USA: West Virginia Deaths

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Myrtle Gillespie ASHER, d/o Reece Bowen Gillespie & Elizabeth Madkin, death Sept 23, 1959, Mercer, West Virginia, USA

Bertha Ethel Gillespie BALLARD, birth 1888, death Oct 5, 1918, age 30 Kanawha, West Virginia. Father Geo B Gillespie & C M Givens.


A Gillespie death April 11, 1891 Kanawha Co, WV

Addie May Gillespie, wife of J W Gillespie, d/o Charles A & Mary Jane Battell, birth Oct 16, 1861, died aged 86, ‘last Thursday.’  Married Wallace Gillespie July 8, 1903,a farmer near Cottageville. Two daughters, two sons and step children. Obit June 18, 1948, Jackson Co, WV.

Agee V Gillespie death April 11, 1874 Kanawha Co, WV

Agnes E Gillespie death Aug 10, 1877 Ohio Co, WV

Albert S Gillespie death Aug 25, 1876 Kanawha Co, WV

Alpha O Gillespie death May 16, 1883 Ohio Co, WV

Alhlene Lenore Gillespie, death Dec 15, 1928 Greenbriar, West Virginia, USA,  child of Glen G Gillespie and mother Nonnie F Fleshmow.

Alice Gillespie death Dec 15,1867 Putnam Co. WV

Alice Gillespie death May 13, 1897 Boone Co, WV

Almira J Gillespie  birth Braxton Co, WV, death Feb 2 1892. Holly District, Braxton, West Virginia. Spouse Jerry Gillespie, married.

America J Gillespie death Dec 15,1867 Putnam Co, WV

Amy Gallispie  death July 5, 1899 age 75 years, 9 months, 7 days, wife of Joseph,  Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV.

Andrew Gillespie birth 1838 U. S, death Nov 23, 1900 Ohio, West Virginia, age 62, married, labourer. residence and burial Ohio, WV.

Andrew W Gillespie birth 1863 Louisa Co, VIRGINIA. Death Oct 31, 1934 Cabell Co, West Virginia. Married. Age 71 years, 6 days.

Ann Gillespie death Feb 2, 1899 Cabell Co, West Virginina.

Anna Gillespie, d/o Thomas Smith, mother unknown, death May 5, 1957 Monongalia, West Virginia

Anna Lucina Gillespie, birth Aug 7, 1879, death July 27, 1958, age 79,  Keyser, Mineral, West Virginia, USA. A widow, housewife.

Annie Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1881. Death Jan 10, 1948, age 67, Mercer, West Virginia. Father Ballard Repass, mother Edna Hodge. Husband Joe C Gillespie (see Mary Gillespie)

Asa L Gillespie death Oct 22, 1884 Braxton Co, WV


Barbara Louise Gillespie birth 1931 Charleston, WV. Death Dec 24, 1931. Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia. Father L B Gillespie. 3 days old.

Booga Gillespie death March 7, 1892 Mercer Co, WV

Bryon Clay Gillespie, birth 1869, s/o Joseph Gillespie &  Joanna Modisher, died June 6, 1946 Kanawha, West Virginia, USA


Carl S Gillespie, s/o James O Gillespie & Myrtle Duncan, death July 20, 1964, Hancock, West Virginia

Caroline Sue Gillespie, death Oct 18, 1962 Kanawha, West Virginia, d/o Michael Gillespie & Lola Mae Mash

Catherine Gillespie death Jan 8, 1883 Ohio Co, WV

Cecil Gillespie, birth July 5, 1929 Marion Co, WV. Death April 28, 1952, Weston, Lewis, WV. Burial Four States, Marion, West Virginia. Father Okey Gillespie. Mother Nellie Baughman. Single, Age 22 years, 7 months, 23 days. Residence Four State, West Virginia.

Charles Raymond Gillespie, birth 1900. Death Sept 19, 1966, age 66 Buckhannon, Upshur, West Virginia. Father Ernest A Gillespie, Mother Emma Lake.

Chas Gillespie birth 1925 WV, death April 21, 1927, Fairmount District, West Virginia

Chas A Gillespie death July 24, 1894 Ohio Co, WV

Chas Jessie Gillespie death Dec 22, 1891 Greenbrier Co, WV

Clifford Gillespie death July 24, 1939. Braxton, West Virginia. Father George P Gillespie. Mother Mary Hosey. Spouse Vada Gillespie. Married.

Connie Mae Gillespie death Sept 18, 1964 McDowell, West Virginia.  Father Carl Gillespie, mother Stella Shaw.

Cora F Beamer Gillespie, death 1961 Randolph, West Virginia, USA


Daniel H Gillespie birth 1878 Amherst, VIRGINIA, s/o John Gillespie & Elmira Hick, death June 8, 1936, Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA

David E Gillespie, birth 1903, s/o Robert Gillespie & Ann Bell Fletcher, death Oct 7, 1962 Huntington, West Virginia, USA

Dennison B Gillespie death Dec 23, 1955. Mercer, West Virginia. Father James H Gillespie. Mother Mary E Crockett.

Dewey Gillespie death Nov 21, 1900 Kanawa Co, WV

Dewit T Gillespie death June 20, 1885 Greenbrier Co, WV

Dora Gillespie birth 1879. Death Feb 2, 1882/March 2, 1882 age 3, Doddridge Co, West Virginia. Father Albert Gillespie, Mother Amanda.


Earl Dean Gillespie b Jan 13, 1963. d Oct 31, 1988. Wolverton Cem, Wirt Co, WV (also called Brummage Cem).

E C Gillespie death May 5, 1873 Kanawha Co, WV

Edgar Gillespie death April 12, 1884 Greenbriar Co, WV

Edith Gillespie birth 1898 Mason Co, WV. Death June 3, 1898, one day old.  Pt Pleasant, West Virginia. Father Thomas Gillespie. Mother Ida Gillespie.

Edith Ann Gillespie, death April 10, 1945. Kanawha, West Virginia. Father Burns Gillespie. Mother Pauline Farris.

Edward Eugene Gillespie death Feb 6, 1942. Mercer, West Virginia. Father Joe Gillespie. Mother Ellen Radford. Married.

Elija Heding Gillespie Oct 13, 1862 Braxton Co, WV. Death Oct 14, 1945. Webster Springs, Webster, West Virginia. Father Pauiser Gillespie. Mother Mary Squires. Married. Merchant. Both his parents born VIRGINIA. Cemetery Barton Gregory, Webster Springs, West Virginia. Buried Oct 17, 1945.

Eliz Gillespie birth 1886 Wheeling, WV. Death July 10, 1887 Wheeling, West Virginia. Father Andrew Gillespie. Mother Mary.  Age 1 year 2 months.

Elizabeth Gillespie death 1898 Braxton Co, WV.

Ella Mae Gillespie d/o Joe Gore & Cassie Guthrie, death April 7, 1967, Logan, West Virginia

Ellen Gillespie April 14,1863 Ohio Co, WV

Ellis Gillespie death May 1, 1898 Mercer Co, WV

Emma J Gillespie death March 5, 1883 Ohio Co, WV

Emma J Gillespie birth 1837. Death March 6, 1883 Wheeling, Ohio, WV, married, 46 years old.

Emma V Gillespie b Jan 27, 1890 d Nov 21, 1911 Grandview Church of Christ Cem, Wirt Co, WV. Daughter of John J Gillaspie & Martha Elizabeth Triggs. She married Arthur R Stanley June 14, 1911.

Emsey Gillespie death March 21, 1893 Boone Co, WV

Erskine Randoph Gillespie, birth 1890, s/o John Randolph  Gillespie & Sarah Cornelia Becke, death May 3, 1947, Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia

Ethel Florence Gillespie, birth May 5, 1885. Death Nov 20, 1951. Stutton, Braxton, West Virginia. Father Tom Bleigh, mother Lydia Niceley. 66 years, Widowed.

Ethel N Gillespie birth 1903. Death July 9, 1961, age 58,  Huntington, West Virginia. D/o James T Gillespie and mother Angeline Meadows.  Single, Occupation Garment Factory.


Flora Bell Gillespie death 1967 Randolph, West Virginia

Flora Bruce Gillespie birth Sept 4, 1891 VIRGINIA. Death July 31, 1967 age 76 years,  Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Burial Aug 2nd, 1967 Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, VIRGINIA. Residence Dublin, Pulaski, VA. Father Greenville Decore Bruce. Mother Nancy Emiline Stafford. Widowed. Housewife.

Forrest B Gillespie, death July 9, 1957 Raleigh, West Virginia. Father Elliot Gillespie, mother Bertha Ellison

Frank N Gillespie died Nov 11, 2018. Born in Charlestown, he was the son of the late William Harvey & Beulah Woodum Gillespie. Predeceased by his loving wife, Phyllis Blackwood.

Fred Gillespie death Aug 21, 1894 Mercer Co, WV

Fred A Gillespie death Sept 6, 1899 Greenbriar Co, West Virginia


Geo W Gillespie death Oct 25, 1932. Cabell, WV. Father G. W. Gillespie, mother Hester E Mcclain. Married, spouse Nora Gilmore.

Gillespie, birth June 29, 1941 Bluefield, Mercer Co, WV, death June 29, 1941 Bluefield, Mercer Co, West Virginia, one day old. Father Halbet Gillespie born VIRGINIA, mother Betty Ann Davis born West Virginia. Burial June 30, 1941 Nunn Cemetery, Gap Sunny Ridge, Lloyd Davis, Bluefield, West Virginia.

Gillespie death May 29, 1862 Ohio Co, WV

Gillespie death Aug 28, 1887 Cabell Co, WV

Gillespie, death Aug 27, 1942. Mercer, West Virginia. Father B. C.Gillespie. Mother Mytle Belcher

Gillespie, male, birth Sept 12, 1947 Blfd, WV, death Sept 13, 1947 Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Burial Sept 13, 1947 B…..Wain…..Father Joe Gillespie, mother Rebecca Gillespie

Grace A Gillespie birth 1856 Putnam Co, WV, death July 31, 1877, age 21,  Tayses Valley, Putnam Co, West Virginia. Father Samson Gillespie, MotherAdaline Gillespie.


Harley A Gillaspie b Oct 14,1919 d Jan 28, 1910. Grandview Church of Christ Cem, Wirt Co, WV. Son of Arnel Delizin Gillaspie & Lulu Leona Bolen.

Harry Gillespie death March 17, 1855 Putham Co, WV

Harry Gillespie birth Feb 17, 1891 VIRGINIA, death Feb 20, 1934, age 37, married, Logan, Logan Co, West Virginia, s/o Hugh Gillespie & mother Annie Herdon. Spouse Stella Gillespie

Harry L Gillespie, birth 1890, s/o George B Gillespie & Cintilla Given, death Aug 27, 1945 Kanawha, West Virginia, USA. Age 55 years 3 months, 2 days.

Helen Gillespie WV

Helen Gillespie, 81, of Crawley, WV passed Saturday, May 11, 2019 at her home. She was the daughter of Roy and Mabel Cadle Shawver. She worked as a seamstress, and loved to garden, sew, and cook.

She is preceded in death by her husband, John D. Gillespie; her parents; a son, Dennis Gillespie; a sister, Kathryn Gillespie; and brothers, Clell Shawver and Gordon Cadle. She is survived by a daughter, Nina (Bryan) Amick of Nettie; sisters, Mary Green, Jean Shawver, and Rita Fitzwater; brothers, Elbert Shawver, Jim Shawver, and Bill Shawver; grandchildren, Johnathon (Rebecca) Parks, Daniel (Ashley) Parks, and Heather Gillespie; 5 great-grandchildren; and a daughter-in-law Kathryne Gillespie.

Services will be Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at Wallace & Wallace Chapel, Rainelle at 2:00 p.m. with Pastor Jonathon Comer officiating. Visitation will be from 1:00 p.m. until time of service. Entombment will follow at Wallace Memorial Cemetery. (Published WV Obits online)

H E Gillespie death March 27, 1895 Cabell Co, WV

Helen Margaret Gillespie, birth 1936, death April 9, 1936, Kanawha, West Virginia, d/o William Robert Gillespie & Helen Frances Maloney. 2 days old.

Hobert Gillespie birth April 29, 1900. Death May 4, 1901 Braxton Co, West Virginia, s/o J. S. Gillespie, father and mother M. J Gillespie, male, one year 5 days,

Hollmetta Virginia Gillespie, d/o Arthur S Gillespie & Hester V Braff, death Oct 10, 1926 NIcholas, West Virginia, USA

Holly M Gillespie 1899 – 1962 Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV.

Howard Gillespie West Virginia 2018Howard R “Rudy” Gillespie, age 81, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, Nov 24, 2018. Obituary Cortland, Ohio, (My Valley Tributes, He was born on November 6, 1937 in Morgantown, West Virginia the son of E. Margaret Gillespie. Rudy was a 1956 graduate of Conneaut Valley High School in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. He served in the Army National Guard in the 1st Brigade of the 112th Infantry.

Rudy was a truck driver for many years for Preston Trucking and also drove truck for Jones Performance Products, going to truck shows and driving in parades. He worked for Reimold’s Auction House of Mercer, making friends wherever he went. Rudy was a member of the Kinsman Presbyterian Church and a proud member of the Teamsters Union.

He loved to attend truck shows, flea markets and auctions, was able to fix anything, was super handy, traveled, shared his faith in God with everyone and enjoyed singing and was a part of several choirs.

Rudy is preceded in death by his mother; a son, Thomas S. Gillespie and his wife, Deanna Gillespie.

Survivors include his partner, Jo C. Newhouse of Cortland; two daughters, Sandra L. (David) Schilling of Strongsville, Ohio and Teresa M. (Kenneth) Steiger of Nazareth, Pennsylvania; a son Howard J. Gillespie of Oklahoma; 11 grandchildren, Leia, Kileigh, Kyle, Cindy, Ashley, Kelly, Elizabeth, Amanda, Natalie, Thomas and Ariana; 13 great-grandchildren; stepdaughter, Lori (Chris) Newhouse-Tehrancipour of Las Vegas, Nevada; stepson, Timothy (Mary Ellen) Newhouse of West Chester, Illinois and his loving dog, Toby.

A celebration of life was held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Kinsman Presbyterian Church, 6383 Church Street, Kinsman, Ohio, with Rev. Susan Francis officiating. Burial will follow in Washington Cemetery of Mercer, Pennsylvania.


Infant Gillespie death Nov 14, 1881 Ohio Co, WV

Infant Gillespie birth 1947, child of Joe Gillespie & Rebecca Gillespie, death Sept 13, 1947 Mercer, West Virginia, age 1 day.


Jacob Gillespie death June 5, 1923 Lewis, West Virginia. Father William S Gillespie, mother Mary Ann Skidmore

Jackie Gillispie  born/died 1943, son of H. H & V L Gillispie Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV.

James Gillespie death Jan 25, 1886 Putnam Co, WV

James Gillespie birth 1869. Death Nov 12, 1923, age 54,  Brady, Monongalia, West Virginia. s/o James Gillespie

James B Gillespie death Oct 5,1860 Putnam Co, WV

James G Gillespie birth July 4, 1881 Braxton Co, death May 9, 1962 Weston, Lewis, West Virginia, residence 125 Main, Weston, WV. Father Mart Gillespie, mother Hattie Gillespie, age 80 years 10 months 5 days. Occupation Retired Equitable Gas Co. Married

James Gerald Gillespie, birth 1905. Death Feb 4, 1960 age 55,  Alderson, Monroe, West Virginia. Father Glen Gerald Gillespie. Mother Nancy Fleshman

James H Gillespie death Dec 20,1891 Greenbrier Co, WV

James H Gillespie, death Feb 20, 1936, Kanawha, West Virginia,

James Thomas Gillespie s/o James Gillespie, mother unknown, death Feb 5, 1930/March 5, 1930 Cabell, West Virginia. Married, spouse Angeline Gillespie

Jas Gillespie, birth 1800 Ireland, death Feb 4, 1885, age 85, Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA, widowed.

Jas M Gillespie death July 7,1869 Boone Co, WV

J Cordie Gillespie death Oct 9,1894 Braxton Co, WV

Jessie Gillespie death Jan 28,1877  Ohio Co, WV

J H Gillespie, birth 1836. Death March 30, 1928 Lewis Co, West Virginia, married, age 92.

John Gillespie death Nov 8, 1858 Ohio Co, WV

John A Gillespie death April 25,1864 Ohio Co, WV

John Alex Gillespie death 1897 Pocahontas Co, WV

John L Gillespie, birth 1891, death June 9, 1945, age 54 Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia. Spouse Fannie Edwards. A mechanic.

John M Gillespie death July 30, 1880 Braxton Co, WV

John Lewis Robert Gillespie, death Sept 21, 1942 Kanawha, West Virginia. Father Wm Harvey Gillespie, Mother Elizabeth A Gillespie

John William Gillespie birth 1887, death July 31, 1957, age 70, Beckley, Raleigh, West Virginia, Married, a miner

Joseph Gallispie Jan 3, 1828 – not given. Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV.

Josie Mcclar Gillespie, birth Feb 7, 1884/March 7, 1884 VIRGINIA, d/o Floyd Hager, death Feb 6, 1968, age 84, married, event at  Blfd, Mercer, West Virginia. Burial Feb 8, 1968 Occupation housewife. residence Tazwell, VIRGINIA.


Katie Elizabeth Gillaspie b Oct 3, 1876 d  March 8, 1965, daughter of John J Gillespie & Martha Elizabeth Triggs. She married William Hayes Martin Sept 25, 1901. Burial Central Hill Baptist Church Cem, Wirt Co, WV


Laurence Gillespie death Feb 6,1876 Ohio Co, WV

Lavinia Gillespie death June 12, 1882 Mason Co, WV

Lawrence Gillespie death Dec 7,1854 Ohio Co, WV

Lawrence Gillespie birth 1813 IRELAND. Death Feb 6, 1876, Ohio Co, WV. Father Wm Gillespie. Mother Catherine. Age 63, Married. Tailer.

L D Gillespie death Nov 15, 1876 Clay Co, WV

Le Esta Gillespie birth 1906 MARYLAND. Death May 12, 1933 Cabell County, West Virginia. Married, Housewife, age 27 years, 4 months, 1 day.

Lemuel H Gillespie birth Aug 7, 1889 WV. Death Feb 5, 1959, age 69 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia. Father W H H Gillespie, mother Telitha Givens, Spouse Mena Bessley Gillespie. Married. Bank teller. Residence 303 Ohio Avenue. Burial Feb 20, 1959 Sunset Memorial Park, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia.

Lena Gillespie death Sept 4, 1889 Logan Co, WV

Leonard Westlie Gillespie birth 1872 WV. Death Jan 19, 1928, age 45, farmer,  Flatswoods, Braxton Co, West Virginia. Both parents born WV.

Lewis Gillespie death Nov 26, 1895 Cabell Co, WV

Linnie Gillespie, birth 1873 Kanawha, WV. Death April 17, 1961 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA.  Burial April 20, 1961 Father Joseph Gillespie. Mother Johanna Mottesheart. Single, age 88. Housekeeper. Address 4498  W Washington Street, Charleston, Kanawha, WV. Cemetery Gillespie Family.

Lisa Dawn Gillespie, death March 15, 1963, Cabell, West Virginia. Father James E Gillespie, mother Evelyn Johnson.

L S Gillespie death May 13, 1899 Ohio Co, West Virginia

Lucy E Gillaspie. No dates, Central Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Wirt Co, WV. She married Sherman Lockhart March 24, 1887.

Luttie May Gillespie, d/o William Alexandra Varner & Sallie Ann Blount, died Sept 10, 1956 Kanawha, West Virginia, USA

Lydia M Gillespie, death 1966 Kanawha, West Virginia


Marcus Gillespie death Feb 14, 1899 Mercer Co, WV

Margaret Gillespie death 1866 Jackson Co, WV

Margaret Gillespie death Dec 31, 1888 Ohio Co, WV

Mariah A Gillespie birth 1978 Salt Lick, West Virginia. Death July 18, 1894 Salt Lick, Braxton,  WV, Father David Gillespie, Mother Gillespie. age 16.

Martha Gillespie death Feb 14, 1870 Kanawa Co, WV

Martha Gillespie birth 1846. Death Sept 9, 1926. Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia. Father Thomas McLaughlin, age 80, Widowed.

Martin Luther Gillespie, birth 1931, s/o J A Gillespie & mother Roenie Prince, death Feb 20, 1931 Braxton, West Virginia, one day old.

Mary Gillespie death 1898 Braxton Co, WV

Mary Gillespie birth 1831. Death Sept 16, 1909 Ohio Co, West Virginia. Residence 3520 Weed. Widow aged 78 years,  9 months, 14 days.

Mary Gillespie death Oct 16, 1955 Lewis, West Virginia. Father Ramie Hodge, mother Edna Hodge.

Mary A Gillespie death Sept 28, 1885 Greenbrier Co, WV

Mrs Mary Alice Gillespie d/o Obediah Lambert & Polly Ann Nelson death Sept 12, 1922, Randolph, West Virginia

Mary Ann Gillespie, birth 1851, death May 29, 1929, age 78, Lewisburg, Greenbriar, West Virginia

Mary D Gillespie death June 7, 1897 Ohio Co, WV

Mary E Gillespie death Feb 24, 1898 Braxton Co, WV.

Mary E Gillespie 1898 – 1958 Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV.

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie, d/o Isaac W Skidmore & Jane Hicks, death Sept 28, 1959 Webster, West Virginia

Mary Etta Gillespie birth 1872, death May 14, 1895 Braxton, West Virginia. Father P Gillespie, mother Mary Gillespie, age 24 years, 10 months  19 days.

Mary Etta Gillespie, death June 16, 1963. McDowell, West Virginia. Father Albert W Bowlick. Mother Eula Ann Tolley.

Mary Lee Gillespie, birth Sept 27, 1878 VIRGINIA. Death March 23, 1955 Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Father A. P. Jackson. Mother Lou Webb. Age 76. Widowed. Housewife. Cemetery Mt Olive Burial March 25, 1955.

Mary Virginia Gillespie birth Nov 15, 1954. Death Nov 16, 1954 Fairmont, Marion, West Virginia. Father Cecil Gillespie. Mother Helen Baughman. Burial Nov 17, 1954 Fairview Cemetery. One day old.

Mathew Gail Gillespie, 14, of Charleston, WV died Tuesday as a result of an accidental shooting. Obit Sept 14, 1993 Son of Adrian Gail Gillespie & Theresa Michele Twohig Gillespie of Charleston. Grandparents  Gail & Pauline Gillespie of Parkerburg and Mrs Leon L Twohig of Charleston. Burial Duffield Cemetery,  Duck, WV

Matilda Kathern Gillespie b May 12, 1900 d Aug 8, 1985 Blevens Cem, McDowell Co, WV

Maxine Rufus Gillespie b June 30, 1903 d Oct 28,1980 Blevens Cem, McDowell Co, WV

Melissa D Gillaspie b Jan 15, 1834 d Oct 10, 1919 Grandview Church of Christ Cem, Wirt Co, WV. Daughter of John Gillaspie. She married David Carpenter.

Melvin Gillespie death Feb 20, 1957/March 20, 1957 Cabell, West Virginia, father Fhlegm Gillespie, mother Lenora Roach

Melvina Gillespie death July 3, 1894 Braxton Co, WV

Mildred Daisy Gillespie b May 14, 1924 d Jan 27,1931 Blevens Cem, McDowell Co, WV

Mintie May Gillespie, death April 26, 1968 Lewis, West Virginia, d/o Moses Conard Lemons & Lucinda Petry

M O Gillespie death Aug 1899 Braxton Co, WV

Myra Elizabeth Gillespie death March 13, 1961 Harrison, West Virginia. Father Wayne Gillespie. Mother Delores Wix.


Nancy Gillespie death July 19, 1893 Braxton Co, WV

Noel T Gillespie, 86 of New Cumberland, died Dec 14, 1997. Born in Braxton Co, WV Feb 17, 1911 son of the late James & Amanda Pullins Gillespie. Wife Hattie Gae Gregory Gillespie, whom he married Dec 20, 1931. One daughter, four sons.


Okey R Gillespie death Feb 25, 1896 Clay Co, WV

Ote Gillespie birth 1860. Death Aug 9, 1930, age 70, Julia, Greenbriar, West Virginia. Married. Father Geo Davis. Mother Ote Davis. Spouse Isaac Gillespie.


Philip Gillespie d March 5, 1852 age 20 years, 11 months, 27 days, son of George & Elizabeth Gillespie, Slaughter Cemetery, Cottageville, WV (Note:  graves in this cemetery have been moved to another cemetery). 


Robert Lee Gillispie, long time Richwood resident, died Dec 30, 1961 in his 75th year. Custodian of Richwood High School. A native of Braxton, son of the late Frank & Nancy Brown Gillespie. Burial Mountain View Memorial Park. Wife Mrs Ella Gillespie, three daughters, two brothers.

Robert Ray Gillespie, birth Nov 14, 1933 VIRGINIA. Death April 2, 1969, age 35. Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Burial April 3, 1969. Father Walter Thomas Gillespie, Mother Lola Grace Whitt.  Divorced. Labourer. Burial Monte Vista Park, Blfd, WV. Residence Bluefield, Mercer, WV.

Robt H Gillespie, b 1840, death Sept 25, 1908 Ohio Co, West Virginia, residence 1218 Balto, Wheeling, WV, age 68 years 10 months 4 days. Real Estate Agent, married.

Rosalene Bragg Gillespie Rittenour, 86, of Killeen services will be 10 a.m. Saturday at Grandle Funeral Home in Broadway, Va. She died on Sunday October 28, 2018 at a local nursing home. Mrs Kitte was born Jan 4, 1932, in Bays, W. Va. Burial will be in Cullers Run Cemetery.

Rosanna Gillespie death Sept 1, 1855 Ohio Co, WV

Rose Gillespie death Dec 6, 1888 Ohio Co, WV

Russell S Gillespie, birth March 14, 1899 WV. Death Jan 1, 1968 Clarksburg,  Harrison, West Virginia. Father Samuel Gillespie, mother Birde Nicholson. Married, 68 years old. Occupation Retd D-Emp Continental Canada. Greenlawn Masonic Cemetery, Clarksburg, West Virginia. Burial Jan 4, 1968.


Saml Gillespie death Feb 8, 1883 Ohio Co, WV

Samuel Gillespie death Feb 8, 1883 Ohio Co, WV

Samuel R Gillespie death March 1870 Boone Co, WV

Sarah C Gillespie death June 19, 1896 Cabell Co, WV

Sarah E Gillespie death April 12, 1855 Putnam Co, WV

Sarah E Gillespie death Feb 28, 1867 Putnam Co, WV

Sarah E Gillespie death June 28, 1870 Putnam Co, WV

S F Gillespie death Oct 24, 1879 Ohio Co, WV

Sue Gillespie death Dec 14, 1949 Kanawha, West Virginia. Father Michael Gillespie. Mother Zola Hey Mach


Thomas Earl Gillespie birth 1929. Death Dec 18, 1930. McDowell, West Virginia. Father Frank Gillespie. 1 year, 11 months, 16 days.

Thomas Gratton Gillespie birth April 21, 1909 Tazwell, VIRGINIA. Death Aug 31, 1967 Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia. Father Thomas W Gillespie. Mother Ida Neal. Burial Sept 2, 1967. 58 years. Married. Occupation Patnick Bros Steel. Residence Bluefield, Tazwell, Virginia. Concord Cemetery, Grattan, Virginia.

Thos Gillespie birth 1887 Nicolas Co, death Dec 12, 1887 Holly District, Braxton, West Virginia. Father Geo P Gillespie, mother M. E Gillespie, age 11 months 12 days


Virginia Gillespie WV 2019

Virginia “Ginny” Dove Gillespie, 84, of Franklin, WV and formerly of Buckhannon, WV, passed away Sunday, September 22, 2019 at her home.

She was born April 25, 1935 in Casey County, Kentucky, and was the daughter of the late James Sterling Hollen, Sr. and Gladys Irene Pierce Hollen.

Ginny was a 1953 graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School and worked for the City of Buckhannon Water Department.  She was a member of Franklin United Methodist Church.

Surviving are one son, Richard D. Gillespie (and wife, Debra) of Franklin, WV; two sisters, Betty Booth (and husband, Richard) of Buckhannon, WV and Joyce Hoover (and husband, Patrick) of Buckhannon, WV; one brother, James S. “Pete” Hollen, Jr. (and wife, Kay) of Buckhannon, WV; one grandson, Ryan Gillespie (and wife, Julia) of Morgantown, WV; and one great-granddaughter, Ryleigh Gillespie.

She was preceded in death by one sister, Doris Crawford, and one brother, Richard Lee Hollen.

The family will receive friends from 6 – 8 p.m. Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at Kimble Funeral Home in Franklin.  The family will receive friends from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. Wednesday, September 25 at Tennerton United Methodist Church in Tennerton, WV, where a funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday with Rev. Robert Anderson and Rev. Michael Loudermilk officiating. Interment will be at Buckhannon Memorial Park. Source: The Record Delta, Sept 24, 2019

Virginia L Gillispie 1920 – 1944 Blaine Memorial Cemetery, Jackson Co, WV..


Walter Thomas Jr Gillespie birth 1927. Death Sept 29, 1947 Mercer, West Virginia. Father Walter Thomas Sr Gillespie. Mother Lola Grace Whitt. 20 years, 5 months, 11 days.

Wendell W Gillespie birth 1918. Death June 27, 1966 Huntington, Cabell, WV, s/o Melvin Gillespie and mother Jessie Holley. Married, age 48.

Wesley Wade Gillespie, birth Dec 22, 1910, s/o Mood Gillespie & Ivy Gillespie, death Nov 11, 1968, Weston, Lewis Co, West Virginia. Burial Exchange, WV. Residence Weston, Lewis, WV

Wm Gillespie death Nov 8, 1897 Tyler Co, WV

Wm F Gillespie death June 12, 1877 Braxton  Co, WV

Wm Hy Gillespie birth 1872 Little Sewel, death Dec 26, 1891 Little Sewel Mtn, Greenbriar, West Virginia. 19 years, 7 months, 8 days. Burial Dec 27, 1891 Little Sewel.

W Wall Gillespie death Jan 16, 1860 Ohio Co, WV

Joan Gillespie HARMAN birth April 23, 1887 Tazwell, VIRGINIA, d/o John W Gillespie & Margaret Harman, death March 9, 1963 B.P. Blfd, Mercer, West Virginia. Burial March 11, 1963. Age 75. Widowed.

Gillespie MAYLE  1905 – 1967 Pritchard Cem, Barbour Co, West Virginina

Anna Gillespie MURPHY birth Sept 28, 1858 Pittsburgh, PA. death Feb 21, 1936 Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia. d/o Cornelius C Gillespie and mother Mary Hellman. Spouse M J Murphy. 77 years, 4 months, 23 days, Widowed. Both parents born Pennsylvania.

Sheila Gillespie Sayers WV 2019 150x150

Sheila Eileen (Gillespie) SAYRES, age 64, of Walnut Street, Grafton, WV, passed away Friday, May 3, 2019, at the Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

She was born July 29, 1954, in Grafton, WV, where she was raised by her grandparents, Stewart and Marie Prichard, her “gran”.

She is survived by her beloved husband of 39 years, Robert “Bob” A. Sayres, II; one daughter, Tiffany N. Sayres and spouse Megan of Columbus, OH; and three grandsons, Noah, Hudson, and Wyatt Sayres; siblings, Stephen Gillespie (Jocilyn) of Cleveland, OH, Lisa Setler (Rick) of Grafton, Debbie Bevilock of Grafton, Palette Reboudo of Canton, OH, and “Junior” Kenneth Dalton of Cleveland, OH; also survived by several nieces and nephews and special friends the “dancing buds”.

In addition to her grandparents, she was preceded in death by her mother, Gladys (Prichard) Dalton.

Sheila graduated from Grafton High School with the Class of 1972 and then from Fairmont Business College. She then worked for the Equitable Gas Company for 32 years.

The family will receive friends at the Donald G. Ford Funeral Home, in Grafton, on Thursday, May 9, from 2:00-8:00 p.m., and from 10:00 a.m. until the funeral hour on Friday. Funeral services will be held at the funeral home on Friday, May 10, 2019, at 11:00 a.m., with Pastor Phil Nestor officiating.  Interment will follow at the WV National Cemetery in Pruntytown. Published Mountain Statesman, May 6th, 2019

Source of Records: Mormon Website; Internet Obits; West Virginia Death Index

Record Count: 194



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