USA: Oklahoma Deaths

Allien B Gillespie death Dec 14,1976 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Anna E Gillespie death Nov 24, 1914 Creek Co, Oklahoma

Barbara E Gillespie death Sept 5, 1927 Beaver Co, Oklahoma

Bertha Lee Gillespie Sept 21, 2012 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Betty Gillespie death March 18,1982 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Buel Gillespie death July 15, 1918 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Catherine L Gillespie death Dec 13, 1963 Custer Co, Oklahoma

Charles Gillespie death Feb 26, 1981 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Charles L Gillespie death Dec 1, 1999 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Christine Gillespie death May 11, 1976 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Clifton P Gillespie death Oct 19,1963 Cleveland Co, Oklahoma

Della Gillespie death Oct 10,1947 Craig Co, Oklahoma

Dena L Gillespie death March 8,1970 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Donald M Gillespie death March 26, 1996 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Ellen L Gillespie death Nov 27, 1964 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Eula M Gillespie death July 6, 1974 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Florene Gillespie death Dec 12, 1992 Cherokee Co, Oklahoma

Gary Don Gillespie died May 11, 2013 Bryan Co, Oklahoma

Georgia A Gillespie death June 24,1982 Carter Co, Oklahoma

“Gillespie” died May 2, 1924 Beaver Co, Oklahoma

Glenn C Gillespie death March 11, 1959 Creek Co, Oklahoma

Grant Gillespie death Dec 30, 1950 Craig Co, Oklahoma

Holden T Gillespie death March 2, 1957 Craig Co, Oklahoma

Janice A Gillespie death June 15, 1949 Caddo Co, Oklahoma

Jean M Gillespie death Dec 20, 1992 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Joe Gillespie death March 16, 1938 Creek Co, Oklahoma

Kacheta L Gillespie death Jan 31, 2002 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Kino Gillespie (f)  death Nov 16, 2003 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Lanita Kaye Gillespie death Oct 7, 2006 Cleveland Co, Oklahoma

Laura Gillespie death Feb 22, 1999 Cleveland Co, Oklahoma

Laura E Gillespie death June 8, 2002 Beckham Co, Oklahoma

Laura Etta Gillespie died May 23, 2014 Bryan Co, Oklahoma

L D Gillespie death Jan 4, 1945 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Leila Margaret Gillespie death March 24, 2014 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Linda Gillespie,  Nov 10, 1947 – Nov 5, 2018.   Newcastle, Oklahoma City, Linda passed away Nov. 5, 2018. She was preceded in death by her parents. Linda is survived by 1 son; 1 daughter; 2 grandchildren; 2 sisters; 2 brothers; as well as multiple family members. Family & Friends gathering will be Fri. 4-8 PM at the funeral home. Linda’s memorial service will be 10 AM Sat., Nov. 10, 2018 at the funeral home. 

Published in The Oklahoman from Nov. 8 to Nov. 9, 2018.  Source of Record:


Mary E Gillespie death June 17, 1994 Cleveland Co, Oklahoma

Robert V Gillespie death Oct 7, 1982 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Roy Lynn Gillespie death August 1, 2014 Creek Co, Oklahoma

Roy M Gillespie death Nov 4, 1979 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

Samanatha Gillespie death Jan 2, 1930 Custer Co, Oklahoma

Susie M Gillespie death Jan 30, 1972 Caddo Co, Oklahoma

Timothy David Gillespie death June 6, 2010 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Ulysses Grant Synder Gillespie death May 22, 2005 Creek Co, Oklahoma

Warren G Gillespie death March 18,1976 Comanche Co, Oklahoma

William Gillespie death Oct 4, 1944 Custer Co, Oklahoma

William J Gillespie death March 20, 1910 Creek Co, Oklahoma

William W Gillespie death March 2, 1981 Carter Co, Oklahoma

Winfield S Gillespie death Jan 15, 1953 Custer Co, Oklahoma

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