CANADA: Nova Scotia Marriages

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Alice G Gillespie married  George H Chesire 1892 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Alice K Gillespie married James A Geary 1904 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Annie M Gillespie married Rufus S Allen 1886 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Archibald Gibson Gillespie of Cape Breton, married Olive May Carmichael 1919 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Bessie Gillespie, birth 1849, age 20, d/o Thomas Gillespie, Alexandra Gillespie, married Albert Talbot, birth 1843, age 26, on Nov 18, 1869 Halifax, Nova Scotia. s/o Thomas Talbot & Isabella.

Bessie Birdsill Gillespie married  Albert Tabot 1869 Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Cecilia Gillespie married Archibald Chivers 1892 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Charles Gillespie married Bertha Bell Mcpherson 1923 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Chester Whitefield Gillespie of Pictou, NS, married Irene Chisholm Fraser 1921 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Christie Gillespie married Patrick Riley 1871 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Christina Gillispie married Christopher Robinson 1923, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Donald J Gillispie married Marie Power 1914, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Edna Gillispie married Alexander Leblanc 1919, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Elizabeth Burleigh Gillespie married Archibald Albert Pulley 1911 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Ernest B Gillespie, s/o George, Susan, married Alice C Mcdougall Oct 26, 1904 Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia


Florence Gillespie married  Richard B Richmond 1890 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Florence M Gillespie married William I Gould 1894 Pictou, Nova Scotia


Gertrude Elizabeth Gillespie married Harry George Hunter 1919 Pictou, Nova Scotia


Harvey Gillispie married Margaret Mary Curry 1923 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Henry Gillespie of Halifax, married Sarah J Snow 1891 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hilda Gillispie married Walter Hill 1918, Pictou, Nova Scotia

Hughina Gillespie maried James D Mcdonald 1886 Pictou, Nova Scotia


Isabel C Gillispie married Frederick W Falconer 1928 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Isabel H Gillespie married Edwin R Gillmore 1890  Cumberland, Nova Scotia


James Gillespie married Margaret Mccusker May 9, 1855 Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

James C Gillespie of Colchester, married Georgie M Cameron 1886 Colchester, Nova Scotia

James Stanley Gillispie, residence 1911 Pictou, NS, married Catherine Livingstone 1911, Pictou, Nova Scotia

Jane Gillespie married William Ellis 1888, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jane Gillespie married William D Yorke 1919 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Janet B Gillespie married William A Lewis 1882, Digby, Nova Scotia

John Gillespie, age 35,  b 1851 Belfast, married Mary A Borgal, age 34, birth 1852 Shoal Bay, d/o Simon & Mary, on  Oct 14, 1886 Halifax, Nova Scotia.

John Franklin Gillispie  from Pictou, NS, married Florence Balfour Cameron 1922 Pictou, Nova Scotia

John J Gillespie of Cumberland, married Martha White 1879 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

John W Gillespie age 24, b 1873  of River Philip, Cum. Co., s/o George W & Harriet, married Ida M Murray, age 23, b 1874, d/o Daniel & Cynthia  on Dec 1, 1897 Landsdowne, Pictou, Nova Scotia

John W Gillespie of Cape Breton, married Christie A Maclean 1900 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Katherine Bogart Gillespie married Ralph Herman Slipp 1916 Cumberland, Nova Scotia


Letitia Gillespie married James Bentley 1891 Halifax, Nova Scotia


Maggie Gillespie married Peter Johnson 1887 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Margaret Gillespy married Moore Hardway 1809 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Margaret Gillespie married James H Slayter 1892, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Margaret Harriett Gellespie, birth 1888 Truro, NS, age 23, d/o Charles & Georgia married Daniel Thomas Munroe, b 1888 Truro, NS, age 26, s/o John & Mary, on Sept 27,  1911, Truro, Nova Scotia CANADA

Margaret J Gillespie married James Brown 1879 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Margaret Johnanna Gillespie married Wiliam Stevens Sept 13, 1819 Saint George, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Martha Gillespie married Donald Mcphail 1884 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Mary Gillespie, married John Mcnutt Nov 8, 1801 Parishes of Saint George and Saint Patrick, Christ Church, Shelburn, Nova Scotia (2nd record gives date as November 5, 1801)

Mary Gillespie married Matthew T Dunlop 1875 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mary Gillespie married Frederick G Marshall 1894 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mary Gillespie age 20, b 1875 England, d/o Thomas & Mary, married Joseph Hull, age 21, b 1874 Bedford, England, son of William & Elizabeth, on December 24,  1895  Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mary Gillespie, birth Motherwell, Scotland d/o John & Mary C, age 25, birth 1879 married James Wood 1904 Pictou, Nova Scotia, age 23, birth Motherwell, Scotland, s/o Archibald & Annie.

Mary Gillespie married Thomas Eason Sawyers 1925 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mary I Gillispie married George A Yelter 1932 Kings, Nova Scotia

Maud Gillespie married John D Brown 1902 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Minnie Gillespie married Barry W Baker 1890 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Myrtle Louise Gillespie age 23, b 1893  Ch Town, Prince Edward Island, d/o George & Margaret married Ernest Eddy Atkins, age 24, b 1892, son of Chas & Augusta on  1916, Pictou, Nova Scotia


Owen Gillesby married Alexis McDonald Dec 31, 1841 Saint George, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Pearl Marie Gillispie married Roderick Mcdonald 1917 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Peter Gillespie of Cumberland, married Ethel Beatrice Fage 1917 Cumberland, Nova Scotia


Robert Gillespie of Halifax, married Sarah Hogan 1833 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Robert Gillispie married Hilda Walton 1915 Pictou, Nova Scotia

Robert Murdock Gillespie of Colchester, married Margaret Marshall Bell 1919 Colchester, Nova Scotia

Robert Steele Gillespie of Pictou,  married Amelia Archibald Mclennan 1922 Pictou, Nova Scotia


Susan Prescott Gillespie, married John William Seaman Jan 8, 1896 Cumberland, Nova Scotia


Thomas F Gillespie of Cape Breton, married Ethel F Anderson 1919 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Thomas H Gillespie of Halifax, married Catherine Smith 1901 Halifax, Nova Scotia


William George Gillespie of Pictou, married Jemima Mckay 1906 Pictou, Nova Scotia

William J Gillespie, age 28,  b 1886 Halifax , son of John & Mary married Nellie Butler, age 20, b 1894 England, d/o John & Mary, on  Jan 31, 1914, Halifax, Nova Scotia

William Murdock Gillespie of  Cumberland, married Helen Corinne Harrison 1914 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Winifred Gillespie married Joseph Kingston 1910 Cumberland, Nova Scotia

Source of Records: Mormon website, newspaper clippings

Record Count: 68

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