Death Records:

Hugh Patrick Gillespie died March 1, 1917 at Baghdad,  Baghdad, Iraq. Buried Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery

J Gillespie, died Aug 9, 1919 Baghdad,  Baghdad, Iraq.  Buried Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery

Peter Roebuck Gillespie died May 2, 1941 at Salah ad Din, Iraq. Burial Habbaniya War Cemetery

Thomas Gillespie died March 14, 1917 at Al Basrah,, Basra, Iraq. Basra Memorial.

W Gillispie died April 22, 1916 at  Al `Amarah, , Maysan, Iraq. Burial Amara War Cemetery

Total Records:  5

Source of Records: Find A Grave Index

Note: I am a fan of Agatha Christie’s  stories. One can get a glimpse of life in Iraq from the experiences of Agatha and her British archaeologist husband, Max Mallowan,  in publications written by both of their time there during the 1930s to 1950s. Some of her mysteries originated from her experiences at various digs across Iraq and Syria.  Think of her sitting in a tent in the desert, banging away on an old typewriter, using her imagination and great skill in plotting an adventure we still enjoy today.