USA: Wisconsin Births & Baptisms


Alice G Gillespie birth Nov 23, 1855 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alta M Gillespie birth Oct 21, 1893 Grant, Wisconsin

Anna Mary Gillespie birth June 29, 1904 Vilas, Wisconsin


Belle Mary Gillespie birth Sept 14, 1903 Door, Wisconsin


Carie Gillespie birth June 10, 1897 Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin. Father Gillespie. White

Clementine Luvere Gillespie, birth Feb 12, 1891 Mount Ida, Grant, Wisconsin. Father W. E. Gillespie, birth Lancaster, Wisconsin; Mother Cassie Erwin birth Mount Hope, Grant Co., Wis. Residence Grant, Wisconsin.


David Gillespie birth Nov 11, 1809 Dane Co, Wisconsin

Donald L Gillespie birth Sept 1, 1904 Rock Co, Wisconsin


Earle Lawrence Gillespie birth June 20, 1905 Columbia, Wisconsin

Earnest S Gillespie birth July 25, 1890 Burnett Co, Wisconsin

Edwin Simpson Gillespie, birth May 24, 1879. Dellona, Sauk, Wisconsin. Father Thomas Gillespie, birth Glasgow, Scotland. Mother Martha B Simpson, birth Burlington, VT.  Residence Salk, Wisconsin.

Edwin S Gillespie birth May 24, 1879 Sauk Co, Wisconsin

Ellen Gillespie birth  July 10,1904 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Elsie Gillespie birth April 8, 1907 Door Co, Wisconsin

Emma Adelaide Gillespie birth June 30, 1853. Father Ezekiel Gillespie. Mother Catharine Lukas. Residence Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


Francis Patrick Gillespie, birth June 24, 1899 Dodge, Wisconsin. Father John Gillespie. Mother Ann Meager. Residence Dodge, Wisconsin.


George Gillespie birth Oct 5, 1813. Dane, Wisconsin. Father Walter Gillespie. Mother Christana Truax.

Gillespie birth Feb 27, 1893 Outagamie Co, Wisconsin

Gillespie, (male) birth April 24, 1894 Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin. Father Edward Gillespie. Mother Sennett. Parents both born Wisconsin. White.

Gillespie, (male) birth June 24, 1901 Sturgeon Bay, Door, Wisconsin. Father Thomas Gillespie, birth Sevastopol, Wis, Mother Eliza Haines, Union, Wis. Residence Door, Wisconsin.

Gillespie birth Nov 23, 1901 Kenosha, Wisconsin

Gillespie birth April 20, 1902 Door, Wisconsin

Gillespie, (birth), March 23, 1903 Arbor Vitae, Vilas, Wisconsin. Father John Gillespie,  birth Canada, Mother Lizzie Castello, birth Wis. (note ‘twin). White

Gillespie birth Feb 2, 1906 Columbia, Wisconsin

Grace Rose Gillespie, birth Aug 20, 1895 Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin, Father James Patrick Gillespie, birth Janesville, Wis, Mother Alice Elizabeth Connell, birth Ireland.  Residence Rock, Wisconsin, United States. White.


Halli M  Gillespie birth Jan 15, 1890 Sauk Co, Wisconsin

Harriet G Gillespie birth April 21, 1901 Columbia, Wisconsin

Helen E Gillespie birth June 13, 1906 Outagamie Co, Wisconsin

Herald Gillespie birth  March 30, 1893 Outagamie Co, Wisconsin


Ida Mary Gillespie, birth Feb 2, 1867. Father Ezkiel Gillespie. Mother Cathrina Lukus. Residence Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Inia E Gillespie birth June 9, 1869 Polk, Wisconsin

Irene M Gillespie birth June 9,  1907 Outagamie Co, Wisconsin


James Gillespie birth Sept 19, 1903 Door, Wisconsin

James Gillespie birth Dec 21, 1905 Schenectady Co, New York. Father  Walter Gillespie, birth Mayo, Monahon, Ireland.  Mother Christina Truax, birth New York. Residence Dane, Wisconsin.

James Gillespie birth June 18, 1861 Senastopol, Door, Wisconsin. Father James Gillespie. Mother Eliza Cameron.

James Gillespie birth Dec 21, 1905 Dane Co, Wisconsin

James Aloysius Gillespie, birth May 1, 1894 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Father John Gillespie. Mother Mary Jane Boyle.

James B Gillespie birth Jan 4, 1887 Calumet, Wisconsin

James E Gillespie birth Jan 4,1887 Calumet Co, Wisconsin

James Maddock Gillespie birth June 9, 1902 Douglas, Wisconsin

J L Gillespie birth Sept 9, 1907 Grant, Wisconsin

John Gillespie birth Oct 25, 1889 Calument Co, Wisconsin

John Gillespie birth Dec 6,1901 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

John Gillespie birth Feb 2, 1905 Dane Co, Wisconsin

John T Gillespie birth July 5, 1862 Sauk Co, Wisconsin


Leland W Gillespie birth Feb 14, 1903 Brown, Wisconsin

Louis Gillespie birth Jan 27, 1893 Douglas Co, Wisconsin

Lulu Elizabeth Gillespie, father A. L. Gillespie, Mother Adelia F Wilson, birth June  9, 1869 Osceola, Polk, Wisconsin

Luta V Gillespie birth April 15, 1894 Grant Co, Wisconsin

Lymnsha J Gillespie birth July 4, 1849 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Margery Gillespie birth Jan 30, 1907 Dane Co, Wisconsin

Mary Gillespie birth March 16,1895 Dane Co, Wisconsin

Mary Gillespie birth Dec 29, 1899 Taylor Co, Wisconsin

Mary Gillespie birth June 6, 1905 Racine, Wisconsin

Mary Gillespie, d/o Earl Gillespie & Elsie Frost, birth May 19, 1906  Kilbourn, Columbia, Wisconsin. Residence Crawford, Wisconsin. Parents both born in Wisconsin. White.

Mary D Gillespie birth May 21, 1900 Rock Co, Wisconsin

Mary E Gillespie birth Nov 14, 1846 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Nancy Gillespie birth July 22, 1813 Dane Co, Wisconsin

Nathaniel D Gillespie birth July 17, 1904 Outagami, Wisconsin

Nellie Gillespie birth Dec 7, 1895 Rock Co, Wisconsin

Nellie Marie Gillespie, birth July 15, 1905  Newark, Rock, Wisconsin. Father Fred Jones P Gillespie, birth Ypsilanti, Mich.  Mother Olive Wood, birth Brooklyn, Green, Wis.. White.


Olietta Gillespie birth Nov 9, 1868 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ora L Gillespie birth Oct 12, 1901 Grant Co, Wisconsin


Reese B Gillespie birth June 15, 1888 Grant Co, Wisconsin

Richard Leon Gillespie, birth July 25, 1899 West Superior, Wisconsin. Residence Douglas, Wisconsin. Father Richard Gillespie. Mother Ida Peters.


Stanley A Gillespie birth July 17, 1903 Outagamie Co, Wisconsin


Thomas F Gillespie birth June 4, 1907 Columbia Co, Wisconsin


unnamed female birth Feb 6, 1870 Dodge, Wisconsin

Unnamed female birth June 20, 1896 Portage Co,  Wisconsin

Unnamed female birth  March 23, 1901 Grant, Wisconsin

Unnamed female birth Feb 22, 1903 Taylor, Wisconsin

Unnamed female birth March 13, 1904 Columbia Co, Wisconsin

Unnamed female birth Feb 2, 1906 Rock, Wisconsin

Unnamed male birth July 20, 1891 Grant, Wisconsin

Unnamed male birth Sept 9, 1892 Door, Wisconsin

Unnamed male birth Jan 30, 1894 Door Co, Wisconsin

Unnamed male, birth Sept 7,1894 Door Co, Wisconsi

Unnamed male birth April 15,1900 Vilas County, Wisconsin

Unnamed male Jan 4, 1901 Door, Wisconsin

Unnamed male twin March 26, 1903 Vilas, Wisconsin

Unnamed male Oct 6, 1906 Crawford, Wisconsin

Unnamed male Feb 4, 1907 Rock Co, Wisconsin


Vernie M Gillespie birth April 16, 1907 Langlade Co, Wisconsin


Walter Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, birth Jan 24, 1872 Mayo, Monahon, Ireland. Residence Dane, Wisconsin, USA. Father born Scotland. White

Walter Gillespie birth Feb 3, 1908 Dane Co, Wisconsin

William Gillespie birth June 22, 1903 Lincoln Co, Wisconsin

William Clarence Gillespie, birth July 28, 1899 Courtland, Dodge, Wisconsin. Father James Gillespie. Mother Kate Gilmour.

William E Gillespie birth Dec 22, 1857 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Zita Elizabeth Gillespie, birth March 24, 1893, Bear Creek, Sauk, Wisconsin. Father Joseph Gillespie. Mother Mary OMara.

Record Count: 89

Source of Records: Mormon website: Wisconsin Births and Christenings, 1826-1926; Wisconsin Historical Society