USA: Texas Births

Mildred Inez Gillespie, adopted name given to baby born Feb 18, 1925 in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas. Adoptive parents  Flem J Gillespie & Katie adopted child in Crosbyton, Texas and signed adoption papers Sept 29, 1925.  Birth parents called their baby Inez Blackburn. Birth mother ?Elizabeth, birth father ?Eugene. Texas Childrens’ Aide Home and Society birth

Susan Marie Hunt Gillespie, adoptee new name, born July 21, 1965 in Wichita General Hospital, Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas. Birth name Baby Story. Adoptive mother Mary Jane Hunt (nee Ellis) and James M Hunt.  Birth mother was 18 years old, a college student and Dr P Sullivan was her doctor. Adoption was handled through welfare system. Baby given away soon after birth.

Total Records:  2

Source: Gary’s Adoption Registry