USA: Wyoming Marriages


Arthur L Gillespie married Doris E Johnson, 1950, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Daughter of Audrey J Gillespie May 30, 1935 – Feb 11, 1977 (Kemmer)Lincoln Co, Wyoming


Bill Gillespie married Frances Perkins, 195 0, Cheyenne, Wyoming


Charles P Gillespie, age 30,  married Clara F Foss, age 21 Jan 15, 1884 Unita, Wyoming


David Gillespie, Jr married Fern de Witt, 1945, Torrington, Wyoming.

Davy L Gillespie married Overta G Canfield, 1952,  Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Donna Mae Gillespie married Clyde Morgan Faler 1946 Rock River, Wyoming.

Dorothea I Gillespie married George Cafego 1951 Dixon, Wyoming.

Dorothy Gillespie (24) married Arthur D Durden (38) 1923 Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming. Both of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dorothy L Gilespie married Roland W Swanson 1951 Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Elizabeth Gillespie married Neil Cameron 1944, Casper, Wyoming.

Ella Gillespie, 23, birth 1869,  married James Allison Becker, 28, birth 1864, on  Feb 10, 1892/March 10, 1892 Sheridan, Wyoming, United States


Fannie Gillespie married John A Johnson, 1943, Laramie, Wyoming.

Faye Ethel Gillespie married Phils Henry Morey, 1941, Casper, Wyoming


George G Gillespie married Myrtle C Mainquist, 1951, Laramie, Wyoming.

Gilbert Gifford Gillispie, 36, birth 1882, married Effie Winona Davis, 31, birth 1887 on  Sept 11, 1918 Uinta, Wyoming, United States.


Harry M Gillespie, 23, birth 1871, married Minnie Lanora Keith, 19, birth 1875 on  Nov 22, 1894 Casper, Natrona, Wyoming, United States (2nd record gives bride’s last name as Arith)

Helen Marie Gillespie married Charles W Story 1945, Evanston, Wyoming.


Jean Gillespie married Leonard J Georges 1952, Laramie, Wyoming.

John Dryer Gillespie, 24, birth 1872,  married Mary J Younger, 24, birth 1872, on  June 24, 1896 Sheridan, Wyoming, United States (bride’s name also spelled Youngker)

Joseph Gillespie, 24, birth 1863,  married Kate S Bliokensderfer, 17, birth 1870, on  June 9, 1887 Albany, Wyoming, United States (2nd record gives bride’s name as Blickensderfer, age 18, birth 1869)


Laveryle Gillespie married George Pine Jorgenson 1942, Everanston, Wyoming.

Leona Gillespie married James O Hewett, 1944, Evanston, Wyoming

Lewis Johnson married Dorothy Johnson 1952, Lusk, Wyoming

Lois Gillespie married James L Burke, 1943, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Louis Edward Gillespie married Annie Mae Payne, 1944, Ft F, E. Warren, Laramie, Wyoming.


Mildred C Gillespie married Paul L Cherry 1943, Ft F. E. Warren, Wyoming.


Nellie F Gillispie, 23, birth 1867, married Joseph L Barnett, 33, birth 1857, on  May 29, 1890  Casper, Natrona, Wyoming, United States

Norman Gillespie married Irma Dorigatti 1949 , Rock Springs, Wyoming.


Phyllis Gillespie married Joe Mahoney 1951, Douglas, Wyoming


Richard D Gillespie, married Patricia Sullivan, 1951, Evanston, Wyoming

Robert W Gillespie married Etta Mae Pate, 1947, Laramie, Wyoming

Roger B Gillespie married Barbara A Lott, 1950,  Laramie, Wyoming.


Tinnie Gillispie married Hugh Ralph Hall Oct 20, 1897 Albany, Wyoming

Record Count: 35

Source of Records: Mormon website:  Wyoming Marriages, 1869-1923; Wyoming Marriages, 1877-1920; BYU- Idaho & David O McKay Library;