USA: Pennsylvania Gillespie Researchers

Researcher                                   Focus of Interest in PA

G Agnew                Elizabeth Gillespie & Moses Wallace, Washington Co, PA

Athena                      Dave Gillespie & Rebecca in PA. Dave born Ireland.

P D Adams              Henry Gillespie & Mary of Co Antrim, Ireland.  Son Henry to USA 1842. Settled near Eastbrook, PA. Links to Colorado and Edinburgh, Lawrence Co, Pennsylvania.  (website on Geocities no longer available).

S Bakke                     Elizabeth Gillespie & Thomas Sharpe

E Barefoot               Edward Gillespie & Nancy Carr from Co Donegal, Ireland. Allegheny Co, PA. LInk to  Beaver Co, PA.

R Barry                     William Gilllespie & Catherine Fleller

E Beaton                  John Gillespie & Margaret McCauley. Daughter Maggie m Charles Knight. To Pittsburgh.

G Brown                  Hugh Gillespie & Sarah Rose, Buck Mountain. Buried Freeland.

N Brown                  Mary Gillespie from Co Tyrone, Ireland  & John Osgrove from England.

L Cansler                 William Gillespie

D Carn                       Edward Gillespie & Elizabeth, Broadheadsville, Monroe Co, Pennsylvania. A  tailer and school board director 1840s.

J Carn                         John Alfred Gillespie.   ?to Philadelphia

T Copfer                   Louisa Gillespie & Anthony Schock. She died Kansas.

J Corridan               Henry Gillespie & Martha Hundley

E Curran                   Katherine Gillespie & James Angelotti

L Dinter                    Tabitha Gillespie & William Melvin. Links to Tennessee

M Filler                    Thomas Gilllespie, Co Donegal,  Ireland to Mercer Co, PA.

F Frohardt               Robert Gillespie, Cumberland Co, PA

C Gillespie              John Gillespie, Links to West Virginia

C Gillespie              George Gillespie & Jane Allen

J Gillespie                Peter Gillespie & Ann Diver from Killybegs, Co Donegal. IR 1847 to Pottsville, Port Carbon, Schuykill Co, Pennslvania

M Gillespie             David Gillespie, b Ireland, & Rebecca. In PA by 1835.

Norma Gillespie, author – Gillespie military records for PA – all wars. See menu bar “Military” for record found.

R Gillespie              John Gillespie from Ireland about 1790.

S Gillespy                James Gillespie of Canonsburg, Washington Co, PA, former Lancaster Co. m Rebecca Arthur.

T Gillespie              Lancaster Co Gillespies. Links to Virginia.

W. Gillespie           John Gillespie & Mary, Chester Co, PA

W. R. Gillespie      Gillespies in Schuykill Co,. Also Co Antrim Gillespies.

Holt House Genealogy   David C Gillespie b Brownsville, PA & Martha Griffee. Moved to Missouri

A Johnson              Anne Gillespie & Thomas Simx. 11 children. Plymouth, Liz Co, PA

D Kinney                Henry Gillespie & Mary Nelson from Ireland to Johnstown.

J McCaskill            Jane Gillespie & Joseph Watt – Beaver Co, PA. Moved to Clark County, Indiana about 1860.

J McGraw               Alexander Gillespie & Hannah Phillips

C McKenzie        John Gillespie, Beaver Co, PA. Son Thomas m Mary Yoho.

N McNair              John Preston Gillespie. Links to Louisiana

S Norton               David Gillespie, s/o Robert & Elizabeth. Links to Ontario, Canada.

L Russell                Charles Gillespie 1792-1882 of Maghera, Co Derry, Ireland to America 1818. Listed as the oldest inhabitant of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

M Russo                John Preston Gillespie of Ireland & Therese Chymidas. Links to Louisiana.

S Stamis               Margaret Gillespie & James Malloy

P Steege              Mary Gillespie & Wm Ediminston, Pike Co

J Wall                    Brenda Jean Gillespie & Ronald Pater in McVille

P W Waugh       William Gillespie & Mary, Chester Co, PA

M Webb             Henry Gillespie & Caroline Reno in Beaver PA. Moved to Elk City, Kansas

C Wilkes             John Gillespie & Ann. Moved to Ohio

E Wilson             Samuel Gillespie & Mary Jane. Links to Toronto, Ontario CANADA.

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