warren, Ohio


Kate Gillespie married Daniel Parker 1847 Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Ohio


Leona Gillespie birth 1881, d/o Thomas Gillespie, Emma Pease, married Harry Farguhar July 30, 1901 Hancock, Ohio, USA

Lewis D Gillespie married Florence W Sapp Nov 14, 1895 Picaway, Ohio

Lucy C Gillespie, birth June , 1895 Janesville, Ohio, d/o Hugh Gillespie & Alice Factor, married Walter S Nugent Jan 20, 1927 Franklin Co, Ohio

Lulu Gillespie, birth 1882 Jackson Twp, Van Wert, Ohio, d/o John Gillespie, Sarah Mericle, married Clarence Cashel March 5, 1903 Van Wert, Ohio, USA

Lulu Mae Gillespie birth 1894 Incharta, d/o Clark Gillespie, Emma Deyo, marred Edward T Shiverty April 12, 1914 Wynandot, Ohio, USA

Lyda M Gillespie, birth 1879, d/o Henry Gillespie, Mary Wisely, married Perceival B Hendricks Dec 25, 1901 Hancock, Ohio


Mae F Gillespie, birth 1886 Chicago, Illinois, d/o Owen Gillespie, Mary O’Brien, married Frank L Mcguines July 23, 1921 Cuyahoga, Ohio

Maggie E Gillespie married Henry Nye June 22, 1886 Franklin, Ohio

Marcus Gillespie married Lizzie Spiegel 1884 Cincinnati Volksfreund Newspaper. Ohio

Margaret Gillespie, birth 1858, d/o Alexander Lawrence, Mary Sluth, married W. B.Taylor April 6, 1921 Guernsey, Ohio

Mary Gillespie married John Mullarkey 1852 St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Ohio

Mary Gillespie married Newton Eberbart Oct 4, 1876 Ross, Ohio

Mary Gillespie married Daniel Heflier Nov 15, 1877 Hanock, Ohio, USA

Mary Gillespie married E T Dorsey Sept 27, 1893 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Mary Gillespie married George Voclin Aug 28, 1897 Ottawa, Ohio, USA

Mary A Gillespie married Ephraim Mccary April 4, 1844 Franklin, Ohio

Mary A Gillespie married David Cosler Dec 6, 1864 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Mary E Gillespie married Nicholas F Ludy June 2, 1872 Montgomery, Ohio

Mary E Gillespie, birth 1873, d/o Andrew Gillespie & Eliza Ellison, married Sept 24, 1913 Lucas, Ohio James Mccauley; Michael J Serg

Mary Ella Gillespie, birth 1898, d/o Charles Gillespie & Jennie Neal, married Russell Cameron Martin Aug 11, 1920 Guernsey, Ohio

Mary Jane Gillespie married Edward Spencer June 12, 1869 Ross, Ohio

M C Gillespie married Maggie Frame March 12, 1879 Franklin, Ohio

M Ella Gillespie married William Hassman June 25, 1895 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Myrtle E Gillespie birth 1892 Palding Co, d/o T F Gillespie, Emma C Pease, married Harry William Passold Nov 5, 1910 Hancock, Ohio, USA


Nancy Gillespie married Peter Bodine Sept 5, 1822 Warren, Ohio, USA

Nannie Gillespie married Albert Bohachek July 17, 1884 Montgomery, Ohio

Naoma Gillespie married Harmen Tabbert May 30, 1897 Ottawa, Ohio

Nellie Gillespie married Justin Woolard Aug 18, 1890 Licking, Ohio, USA

Nettie A Gillespie, birth 1872, d/o William Berry & Margaret Isabelle Heade, married Albert Hall July 5, 1922 Guernsey, Ohio

Norilo Gillespie d/o Simon Gillespie, married Sept 11, 1834 (no spouse name), Warren, Ohio, USA


Olive Gillespie birth 1882 Bell, Ohio, d/o Elic Gillespie & Mary Maine, married James A Countryman Nov 1, 1905 Highland, Ohio, USA

Otto Gillespie, birth 1879 Franklin, Ohio, s/o Coit Gillespie & Margaret Frain, married Bertha Smith Dec 17, 1922 Franklin, Ohio

Owen Gillespie married Margaret Gallagher, 1854, St Patrick Catholic Church, Ohio


Philander Gillespie married Elisabeth Parker 1854, Restored Court House, Ohio

Phoebe L Gillespie birth 1889 Pauling Co, d/o Thos J Gillespie, Emma C Pease, married George F Leatherman June 24, 1909 Hancock, Ohio, USA


Ralph Gillespie birth 1896 s/o Emma Yarmanolte, married Edith Hoop Aug 12, 1914 Highland, Ohio.

Ralph Gillespie birth 1904, s/o E I Gillespie & Gertrude E Geiger, married Irene W Young  Oct 7, 1925 Franklin Co, Ohio

Raymond Gillespie birth 1892 s/o Samuel Gillespie & Vena Barnes, married Edna Wallace Jan 25, 1916 Lucas, Ohio, USA

R Ernest Gillespie married Mary M Fisher June 28 1883 Pickaway, Ohio

Rhodie Gillespie married Jessie Bloom Feb 25, 1835 Ross, Oh

Robert Gillespie married Maggie Kueher 1875 Cincinanati Free Press.

Robert Gillespie married Ida Grace April 14, 1892 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Robert Gillespie, birth June 2, 1882, son of Henry A Gillespie, Lucy Morgan, married Margaret Weaver Sept 13, 1904 Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Robert Gillespie, s/o Hope Gillespie Francis, married Annie Bell Freeman June 21, 1917 Franklin, Ohio. His birth April 20, 1889 ?Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

Robert A Gillespie birth Dec 24, 1868 Gibson Co, Indiana, s/o James Gillespie, Margaret Mccullogh, married Louise D Goss June 26, 1917 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Robert A Gillespie, birth 1878 Macedonia, Virginia, s/o Robert, Caroline Carter, married Mattie Giddings Aug 11, 1917 Cuyahoga, Ohio

Robert M Gillespie birth 1857 Alice I Deardurff May 6, 1878 Franklin, Ohio

Ross Gillespie married Minnie Hoffman Oct 18, 1885 Franklin, Ohio

Ruby B Gillespie, birth Feb 26, 1876 Marion Co, Indiana, d/o John Brown, Mary Fletcher, married Early O Dickerson Sept 14, 1910 Hancock, Ohio.


Sabina Gillespie married John Grismer 1872 Court House, Ohio

Samuel W Gillespie married Ann Tiffany Nov 25, 1846 Hanock, Ohio, USA

Sarah Gillespie married Jacob Scott Aug 11, 1833 Ross, Ohio

Sarah Gillespie married Jonn W Rogers Jan 23, 1841 Warren, Ohio, USA

Sarah Gillespie married Michael Whealen Dec 26, 1853 Montgomery, Ohio, USA (2nd record gives spouse’s name as Michael Whalon)

Sarah Gillespie married  John Grismer 1872 Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Ohio Court House Marriage

Sarah or Sadie Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1900, d/o Frank Gillespie & Mary Repp, married Louis Heitzman May 26, 1923 Ashland, Ohio, USA

Solomon Gillespie married Rosa Jaqua June 1, 1890, Hancock, Ohio, USA

Synthia A Gillespie married David G Jeffrey Jan 4, 1891 Hancock, USA


Tizly Gillespie married Thomas J Blackburn Oct 12, 1858 Warren, Oh

Thomas E Gillespie married Sarah E Mcmurray Feb 14, 1871 Franklin, Ohio


Vern Gillespie, birth Aug 7, 1887 Jackson, Michigan, s/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Abbie married Elsie Houseman April 14, 1919 Lucas, Ohio

Vincent L Gillespie birth 1874, s/o Wm Gillespie Hoffman, married Cora Holterman July 12, 1910 Franklin, Ohio, USA


Wallace Gillespie married Rosannah Fitzpatrick Oct 8, 1881 Montgomery, Ohio

Wilbur Lawrence Gillespie birth 1882 Biglick Twp, Hanock, s/o Henry Gillespie, Mary Wisely married Ada Blanche Cole Nov 30, 1911 Hancock, Ohio

William Gillespie married Mary Mirtimanory Dec 11, 1817 Warren, Ohio, USA

William Gillespie  married Keziah or Kezin Jones Ocdt 11, 1832 Ross, Ohio

William Gillespie married Mary A Logan 1852 St Peters in Chains Cathedral, Ohio.

William Gillespie married Mary Ann Mcabee April 13, 1854 Ross, Ohio (2nd record April 30, 1854; 3rd record April 29, 1854)

William Gillespie married Ann Riley 1873 Cincinnati Daily Times.

William Gillespie birth 1865 Hancock Co, Ohio, s/o Oscar Gillespie & Elizabeth Deeker, married Elizabeth Marsh July 1, 1917 Lucas, Ohio, USA

William Gillespie married Belle Campbell Oct 25, 1919 Cuyahoga, Ohio

William A Gillespie birth 1889 Stuebenville, Ohio, s/o Frank Gillespie, Mary Murray, married Rose E Weisenberger April 30, 1919 Franklin, Ohio

William H Gillespie birth 1876 Bicklick Twp, Hancock, s/o Henry & Mary Gillespie, married Edna Glanner  Feb 12, 1903 Hancock, Ohio USA

William J Gillespie married Mary A Miller Feb 28, 1865 Montgomery, Ohio

William J Gillespie, birth 1900 Cleveland, Ohio, s/o Henry, Nellie Furry, married Frances Prkna Sept 2, 1921 Cuyahogan, Ohio

William M Gillespie married Ann Maria Parke Nov 1, 1846 Franklin, Ohio

William M Gillespie married Anna M Slusser March 14, 1873 Montgomery, Ohio

William N Gillespie married Mary Jane Betzer Aug 28, 1854  Ross, Ohio

William N Gillespie married Leanah Ranck  Nov 15, 1855 Ross, Ohio (2nd record Nov 13)


Zindoria Gillespie married Jonathan Kirk April 23, 1829 Warren, Ohio

Grace Gillespie MCKENNEY birth 1870, d/o Joseph Gillespie, Lindy Gillespie, married Philip Temple July 29, 1916 Franklin, Ohio

Record Count: 215

Source of Records: Mormon website; Ohio Marriages, Geneanet, Funeral Home Obituaries