USA: West Virginia Marriages


Aaron Guy Gillespie, s/o Ola H Gillespie & mother Rule Smith Gillespie,  married Ruby June Gain February 25, 1945/March 25, 1945 Harrison, West Virginia, USA. Other Russell L Gain, Leona Smith Gain.

Adam Gillespie married Rose Granville?  Nov 23, 1838 Braxton County, West Virginia

Adam Gillespie married Lucinda Wease February 26, 1850 Braxton County, West Virginia

Alberta Virginia Gillespie, 19, born Belmont Co, Ohio, residence Marshall County WV, married William Arch McHenry b Belmont Co, Ohio  April 23, 1926  Moundsviile, Marshall County,  West  Virginia

Alice Gillespie married Robert E Singer 1892 Ohio, West Virginia

Allen Gillespie married Ella Mae White  1937 Wyoming, West Virginia

Anna Jo Gillespie married Alfred Deleanor Wood 1958 Raleigh, West Virginia

Annie Gillespie, 21, b Moundsville, married James Casseday, 23, on Jan 27, 1902 Marshall Co, WV

Arthur Gillespie, s/o Cliff Gillespie married Wanda Hewitt Feb 4, 1928 Sutton, Baxton County, West Virginia


Betty Lou Gillespie married Charles Douglas Young 1960 Greenbrier, West Virginiat

Blanche B Gillespie, married Gregory Bleakley Sept 15, 1897  Tyler Co,  WV


Carl Lee Gillespie married Betty May Plotner 1963, Jefferson, West Virginia


David Gillespie married Susan Walker 1838 Kanawha, West Virginia, USA

Delbert Gillespie married Rosa Conrad 1897 Webster, West Virginia

Della F Gillespie married Elvin R Kinsler 1951 Fayette, West Virginia


Edith Pauline Gillespie married Roy Rogers Bellville 1966 Hancock, West Virginia

Edna Gillespie married F L Beaver 1936 McDowell, West Virginia

Edward Gillespie married Anna Mann Nov 24, 1919 Wellsburg Book, West Virginia

Edward Earnest Gillespie married Tressa Jane Lowe 1942 Kanawa, West Virginia

Eliza M Gillespie, 34 married Nicholas Page, 44,  Feb 28, 1871 Putnam Co, WV

Elizabeth Gillespie married Alonzo Ferdinand Dicks Sept 28, 1854 Braxton County, West Virginia

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie married Morgan Gibson Feb 1, 1849, Braxton County, West Virginia

Ellwood Gillespie, 25, born  Monroe Co, Ohio,  married Margaret Edith Brown, 21, of Moundsville, on May 21, 1921 Moundsville, Marshall Co, WV

Ernest R Gillespie married Elizabeth Louis Beers, West Virginia

Esther Elizabeth Gillespie married Paul Edward Sypolt 1957 Monongalia, West Virginia

Ethel Virginia Gillespie married Frank E Westfall May 14, 1929, Braxton, West Virginia

Eugene Gillespie married Helen Dailey 1930, Brooke, West Virginia.

Everett Elsedor Gillespie, 28, married Doretta Bell Gatts, 27, Nov 27, 1902 Marshall Co, WV


F H Gillespie married Anna Avis August 26, 1888 Logan County, West Virginia

Frances Marion Gillespie married Henrietta C Hughes August 26, 1860 Boone County, West Virginia

Frances N Gillespie married Thomas Tallman, 1842, Tyler, West Virginia

Frank Gillespie married Isabel Benotaitis, West Virginia

Franklin James Gillespie married Nancy Matilda Brown, 1871, Braxton County, West Virginia


George Gillespie married Laura Amic 1934 Brooke, West Virginia

George E Gillespie married Idella I Hemphill March 19, 1914 Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia

George P Gillespie married Nora N Carter July 28,  1899 Sutton, Braxton, West Virginia

Geraldine O Gillespie married Albert Blake 1943 in Marion, West Virginia

Gergia Gillespie married Chas Watkins 1908, Mercer, West Virginia (County Records Microfilm GS film number 800736; Digital Folder Number 4226416)

Gertrude J  Gillespie married Declan L Connolly Nov 19, 1919 Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia

G S Gillespie married J R Robinson 1876 Kanawa, West Virginia


Harold Pinkney Gillespie married Margaret Frances Mcgosey  1957 Raleigh, West Virginia

Harriet B Gillespie, 24, of Meclenburgh, VA married Goerge W Stocking of Wheeling, VA married Feb 14, 1867 Tyler County, West Virginina

Henry Earnest Gillespie married Cordie M Hubbard 1928, Mercer, West Virginia

Herld Glenn Gillespie married Gladys Ann Lane Feb 14, 1930, Webster Co, WV

 Howard A Gillespie married Janie Barker 1946 Mercer, West Virginia

Hughie A Gillespie, 21, born Marshall Co,  married Maud McCardle, 21, on Jan 7, 1924, Marshall County, WV


Ida P Gillespie, birth Grbr Co, married John S Vaughan Jan 29, 1896 Greenbriar County, West Virginia


James Gillespie marriage, Raleigh County, WV = no details, from index

James Gillespie married Elizabeth Graham July 1, 1806 Braxton County, West Virginia

James Gillespie married Lillian Dietzel Oct 25, 1920 Brooke County, West Virginia

James Gillespie married Topsy Bush, West Virginia

James Edward Gillespie married Beth Lorene Webb 1853, Marion, West Virginia

James M Gillespie, age 25, married Lula Brown, 22, April 23, 1878, Greenbriar County, West Virginia

Jessie Ray Gillespie married Eva Jane Deverick 1948 Kanawa, West VIrginia

J Frank Gillespie, birth Grbr,  married Laura Sharp June 10, 1896 Greenbriar County, West Virginia

Joanna Gillespie married W B Harman 1907 Mingo, West Virginia

John H Gillespie married Millie Rumley 1907, McDowell, West Virginia, USA

John Henry Gillespie, 26, married Nellie May Lemon Dec 10, 1902 Marshall Co, West Virginia


Kathryn Marie Gillespie married Henry Tarvin Asbury 1959 McDowell, West Virginia

Kenneth Boyd Gillespie married Ada May Harrison 1929 McDowell, West Virginia


Lante O Gillespie married Mary A Malcomb Dec 5, 1921 Marpleton, Braxton Co, West Virginia

Leona May Gillespie, 20, born  Marshall County, residence Marshall County, married Bert Ray Truax, November 19, 1924 Marshall County, WV

Lola Inez Gillespie married Joseph Adams, 1962, Marion, West Virginia

Lulu Gillespie married Edgar Lieving, West Virginia


Maggie Gillespie, 26, b McDonald, PA, married Thomas E Kennedy, 28 on March 24, 1902 Marshall Co, WV

Margaret Gillespie married Lake Robertson  43, Mercer, West Virginia (County record  GS film number 800738, Digital Folder Number 4226418, Image 00227).

Margaret Darlene Gillespie married Edward Allen Kurczak 1964 Marion, West Virginia

Maria Gillespie married  Wesley Frame October 23, 1853 Braxton County, West Virginia

Martha Gillespie married Adam Browning May 7, 1892 Logan County, West Virginia

Martha Ruth Gillespie married George Loury Hill 1951 Brooke, West Virginia

Mary E Gillespie married David Perkins May 28, 1891 Braxton County, West Virginia

Mary Margaret Gillespie married Poindexter Toney Sept 29. 1865 Boone County, West Virginia

Michael Gillespie married Mary Harpold Jackson, West Virginia

Mildred L Gillespie married Kenneth Paul Heffelfinger  1942 Ohio, West Virginia

Myrle Gillespie married Richard C Hayslip 1935 Brooke, West Virginia


Nellie Mae Gillespie married James William Holt 1938 Raleigh, West Virginia

Nora Belle Gillespie married Andrew Lee White 1903, Boone County, West Virginia

Nora C Gillespie married Samuel N Green 1902 Mason, West Virginia


Okey Gillespie married Veda Belknap, West Virginia

Owen Daniel Gillespie married Edmonia Flinchern 1941 Raleigh, West Virginia


Pearl Gillespie married William Robert Rankin 1920 Monongalia, West Virginia


Ralph Louis Gillespie married Gertrude Marie La Velle 1953, Wood, West Virginia

Reba Lee Gillespie married Donald Paul Combs 1953 Kanawa, West Virginia

Rebecca Gillespie married Lewis Perrine June 6, 1830 Braxton County, West Virginia

Rena Gillespie married Archibald McElwain July 23, 1878 Braxton County, West Virginia

Richard Lee Gillespie married Mary Kathryn Tolbert 1952 Raleigh, West Virginia, USA

Robert Earl Gillespie married Mary Etta Pettry 1960  Raleigh, West Virginia

Robert George Gillespie married Joyce Arrillia Naylor 1946 Kanawha, West Virginia

Robert Grey Gillespie married Helen Marie Swimm 1945 McDowell, West Virginia

Ronald Lee Gillespie, s/o John Lee Gillespie & Melba Lee Palmer Gillespie, married Sharon Laign Moore Jan 13, 1962 Harrison, West Virginia. Other: Cecil Moore, Nellie Elizabeth Blackwell Moore.


Samuel Gillespie married Mary Jane McElwee January 1820, Boone County, West Virginia

Samuel Gillespie married Rebecca Belcher, West Virginia


Thelma Beatrice Gillespie married Glen McHenry  1966, Lewis, West Virginia

Thomas H Gillespie married Emma Witten 1917 Bluefield, West Virginia


Velmer P Gillespie married Jennings J Johnson June 29, 1932, Webster Co,  WV


Wanda J Gillespie married Alvin P Karr 1923, Ohio, West Virginia

William Gillespie married Pearl Hartzell Oct 4, 1919 Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginias

William H Gillespie, 39, of Rappahannock Co, VA married Sarah C Smith, 31 of  Tyler Co, married May 25, 1880, Tyler Co, WV

William Lewis Gillespie, 25, b Albermarle Coz, VA, married Emma V Woodson, 17, born Monroe Co, daughter of   Z and Sarah Woodson. Dec 24, 1874 Summers Co, WV

William S Gillespie married Mary Ann Skidmore December 17, 1868 Braxton County, West  Virginia

Record Count:  99

Source of Records:  County Microfilmed Records; Mormon Website. usgwarchives