IRELAND: Co Donegal Marriages


Alexander Gillespie, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Isabella Baird 1852, Feb 12, Moville,Co Donegal667

Alice Gillespie married John Barrin 1867 Co Donegal, Ireland

Anne Gillespie, d/o Owen Gillespie, married James Diver 1864, July 17, Killybegs, Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie, born 1845,  d/o Owen Gillespie, married Patrick Byrne 1865, Feb 26, Carrick, Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie married Michael Carr 1868 Co Donegal, Ireland

Anne Gillespie, d/o Patrick Gillespie, married James Doherty 1868, Feb 8, Moville, Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie, d/o Patrick married Cornelius Boyle Nov 14, 1868 Co Donegal, Ireland


Charles Gillespie, s/o William Gillespie, married Elizabeth Moore 1866, Aug 9 Meragh, Co Donegal

Charles Gillespie, s/o Michael Gillespie, married Ellen McCunnis 1867, Nov 17, Co Donegal


Edward Gillespie s/o James Gillespie, married Anne McGee 1866, Feb 13 Glenties, Co Donegal

Elizabeth Gillespie married Patrick Cunningham 1866, Co Donegal, Ireland.

Ellen Gillespie d/o John Gillespie, married John McLaughlin 1866, Nov 8, Moville, Co Donegal


Henry Gillespie, s/o Major Gillespie, married Matilda Mira Davis 1852, Jan 20, Raymoghey, Co Donegal


Isabella Gillespie d/o John Band, married James Smith 1868,June 20, Moville, Co Donegal   (?widow)


James Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, married Margaret Mills 1860, Nov 22, Tullyaughnish, Co Donegal

James Gillespie married Mary Bryne 1865 Co Donegal, Ireland

James Gillespie, born 1847, s/o Lawrence Gillespie, married Mary Jane Kennedy 1866, Feb 7, Killymard, Co Donegal

James Gillespie married Anne Diver Aug 16, 1868, Co Donegal, Ireland

Jane Mary Gillespie, born 1842, d/o William Gillespie, married Samuel Gastin 1862, Dec 2, Clondahorky, Co Donegal

John Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie, married Anne Wilson 1852, Dec 21 Taughboyne, Co Donegal

John Gillespie s/o James Gillespie married Elizabeth Doherty 1866, Sept 10  Londonderry, Co Donegal

John Gillespie married Mary Cannon, 1866, Co Donegal, Ireland

John Gillespie married Sarah Doherty 1867, Co Donegal, Ireland

John Gillespie married Anne Gallagher 1869, Jan 9, Killybegs 0377, Co Donegal

John Gillespie married Rebecca Bogan July 24, 1870 Moville, Co Donegal, Ireland

John Wm Gillespie d/o John Gillespie, married Mary Ferguson 1867 July 5 District of Londonderry, Co Donegal


Margaret Gillespie, do Daniel Gillespie, married John McLaughlin 1866, Feb 10, Malin,Co Donegal

Margaret Gillespie d/o Lawrence Gillespie, married Patrick McCahill 1866, Feb 12, Killymard, Co Donegal

Marianne Gillespie d/o John Gillespie married Robert Carey 184_, Jan 13, Carndonagh, Co Donegal (check date)

Mary Gillespie d/o Adam Gillespie, married John Cather 1851, Feb 13 Clonleigh, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie d/o William Gillespie, married Andrew Branagan 1864, Jan 26, Killymard, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie b 1843, d/o Comenick Gillespie, married Patrick Murray 1866, Jan 25, Clondahorkey, Cunfanaghy, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie b 1844, d/o Edward Gillespie married John McBrearty 1866, Feb 6, Kilcar, Glenties, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie married Patrick Barron 1868 Co Donegal, Ireland

Michael Gillespie, b 1831, s/o Patk Gillespie married Bridget Byrne 1866, Feb 3, Kilcar, Clenties, Co Donegal


Patrick Gillespie, born 1842, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Bridget Quinn 1868, Feb 6, Inver, Co Donegal

Patrick F Gillespie married Mary Byrne, Co Donegal. (note: their son James to America 1852)


Robert Gillespie s/o Robert Gillespie married Rebecca Jamison 186_, Nov 8, Taughboyne, Co Donegal (check record)


Thomas Gillespie b 1842, s/o Neal Gillespie, married Ellen Haughey 1866, Sept 29, Glenties, Co Donegal


William Gillespie married Sarah Duncan Feb 19 1746 Raphoe,  Co Donegal, Ireland

William Gillespie b 1845, s/o Michael Gillespie, married Catherine McGrath 1865, Sept 3, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

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Source of Records:  Mormon website.