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I have been very busy preparing a booklet for publication, a family history collaboration with my two brothers of our youth,  with light summary of the rest. Memories of our village. The volumes have just arrived from the printers and are being distributed.

Copies available ( just about gone by July)   ISBN 978-1-989797-07-5.  This book is available at the Wollaston Township Library in Coe Hill, and the Ontario Genealogy Society collection,  which has been moved from North York Library to the Toronto Reference Library off Bloor St. in Toronto. Coe Hill is a small village in Wollaston Township in northern Hasting County. Our childhood and young adulthood memories growing up in that lovely place.

Secondly, my son bought me an Ancestry DNA kit for Christmas. It took two weeks to arrive from Germany and two weeks to return. I just posted the results to the DNA page. Predominately Scotland cousins (which also includes Northern Ireland).

I finished a thorough indepth look at records I added last year on this site, redid  totals for each country, and studied the interest by visitors to this site. 2020 was a hard year personally as family plans changed, and I  had to move in a completely different direction. Hence, I only did half on my anticipated 10,000 new records for the year.

This website has been moved to a new server as of January 30th,  providing more memory to work with, and at considerably less cost.  Few kinks to work out yet. Thank you,  Evan McLean, who manages this website.  Notice the lock on my website address.

The total count of 175,900 hits was lost,  and the count has restarted as of January 1st, 2021.



Added microfilmed records/ wedding photos of Ontario Marriages, and sources for each record.  Added all Gillespie records from Archives of Ontario Index 1869 to 1922 with ID codings for microfilm viewing. Records 1923 to 1938  available at/from the Archives. This last date will change year by year as new records are released to public domain.


Ontario Birth Records  adding microfilm codings and new records-  1869 to 1890.

Added Children’s Corner with The Adventures of Squeeky The Mouse.


GARDENING:  Starting a few seeds under florescent lights for salad crops and flowers on my deck this summer. See top menu bar.

Added microfilm codings for all Ontario Births  1891 to 1911,  Additional birth records to 1917 available at or from the Archives of Ontario. This date will change as new records are released into public domain each spring.

Added Township Maps on birth records page. Township  maps are for the period of these records,  as locations have amalgamated over time and names may no longer be in use.

FIXED LINK to Ontario pages in link from CANADA. A major error blocking visitors from seeing all Ontario record links. Haven’t a clue how that happened. The computer ghost has been at work again.

Beginning Ontario Death Records 1869 upwards checking all current records against Archives of Ontario Death Index, making any corrections and adding new records. Death records from multiple sources,  such as  tombstone records vs official record may differ; hence  death record on this site are changed in line with official registration of event. Microfilm codings provided. Also some obits from old files.

SAFETY: Got my Moderna 1st Covid vaccination March 28  at a local hockey hub, with a lot of seniors coming and going. Repeat June 21st Jabbed first by a friendly doctor,  then local pharmacist. Printout provided from Ontario Health for travel.


GARDENING – Just added April blog with lots more gardening tips. April 24th walkabout in my neighbourhood taking photos of all the blooming flowers to add to this months blog.

ONTARIO PROVINCIAL LOCKDOWN April 8 to May 8th, 2021=  extended to June 3rd, extended again, now lifting slowly. Be safe everyone.

PRIVATE TRIBUTE:  To the Queen, all her immediate and extended family,  and the British People:  In the loss of Prince Philip, may you be comforted, strengthened and upheld during this time of public and private grieving. Know that I do appreciate the Royal Family and your contributions to help make our world a better place. Just watched the funeral of Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband.

CHILDREN’S CORNER: Chapter Seven: The Adventures of Squeeky The Mouse – new arrivals at the Brown farm,  and danger for Squeeky’s family.  U-tube Heritage movie- Farming with Horses  (remembering my own childhood in this story)


Rechecking  all cemeteries online for Bruce and Grey Counties in Ontario from The Ontario Genealogy Society, and adding links to those records from mine, while continuing rechecking year by year Gillespies in the Ontario Death Record Index from Archives of Ontario. Finished all registered deaths from 1869 to 1936.

LIBRARY ARCHIVES:  adding new research about Gillespies buried in Prince Edward Island. By Ruby, researcher.

May to June

Slowly added 65 current Ontario Obituaries  (most with photos) for Ottawa to Toronto,  plus Gardening Notes. Also added MUSIC,  first a wonderful selection to encourage us, and then personal singing with a friend from 50 years ago

Now working on more current obits for Peel Co to Essex,  Ontario CANADA

Experienced problems lately with the new server of this website, so this website has been unavailable at times. Ah the frustrations with modern technology!


I introduce the subject,  Death and Dying, to hopefully encourage dialogue between family members. Here is a gentle, comforting video by a Palliative Care Doctor to explain in details things I wanted to know,  The second video is for those who are moving into acceptance, and  gives the nitty gritty of recognizing the probability of how many months, weeks, days are left by the  failure of specific organs in the body. See top menu bar. I just added practical tips for the home , current costs for nursing home,  and getting practical help, information for funding sources, and the situation for low income pensioners and those who are homeless.

Publications: This  is a period of an  enjoyable new focus for me.   I am busy writing, using my experiences as the springboard for my imagination in this latest ebook  volume, The Memory of A Moment. It is based on both a special moment in my life, and a dream I had but  expressed in a fiction novel.


I looked at with its obituaries for the world, and there are 50 Gillespie additions for the past two years, mostly USA. If you use websites like that one, and  Find A Grave, or  Billion Graves, as well as this one, you will be able to uncover a wealth of records for many succeeding as well as past generations. New records come into public domain every year, so the work of finding them goes on by many organizations and individuals.

My interest has always been the oldest records I could find reaching back in history. I also focused on a migration study of the Gillespie pioneers from Scotland and Ireland, since so few seem to have originated in England in early records.   That history is provided on this website.   So much depends upon our own perspective and energy.

MUSIC: I return to adding utube video links to help a pianist expand skill and knowledge. As a classical and gospel pianist, I  still look for  tips from others, especially progressions. But the videos begin with the foundation principles for beginners to set you free from the printed page to develop your own style as I expand  mine.

Death & Dying removed but link is still active:  as my health improves or at least levels out for awhile.

Updating Gardening column each month, and have added more to my Music page for pianists to help you expand your playing.


Returning to genealogy work by updating the family history of Alexander Gillespie Sr and Grizel Paterson, a merchant family of Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Corrections made. Just a summary,  as this family is well researched by others and in Library Archives. Records for this family from my own research are found  on several pages on this website, especially Ontario deaths.

A special encouragement from a researcher in Newmarket, Ontario who is filming  Gillespie tombstone photos that may be used on this website. See Ontario Deaths, Ontario County for The Old Stone Church Cemetery, Beaverton. She hasn’t a Gillespie relative, but has the vision of helping others. Thank you so much .

I turn on and off  my own family history and Greatest Adventure on top menu bar for new visitors for a brief while each time. Something with a different flare.

Fall is upon us. I endured three, very frightening tornado warnings this past month, which passed by south of here. A new, unwelcome experience. But love watching the bird migration, and getting stronger on my daily walks.


In Canada – Thanksgiving is 2nd Monday in October

Introducing opportunity for other authors of Gillespie publications to be posted on this site to help people find your published work. See Publications from top menu bar. Request  ISBN or Library of Congress number,  book title, and one page of the published book be available for viewing to orientate visitors to what you have discovered to stimulate their interest. Webpage removed temporarily while being revised.  Photos especially appreciated if family history.  No charge.

Just removed dead links for personal websites listed on the Library Archives page. So sad to see them go. If you have a website of Gillespie family history records, kindly let me know so I might add a link to your work from this website.

I am beginning maintenance as I check page by page for this dead link situation. There are now over 1,000 pages of records on this website.  Click on the main word listed on the left menu bar in particular to find genealogy pages of records, and keep clicking with your mouse on words or phrases that are in blue or green colour on any page to open more records.

Looking for ideas where to find other records? Look at bottom of each page where sources are listed.

Current Work: adding Miscellaneous Gillespie obituaries

  • 1   – Alberta
  • 5   – British Columbia
  • 34 – New Brunswick
  • 5    – Newfoundland
  • 7   – Nova Scotia
  • 8    -Ontario (East)
  • 6    – Prince Edward Island
  • 1    – Pennsylvania, USA

WEBSITE VISITS since January 1st, 2021

17 DNA PROJECT 12,841 12,863 12,964 01  
19 IMMIGRATION 404 456 852 02  
23 RECORDS JUST ADDED 289 319 515 03  
4 CANADA 318 339 460 04  
20 ARCHIVES 202 229 434 05  
1 AFRICA 307 319 412 06  
9 IRELAND 226 252 391 07  
13 SCOTLAND 206 239 389 08  
2 ASIA 198 221 379 09  
18 GILLESPIE NAME 159 182 358 10


Records Just Added is a home page to let you know what I have been doing  and what is new on this site for return visitors. I was about to add a lot more  USA records, but if the interest is not there I pause to reevaluate. The same holds true for adding records to continents like Australia and subjects that interest me much more, like Military and the Middle East– the hotspot of the world and key location for end-time prophesies, which is fascinating but deadly serious, and yet to unfold in the future. But Ireland and Scotland will always be of key importance, since all Gillespie family history research will soon end there.


Snow has arrived on the 2nd to 4th,  lightly  dusting the ground, with ice barely melting today. Lots more snow arrived the third week of the month. Winter has arrived again,  and it is cold here in Ontario, Canada. The recent Daylight Time Change on the 7th turned out clocks back an hour. Here in my region the sun now rises at 7:11am and sets at 5:02 pm. That changes every day of course. Gas at the pumps leaped 10 cents this month for regular unleaded at $1.499 per litre, but has settled back down a little bit since then to $1.47

November 11th we remembered those who lost their lives in military battles across the world.

In the same period we have just lived, I just found a report of efforts to offer education over the Internet for those hiding from the Taliban in Afghanistan, or elsewhere.  One teacher has found many others who help her offer classes to Afghan women via the Internet. I am deeply, deeply impressed. I have been to that land, so my memories are very real to me. Let what others found to help challenge us to greater efforts.

I just added a new column about Weight Loss and Getting Healthy to the top menu bar, and hope you find some tips to encourage you in your own efforts to be healthier.

Updated Gardening for November as winter arrives in Canada.

Updating Washington State, USA Death Records

Miscellaneous Records (from Belfast, Northern Ireland Newspaper):

  • Immigration & Passenger Lists:  added two more. Removed one link that went dead for 1850.
  • Ireland: Belfast Death Records (DR)- added 11 new ones.
  • Ireland: Co Antrim DR: 5 records
  • Ireland: Co Armagh DR: 1 record
  • Ireland: Co Down DR: 1 record
  • Ireland: Co Londonderry DR: 1 record
  • Ireland: Co Kildare DR: 1 record
  • USA: Pennsylvania DR: 1 record
  • USA: Georgia DR: 1 record
  • England DR: 1 record

Miscellaneous Church of England Baptism Records for Ireland

  • Co Antrim – 1 new record
  • Co Clare –  1
  • Co Donegal – 2
  • Co Tyrone – 2
  • Co Wicklow – 1


The current attack by cybercrimes seems to have passed, so this website has been reloaded for visitors. However, it takes considerable time to go through over 1,000 pages to do year-end counts and fix SEO scores. So I doubt I will get more records loaded before year end. Lots yet to do.

Winter has returned with a total blackout this past week in this rural city where I now live,  when high winds knocked down trees across power lines.  It took about three hours to recover.  What was shocking is that there are no other lights except electric ones, meaning my street and as far as I could see south, was in total darkness–in a city!   I have been hunting a backup power source for my sleep apnea machine but I can hardly run a small generator in an apartment.  There is a company that does provide two of interest but the local retail cost is very, very high.   What about other disabled people who probably had a challenging situation as I did and may be living on pensions that prohibit such a purchase?  So many Canadian pensions are less than the Emergency Fund of $2,000 a month,  given to those who lost their jobs or couldn’t work during the pandemic. Some  seniors applied and are not required to pay it back.  Since the Canadian government believes that is the minimum level for a sustainable life, why is it that supplements to pensions are not provided to reach that level?

Glad I had matches in the cupboard to get some dripless candles lit. My emergency flashlight I got as a Christmas gift didn’t last an hour in the kitchen socket, but the dim light was actually pleasant. The day temps had risen to 14C probably a last warm spell, so the house stayed warm a long time. Freezer meat was only lightly touched, so I didn’t lose any food.   It was hard to stay awake and was I happy when suddenly the power was back on at about 2:15 am.

Gas has suddenly dropped to about $131.4 per unleaded litre at the gas pumps. Snow blankets the ground. Temps have dropped considerably of late well below freezing. I have two outdoor thermometers in two locations to get an overview of what is going on outside.

SOMEONE IS TRYING TO ESTABLISH CREDIT USING MY IDENTIFICATION. This is fraud, as I am not attempting to do so.  Challenges in a modern world that has stolen millions from our government.

The latest Covid pandemic is rising rapidly with reports in the local newspaper that this latest variant has sent more people to hospital or into isolation.   It is airborne and arrives as a common cold and drippy nose that lingers and lingers…..and so on. People still don’t seem to care about it,  riding the little transit bus with no face mask, unconcerned about putting others in danger, let alone themselves. Even the bus driver was coughing, face uncovered while wearing a mask around his throat. So many wear a mask but let it slip off the nose as if it that didn’t matter if the  mouth is covered.  What protection is that then? A Covid test takes a swab from one’s nose for a reason.  I got my booster shot this month, bring total personal vaccinations to three.

I support vaccinations. Those who do not have not offered a solution to save the world  and appear to be carelessly going about the community unconcerned about protecting others or themselves.  I think too many are just stubborn,   not wanting to be told what to do.  There may be a better way, and I am open to that. Right now we need to consider taking extra Vitamin D because of lack of sunlight,  and Zinc– which is known to fight against viruses.

Mid month. the sun rises at 7:56 am and sets at 4:45 pm. I noticed a full moon tonight and outside it is minus -5 C sometimes warming up to zero during the day.   Travel warnings abound.

I’ll add a final December note to the Gardening Page, as I ordered some supplies.  Be safe everyone, make happy memories over the holidays, and don’t forget Jesus, who loves us so much.

Fixed link to Poland Records

Added Ontario obit



                New Records This Month                              TOTALS

Beginning Total…………………………………………………..40,762

January                               326………………………………. 41,088

February                              495……………………………..   41,583

March                                   465…………………………..      42,048

April                                      220………………………….       42,268


June                                      119…………………………….   42,387

July                                            9……………………………..42, 396


October                                    69…………………………… .42, 465

November                              139…………………………….. 42,604

December                               238…………………………… 42,842

Total new records added this year:      2,080  a slow year, but still at it. Averaging 8,568 new genealogy records  per year over the five years of this website’s growth.

Five Year Anniversary  December 6th when this site began in 2016
Link to the work of 2020 and years earlier