CANADA: Ontario Land Records Index

Upper Canada Land Books 1780-ca1920

An index that provides access to Crown Land records and some  land -related material found in the Canada Company and Peter Robinson fonds. The index lists settlers who:

  • requested Crown land on which to homestead;
  • were granted permission for awhile to complete their settlement duties;
  • received a Patent awarding private ownership of a specific Crown Land lot;
  • leased or purchased land from the Canada Company or were Peter Robinson settlers.

Adam Gillespie, Toronto, 1835

Charles Gillespie, Halton, 1846

Dugald Gillespie, Victoria, 1838

Harriet A. (Monroe) Gillaspy, Middlesex, 1815, Dec 23. See Book I, page 284, Petition G60

Hugh Gillespie, Durham, 1824, March 17. See Book M,  Page 29, Petition G6

John Gillespie, Toronto, 1835

John Gillespie, Huron, 1841

Mary Gillespie, Ontario, 1836

Michael Gillespie, soldier, York, 1831, Oct 24 Book P, Page 34, Petition G15

Patrick Gillespie, soldier, Addington, 1832. Feb 9. Book P, Page 114, Petition G96

Patrick Gillespie, soldier, 2nd petition, location not given, Dec 6, 1833, Book N,  page 83, Petition G9

Robert Gillespy, Hastings, 1839

Samuel Gillespie, Halton, 1847

Thomas Gillespie, soldier, Lanark Twp 1825, March 16, Book M, Page 282, Petition Perth 63.

Thomas Gillespie, shoemaker, Lanark Village, applied in: 1827, March 21, Book N, page 83, Petition G9

Thomas Gillespie, soldier, also applied in Lanark in 1839, 1840, 1845, 1846. See also next entry.

Thomas Gillespie, Sr, Lanark 1848

William Gillespie, York, 1798

William Gillespie, soldier, no location given, applied1829, Sept 3, Book O, page 43, Petition G3

Total Records:  19