CANADA: New Brunswick Marriages



Adam Gillespie birth 1847. Father Adam Gillespie. Mother Margaret Gillespie, married Caroline E Porter Dec 12, 1900 Charlotte, New Brunswick

Agnes A Gillespie, bride, Charlotte County married George Lever, groom, Charlotte County, 1871 Co signer William Berry, Charlotte County, New Brunwick

Alberta J Gillespie married George F Paul Jan 19, 1897 New Brunswick

Annie Gillespie birth 1848, d/o John & Ann, married John McCrea March 18, 1891 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other: Wm, Jane E

Annie Gillespie b 1867. Father Richard Mcneely & Mother Martha, married George A McNeely June 26, 1890 Saint John, New Brunwick. Other William, Jane. (Possible error here I think with parents probably belonging to George, not Ann).


Barbara Gillespie birth 1879, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Eliza Elizabeth Hawes, married George Day Aug 28, 1900 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other: Andrew Day, Sarah Kupkey.


Charles T Gillespie, s/o Thomas & Christine Gillespie, married Annie S Turner June 27, 1894 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other: Joshua Turner, Susan Turner.

Charlotte Blanche Gillespie married Harry Edmund Bradshaw Aug 25, 1894 New Brunswick

Cornelius Gillespie married Ella Cronin Feb 1, 1892 Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick. Father Jas Gillespie. Mother Rosanna Steeves. Other Michael Cronin 


Daniel Gillespie married Joanna Hartnett Jan 22, 1866, Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick

Daniel Gillespie married Jan 22, 1967 Rosanna Taitut, Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick

Daniel Gillespie married Mary Ann Lynch Jan 15, 1895 Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Daniel Gillespie, s/o Francis Gillespie & Nancy Reardon married Mary Mulhern, April 24, 1906 Drummond, Victoria, New Brunswick. Other John Mulhern, Catherine Use


Edmund T Gillespie married Josephine Sullivan June 29, 1897 Irishtown, New Brunswick

Edward Gillespie, groom, St John County,  married 1868 Mary Jane Saunders, bride, St John County, NB, Co signer Alexander Douglas.

Edward Gillespie of St Johns, New Brunswick to Isabella Jane Wilkie March 11, 1870. W. Met.h. (Note: marriage possibly in Notre Dame de Quebec)

Eleta Gillespie birth 1881, father Nathaniel & Annie Gillespie, married Amos B Tower Dec 24, 1900 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other Amos W Tower, Eliza Tower.

Eliza Gelaspie married William Sconey Nov 12, 1864, Woodstock, New Brunswick

Emma L Gillespie birth 1876, married Charles F Engalls Nov 21, 1898 Saint John, New Brunswick


Francis Gillespie birth 1860, s/o of James Gillespie & Rosanna Steeves, married Mary Daley Oct 29, 1902 Albert, New Brunswick. Other Daly, Eliz McAnulty

Francis A Gillespie birth 1869,  child of Thomas F Gillespie & Elizabeth married James G Miller Feb 17, 1897, Northumberland, New Brunswick. Other James G Miller, Georgiana


Hanora Gillespie, bride, Maine, married 1865 William L Little, Maine, Co signer Josiah McDougall, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick

Helena S Gillespie, d/o William & Margaret A Gillespie, married Edgar Munroe Robinson June 12, 1900 Oak Bay, Charlotte, New Brunswick. Other John B Robinson, Isabella Robinson

Henry Gillespie married Mary McCafferty Dec 31, 1827 Fredericton, York, New Brunswick

Henry W Gillespie birth 1870. s/o John & Inez, married Cora A Alago  (also Algar) 1895 New Brunswick. Other John, Mary. (2nd record gives Henry from Maine.Co Signer F W Andrews, Charlotte Co, NB)


James B Gillespie married Nita Golding Oct 27, 1898 St John, New Brunswick

J B Gillespie birth 1873, Mother Christina Gillespie, married Nita Golding Oct 27, 1898 St John, New Brunswick. Other A Wellington Golding, Margaret J Golding.

Jennie Gillespie birth 1864, father John, Mother Annie, married David Thurston Feb 18, 1897 Charlotte, New Brunswick. Other David, Eliza (2nd record gives bride from Charlotte Co, NB, groom & cosigner, William Howe, both from Maine)

Jennie D Gillespie birth 1878, s/o William Gillespie, Isabel Gillespie, married J P Lamont May 6, 1896 Glassville, Carleton, New Brunswick. Other Henry Lamont, Mary Lamont (2nd record gives location as Aberdeen).

John H Gillespie birth 1858, s/o James & Margaret Gillespie, married Bella M Forbes Aug 18, 1903 Westmorland, New Brunswick. Other James R Forbes, Margaret Forbes

John K Gillespie, groom, Charlotte Co, NB, married Inez A Webber , bride, Charlotte Co, NB 1866. 

Julia Gillaspie bride, Charlotte County NB married Hugh Brown, groom, Charlotte County 1881, New Brunswick. Cosigner George Beach.


Katie B Gillespie birth 1876, d/o Joseph & Isabel Gillespie, married George E McRae Dec 31, 1896 St John, New Brunswick. Other Frederick McRae, Margaret McRae


Lemont Gillespie child of George, Mother Sophrona Burt, married Maud Webb July 5, 1899 York, New Brunswick. Other John, Mary DeWitt


Maggie Gillespie, bride, Charlotte Co, NB married 1864 William A McAllister  Charlotte Co, NB. Co signer George Young, Charlotte Co.

Maggie Gillespie, bride, 1884, Charlotte Co, NB

Maggie Gillespie birth 1876 d/o Wm & S Gillespie, married Alexander Longon Nov 12, 1902 Saint John, New Brunswick

Margaret Gillespie birth 1872, married Daniel Craig Nov 29, 1894 Charlotte, New Brunwick, d/o Michael Gillespie & Mary A McKetian. Other Daniel Criag,  Sarah Clarke.

Margaret Nairn Gillespie b 1876, s/o Thomas & Christina Gillespie, married Mathew Boyd Edwards June 16, 1900 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other John Edwards, J. M. Edwards

Maria Gillespie, St John Co, NB married William McDonald Aug 2, 1858 Saint John, New Brunswick. Co signer Alex Ross.

Martha J Gillespie married Patrick McEvoy Aug 23, 1874, Northumberland Co, New Brunswick

Mary Gillespie, bride, Charlotte Co, married 1866 Charles Drinkale, groom, Charlotte Co, Co signer Thomas Robinson, Charlotte  County, New Brunswick

Mary Gillespie birth 1871, d/o John Gillespie & Margaraet Maquire, married Stephen Hardgrove Sept 12, 1893 Johnville, New Brunswick

Michael Gillespie birth 1852, s/o Edward Gillespie & Betsey Gillespie, married Bridget Lee June 28, 1892 Carleton, New Brunswick. Other John Lee, Ann Lee.


Nathaniel Gillespie, groom, St John County, married 1870 Annie McCloskey, bride, Saint John County, Co signer Stephen Lounder


Richard Gillespie, groom, Saint John County, married 1863 Martha Carson, bride, Saint John County. Co Signer William Carson.

Richard Gillespie, son of Michael Gillespie & Mary A McKetean, married Rachel Denwmore, May 24, 1897 New Brunswick. Other John Densmore,  Anne Hayden

Ruth E Gillespie married James W Given Feb 4, 1880 New Brunswick.


Samuel Gillaspey, groom, married 1831 Saint John County, NB Sarah Mackelroy, bride, Co signers Thomas Gillaspey & James Russell, both of St John County. Marriage Bonds.

Sarah Gillespie, bride, Saint John County, NB married 1870 James H Pidgeon, Saint John County, NB. Co signer James R Ross.

Sarah Jane Gillespie, bride, Saint John County, NB, married 1870 William Stephenson, groom, Saint John County. Co Signer Robert Law, Saint John County.

Sarah Jane Cormack Gillespie, d/o Thomas I Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Arthur Brown Pipes July 15, 1903, Northumberland, New Brunswick. Other: Jonathan Pipes, Caroline Pip

Susie Lauretta Gillespie, birth 1881, d/o John Gillespie & Mary A Underhill, married Stephen Y Jardine Jan 14, 1907 Northumberland, New Brunswick. Other F H Jardine, Janet Coughlan.


Theophilus Gillespie, groom, married 1893 in Maine.

Thomas Gillespie, groom, 1887, Saint John Co, NB

Thomas Francis Gillespie birth 1872, s/o Thomas Francis Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie married Maggie Tingley Oct 25, 1893 Dorchester, Westmorland, New Brunswick.

Thomas John Gillespie, groom, 1866, St John Co, NB


William Gillespie, groom, 1871, Charlotte Co, NB

William Gillespie, groom, 1875, Saint John Co, NB

William Gillespie birth 1869, s/o Daniel Gillespie & Johanna Hartnett, married Mary Collins June 10, 1903 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other James Collings, Agnes Bradley

William Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie & Ann Hunderhill, married Maria McAvoy Jan 25, 1900 Northumberland, New Brunswick

William Gillespie birth 1876, s/o William & Sarah A Gillespie, married Mary Elizabeth Garnett Dec 18, 1901 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other Patrick Garnett, Margaret Garnett

William Robert Gillespie, married Gertrude Simpson July 1, 1891 St Stephen, New Brunswick

Wm G Gillespie, birth 1860, s/o James & Fannie Glaspy, married Elizabeth Ann Hanlon Nov 9, 1891 Saint John, New Brunswick. Other: Moses Hanlon, Sarah Hanlon.

Annie Gillespie KING, d/o William Gillespie & Isabel Gillespie married Robert Burns King Oct 12, 1905 New Brunswick, Canada. Other Colin King, Mary King.

Record County: 64

Source of Records: Mormon Website, N. B Government records; Index to Marriage Bonds, 1810-1935. New Brunswick Archives

See also Maine marriages for Gillespie Canadians who married there.