AUSTRALIA: Newspaper Articles Index


A Gillespie, 1863, April 17, Victoria State, Clunes Town

Archibald Gillespie, 1864, Aug 24, Victoria, Creswick

Archibald Gillespie, 1864, Oct 21, Victoria, Clunes

Alexander Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Alice Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Alice Mary Gillespie1988, Oct 4,   late of Redfern & Maroubra: death notice

Alisa Margaret Gillespie, 1997, Oct 30, late of Penrith & Cremorne: death notice

Allan Gillespie, 1997, June 9 (publication) death notice

Allan Gillespie 1997, June 11 (publication) death notice

Allan Roy Gillespie, 1997, June 7  (publication): death notice

Andrew Gillespie 1992, July 30, at Mornington: death notice

Ann Thompson Gillespie, 1992, May 18 late of Farrer, ACT, formerly of Ryde: death notice

Archibald Gillespie, 1987, Jan 24, late of Woy Woy: death notice

Aubrey Gillespie, 2002, April 1, late of Riverstone: death notice


Bede Gerard Gillespie, 1997, Nov 9, death notice

Bernard Kirkeaton Gillespie, 1988, Dec 3, late of Leichhardt: death notice

Bert Clark Gillespie, 1994, June 9: death notice

Bess Edna Gillespie, 1990, Aug 13, late of South Windsor: death notice

Betty Gillespie (Sister) 1997, Sept 29, late of Kensington: death notice

Brenda Gillespie, 1999, Nov 13, late of Balgowish and Castle Hill death notice

Brian Anthony Gillespie 1986, July 4 late of Verona via Bega, formerly of Forest Lodge: death notice


C Gillespie, Victoria, book index

Charles Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Charles Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Clifford Alexander Gillespie, 2000, Jan 21, late of Castlecraig: death notice

Colin Bruce Gillespie, 1998, Sept 9 (publication): death notice

Cornelia Gillespie, Victoria – book index


David Gillespie, 1865, Jan 13, Victoria, Ballarat

Daphne Joan Gillespie, 1998, March 31 (publication): death notice

Donald Gillespie, 2001, March 7 at John Hunter Hospital: death notice

Donald Gillespie, 2001, March 9 (funeral): death notice

Donald James Gillespie 1987, June 5, late of Homebush: death notice

Donald Menzies Gillespie, 1987, June 16 at Stirling ACT: death notice

Dorothy Gillespie, 1989, June 12, late of Matraville: death notice

Dorothy Patricia Gillespie, 1992, June 19, late of Wahroonga: death notice

Douglas Allan Gillespie, 2000, May 30, late of Pymble: death notice


Edith Maud Gillespie, 1994, Nov 11 (publication): death notice

Edith May Gillespie, 1989, May 19, late of Roselands, Lakemba: death notice

Eileen Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Elizabeth Gillespie of Victoria  – book index

Elizabeth Gillespie, 1998, June 30, late of Hammondville, formerly of Riverstone: death notice

Elizabeth Wallace Gillespie, 1998, July 25, formerly of Greenock, Scotland: death notice

Elsie May Gillespie, 1995, March 10, late of Waverley: death notice

Ena Mary Gillespie, 1989, Aug 13, late of East Gosford: death notice

Eric Gillespie, 1993, Jan 5, late of Penshurst: death notice

Eric Gillespie, 2000, July 23, late of Walanobbi, formerly of Orange and Blacktown: death notice

Ethel Blanche Gillespie, 1989, Jan 19, late of Ashfield: death notice


Frances Mary Gillespie, 1988, Oct 8: death notice

Francis Gillespie, 1988, Aug 22 late of Normanhurst: death notice

Frederick William Gillespie, 2000, May 14, late of Beauty Point, formerly of Cobargo: death notice


Gillespie, 1859, Sept 30, Victoria State, Grenville Town

Gillespie, 1861, Aug 13, Victoria State, Grenville Town

Gillespie, 1862, Jan 10, Victoria, MLA town

Gillespie, 1862, March 4, Victoria, MLA

Gordon Gillespie, 1999, Feb 25, late of Freemana Reach: death notice


Harry Leslie Gillespie, 1997, April 2 (publication): death notice

Heath Harold Gillespie 1996, Aug 16 (publication): death notice

Hedley Edgar Gillespie 1994, March 15, late of Condell Park: death notice

Hugh Gillespie, 1995, Nov 22, late of Ashfield, formerly of Mosman: death notice


Isabella Taylor Gillespie, 1988, July 13, late of Normanhurst & Arcadia: death notice


Jack Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Jack Gillespie (Mrs), Victoria – book index

James Gillespie, 1865, June 12, of Victoria, Clunes

James Gillespie, 1987, May 23 (publication); death notice

James William Stuart Gillespie, 1994, May 12, late of Dee Why: death notice

Joan Victoria Gillespie 2000 Dec 27, 28, 29 (publications): death notice

John Gillespie, Victoria – book index

John Gillespie, 2001, Dec 31 (funeral) late of Kolara: death notice

John Alister Gillespie, 1992, April 30: death notice

John Anderson Morris Gillespie, 1987, April 22: death notice

John Charles Gillespie 1991, July 22, late of Orange and Randwick: death notice

John Menzies Gillespie, 1986, Jan 19, formerly of Sydney death notice

Joseph Gillespie 1861 Oct 22, Victoria, Ballarat

Josephine Mary Gillespie 1998, Dec 9 late of Northbridge, formerly of Mosman: death notice

Joy Kathleen Gillespie, 1995, April 6, late of Seaforth: death notice

Joyce Gillespie, 1995, March 16, late of Lane Cove, formerly of Innerleithen, Scotland

Joyce Isabel Gillespie, see Joyce Isabel MAYNE, death notice

Joyce Isabella Gillespie, 1998, Feb 28, late of Caringbah: death notice


Kate Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Kathleen Joyce Gillespie, 1997, Dec 19, of Woy Woy: death notice

Kathleen Nancy Mary Gillespie, 1987, May 17, late of Chatswood: death notice

Keith William Gillespie, 1992, Aug 26, late of Port Marquaries, formerly of Sylvania Waters: death notice

Kenneth James Gillespie, 2000, July 23, at Rockhampton: death notice

Kevin John Gillespie, 1996, Sept 16, late of Caris Park: death notice


Leila Ivy Gillespie, 1986, May 12, late of Castle Hill: death notice

Lewis Frederick Gillespie, formerly of Samford & Windsor: death notice

Lillian Gillespie, 1992, June 19 late of Chatswood. Death notice


Malcolm John Gillespie 2000, Oct 4, late of Narrabri, Sydney: death notice

Malcolm Ross Gillespie, 2001, Sept 24 of Melbourne, Death notice

Margaret Gillespie 1986, Aug 16: death notice

Margaret Eleanor Gillespie 1989, Dec 22, late of Canberra. Death Notice

Margaret Lilian Gillespie, see Martin, Margaret Lilian death notice

Margery Eleanor Gillespie, 1989, Dec 27, late of Canberra, death notice

Maria Gillespie 1994, Nov 29, late of Wollstonecrdaft. Death notice

Marie Gertrude Gillespie 1989, June 21, at Rose Bay. Death notice

Mary Gillespie 1993, Oct 19 death notice

Mary Kathleen Gillespie 1993, March 16, formerly of Bull Point. Death notice

Mary Margaret Gillespie (Sister Cecilia) 1985, Dec 14, late of Eastwood. Death notice

Mary Sabina Gillespie, Sister, 1994, Sept 20 at St Joseph’s Nursing Home. Death notice


N R Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Neil Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Norah Helen Gillespie, Victoria – book index


Olga May Gillespie, 1986, Dec 10, late of Cronuila, death notice


Patrick Edward Gillespie 2000, Nov 5, late of Gordon, death notice

Patrick John Gillespie 1994, July 10, late of Leichhardt, death notice

Patrick M Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Pete Ross Gillespie, death notice

Peter James Gillespie 1993, Jan 12, late of Mosman: death notice

Phil Gillespie, 2000, Feb 24, late of Rozelle: death notice

Philip Hastings Gillespie 1993, July 9, formerly of Epping: death notice

Phyllis Catherine Gillespie 1988, Sept 21, late of Manly, death notice


R Gillespie 1859, Victoria, Buninyong – newspaper

R Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Robert Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Robert Gillespie, 1861, Aug 6, Victoria, Grieville – newspaper

Robert Eddington Rome Gillespie 1992, Aug 12 – death notice

Robert Gordon Gillespie 1995, March 23 (funeral) late of Mt Pritchard: death notice

Robert Henry Gillespie 2001, June 16, late of Burwood: death notice

Robert John Gillespie 2001, March 28 (funeral) late of Kuri Kuri, death notice

Robert John Gillespie, 1995, Aug 31, late of Mortdale, death notice

Robert Laing Gillespie at Cremorne House Hospital, Cremorne, death notice

Robert Ramsey Gilespie, 1992, May 6 late of Forestville: death notice

Rollo Franklin Freeth Gillespie 1991, Feb 21 at Kirribrill: death notice

Ronald Gillespie, 1994, Nov 10, late of Malabar: death notice

Ruby Gillespie 1999, July 26, late of Blaxland: death notice


Samuel Gillespie 1995, May 11, late of Kensington: death notice

Sarah Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Sarah Robena Gillespie 1994, Feb 11, late of Vaucluse, formerly of Shellharbour: death notice

Shirley Patricia Gillespie 1992, April 11, formerly of Homebush: death notice

Stanley William Gillespie 1996, oct 25 late of Epping: death notice.

Stuart James Gillespie, 1987, April 10, late of Ashfield, death notice

Sylvia Ethel Gillespie, 1997, Feb 27 (publication), death notice

Sylvia Tabot Gillespie, late of Amarina, formerly of Samford and Windsor: death notice


Thelma Marie Gillespie, 1996, Oct 28 (publication) death notice

Thomas Gillespie, Victoria – book index

Thomas Henry Gillespie, late of Willoughby, death notice

Thomas James Gillespie 1989, Nov 4  late of Sutherland, death notice

Thomas Robert Gillespie 1991, Aug 24, death notice

Travis Harvey Gillespie 1944, NSW, North Sydney, death notice


Valda Hazel Gillespie, 1986, May 20, death notice


William John Gillespie 1992, Sept 15, late of Riverstone, death notice

William John Gillespie, 1991, May 25, late of Cardiff


Yvonne Margaret Gillespie, 1988, June 28 late of Chatswood, death notice


Zita Caroline Gillespie, 1988, Oct 4, late of Epping, death notice

Total Records:  141

Source of Records: Rootsweb Australia database