USA: Pennsylvania Marriages

Francis Patrick BROWN married a Gillespie 1896 – From Orphan Court Marriage Index, Philadelphia, PA

Samuel DUNLAP married a Gillespie 1915 – From Orphan Court Marriage Index, Philadelphia, PA

Ambrose DUNLEAVY married a Gillespie 1903 – From Orphan Court Marriage Index, Philadelphia, PA


Ada V Gillespie married Guy T Viskmskki Dec 20, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Agnes Gillespie married Valentine Plows 1886 Cambria Co, PA

Agnes C Gillespie married Charles H Everard Dec 20, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Agness Gillespie married Carl Laner 1910 Cambria Co, PA  See next record.

Agness Gillespie married Carl Lauer 1910, Cambria Co, PA. See previous record

Agnes S Gillespie married Arthur M Gerrard  Homestead E Pitts. Published June 1, 1911 Alleghany Co, PA

Alexander H Gillespie, married Agnes L Biggar June 21, 1899 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Alice Gillespie, d/o Geo Gillespie, married Louis Geible Jan 31, 1905 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Alice M Gillespie married William J Clark, Oct 19, 1909, Philadelpia, PA

Amanda Gillespie married Washington Eastburn March 15, 1862 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Amanda Gillespie married S H McLelland Nov 3, 1885 Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Amanda M Gillespie b 1840 married Samuel H McClelland Nov 3, 1885 Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrew Gillespie, s/o Samuel & Jane Gillespie, married Emma Dawson Nov 4, 1893 Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Ann Gillespie married Henry Davis July 20, 1869 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ann Marie Gillespie, daughter of John J Gillespie married Lenard McVey of Torresdale Sat June 10, 1911  at St Dominic’s Rectory. The couple plan to make their home in Torresdale, PA.

Anna L Gillespie married Aaron C Owen , Pittsburgh, PA on April 11, 1911, Allegheny Co PA

Annie Gillespie married Maurice Cavanaugh Aug 6, 1895, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Annie Gillespie married John Manson Sept 20, 1885 Pittsburgh, PA

Annie Gillespie married James Lovell Nov 9, 1903, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Annie C Gillespie born Jan 4, 1880 Hartford,  married Wm R Merritt Feb 10, 1904 Harford, Susqauehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Annie M Gillespie married Ike Hilliard Oct 17, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA


Barbara Gillespie married Herman Bierman Oct 18, 1883 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Bertha O Gillespie married Floyd H White 1910 Cambria Co, PA

Bessie F  Gillespie married Wm Fulson Nov 25, 1880 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bridget Gillespie  married Thomas O’Neill, July 16, 1886, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA


Carrie V Gillespie, born Dec 18, 1870, married Michael A Roy Sept 24, 1892 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Catherine Gillespie married John Duffy July 4, 1887, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Catherine A Gillespie married Michael E Mcnamara March 1, 1892 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Gillespie married Elizabeth Ford Nov 3, 1890 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Charles A Gillespie, a/o Thomas Gillespie, Catarine Gillespie, married Annie M Mallory, July 24, 1901 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles H Gillespie married Barbara Ester Oct 31, 1895 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Henry Gillespie married Maria I Peabody April 16, 1868 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Charles M Gillespie s/o David & Anna Gillespie, married Gertrude C Kinkel Oct 28, 1896 Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Christina Gillespie married Wm Doran March 21, 1902 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Clara R Gillespie married Joseph A Pyle April 10, 1895 Airville, York, Pennsylvania, USA

C P Gillespie, child of John & Margaret Gillespie, married Catharine Brady Nov 16, 1897 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA


David Gillespie married Sarah O’Donnell June 5, 1900 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Delilah Gillespie of Johnston, married H. B. Fallgatter of Kintyre, North Dakota. Marriage registered for Cambria Co, PA. 1906 Published in Cambria Freeman August 24, 1906 Edenburg, PA. (2nd record gives groom’s name as Homer B Fallgatter but spells her first name as Delila, marriage 1906).

Delilah M Gillespie married Everette H Menees April 7, 1903 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Donald Herbert Gillaspie married Ada Deliza Sequin 1916 Cambria County, PA

Dora E Gillespie, d/o John Gillespie married John Neff May 2, 1889 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA


E B Gillespie, child of Thos & Sarah Gillespie, married Jessie M Barber Nov 24, 1904 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Edna G Gillespie married George P Mertz Aug 4, 1908 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Edward Gillespie married Ida Wilson, December 4, 1890 at the parsonage of the Second United Brethren Church, both of Altoona, Blair County, PA

Edward L Gillespie married T Nolliday Hinchelyffe. License Pittsburgh Feb 7, 1936. Note  pgh WV.

Edward Neal Gillespie married Hattie Bell Patterson Sept 26, 1903 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Edwin Gillespie married Ida M Rowe 1914 Cambria Co, PA

Eleanor M Gillespie married George W Darr Oct 10, 1894, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Eliza Gillespie married Thomas Keating June 29, 1892 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Eliza Jane Gillespie married Smith Tappen Palmer Nov 15 1905 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Elizabeth T Gillespie married Walter W Adams, 1910 Cambria County,  PA

Ella Gillespie born Dec 14, 1853, married Charles O Richardson Oct 19, 1892 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Ella Gillespie married William G Orner 1893 Cambria Co, PA

Ella L Gillespie married Chas J Barret Aug 21, 1895 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Ellen Gillespie married Francis Conners May 22, 1887, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Ellie Gillespie, d/o Daniel & Bridget Daly, married Charles Drass Sept 10, 1888, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

Elmer Gillespie, married Jennie Downey Nov 6, 1900 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Emma Gillespie married Isaac L Worrall June 6, 1906 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Emmett V Gillespie married Florence R Woods Oct 25, 1899 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Eva Gillespie, married Adoph F Sickinger April 5, 1888 Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

Eva M. Gillespie, born Feb 19, 1871, married Robert G Knight Dec 15, 1892 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA


Fannie Gillespie, d/o Thomas Gillespie, married Michael Brennan May 18, 1886 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Francis Gillespie, d/o Philip Gillespie, married John Scnlan April 28, 1889, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Francis Gillespie married Mary Duffy, Sharpsburg Bord, Pittsburg. Published Feb 2, 1890 Allegheny, PA

Frank Gillespie married Bertha Mooney June  28, 1892 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Francis Katherine Gillespie  married Robert Wardick Richards, Announcement June 12, 1936 Pittsburgh, Alleghany Co, PA

Frank E Gillespie married Gail A Meanlis May 22, 1907 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Frank S Gillespie married Lillie Nagle Jan 10, 1907 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Fred Gillespie s/o Matthew & Mary Gillespie, married Mame Reinsmith Feb 23, 1907 Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA


Geo W Gillespie married Sallie C Coon Aug 4, 1889 Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

George Gillespie married Minnie Morse Dec 5, 1894 Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

George Gillespie, married Mary A Zirekel May 24, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

George J Gillespie married Annie C Hill Feb 11, 1885 Philadelphia, PA

George  W Gillespie s/o Israel C Gillespie, married Lillie Duke July 3, 1894 Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

George W Gillespie married Sallie C Coon, Aug 4, 1889, Jefferson, PA

George W Gillespie married Maude  W Powell Oct 25, 1904 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Gertrude  E Gillespie married Wm P Jr Haines, Dec 30, 1890 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Grace C Gillespie married Arthur L Mcelwain Dec 4, 1902 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Grover Gillespie married Mar E Reed April 5, 1905 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

G Y Gillespie, child of Albert & Amelia, married Margaret E Baum June 18, 1907 Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA


Hannah L Gillespie b 1877, d/o Thomas B Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie, married R.A. Hovis April 12, 1894 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Harriet A Gillespie married William C Jones Dec 14, 1880 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Harriet or Harriet R Gillespie married Henry J Ferguson Jan 21, 1887, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Harry Gillespie s/o Wm Gillespie married Mary Henry Nov 14, 1896 Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Harry C Gillespie married Francis M Dougherty Nov 19, 1907 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Helen Gillespie born Aug 26, 1871, married Barker C Willson, Sept 8, 1892 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Hellen M Gillespie born Dec 6, 1871 Harford, Susqa, PA married Norma C Adams Jan 4, 1902, Harford, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Henry Gillespie married Caroline Reno in Kansas, February 4th, 1857 both formerly of Rochester, Beaver Co, PA  News published March 11, 1857 in Beaver County Argus.

Henry J Gillespie married Bridget Mcgill Nov 6, 1889 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

H. G. Gillespie married Mary E Graham Butler, PA. License Feb 19, 1903. Alleghany Co, PA

Hugh M Gillespie, s/o John  & Margaret Gilllespie, married Mary A Mccormick March 2, 1904 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA


James Gillespie married Caroline Stubard, Pennsylvania

James Gillespie married Mary Doherty March 10, 1865 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

James Gillespie married Mary Carlin April 24, 1884 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

James  Gillespie married Mary O’Donnell July 1, 1886 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

James Gillespie married Bella Mcinnes April 15, 1887, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

James Gillespie married Ellizabeth Ann Collins 1889 Cambria Co, PA

James G Gillespie married Mary A Kelly Sept 24, 1904 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

James H Gillespie married Christina Carver January 8, 1848 Philadelphia, Delaware Co, PA at St James of Kingsessing, Philadelphia.

James J Gillespie married Anna Condon, Feb 14, 1879, Susquehamma, PA

James Lindsey Gillespie, s/o J U Gillespie, S S Gillespie, married Lillie W Tahlor Feb 15, 1887 Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

James M Gillespie married Susan P Kimmell  1891 Cambria County, PA

James S Gillespie married Norma Totman Oct 1, 1903 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Jennie Gillespie married Albert G Russell Oct 3, 1888 Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

Jennie Gillespie married Albert G Glasser Oct 10, 1888, Fayette, PA

Jennie Gillespie married William H Abrahams 1888, Cambria County, PA

Jennie Gillespie married William H Altemus 1888 Cambria County, PA

Jennie Gillespie, d/o Anthony & Margaret Gillespie, married John Cronin Aug 5, 1890 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Jennie Gillespie married John J Kane Nov 25, 1903 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Jennie E Gillespie married Thomas G Bateman  Published July 17, 1889 Millvale Bord, Shaler Twp, Alleghany Co, PA

Jennie G Gillespie, married Geo Bennett June 5, 1889, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, USA

Jessie Gillespie married Albert C Glasser Oct 10, 1888 Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Jessie H Gillespie married Frank M Jones Sept 8, 1899 McKean, Pennsylvania, USA

John Gillespie married Matilda L Paulson April 13, 1876, Pittsburgh, PA

John Gillespie married Ellen O’Neil Sept 22, 1886 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

John Gillespie married Rettie S Brown Dec 11, 1886 Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

John Gillespie married Elizabeth Heverly  1894 Cambria County, PA

John Gillespie s/o John, Margaret, married Mary Barry Nov 6, 1895 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

John H Gillespie married Kate R Brown Sept 1, 1877 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

John H Gillespie, married Mary Gaughen May 14, 1889 Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

John J Gillespie married Kate Campbell Feb 21, 1884 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

John S Gillespie married E Belle Austin Dec 12, 1904 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph Gillespie married Bridget Dolan Nov 24, 1881, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Joseph Gillespie married Anna G Hasselman, Pittsburgh. License July 11, 1889. Allegheny Co, PA

J Thompson Gillespie married Delilia Dignan 1893 Cambria County, PA

Julia A Gillespie married Frank B Black July 21, 1903 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA

Julia S Gillespie married April 26, 1902 Roscoe C Forney, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania


Kate Gillespie, married John B Lynch Sept 18, 1893 Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

Kate Gillespie, d/o Conrad Gillespie, married Francis Quintor May 20, 1898 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Kate B Gillespie married Sheridan Orner 1895 Cambria Co, PA

Katherine Gillespie married James Angelotti, Pennsylvania


Lile Gillespie married Alice Nixon Oct 1, 1907 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania (his first name also Lik).

Lizzie Gillespie, d/o Frank & Susie Gillespie, married Dennis O’Shea Sept 27, 1887 Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

Lizzie Gillespie, d/o David  Gillespie, married Preston A Young Jan 4, 1900 Catasaugua, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Lizzie Gillespie married Leonard W Schafer April 4, 1901 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Lizzie Gillespie married William Sallie Dec 5, 1906 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Lizzie I Gillespie married M E Maley  (or Michael E), 1892 Cambria Co, PA

Lou E Gillespie married Wilbert E  Bryson, Gibsonia.  Posted June 28, 1935, Alleghany Co, PA

Lyman P Gillespie married Julia A Engle Sept 18, 1901, Somerset, PA


Maggie Gillespie married Philip Mink Nov 30, 1885 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Maggie Gillespie married Henry B Brush April 18, 1888, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Maggie Gillespie married Milton S Rodkey, 1893, Cambria Co, PA

Margaret Gillespie married William Barger Zebley Feb 2, 1865 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA (his name also spelled Gebley)

Margaret Gillespie married Eli Lawton, Nov 27, 1895, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Margaret Gillespie, d/o David Gillespie, married Charles Elawall April 21, 1898 Catasaugua, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Margaret Gillespie d/o Samuel, married John H Frishkorn May 22, 1902 Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

Margaret Gillespie married Albert Dapper May 11, 1908 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Margaret J Gillespie and William J Wavney New Castle McKeesport. Their engagement announced Nov 13, 1899, Alleghany Co, PA

Margaret M. Gillespie, married Wm H. Cunningham April 10, 1895 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Marion Gillespie married Andrew P. M. Craig Dec 31, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Martha Ann Gillespie married Joseph F Snyder March 31, 1879 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Miss Martha J Gillespie married Joel Williams Dec 5, 1867 at the Reformed Parsonage, in Fennersville, PA by the Rev G. B. Dechant. The couple are both of Stroudsburg, Monroe Co, PA.

Martin Gillespie married Annie Mchale June 6, 1895 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Gillespie married David Brown June 28, 1770 Franklin Co, Pennsylvania

Mary Gillespie married John Mehlman May 4, 1870 Philadelphia, Philadephia, PA, USA

Mary Gillespie married Neal Sharpe Jan 27, 1891 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Gillespie married George Kirk April 21, 1887 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Gillespie married David Irvin March 4, 1896 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Gillespie married Charles Rich April 25, 1901 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Gillespie, d/o Andrew & Ann Gillespie, married Ralph Ritchey Jan 12, 1905 Napier, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary A Gillespie married Henry C Buck Dec 24, 1884 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mary A Gillespie married David Courtnay June 15, 1897 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary A Gillespie, d/o John, married James Rhatt July 18, 1906 Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Ann Gillespie married Martin Mcgowan Jan 21, 1891 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary A J Gillespie married Robert H Farr Sept 11, 1877 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Mary C Gillespie married John J Watkins Feb 8, 1905 Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary E Gillespie married Curtis L Porter Oct 19, 1899 Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary H Gillespie married Daniel Mcelwain Aug 20, 1901, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary J Gillespie married George Halstead Sept 1, 1880 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Jane Gillespie married Celestine A Myers 1889 Cambria Co, PA

Mary Jane Gilllespie, d/o Chambers Gillespie, married Thomas P Faulkner April 20, 1893 Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary M Gillespie married James Mcdowell June 24, 1897 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary M Gillespie, d/o James Gillespie, married Washington A Bell Sept 13, 1902 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary M Gillespie married Edward F Fools Feb 27, 1908 Pittsburgh, Alleghenry, Pennsylvania

Mary Walker Gillespie married John Hampton March 4, 1884 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Maude Gillespie married Frank M Drake Dec 23 ,1890 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

May Gillespie married J Edwin Davies April 12, 1899 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

May Gillespie s/o Charles Gillespie, married Thomas Pass Jan 28, 1913 Coatesville, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Melinda Gillespie married Nathan R Potts May 28, 1884 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Michael Gillespie married Sue Kuhn 1913 Cambria County, PA

Michael J Gilllespie, married Mary T Devlin May 27, 1891 Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Minnie A Gillespie married Charles P Austin Dec 11, 1901 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Myrtle F Gillespie married Walter Deforest July 3, 1905 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania


Nellie G Gillespie, married Edwin F Hanlon June 20, 1899 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Nettie Gillespie married Elmer Sutton  Butler Co, Pittsburgh. Licence Nov 28, 1889 Pittsburgh, Alleghany Co, PA

Noble Gillespie of Uniontown, a minister. Performed several marriages in December 1852 and  January 1853 in Fayette County, PA


Patrick J Gillespie married Agnes Dugan Oct 24, 1894 Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

PeterJ Gillespie married Maggie Belevitt Feb 4, 1891 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Perry E Gillespie s/o James & Sarah Gillespie, married Clara M Hoover Jan 11, 1899 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Philip F Gilllespie married Emma C Stean March 4, 1897 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA


R Gillespie married Lucinda Stewart Nov 5, 1840 Metal Twp, Franklin Co, PA. (from journal of James Walker).

Robert Gillespie married Mary McDonald April 23 1891 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Robert G Gillespie married Blanche N Hazlett Jan 30, 1901 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Robt. Gillespie married Tillie Hazzord Nov 7, 1873 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Rosanna Gillespie married Patrick Myles July 4, 1883 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Rosa V Gillespie married William A Lawrence Oct 28, 1898 Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA


Sadie Gillespie married Cuthbert T Blake Nov 17, 1897 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Sallie J Gillespie married Thomas G Brice Dec 19, 1863 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Samuel Gillespie married Eliza Hammer Dec 21, 1875 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Samuel Gillespie married Minnie Gillespie 1918 Erie, PA (maiden last name correct, from Ontario, Canada. She was from Morewood, Dundas Co).  (Click on name for photo of their marriage record)

Sarah Gillespie married William Barker Dec 23, 1817, at Forks of the Brandywine Manor Presbyterian Church, Chester Co, PA. by Rev Grier.

Sarah Gillespie married Richard Temple Feb 2, 1864 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sarah Gillespie married Henry David July 20, 1869 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sarah Gillespie married Hugh Rushby Nov 15, 1893 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Sarah A Gillespie married Thomas Bell Aug 5, 1877 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Sarah E Gillespie married Joseph M Gaynor Nov 5, 1907 Delaware, PA

Sarah E Gillespie married Francis M Dougherty Nov 19, 1907 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Sarah Ellen Gillespie, d/o George  Gillespie, married Peter A Michael Oct 16, 1902 Butler, Pennyvlania, USA

Sarah J Gillespie, b 1873, d/o Thomas B, Sarah, married Grant Shuler April 12, 1894 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Sarah J Gillespie married Hugh Copeland, June 5, 1899, Allegheny, PA

Susan Gillespie married Smith French Sept 7, 1898 Lawrence, Pennsylvania, USA


Thomas Gillespie married Julia G McCarty Sept 22, 1886, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas C Gillespie born June 27, 1866 Hartford, married Nellie Alworth April 15, 1896 Harford, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas H Gillespie married Minnie M Howard April 20, 1897, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas H Gillespie, s/o John & Sarah Gillespie, married Emma Stout April 30, 1889 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Thomas J Gillespie s/o John, Sarah, married Harriet C Stephenson, April 22, 1896 Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Thos Gillespie married Sarah Lawrence Sept 26, 1898 Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Tillie Gillespie married Chales J Dauphin July 22, 1885 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


Will B Gillespie born March 28, 1869 Binghamton, Broome, New York, married Grace M Cameron March 21, 1900 Brooklyn, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

William Gillespie married Mary McSwean June 18, 1780 Cumberland Co, PA. From marriage records of John Agnew, Carlisle, Cumberland Co PA

William Gillespie married Lucretia Fahnestock in Pittsburgh,  Alleghany, PA Sept 26, 1844. 

William Gillespie married Annie Nicholson Dec 24, 1870, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Gillespie married Bridget Gallagher  May 19, 1892 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

William Gillespie married S. E. Reed 1894 Cambria Co, PA

William Gillespie married Susan Mcgarvey Nov 25, 1895 Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

William Gillespie married Ella Ames Townsend June 2, 1897 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

William J Gillespie married Alice Weeler Aug 12, 1891 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

William J Gillespie married Annie Mraein Sept 11, 1900 Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

William John Gillespie married Lillian P Wilson March 20, 1904 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

William M Gillespie, s/o J. U Gillespie, Lydia S Gillespie, married Edith M Wilson, Dec 24, 1891 Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

William M Gillespie married Eva E Fleming March 28, 1900 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

William P Gillespie married Nellie Callanan Sept 11, 1879 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

George F LIVEZEY, Jr married a Gillespie 1903 in Philadelphia, PA – Registered at Orphan’s Court.

George Gillespie MONTGOMERY married a Caldwell in 1894 Philadelphia, PA – Orphan’s Court record

Harry M PORTER married a Gillespie, 1904 in Philadelphia, PA Registered at Orphan’s Court

Eleanor K SAMSON, married a Gillespie 1902 in Philadelphia. Record from Orphan’s Court.

Anna M SMALLZREID married a Gillespie 1909 – record of Orphan’s Court, Philadelphia, PA

Helen Adele SMITH married a Gillespie 1897 – record from Orphan’s Court Marriage Index, Philadelphia, PA

Record Count: 239

Source of Records: Mormon website; Miscellaneous; USGenArchives