MILITARY: Ireland Early Soldiers



Alexander Gillespie born Drummon, Co Tyrone. Served in 27th Food Regiment. Discharged age 42.  18001817

Archd Gillespie, Military Service 1832 United Kingdom

Archd Gillespie, Military Service 1840 United Kingdom

Archibald Gillespie, Military Service 1832, United Kingdom

Archibald Gillespie, Military Service 1838 United Kingdom


Charles Gillespie, born Strabane, Co Tyrone. Served in 1st Foot Regiment. Discharged age 28. 1812-1814.

Note a Charles Gillespie from Strabane, immigrated to Dufferin Co, Ontario CANADA and was a pioneer in Amaranth Twp in mid 1850s.

Charles Gillaspie alias Charles Gillespie, born Cams, Co Tyrone, served in 1st Foot Regiment.8th Royal. 1820


David Gillespie, Military Service 1788 United Kingdom

David Gillespie, Military Service 1791 United Kingdom

David Gillaspy, Military Service 1792 United Kingdom


George Gillespie, born Co Limerick, served in 20th Foot Regiment. Discharged age 45. 1812-1834.

George Gillespie, Military Service 1822 United Kingdom

George Gillespie, Military Service 1827 United Kingdom

George Gillespie, pension 1831 United Kingdom


Jackson Gillespie, born Armagh, Armagh. Served in 28th Regiment. 1st Foot Regiment. Discharged 1832.

James  Gillespie, Military Service 1806 United Kingdom

James Gillespie, b Clogher, Co Tyrone, Served in 95th Foot, 2nd Garrison. Discharged. 1805-1816

James Gillespie, b Clogher, Co Tyrone. Served in Royal Artillery. 1807-1816

James Gillespie, born Ballymore, Armagh. Served in 52nd Foot Regiment. 8th Royal Veteran Battalion. 12th….Discharged 1810.

James Gillespy, born Newton Seville, Co Tyrone. Served in 41st Foot Regiment. Discharged age 21. 1822-1828

James Gillespie, born Killbarron, Co Leitrim, Served in 64th Foot Regiment. Discharged aged 34. No date given.

James Gillespie born Aghalon, Co Tyrone served in 6th Dragoons. Discharged age 36.  1825-1840

John Gillespie, birth 1786, Military Service 1796, age 10, United Kingdom

John Gillespie, born Ballenaseress, Co Tyrone. Served in 31st Foot Regiment, 12th Veteran Battalion. Discharged  1809

John Gillespie, born Calleden, Co Tyrone. Served in Armagh Militia. Discharged age 50. 1815

John Gillaspie, alias John Gillespie, born Laughantain, Co Tyrone, served in 34th Regiment. Discharged.  18231829


Leonard Gillespie, Surgeon 1758-1842. Served in 56th Foot. His life is recounted in a book by J. J. Keenville, and summarized in library files.

Leonard Gillespie, b Drumreal, Armagh. served in 56th Foot Regiment. Discharged age 48, after 29 years of service. 1787.


Robert Gillespie, birth 1785 Co Armagh, Military Service 1806, age 21 Armagh, Ireland

Robert Gillespie, born Loghall, Armagh. Served in 79th Regiment, Royal Artillery. Discharged age 58 in 1802

Robert Gillespie born Clonfit, Co Tyrone. Served in 31st Foot Regiment. Discharged age 39.  18241845

Robt R Gillespie, birth 1774, Military Service 1779, age 25, Spanish Town, England, United Kingdom

R R Gillespie birth 1775. Military Service 1800, age 25, Spanish Town, England, United Kingdom,  His Majesty’s 20 (or Jamaica) Regiment of Light Dragoons


Thomas Gillespy, b 1774, Military Service 1794, age 20,  Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland,

Thomas Gillespie, born Co Limerick, Served in 83rd Foot Regiment. Discharged age 33. 1807-1822

Thomas Gillespie born Clogher, Co Tyrone, served in 83 Food Regiment. Discharged age 25.  1826-1834

Thomas Gillespie, born Richill, Armagh, served in 5th Dragoon Guards. Discharged age 35 years. 17601854.


William Gillespie born Clogher, Co Tyrone. Served in 95th Foot Regiment. Discharged age 21. 1812-1814

William Gillespie b Clogher, Co Tyrone, Served in 13th Foot Regiment. Discharged age 29.  1817-1826

Wybrants Gillespie, b Anderstran, Co Tyrone. Served in 17th Dragoons (Light), 5th Dragoon Guards. 17901814

Record Count:  40

Source of Records: Mormon website, Great Britain, War Office Registers, 1772-1935