IRELAND: Co Down Gillespie Monument

 This monument is in the centre of Comber main square, with a statue of General Robert Rollo Gillespie on top of a tall, square pillar. The tablet at the base reads: Robert Rollo Gillespie, Major General and Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath; born in Comber 1766 A.D.; after a brief but glorious career fell in battle before the force of Kalunga, 24 Oct 1814. His last words were: “One more shot for the honor of Down.”  A monument at Meerut in the East marks the grave where his ashes rest. A statue in the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the City of London voted by both Houses of Parliament, attests the gratitude of the nation.  His own countrymen, proud of the achievements, have raised this column in the country which claimed his latest remembrance to perpetuate at the place of his birth.