AUSTRALIA: Western Australia Births & Baptisms

Registration Date & Registration District


Alexander David Gillespie, s/o Alexander David & Walker Nellie May Louise, 1902, Guildford, Australia

Alexander P Gillespie 1927, Wellington, Australia

Alice F Gillespie, 1916,  Swan, Australia

Alison I Gillespie, 1926, Freemantle, Australia

Alwyn T Gillespie, 1930, Wellington, Australia

Andrew Basil Gillespie, s/o Andrew Robert & Isabel Anderson, 1904, Perth, Australia

Arthur J A Gillespie, 1916, Sabiaco, Australia


Barrie B W Gillespie, 1921, Freemantle, Australia

Bessie M Gillespie, 1929, Blackwood, Australia


Catherine A Gillespie, 1931, Blackwood, Australia

Catherine Fanny Gillespie, 1901, d/o Alexander David & Walker Keolie May Louise, Guildford, Australia

Cecilia F Gillespie, 1907, Dandaraga, Australia


Donald Gillespie, 1924, Wellington, Australia

Doris M Gillespie, 1926, Northam, Australia

Douglas Gillespie, born 1920, Perth, Australia

Douglas C Gillespie, 1921, Canning, Australia

Dugald Gillespie 1927, Blackwood, Australia

Dugald C Gillespie, 1931, Blackwood, Australia


Esther Gillespie, born 1910, Wellington, Australia

Ethel A Gillespie, 1918, Swan, Australia

Eugene W Gillespie, 1914, Katanning, Australia


Frances E Gillespie, female, 1910, Victoria Plains, Australia

Francis Gillespie, male, 1918, Wellington, Australia


Grace M Gillespie, 1909, Victoria, Australia

Graham Gillespie, 1932, Perth, Australia

Guy M Gillespie, 1929, Beverley, Australia


Heather M Gillespie, 1929, Northam, Australia

Hugh M Gillespie, 1927, Blackwood, Australia


Ian H Gillespie, 1925, Fremantle, Australia

Isabel Gweneth Gillespie, 1922,  d/o Andrew Robert & Anderson Isabel of Perth, Australia (appears this way on record, but I wonder if the parents names should be read Robert Andrew and Isabel Anderson)


James Lewis Gillespie, 1904, James Lewis & Wilks Louisa of Lockridge, Australia

John D Gillespie, born 1907, Freemantle, Australia

John D Gillespie, 1931, Freemantle, Australia

John L Gillespie1943, RG Fremantle,  Australia

John M Gillespie, born 1928 Blackwood, Australia

John R Gillespie, 1916, Canning, Australia


Kathleen Gillespie, 1920, Perth, Australia

Kevin M Gillespie, 1929, Williams, Australia


Leslie Gillespie, male, 1916, Wellington, Australia

Lila Gillespie, 1921, Wellington, Australia

Louisa Gillespie, 1927, Moora, Australia

Lucy I Gillespie, 1911, Moora, Australia


Madge Aloysius Gillespie, d/o Allan Gillespie & Catharina Pugh, birth April 12, 1901 , christening June 1, 1901 at Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Margaret I Gillespie, 1931, Freemantle, Australia

Marion E Gillespie, 1932 Blackwood, Australia

Marion J Gillespie, 1919, Perth, Australia

Martin Gillespie, birth Swan (Shire), Western Australia, Australia, christening Nov 23, 1901  Swan (Shire), Western Australia, Australia

Mary Catherina Gillespie born 1904, d/o Danile & Manelis Katherine, Cannington, Australia

Mary K Gillespie, 1906, Wellington, Australia

Mary L Gillespie, 1919, Swan, Australia

Matthew Gillespie, 1820, Wellington, Australia

Mavis Margaret Gillespie,  born 1899, d/o John & Barrie Isabel Anne, Freemantle, Australia


Patricia Gillespie, born 1932, Moora, Australia

Pauline R Gillespie, 1924, Perth, Australia

Peggy C Gillespie, 1914 Northam, Australia


Reginald N Gillespie, born 1925, Northam, Australia

Robert M Gillespie, 1932, Northam, Australia


Stewart Henderson Gillespie, 1898, s/o John Henderson & Barrie Isabella Ann Craig


Vilma F Gillespie, born 1932 Northam, Australia

Maria Alicia MCINNES, d/o Joannis Mcinnes & Elizabetha Anna Gillespie, birth Aug 19, 1870, christening Feb 21, 1899 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jacobus NIGHT, s/o Thoma Night & Maria Gillerpy, birth Feb 4, 1865, christening Feb 27, 1865 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Record Count: 61

Source of Records: Mormon website