MILITARY: Boer War South Africa

October 11, 1899 to May 31, 1902

This war was fought between Britain (with help from its colonies and Dominions such as Canada) and the Afrikaner republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State. Although only 270 Canadians died in South Africa, the war was significant because it marked the first time Canadian troops distinguished themselves in battle overseas. It lead to the formation of South Africa.

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South Africa War Graves Project



A Gillespie ID 5003, The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

A Gillespie, ID 68 Bethune’s Mounted Infantry

Alfred Stawell Gillespie, Australian, ID 438. NSW Imperial Bushman. On Australia War Memorial.


Charles Edgar Gillespie, ID 30486, Imperial Yeomanry

Christy Gillespie, ID 9492, Imperial Yeomanry


D W A Gillespie, Indian Subordinate Medical Department

David Gillespie, Natal Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Donald Alexander Gillespie, ID 21950 Imperial Yeomanry

Duff-Gillespie, Army Veteranary Department


Edward Francis Gillespie, ID 2822, Imperial Light Horse

E P Gillespie, ID 22836, Imperial Yeomanry


F G Gillespie, ID 860, Australian Commonwealth Horse

Fh Gillespie,  Boer War Casualty

Francis George Gillespie, Australian soldier, ID 860, IBN Australia Commonwealth Horse. On Australia’s War Memorial.

Francis MCaulay Gillespie, The South Wales Borderers

Frederick George Gillespie, Irish Hospital


G Gillespie, ID 1532, Royal Army Medical Corps

G A Gillespie ID 1149, The Lanarkshire Fusillers

G M Gillespie, Kimberly Town Guard


H Gillespie, ID 14977, Private, Army Died 1900 in South Africa. Seaforth Highlanders, Reg 86. S. A

H Gillespie, ID 35, Canadian.  Awarded medal.

H Gillespie, ID 8304 The Gordon Highlanders

Henry Gillespie ID 4868, Seaforth Highlanders

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H J Gillespie, 7th Middlesex (London Scottish) Rifle Volunteers

Horace Gillespie, Canadian, ID 351, Royal Canadian Field Artillery

Hugh Gillespie, ID 2303 Railway Pioneer Regiment

H W M Gillespie, ID 4868 Seaforth Highlanders


J Gillespie, Canadian, ID 264

J Gillespie, ID 130, Willmore Railway Contingent

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J Gellespie, Jagasfountain Town Guard

J Gillespie, ID 3032 The Lancashire Fusuliers

J Gillespie ID 8334, The Gordon Highlanders

J Gillespie, ID 7592 The Gordon Highlanders

J Gillespie ID 5929 The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victorias)

J Gillespie ID 108, Army Service Corps

James Gillespie, ID 264, Canadian (My Uncle) s/o John & Elizabeth Gillespie of Gloucester Twp, Carleton Co Ontario.

James McBride Gillespie, Australian, ID 87. 4 Imperial Bushman. On Australia War Memorial. Also Queensland Mounted Infantry

John Gillespie, 1916 Imperial Light Horse

John Gillespie ID 8645 Imperial Yeomanry

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John Gilbert Gillespie, The Durham Light Infantry

John Maitland Gillespie, Kimberly Horse

John R Gillespie ID 15134, Imperial Yeomanry


Lewis W Gillespie, ID 26723, Imperial Yeomanry


M Gillespie, ID 412, Beautanaland  Rifles


P Gillespie, ID 2569, 8th Hussars, Kings Royal Irish

P Gillespie,  ID 4950 The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

Paul Archibald Gillespie, Major, Royal Medical Corps,  died March 23, 1916, age 48. Buried Winburn Cemetery, University of Toronto Roll of Service, Died of bubonic plague. From Cannington, Ontario. A doctor. On South Africa Memorial. (His family history well researched).


R Gillespie, ID 6088. The Northumberland Fusiliers

Richard William Gillespie, The Rifle Brigade, Prince Consorts Own.

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Robert Brown Gillispie, ID 23659, Imperial Yeomanry


S Gillispie, ID 8874, Royal Army Medical Corps

S Gillespie, Mafeking Town Guard

Samuel Taylor Gillespie, ID 438, Rhodesian Regiment


T Gillespie, ID 2963, Army Ordance Corps

T Gillespie, ID 5034, The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

T Gillespie ID 615, Durban Light Infantry

Thomas Gillespie, ID 3260, 10th Hussars, Prince of Wales Own Royal


W Gillespie, C Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery. 2nd Contingent. Sailed from Halifax on SS Milwalkee Feb 21, 1900. Arrived Cape Town March 21st. Enlisted for six monthswith liability of extension for one year.

W Gillespie died Nov 1, 1900 Boer War Casualty

W Gillespie, ID 7323, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

W Gillespie, ID 6787 The Northumberland Fusiliers


W F Gillespie, ID 2598 Remounts

Wilfed Neil Gillespie, Australian, ID 151, 8th Bn Australian Commonwealth Horse. On Australia’s WAr Memorial.

William Gillespie, ID 28363, Rand Rifles

William Gillespie, ID 34493, Imperial Yeomanry

William Gillespie, Natal Transport

William Robert Beauchamp Gillespie, ID 0116, City of London Imperial Volunteers

William Thomas Gillespie, Australian, ID 486, 3rd Bushman Cntgnt. On Australia War Memorial.

W R B Gillespie, Imperial Yeomanry

William Gillespie King, Australian. ID 87, (same ID number as James McBride Gillespie), 1 Qld Mnd Inf. CNTGNT. On Australia War Memorial.

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