USA: Utah Marriages


Agnes R Gillespie 25, birth 1867, married Charles E Street, 33, birth 1859, on July 6, 1892 Coalville, Summit, Utah

Albert E Gillespie, 20, birth 1891, married Zelma Kennedy, 19, birth 1892, on  June 7, 1911 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Alex Gillespie married Alma Carter 1907, Summit, Utah

Alexander R Gillespie married Annie E Adams. Tooele, Utah.

Andrew Gillespie married Emma Elder 1922 Salt Lake City, Utah

Arden J Gillespie married Keri Lyn Ford 1996 Kane, Utah

Arthur Gillespie married Cary Olsten 1916 Salt Lake City, Utah

Arthur R Gillespie married Lavaun Parkin 1928 Davis Co, Utah


Brian Gillespie married Laura Sue Nelson 1986, Davis Co, Utah

Brian James Gillespie married Rebecca Ann Fila 2002, Davis Co, Utah


Calloway Gillespie married Alice Robinson 1917 Salt Lake City, U tah

Carrie Gillespie, 32, birth 1884, married Ashley A Hall, 34, birth 1872, on  Nov 6, 1906 Ogden, Weber, Utah

Charles M Gillespie married Joan I Garner 1974. Sanpata Co, Utah.

Claude N Gillespie married Cleo Ora Bate 1923 Box Elder, Utah

Claude N Gillespie married Marjorie Coleman, 1927, Box Elder, Utah


Daniel Gillespie married Hannah Nelson 1900, Tooele, Utah

Daniel Hillman Gillespie, 25, birth 1906,  married Louise Chipman, 19, birth 1912, on  July 15, 1931, Logan, Cache, Utah

David Lester Gillespie married Eden Bodily Dec 12, 1846  Davis Co, Utah


Edwin L Gillespie married Mrs Clopha Ahern, 1936, Davis Co, Utah

Elizabeth Goldie Gillespie, 21, birth 1886, married Thomas S. Roylance, 25, birth 1882, on  May 15, 1907 Provo, Utah, Uta

Elliott Gillespie married Nellie Johnson 1922 Salt Lake City, Utah

Elsie Helen Gillespie, 26, birth 1882, married Benjamin Jones Lilly, 32, birth 1876 on June 1, 1908 Ogden, Weber, Utah

Emma Sarah Lester Gillespie,18, birth 1899, married Lon W Reese 21, birth 1896 on Oct 10, 1917 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Both single.


Florence Gillespie, 20, birth July 19, 1907 Eureka, d/o John T & Mary C Moore, married Alfred Connors 24, birth Dec 20, 1903, s/o James Connors & Annie Woodworth, on  Dec 27, 1927 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Frank Gillespie, 28 birth 1892 of Salt Lake, Salt Lake, Utah married Paula Leona Demier, 18, birth 1902, of Providence, Cache, Utahon  Sept 11, 1920 Logan, Cache, Utah (her last name also given as Demler).



Gayle Gillespie married Vonda K Peterson 1957 Cache Co, Utah

George A Gillespie married Maude V Carlson, Salt Lake City, Utah

George V Gillespie, 24, birth 1888 married Sibyl Hanson, 24, birth 1888, on  Nov 20, 1912  Salt Lake County, Utah. Single.

George W Gillespie married Eugenia Dennis 1887, Utah Co, Utah

Gerald Gillespie married Eleanor Long 1952, Tooele, Utah

Glenn G Gillespie married Phyllis A Bonelli 1924 Toocle, Utah.

Gordon Gillespie married Marjorie Jenson 1915 Salt Lake City, Utah

Gordon Gillesp4 married Jessie McCleary 1921 Salt Lake City, Utah


Himan A Gillespie married Virginia Ann Larsen 1958 Sanpete Co, Utah

Horace Gillespie married Patricia Russell 1947, Toole, Utah


Kathleen Gillespie, 23, birth 1888, married Charles Mason Loose, 22, birth 1889, on  April 17, 1911 Salt Lake, Utah

Keith H Gillespie married Thelma Lona Green 1937, Tooele, Utah


James Gilbert Gillespie, birth Oct 22, 1904, s/o James Gillespie & Marie Samuelson,  married Millie Wright, d/o William Wright & Charlotte Murdock, on Sept 27, 1928 Utah Co., Utah. Both white. Both single.

James R Gillespie married Edna E Martin, Tooele, Utah.

James W Gillespie married Annie Earl 1902 Utah

John Gillespie married Ada Cox 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah

John Adams Gillespie, 24, birth 1900, married Lois Myrtle Parkinson,  20, birth 1904, on  Nov 12, 1924 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

John G Gillespie, 23, birth 1891, married Sophronia Hennefer, 19, birth 1895, on  August 24, 1919 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Joseph B Gillespie married Virginia L Duke 1963 Washington Co, Utah.


Leonard Gillespie married Etta M Parry 1924 Box Alda, Utah

Lola Gillespie, 18, birth 1914, married Leonard J Smith, 21, birth 1911, on  Jan 29, 1932  Junction, Piute, Utah.


Mary Emma Gillespie, 21, birth 1903, married James Ambrose Jolley, 23, birth 1901, on  Jan 26, 1924 Provo, Utah, Utah

Mattie Gillespie married James H Kirk June 14, 1906 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Spouse age 23, birth 1906 (unable to determine to whom age refers).


Nellie Louise Gillespie, 25, birth 1897 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah, married William John Masterson, 30, birth 1892, on  Nov 4, 1922 Farmington City, Davis Co, Utah

(No name)  Gillespie married Lois Myrtle Parkinson 1923, Tooele, Utah


Peter Gillespie married Johanna Olsen 1903 Utah

Phillip E Gillespie married Catherine L Butcher 1933, Unitah Co, Utah

P. K. Gillespie married Lottie Oldfield 1891 Salt Lake City, Utah


Ralph Gillespie married Mayne Comptom 1912, Salt Lake City, Utah

Ralph Gillespie married Shirley Marie Martin 1932, Toelle, Utah

Richard Gillespie married Ida J Johnson 1916, Salt Lake City, Utah

Richard Gillespie married Mrs Hazel Borg, 1933  Wasatch Co, Uthah

Richard A Gillespie married Dorothy June Baker 1938 Davis Co, Utah

Robert Gillespie married Margaret Oliver 1861 Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert Gillespie married Florence Jones 1914 Salt Lake City, Utah

Robert Gillespie married Carol Ann Ressequie 1965, Washington Co, Utah

Robinson O Gillespie married Sarah Jane Davies, 1947, Millard Co, Utah

Ross Gillespie married Ileen Cox 1937, Davis Co, Utah

Ryan Scott Gillespie married Mistie Kay Alfred 1997, Sevier Co, Utah


Scott Allen Gillespie, 26, birth 1887,  married Myra Emma Wheeler, 27, 1886 on  June 6, 1913 Salt Lake, Utah.

Scott W Gillespie married Sidnee M Conover, 2000, Davis Co, Uta


Ted A Gillespie married Debra Lee Gilmore 1968 Kane Co, Utah

Terry Gillespie married Aile O Jouste 1964 Uintah Co, Utah

Thomas Gillespie married Charlotte Jones 1891 Salt Lake City, Utah


William Gillespie married Pearl Nelson 1907, Tooele, Uta

William P Gillespie married Emma M Oster 1904, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wilford Sharp Gillespie, 19, birth 1913, married Olive Diantha Jones, 17, birth 1915 on  Oct 1, 1932  Provo, Utah, Utah

Count: 72

Source of Records:  Mormon website: Utah Marriages, 1887-1935