Soldiers of The United Kingdom


Adam Gillespie, Corporal, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Service ID 299606. Died July 21, 1943, age 20. Buried Catania War Cemetery, SICILY.

Adam Gillespie, Private, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Service ID 29868954. Died Aug 31, 1943, age 26. Buried Syracuse War Cemetery, Grave I.D. 44, SICILY.

Alan Gillespie, Pilot Officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Service No  144205. Died May 16, 1943. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Grave S. C. 10. GERMANY

Albert Webb Gillespie, Sergeant, ID 1554372. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, United Kingdom, Died March 1, 1943. Faslane Cemetery, ENGLAND

Alex Gillespie, Sergeant, York and Lancaster Regiment, died Sept 12, 1944, Buried Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Grave V. F. 7, ITALY.

Alexander Gillespie, Rifleman, Cameronians (Scotch Rifles). ID 14749062. Died Feb 22, 1945, age 18. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Grave 44.B.13.   GERMANY.

Alexander John Shields Gillespie, Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, ID 1101025. Died April 17, 1942, age 21. Remembered on Runnymede Memorial, Panel 83, Surrey, ENGLAND

Alfred William Gillespie, Second Officer, Merchant Navy, died Oct 15, 1940. Remembered on Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 107, ENGLAND.

Alice Marie Gillespie, Civilian War Dead. Died June 30, 1944, age 73. Buried Woodwich Metropolitan Borough, ENGLAND. (Note: her husband also died in this war raid).

Alistair Frederick Gillespie, Private, Royal Army Ordance  Corps. ID 7623795. Died Aug 16, 1940, age 24. Remembered on Brookwood Memorial, panel 19, Column 2, Surrey, ENGLAND

Angus MacDonald Gillespie, Bombardier, Royal Artillery, ID 1635496.  Died Nov 3, 1943, age 33. Buried Christiansborg War Cemetery, Grave Plot 1, Row B, Grave 6, GHANA, Africa.

Archibald Gillespie, Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy,  died Feb 15, 1942. Remembered on Town Hill Memorial, Panel 45. London, ENGLAND.


Charles Gillespie, Ordinary Seaman, Service No P/JX 284362. Died Dec 10, 1941, age 21. Remembered on Portsmouth Memorial, Panel 50, Column 1, ENGLAND.

Charles Gillespie, Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died March 15, 1941, age 26. Remembered on Runnymede Memorial, Panel 45, ENGLAND

Charles William Gillespîe, Ireland soldierDoctor Charles William Gillespie, b Friday, March 29, 1918. Died Thursday, Nov 17, 1955. Army. Service No. 252038. 9 Commando Base. Royal Army Medical Corps. Served in Tunisia, Italy and Greece.


Colin Campbell Frew Gillespie, Flight Sergeant, ID 1672004. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died Dec 13, 1945, Buried Auchtermuchty Cemetery, Grave Sec H, Grave 48, Fife, SCOTLAND

Conrad Ernest Gillespie, Private, ID 6403494. Royal Suffex Regiment. Died April 8, 1941, age 21. Buried Asmara War Cemetery, Grave 2. F. 2, ERITREA, Africa.


Daniel Gillespie, Civilian War Dead, d Oct 20, 1943. Buried Coventry County Borough. ENGLAND

David Gillespie, Private, Service No 10547239. Royal Army Ordance Corps. Died Sept 16, 1943, age 22. Buried Salerno War Cemetery, Grave II.F. 19, ITALY.  Son of  David & Maggie Gillespie of Worthing, Sussex, ENGLAND

David Gillespie, Private, ID 2937771. Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders. Died June 21, 1941, age 28. Buried Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, LIBYA. Grave 3.8.2

Dennis Gillespie, gunner, Royal Artillery, UK, Service No 1615788. Died Feb 12, 1942, Buried  Dalnottar Cemetery, SCOTLAND. Grave Sect M, Grave 368.


Edward Gillespie, Third Radio Officer, Merchant navy, died June 26, 1941, age 19. Remembered on Tower Hill Memorial, panel 87, ENGLAND (Service No not given on CWGC).

Edward Albert Gillespie, Sergeant, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, ID 1796391. Died Aug 26, 1941. Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Grave S. E. 16, GERMANY.

Ethel Jean Park, Civilian War Dead, died March 16, 1941, age 25. Buried Lanark County, SCOTLAND


Frank Gillespie, Private, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), ID 4344243. Died Jan 31, 1944. Buried Anzio War Cemetery, Grave III.U.11. ITALY

Fred W Glasby, Sergeant, ID 819287,  Regiment R.A. died 1945.


George Gillespie, UK, Private, ID 14530694, Durham Light Artillery, 9th Battalion, died Oct 4, 1944. s/o James  & Margaret Gillespie of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Buried Amhem Oostenbeek War Cemetery, NETHERLANDS

George William Gillespie, UK, Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals, ID 2360663. died Dec 27, 1944, age 23. s/o Sydney Herbert & Louisa Irene Gillespie of Newtown Butler, Co Fermagh, Ireland. Buried Addis Araba War Cemetery, ETHIOPIA, Africa.

Godfrey Curtis Gillespie, UK, Captain, Royal Artillery, 64 Medium Regiment. ID 88349. Died May 10, 1943, age 30. Awarded MC & Bar. s/o Henry Shaw Gillespie & Eva Gillespie of Liverpool, England. Buried Massicault Warten, TUNISIA, Africa.


Harold MacAlister Gillespie, Lance Corporal, Scots Guards, ID 2700831. Died Oct 8, 1943, age 22. Buried Minturno War Cemetery, Grave IV. F. 7, ITALY.

Harry Woodbridge Gillespie, Ordinary Seaman, ID  JX 254052. Naval Patrol Service.  Died April 28, 1941, age 27.  Burial Torpoint (Horson) Cemetery, Grave 27, Cornwall, ENGLAND


J Gillespie, Private, ID 13115641. Pioneer Corps, Died July 10, 1945, age 37. Buried Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, Grave Section 9, RC, Grave 1378. ENGLAND. Son of Richard & Sarah Gillespie of Liverpool, husband of Mary Gillespie of Liverpool. 

Jack Gillespie, Gunner, Royal Artillery, ID 1809939. Died Aug 8, 1945, age 33. Buried Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, Tamal Nadu, INDIA

James Gillespie, Private, ID 5952070, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 8th Bn. United Kingdom. Died May 21, 1940, age 21. Buried Comines  (Komen) Communal Cemetery British Plot Grave 83. , BELGIUM  Son of William & Mary Gillespie of Greenock, Renfrewshire, SCOTLAND. 

James Gillespie, Fireman, Merchant Navy, died Jan 23, 1942, age 41. Remembered on Tower Hill Memorial, panel 107, ENGLAND (no service number on CWGC). 

James Gillespie, Private, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, ID 14226879. Died Dec 4, 1942. Buried Glasgow (Cardonald) Cemetery, SCOTLAND

James Gillespie, Mess Room Boy, Merchant Navy, died March 10, 1943, age 19. Remembered on Tower Hill Memorial, panel 17, ENGLAND

James Barthlolomew Gillespie. Leading Cook, Royal Navy, ID P/MX70297. Died Oct 28, 1943, age 23.   St John’s (Mount Carmel) Roman Catholic Cemetery, St John East. Spec Memorial. Newfoundland, CANADA

James Lyon Gillespie, Pilot Officer, ID 76902. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. United Kingdom. Died Oct 1, 1940. Chichester Cemetery, ENGLAND

John Gillespie , Yeoman of Signals, Royal Navy, ID D/J 113916. Died May 20, 1941, age 31. Remembered on Plymouth Naval Memorial, panel 50, column 1, ENGLAND.  Son of John & Catherine Gillespie of Liverpool, husband of Ena Mabel Gillespie of Liverpool.

John Gillespie, Lance Bombardier, Royal Artillery, ID 769888. died Nov 20, 1942, age 48. Buried Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Grave 4. A. 19, ALGERIA, Africa.

John Gillespie, Private, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, ID 2988418. Died June 3, 1943. Buried Camelon Cemetery, Sec 12, Grave 209, Falkirk, SCOTLAND.

John Gillespie, Gunner, Home Guard, died Feb 7, 1944, age 28. Buried Greenock Cemetery, Sec 12, grave 209, SCOTLAND.

John Anthony Gillespie, Leading Airman, Royal Navy, ID FX91547. Died Aug 4, 1944. Buried Shirley (St John) Churchyard. Kent, ENGLAND

John Brough Gillespie, Private, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), ID 2758162. Died July 27, 1943, age 24. Buried Enfidaville War Cemetery, Grave II. A. 32, TUNISIA, Africa.

John Valentine Gillespie, Second Lieutenant, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, ID 117844. Died Jan 13, 1941, age 27. Buried Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Grave 16 C 11, Acroma,  LIBYA, Africa.

Joseph Gillespie,  Civilian War Dead, died May 3, 1941, age 55, Buried Bottle, Country Borough, ENGLAND


Lawrence Gillespie, UK, Pilot Officer (Pilot), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, ID 152304. Died Sept 26, 1943, age 23. s/o Alexander and Margaret (nee Henderson) Gillespie of Bucksburn. Buried Newhills Old Churchyard, Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND. Plot C, Grave 239.

Leslie Gillespie, UK, Able Seaman, Royal Navy. H. M. Submarine Splendid. ID P/JX 275191. Died May 2, 1943, age 23. s/o Joe & Alice Gillespie of Ardworth, Yorkshire, England. No known grave. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, US. ENGLAND


Patrick James Gillespie, UK, Sapper, Royal Engineers, ID 2123118. Died Oct 15, 1943, age 28.  s/o William J Gillespie & Anna of Killeter, husband of Martha Gillespie. Buried Aghyaran Roman Catholic Churchyard, Co Tyrone, IRELAND.


Reggie Thomas Gillespie, UK, Lance Corporal. Royal Corps of Signals, 8 Div Sign. ID 2330806. Died April 22, 1943, age 23. Buried Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, TUNISIA, Africa.

Richard William Gillespie, UK, Civilian War Dead. d June 30, 1944, age 70. Died in a major war raid. Warden of 51 The Common. Son of Major-General & Mrs W. A. Gillespie of Brynderven, UK, husband of Alice Marie Gillespie. Buried Woolwick, Metropolitan Borough, London, ENGLAND. His wife, Alice, also died the same night.

Robert Gillespie, UK, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, 103 Squadron. ID 43533. Died April 12, 1942, age 23. s/o Percy & Eliza Mary Gillespie of Kirkley, Stephen, Westmorland. No known grave. Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, ENGLAND.

Robert Gillespie, UK, Lance Corporal, Scots Guards. ID 2699910. Died Nov 22, 1944, age 32. Buried Castiglione, South African Cemetery, ITALY

Robert Dick Gillespie, UK, Air Commodore, Royal Air Force. Died Oct 30, 1945. No known grave. Runnymede Memorial, Panel 289, Surrey, ENGLAND

Robert Glennie Gillespie, UK, Private. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 7th Battalion. ID 14447473. Died March 24, 1945, age 19.  Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, GERMANY.

Robert James Gillespie, UK, Private, Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment), 1st Battalion. ID 14442983.  Died April 14, 1945, age 19.  Buried Becklingen War Cemetery, GERMANY

Robert John Gillespie, UK, Driver. Royal Army Service Corps. ID T/14704616. Died May 23 1944, age 42. s/o William & Janet Gillespie of Eyemouth. Husband of Margaret Craig Gillespie of 


Samuel Joseph Gillespie, UK, Marine. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Glorious. ID PLY/Y 1650. Died June 8, 1940, age 20. s/o Thomas & Margaret Gillespie, No known grave. Plymouth Naval Memorial, ENGLAND


Thomas Gillespie, UK, Private. Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders, 7th Battalion. ID 1500748. Died March 24, 1945, age 26. s/o Thomas  & Margaret Gillespie of Kelly, Fife, Scotland. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, GERMANY

Thomas Glen Ruthven Gillespie, UK, Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. ID 1806396. Died  July 18 1944, age 23. Awards M M. s/o David & Jessie Jane Bell Gillespie of Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.  Buried Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, FRANCE.


Wilhelmina Gillespie, UK, Civilian War Dead, of 23 Fellows Road, d/o of the late William Gillespie. Died at 23 Fellows Road April 17, 1941, age 55. Buried Hampstead, Metropolitan Borough, ENGLAND

William Gillespie, UK, Private. Royal Army Medical Corps. 5 Casualty Clearing Station. ID 7263226. Died May 25, 1940, age 22.  Buried Dunkirk Town Cemetery, FRANCE. Plot 2, Row 6, Grave 28.

William Gillespie, UK, Driver, Royal Army Service Corps, ID  T/167772. Died July 2, 1943, age 28. Buried in Tehran War Cemetery 6.D.5.  IRAN (within the British Embassy residential compound at Gielhak, 13 miles from the city).

William Gillespie, UK, Driver, Royal Army Service Corps, ID T/190022. Died Aug 23, 1943, age 26. s/o Andrew & Catherine Gillespie of Maddiston, Stirlingshire, UK. Buried Syracuse War Cemetery, SICILY.

William Gillespie, UK, Private 6637.  Federated Malay State Volunteer Force, Ist (Berak) ) Battalion.  Died Oct 9, 1943, age 41. s/o Mrs W Gillespie of Dunbar, East Lothian, SCOTLAND. Buried Kanchanaburi War Cemetery 8.A.73. , THAILAND.

William Gillespie, UK, Corporal, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 6th Battalion. ID 3245114  Died March 9, 1945, age 31. s/o Alexander & Margaret Gillespie of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, GERMANY.

William Alexander Gillespie, UK, Corporal, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Artillery. ID 14530261. Died April 6, 1945, age 31, s/o William Foster Gillespie & Mary Nisbet Gillespie of Glasgow, husband of Mary Jennett Davidson Gillespie of Glasgow.  Buried Cathcart Cemetery,  Renfrewshire, SCOTLAND.

William E Glasby, Gnr,  ID 945632. Regiment RA. Died 1942.

William Henry Gillespie, UK, Flying Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Service ID 166968. Died Nov 11, 1943. s/o Stephen Henry & Winifred Kathleen Gillespie of Harrow. Buried Harrow New Cemetery, Middlesex, UK. Sec E1, Grave 93. (2nd record gives burial in Pinner Cemetery, England).

William James Gillespie, UK, Fusilier, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Battalion. ID 6975630. Died May 19, 1940, age 33.  s/o Thomas & Alice Gillespie,  husband of Margaret, of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Buried Heverlee War Cemetery, BELGIUM.

Record Count:  71