Family History Alexander Gillespie & Grizzel Paterson

Alexander Gillespie Sr of Minholm, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland


m Grizzel Paterson, 14 children, a merchant family.

Their Children:

  • Thomas Gillespie b 1765 at Wiston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Married 1851 Grizzel Greenshields. Thomas died in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies April 29, 1799, age 34 years.  A merchant.


  • George Gillespie 1772-1842 married Helen Hamilton. Immigrated 1780 to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Returned to Scotland 1812 to settle at Biggar Park, Lanarkshire. A widow on 1841 census. Links to Hamilton, Ontario.


  • Sir Robert Gillespie 1785-1863, merchant, Immigrated 1800 to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Married Anna Agnes Kerr 1815 at Niagara Falls, Ontario (their prenup found); In Canadian Militia . To England 1822. Children of 1st marriage: Robert 1818-1901; Alexander 1823-52; Thomas Clark d 1891; Elizabeth; Mary Ann; Ellen; Catherine; Anne Agnes. His wife died. Robert remarried, Caroline Arnoldi


  • John Gillespie married Catherine Hope, Residence Bedinglea, Robertson & Wiston. Immigrated to Quebec, Milton, Sheffield County. Son Charles b 1803; son Robert b 1805. He married Lydia Paterson. Moved to Abbotsford, St Hycinth, Quebec.


  •  Alexander Gillespie 1819-1865 (‘son of Alexander of Sunnyside’), merchant in Canada


  • Grace P Gillespie married 1856 Thomas Bell


  • Jane Gillespie married 1859 John Johnstone


  • Jean Gillespie married 1871 Jas Leadbetter

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