IRELAND: Co Donegal Marriages


Alexander Gillespie, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Isabella Baird 1852, Feb 12, Moville,Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie, born 1845,  d/o Owen Gillespie, married Patrick Byrne 1865, Feb 26, Carrick, Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie, d/o Owen Gillespie, married James Diver 1864, July 17, Killybegs, Co Donegal

Anne Gillespie, d/o Patrick Gillespie, married James Doherty 1868, Feb 8, Moville, Co Donegal


Charles Gillespie, s/o William Gillespie, married Elizabeth Moore 1866, Aug 9 Meragh, Co Donegal

Charles Gillespie, s/o Michael Gillespie, married Ellen McCunnis 1867, Nov 17, Co Donegal


Edward Gillespie s/o James Gillespie, married Anne McGee 1866, Feb 13 Glenties, Co Donegal

Ellen Gillespie d/o John Gillespie, married John McLaughlin 1866, Nov 8, Moville, Co Donegal


Henry Gillespie, s/o Major Gillespie, married Matilda Mira Davis 1852, Jan 20, Raymoghey, Co Donegal


Isabella Gillespie d/o John Band, married James Smith 1868,June 20, Moville, Co Donegal   (?widow)


James Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, married Margaret Mills 1860, Nov 22, Tullyaughnish, Co Donegal

James Gillespie, born 1847, s/o Lawrence Gillespie, married Mary Jane Kennedy 1866, Feb 7, Killymard, Co Donegal

Jane Mary Gillespie, born 1842, d/o William Gillespie, married Samuel Gastin 1862, Dec 2, Clondahorky, Co Donegal

John Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie, married Anne Wilson 1852, Dec 21 Taughboyne, Co Donegal

John Gillespie s/o James Gillespie married Elizabeth Doherty 1866, Sept 10  Londonderry, Co Donegal

John Gillespie married Anne Gallagher 1869, Jan 9, Killybegs 0377, Co Donegal

John Wm Gillespie d/o John Gillespie, married Mary Ferguson 1867 July 5 District of Londonderry, Co Donegal


Margaret Gillespie, do Daniel Gillespie, married John McLaughlin 1866, Feb 10, Malin,Co Donegal

Margaret Gillespie d/o Lawrence Gillespie, married Patrick McCahill 1866, Feb 12, Killymard, Co Donegal

Marianne Gillespie d/o John Gillespie married Robert Carey 184_, Jan 13, Carndonagh, Co Donegal (check date)

Mary Gillespie d/o Adam Gillespie, married John Cather 1851, Feb 13 Clonleigh, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie d/o William Gillespie, married Andrew Branagan 1864, Jan 26, Killymard, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie b 1843, d/o Comenick Gillespie, married Patrick Murray 1866, Jan 25, Clondahorkey, Cunfanaghy, Co Donegal

Mary Gillespie b 1844, d/o Edward Gillespie married John McBrearty 1866, Feb 6, Kilcar, Glenties, Co Donegal

Michael Gillespie, b 1831, s/o Patk Gillespie married Bridget Byrne 1866, Feb 3, Kilcar, Clenties, Co Donegal


Patrick Gillespie, born 1842, s/o Daniel Gillespie, married Bridget Quinn 1868, Feb 6, Inver, Co Donegal


Robert Gillespie s/o Robert Gillespie married Rebecca Jamison 186_, Nov 8, Taughboyne, Co Donegal (check record)


Thomas Gillespie b 1842, s/o Neal Gillespie, married Ellen Haughey 1866, Sept 29, Glenties, Co Donegal


William Gillespie b 1845, s/o Michael Gillespie, married Catherine McGrath 1865, Sept 3, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Source of Records:  Mormon website.

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