NEWSLETTERS: 2002 Fall/Winter

FALL/WINTER 2002-03, Vol II, Issue 3

  • Editorial. New additions to library. Updated family files
  • Genealogy conferences. Family History of James Gillespie
  • Genealogy Puzzle
  • More Websites of Interest
  • The Earliest Gillespies to York Region & City of Toronto
  • Emigrants & Exiles: Ireland Exodus to North America
  • Answers to Puzzle
  • Irish Emigrant & Canadian Settlement
  • Scotland: 70 years ago.
  • Ontario Wentworth County Records. Estate & Biography of George Gillespie
  • Biography of William Gillespie. Hamilton Census 1861, 1871
  • Hamilton Marriage & Death Records
  • Ontario Vital Statistics Index 1879
  • Creating Concrete Garden Pots
  • IN MEMORY: Shuttle Tragedy, Feb 3, 2003
  • USA: Trailblazers Lewis & Clark
  • Poem: We Are The Storytellers
  • Creating Your Own Web Site: How to Do It
  • More Tips From the Past – Making Soap
  • Dates of US Federal Census
  • Tips From Pioneer Days: Medical, Food Handling, Cooking, Household Fire
  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Descendants of John & Mary Gillespie (Cunningham) Scotland to Ireland to Guelph, Ontario Canada to New York City
  • Obituary: Gordon Gillespie, Victoria Harbor, Ontario
  • Maps: Ontario Counties: Huron, Middlesex, Lampton, Kent, Essex
  • Map of Ontario Province

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