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In 1869 the Government of Ontario initiated a registration system, but it took many years for people to begin to respond to it. Also, names of boundaries changed over time, so always check records for surrounding counties to the one of your main interest. Location names were also repeated within the Province but were many miles apart, e.g. the Town of Perth in Lanark County in the East, and the County of Perth in Southern Ontario.  [Today,  many areas have ammalgamated].

These records are grouped by location where people lived within the Province. Begins in the North, then from the Ottawa Valley in the East, moving towards Toronto, then westward and then down south to the US border,

See notes at end of page for records where location is unclear. The Archives of Ontario releases  each year, another year of Vital Statistics  into public domain.


John Harold ARTHURS, birth March 20, 1896 , s/o James Arthurs & Elizabeth Gillespie in Parry Sound.

Margaret Grace ARTHURS, birth May 1, 1882 Commando, Parry Sound, d/o James Arthurs & Elizabeth Gillespie.

Wallace Gordon ARTHURS, birth June 2, 1897 s/o James Arthurs & Elizabeth Gillespie, Commanda, Parry Sound.

Mary Elizabeth BELFRY, birth Feb 2, 1879 d/o Isaac Belfry & Christena Gillespie, Lutterworth Twp, Haliburton

Mary COULTER, birth Dec 27, 1878 d/o Samuel Coulter & Catherine Gillespie, Sault Ste Marie, Algoma

Ethal May FERGUSON birth Aug 26, 1893  in Armour, d/o Lestor Ferguson & Mary Ann Gelaspie, Parry Sound.

Eva Martle FERGUSON, birth April 23, 1887 d/o Jestus Ferguson & Mary Ann Gillespie, Armour Twp, Parry Sound

Margret Louise FERGUSON, birth March 3, 1882 in Armour, d/o Jestus Ferguson & Mary Ann Gillaspie, Parry Sound.

Mary Ann FERGUSON, birth April 26, 1885 d/o Jestus Ferguson & Mary Ann Gillespie, Chetwynd, Parry Sound.

Agnes Isabella Gilaspie birth Minden Twp Oct 15, 1876  ID 021725

Alexander M Gillespie birth Lutterworth Twp Aug 16, 1891  ID 016765

Alonzo Robert Gillespie, birth June 29, 1881, s/o William Gillespie & Mary Nelles, Thessalon, Algoma  ID 901343, Birth also registered in Sault Ste Marie ID 214978

Annie Pearl Gillespie, birth Feb 8, 1890 born Sault Ste Marie. Child of William Gillespie and Mary Niles. ID 001287

A son born in Kirkland Lake, father  A. D. Gillespie, Marlatic, PQ. Nov 28, 1947

Byran Robert Gillespie, Catholic Baptism 1860-1967 White Fish, Ontario

Charlotte Georgenia Gillespie birth Sept 5, 1890  at Parry Sound, d/o Adam Gillespie and Charlotte Rogers (see next record)

Charlotte  Georgemia Gillespie birth Sept 5, 1893  in Parry Sound, Child of Adam Gillespie and Charlotte Rogers.

David Henry Gillespie, birth July 28, 1888 s/o James Gillespie & Emma Mcgann, Gordon, Algoma. (see also Grey County) ID 901564

David Martin Gillespie baptism Catholique 1947-1957 Blind River, Ontario at St Jacques le Majeur.

Edna M C Gillespie birth Armour Twp Sept 14, 1889 ID 023131

Elizabeth Gillespie birth Gordon Twp Sept 23, 1883. ID 901443

Ella May Gillispie birth Feb 8, 1894 in Parry Sound, d/o Edward Gillispie & Mary Jane Anderson.

George Gillespie birth Orillia Jan 29, 1886  ID 032971

George Brownlaw Gillespie birth Monk March 3, 1878 ID 018577

George Miller Gillespie birth Minden Twp Nov 5, 1878. ID 025633

Hildah Gillespie, birth Jan 15, 1897 d/o William Andrew Gillespie & Rosina Kelly, Muskoka, Bracebridge

James Gillespie, to attend wife for birth of son May 10, 1906 by Dr Archibald McMurchy, North Bay ,$7.00.

James Gillespie, to attend wife re birth of daughter, Dec 9, 1907 $8.00 by Dr Archibald McMurchy, North Bay

Jane Gillespie, birth May 28, 1891 d/o James Gillespie & Emma Mcgann, at Gordon, Manitoulin. ID 201390(see also Grey County, Collingwood)

Julia Marie Gillespie Catholique baptism 1939- 1943  Port Arthur, Ontario.

Lilly May Gillespie birth in Dresden on March 17, 1880  ID 013041

Margaret Findley Gillespie, birth Nov 2, 1892 d/o  Angus Gillespie & Essie Valentine, Lutterworth, Haliburton

Marianne Gillespie birth Oct 28, 1949  in Kirkland Lake, daughter of Scott Gillespie.

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Sept 23, 1883 d/o James Gillespie & Emma Mcgann, Gordon, Algoma

Mary Jane Mable Gallespie, birth Feb 15, 1890 d/o William Gallespie & Jane Ann Sloan, Sundridge, Parry Sound, Ontario

Mary Susanna Gillespie, birth Nov 14, 1886 d/o William Gillespie & Mary Ann Nelles, Thessalon, Algoma

Mildred Adelade Gillespie, birth Jan 21, 1896 d/o George Gillespie & Malvina Durkee, Thessalon, Algoma

Minnie Gertrude Betty, birth June 1, 1892 d/o Isaac Betty & Christine Gillespie, Lutterworth, Haliburton

M Jane Mable Gallespie birth Sunridge Feb 15, 1890  ID 021079; 021091

Nora Barbara Jone Gillespie, Catholique baptism 1939-1943 Port Arthur, Ontario

Roy Gillespie birth Armour Twp May 30, 1889 ID 023118

Samuel Gillaspy birth Monk Jan 22, 1877. ID 017838

Samuel James Gillespie birth Gordon Twp Dec 7, 1885 ID 901468

Sarah Gillespy birth in Monk, Muskoka, Jan 1, 1874, d/o Charles Gillespy & Susan McMurray. ( Monk is also listed under Simcoe Co) ID 015177

Susanna Gillaspie birth in Monck on Oct 23, 1880    ID 020188

Wallace E Gillespie birth in ‘unorganized’ Dec 28, 1886  ID 221949

Jane HARE birth June 6, 1876 in Morick, d/o Thomas Hare & Agnes Gillespy, Muskoka.

Julia May HART birth Jan 26, 1893  in Parry Sound, child of Maggie Gillespie and Peter Hart.


Alexander Allan Gillespie birth May 26, 1895 in McNab Twp, s/o George Gillespie & Berthea Carswell

Cathrine Gillespie, birth Jan 5, 1885 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton, McNab Twp, Renfrew. ID 031871

Ellen Gillespie, birth Aug 2, 1876 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton, McNab Twp, Renfrew.  ID 027196

A daughter born to M/M George Gillespie at Sand Point on June 16th, 1917 McNab Twp, Renfrew Co, Ontario Canada

A son born July 18, 1919 Smith Falls to M/M  George Gillespie.

George Patterson Gillespie, birth Aug 8, 1893 s/o George Gillespie & Bertha Carswell, McNab Twp, Renfrew.

Grace Marion Gillespie, birth Feb 19, 1883 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton, McNab, Renfrew, Ontario  ID 030503

James Gillespie birth April 25, 1889,  in  McNab, s/o George Gillespie & Berthea Carswell  ID 010968

Jane Gillespie, birth Feb 18, 1881 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton,  McNab, Renfrew  ID 028848

Margaret Gillespie, birth Nov 26, 1877 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton, McNab, Renfrew  ID 026557

Mary Gillespie, birth March 17, 1879 d/o James Gillespie & Jane Hamilton, McNab, Renfrew.  ID 027784

Robert Andrew Gillespie birth Nov 30, 1890 in McNab Twp, s/o George Gillespie & Besthea Carswell  ID 029574

Thomas Gillespie birth Dec 1, 1896 in Renfrew, so Margaret Gillespie (father’s name not given)

Aussie MATHEWSON, birth Feb 26, 1882 Admeston, Renfrew Co, child of Robert Mathewson & Marsha M Gillespie.

Charlotte MATHIESON birth Nov 23, 1883 Admaston, Renfrew, d/o Robert Mathieson & Martha Gillespie

Jessie MATHIESON, birth July 27, 1885 d/o Robert Mathieson & Martha Gillespie, Admaston, Renfrew Co



Vera Agnes CLOSTIER birth Dec 20, 1895 in Ottawa, d/o J Eugene Clostier & Margaret Gillespie.

Julia  Anne  DOURLAY, birth Aug 6, 1888 d/o John Dourlay & Margaret Gillespie, Ottawa, Carleton Co.

Alexander Lindsay GIBSON, birth Aug 30, 1881 Osgoode Twp, Carleton Co, s/o Robert Alexander Gibson & Lucinda Gillespie.

John Wesley GIBSON , birth Nov 28, 1874 son of Robert A Gibson and Lucinda Gillespie of Osgoode.

A daughter, born to Mrs. William Gillespie, May 9, 1838 at Fitzroy Harbour on 6th May.

Agnes Eva Gillespie, birth Sept 20, 1881 d/o Thomas Gillespie & Emmeline White, Nepean Twp, Ontario  ID 003998

Agnes Isabella Gillespie, birth Aug 15, 1893 d/o William Gillespie & Hannah Ann White, Nepean, Carleton, Ontario

Amy Gillespie birth Oct 4, 1904 in Gloucester, d/o John Gillespie & Mary Ann Davis.

Bradget Ellen Gillispie birth Carleton Sept 3, 1869. ID 219681

Catherine McKay Gillespie birth Feb 17, 1904 in Hintonburg, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Emelia White (also given as Emelin)

Chas Kent Gillespie (Eric Gillespie) birth May 3, 1909 Carleton, Ontario. Father James Edwd Gillespie. Mother Ella E Cummings.

Clara May Gillespie birth May 27, 1903 in Hintonburgh, do Wm Gillespie & Annie Armstrong.

Dorathy Mildred Gillespie, birth June 13, 1911 Carleton, Ontario. Father William Gillespie. Mother Lena Shore.

Douglas Shore Gillespie, birth Dec 26, 1896 in Nepean Twp, s/o William Gillespie & Lena Shore.

Elizabeth Mabel Gillespie, birth Sept 25, 1892 d/o William Gillespie & Lily Cooke, Ottawa, Ontario

Eric Gillespie – see Chas Kent Gillespie

Ethel Gillespie  birth Aug 25, 1892 in Ottawa, d/o John Gillespie and Lily Cooke.

Ethel Gillespie birth Aug 25, 1893 in Ottawa, d/o John Gillespie & Lily Cooke

Geo Bronson Ellwood Gillespie birth Aug 10, 1908  in Ottawa, s/o Geo Gillespie & Martha Shore

“Gillespie” birth July 27, 1898 in Ottawa, child of John Gillespie & Elizabeth Cooke. (2nd record gives mother as Corke).

Godfrey Park Gillespie birth Dec 6, 1890  in Nepean, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Emmeline White (middle name also given as Pack in 2nd record).  ID 209823

Gordon Gilchrist Gillespie birth Jan 18, 1891 in Nepean, so William Gillespie & Hannah Ann White  ID 009860

Gordon Harold Gillespie – see next record

Greson Haron Gellispie (Gordon Harold Gillespie) birth Dec 30, 1895 Carleton, Ontario Father Wm Gellispie. Mother Lena Shove (Personal note. Mother’s last name is later given as Shore.

Harold Gillespie, baptised 1885, at St Patricks’ Church, Ottawa, father Joseph Gillespie, mother Ida Beach

Hilda Muriel Gillespie birth July 12, 1895 in Ottawa, d/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Cook (John was my Dad’s brother)

Horase Maynord Gillespie birth March 10, 1902 in Nepean, s/o William Gillespie & Lena Shore

James Gillespie  birth March 27, 1880 in Nepean  Twp, s/o William Gillespie & Hannah Ann White  ID 004010

James Bruce Gillespie birth April 2, 1887 in Nepean, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Emmeline Wi…..  ID 004796

Jas Coleman Gillespie birth Oct 11, 1897 in Ottawa, s/o Patrick Gillespie & Elizabeth Bambrick.

John P Gillispie birth Carleton Aug 6, 1869. ID 001453

Kathleen Marian Gillespie birth Nov 19, 1912 in Ottawa, d/o Wm George Gillespie & Naomi Laura Phelps

Kathleen Wilhelmina Gillespie birth July 25, 1910  in Ottawa, d/o Geo Gillespie & Martha Shore.

Kenneth McKay Gillespie, birth Feb 9, 1892 s/o Thomas Gillespie & Emeline White, Nepean, Carleton (2nd record gives year as 1893)

Kenneth Stuart Gillespie birth Nov 25, 1910  in Ottawa, s/o Percy Gillespie & Elsie Pearl Mcfadden

Margaret Gillispie birth in Osgoode Twp June 18, 1880, ID 004303

Margaret Gillespie birth Feb 4, 1883 Carleton, Ontario Father John Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Mulligan. ID 004405

Margaret E Gillespie birth Nepean Twp Jan 9, 1884 ID 004082

Margt Elenor Gillespie birth Oct 6, 1909 Ottawa, d/o Wm Geo Gillespie & Naomi Laura Phelps

Mary Anna Gillespie birth Aug 27, 1900 in Carleton, d/o William Gillespie & Lena Shore

Maybelle Gillespie, birth Feb 4, 1883 d/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Mulligan, Gloucester, Carleton.

Milton Gilchrist Gillespie birth Nov 13, 1898 in Hintonburg, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Emeline White

M Theresa Gillispie birth Carleton Oct 7, 1869. ID 219680

Nelson Gillespie birth Aug 10, 1883 in Nepean, s/o William Gillespie & Hannah Ann White  ID 004846

Patrick J Gillespie birth Ottawa May 15, 1889  ID 005317

Percy Gillespie birth Dec 24, 1885 in Nepean Twp, s/o William Gillespie & Hannah Ann White ID 204328

Pat Jose Gillespie, male, birth May 15, 1889 Carleton, Ontario. Father John Gillespie. Mother  Bridget Whalen.

Phyllis Graham Gillespie birth July 26, 1904  in Ottawa, d/o James Gillespie & Ella Cummings

Samuel Gillespie birth July 10, 1875 at Billings Bridge,  Carleton County.  Father John Gillespie, farmer, Mother Betsy Ann Mulligan.

Stuart Cummings Gillespie birth  April 17, 1907 in Ottawa, s/o James Gillespie & Ella Cummings

Thomas Gillespie birth Jan 7, 1878 in Nepean Twp, s/o William, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Emmeline White.  ID 003311 (puzzling).

Thomas Charles Gillespie, birth Feb 19, 1885 Carleton, Ontario Father Thomas Gillespie. Mother Emmeline White. ID 006240

Thomas Edgar Gillespie birth Jan 22, 1904 in Ottawa, s/o Patrick Gillespie & Elizabeth Bambrick (2nd record gives date as Aug 22, 1904 Carleton, Ontario)

Ursula Gillespie birth March 12, 1899 Carleton, Ontario. Father Patrick Gillespie. Mother Eliz Bambrick.

Whilelmina Bessie Gallaen Gillespie birth April 13, 1896 in Hintonburg, Ontario, d/o Thomas Gillespie and Emeline White.  See next record

Wilhelmina Bessie Garland Gillispie, birth April 14, 1896 Carleton, Ontario. Father Thomas Gillispie. Mother Emeline White

William Gillespie birth April 1, 1876 in Nepean, so William Gillespie & Hannah Ann Whyte. ID 203310

Wm Edward Gillespie  birth April 26, 1902 in Ottawa, d/o James Gillespie & Eliz. Ella  Cummings

Alexander LINDSAY, birth Feb 1, 1874 son of James Duncan Lindsay, farmer, and Frances Jane Gillespie, North Gower. 

Mary Ann MALONE, birth Oct 4, 1890 in Ottawa, d/o Michael Malone & Catherine Gillespie. 


Minnie Eveline BEATTIE, birth March 20, 1880, d/o Robert Beattie & Lavinia Elizabeth Gillespie of Russell, Russell Co (linked to Dundas Co).

Ruby Francois Gillespie, birth Aug 16, 1891 d/o Ezra Emerson Gillespie & Alta Eliza Wyatt, Russell, Russell, Ontario  ID 901589


Aileen Vercio Gillespie birth Sept 20, 1910  in Perth, d/o Theo Jeremiah Gillespie & Elizabeth Thompson (2nd record gives her name as Aileen Vercie Gillespie. and father as Thos Jeremiah Gillespie).

Eloisa Harriet Gillespie birth Jan 4, 1906 in Perth, child of John J Gillespie & Elizabeth Moulton

A daughter born Dec 25, 1914 to M/M George Gillespie, Smith Falls.

A son born July 9, 1919 at Smith Falls, to M/M George Gillespie

Gillespie birth Aug 20, 1900 in Lanark, child of John James Gillespie & Elizabeth Hannah Moulton

Gillespie  birth March 6, 1903 in Perth, child of Jno Gillespie & Moulton. See next record.

Gillispie, male, birth March 6, 1904 Lanark, Ontario. Father Jno Gillispie. Mother Moulton.

Gillespie, male, stillborn, birth Feb 15, 1913 Lanark, Ontario. Father George Gillespie. Mother Agnes May Stewart.

Harriet Lillian Gillespie birth Nov 6, 1909 in Perth, d/o Thos Jeremiah Gillespie & Elizabeth Thompson.

Hilda Florence Gillespie, birth June 2, 1913 Lanark, Ontario. Father John Arthur Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Hannah Moulton.

James Gillespie, birth July 1, 1878 in Lanark Village, s/o William Gillespie & Margaret Coulter  ID 014386

John Cecil Gillespie birth Feb 12, 1913 Lanark, Ontario. Father Thos Jeremiah Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Thampson

Lavinia Gillespie birth May 11, 1911 in Perth, d/o Jno Jas Gillespie & Elizabeth H Moulton

Lawrence Gillespie birth Jan 9, 1880 in Lanark, child of Elizabeth Gillespie. Father’s name not given. ID 015143

Margaret Gillespie, birth May 6,1838, daughter of William Gillespie & Catherine McDonald at  Fitzoy Harbour,  Carleton Co,  baptized on 9th in Perth. (considerable distance between these locations, especially travelling in that day).

Ruby Francois Gillespie, birth Aug 16, 1898 Russell, d/o Ezra Emmerson Gillespie & Alta Eliza Wyatt.

Susan Dorothy Gillespie birth Oct 15, 1908 in Perth, s/o Jno James Gillespie & Elizabeth Moulton

Florence May RUSSELL, birth Sept 29, 1881, d/o George Henry Russell & Margary Gillespie, Smith Falls, Lanark Co.

Ida May TORNEY, birth June 20, 1886 d/o Robert G Torney & Nora A Gillespie, Almonte, Lanark Co.


Alexander Gillespie, baptism Jan 22, 1844, son of William Gillespie & of Jane his wife, residing in the Town of Cornwall. Born on the 23rd day of October. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall:

Alexander Gillespie, baptism June 29, 1845 son of Alexander Gillespie & of Elizabeth, his wife, residing in Cornwall. Born on the 2nd of March 1844. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall.

Alexander Gillespie, birth Dec 1874 s/o Daniel Gillespie & Jane Armstrong of Cornwall Twp, born 1874. Baptized April 22, 1876. (2nd record gives Jan 1875 which may be a christening)

Alexander Gillespie birth Jan, 1875 in Cornwall. ID 230186

Amy Louise Gillespie, birth Sept 6, 1883 d/o Ezra Gillespie & Eliza Alta Whyatt, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont. ID 033563

Annie Maud Gillespie birth Aug 4, 1878 in Osnabruck, d/o Wm Gillespie & Lucy E (see also Morewood, Dundas Co).  ID 030104

Arthur Gillespie birth Osnabruck Twp  Feb 27, 1891  ID 231502

Bertha Gillespie, birth Nov 30, 1884 d/o Joshua Gillespie & Mary Jane Holland, Osnabruck, Stormont Co.

Catherine Gillespie, baptism Oct 27, 1878 daughter of Daniel Gillespie & of Mary Ward Digman, born 10th September. Sponsors John Kirwan & Elizabeth MacDonald. Chs. Murray. St. Columban’s, Cornwall

Clara Maud Wright, birth Dec 20, 1819 do Wm Y. L. Wright & Eliza A Gellespie, Finch & Stormont.

Clarence Wesley Gillespie baptism at Stormont by Rev W. D Brown, Wesleyan Methodist. Child of James Gillespie. Osnbruck Township

James E Gillespie, birth Sept 29, 1876 son of Charles Wesley,  Baptized April 23, 1876 Osnabruck.

Johannem Hughem Gillespie birth Jan 15, 1863 in Cornwall, s/o James Gillespie & Elgie Jane Thompson. Christened on Feb 9, 1930 at Holy Rosery, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho.

Lillian Maude Hurley, birth March 2, 1886 Cornwall, Stormont Co, d/o Robert Hurley & Annie Gillespie

Lydia Gillespie, baptism Jan 24, 1844  daughter of Alexander Gillespie & of Eliza, his wife, residing in Cornwall. Born on the 1st of July 1840. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall.

Lydia Gillespie, birth Jan 4, 1888 d/o Joshua Gillespie & Mary Jane Holland, Osnabruck, Stormont. (date changed) ID 901548

Margaret Gillespie, baptism Jan 27, 1856 daughter of Oliver Gillespie & of Sarah Jane, his wife, residing in Cornwall. Born on the 20th October, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall.

Martha Gillespie birth April 11, 1906 in Osnbruck d/o Joshua Gillespie & Mary Jane Holland

Mary Edith Wright, birth Sept 21, 1891 Crysler, Stormont Co, d/o William Henry Wright & Eliza Ann Gillespie.

Mary Jane Gillespie, baptism June 29, 1845 daughter of Alexander Gillespie & of Elizabeth, his wife, residing in Cornwall. Born on the 11th of January 1842. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall.

Mary Jane Gillespie, birth Aug 5, 1845 d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Gillespie  Baptized Sept 5, 1845 Osnabruck.Amy  Louise Gillespie birth Osnbruck Twp Sept 6, 1884. ID 033568?

Minta Gillespie birth Aug 12, 1898 in Osnabruck Twp, d/o Joshua Gillespie & Mary Holland.

Olive May Galespie, birth Feb 2, 1888 born Cornwall Twp, Stormont Co, d/o David Galespie & Annie McCourt.

Rachel Gillespie, baptism Sept 3, 1833 daughter of Alexander Gillespie & Eliza, his wife, residing on the Presbyterian Glebe Lot, 2nd Cornwall, born 27th August last. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall:

Rachel Gillespie, baptism Jan 29, 1837 daughter of Alexander Gillespie & Eliza his wife residing in Cornwall, born on 3rd February last. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall:

Rebecca Gillespie,  baptism Feb 24, 1838 daughter of Alexander Gillespie & Elizabeth, his wife, born on 25th of August last. Residing in Cornwall. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall:

Sarah Gillespie, baptism Oct 10, 1841 daughter  of William Gillespie & Jane, his wife, residing in Cornwall. Born on 28th August. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall.

Sarah Jane Gillespie, baptism Dec 28, 1856  daughter of Dennis Gillespie & Fanny his wife, residing at the 5th Cornwall Lock, born on the 21st October. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. 

Sarah Jane Bates, birth July 29, 1884 d/o Arthur Bates & Sarah Elizabeth Gillespie, Cornwall, Stormont Co.

Thomas Gellespie birth Sept 15, 1869 Stormont Dundas. ID 005738

William Gillespie birth July 17, 1901 in Osnabruck Twp, s/o Joshua Gillespie & Mary Holland1904, July 5 Birth of “Gillespie” in Osnabruck, child of Joshua Gillespie & Mary Holland (2nd record gives baby’s nae as James Edward Gillespie)

Wilton Wyatt Gillespie  birth Oct 17, 1881 in Osnabruck, s/o Ezra E Gillespie & Eliza Alta Wyatt  ID 031239

Wynona Beryl Gillespie birth May 10, 1905  in Cornwall, child of David Gillespie  & Laura Robertson


Ellen Jane or Helen Henrietta Gellespi or Gillespie birth Dec 19,1902 in Glengarry Co, c/o Robert Gellespi & Janet Fraser

James Allan Gillespie birth Aug 1, 1901 in Kenyon Twp, child of Robert Gillespie & Jennie Fraser

Margaret Ann Gillespie birth Jan 5, 1900 in Glengarry, d/o Robert Gillespie & Janet Fraser

George MCLOGHLIN  christening May 19, 1794 of son of William McLoghlin & Margaret Gillespie at St Andrews Presbyterian, Williamsburg, Glengarry Co.

John MCLOGHLIN christening July 3, 1788 son of William McLoghlin & Margaret Gillespie, at St Andrew Presbyterian, Williamsburg, Glengarry


Jane Johnston DILLEN, birth Feb 8,1892 d/o R Johnston Dillen & Sarah Gillespie, Morrisburg, Dundas Co.

Arthur Jerold Gillespie, birth Nov 16, 1879 son of James & Sarah Gillespie, Morrisburg.  Baptized March 19, 1880.

Clifford Beach Gillespie birth Oct 31, 1891 in Winchester Twp, s/o William Gillespie & Lucy Beach. ID 038156

Elizabeth, birth Dec 28, 1870 d/o James & Sarah Gillespie, Morrisburg. Baptized Feb 19, 1871.

Georgina Margaret Johnston, birth May 11, 1887 Winchester Springs, Dundas Co, d/o Wm A Johnston & Isabella Gillespie

“Gillespie” birth March 1, 1882 in Morrisburg, child of James Gillespie & Sarah Haliday

James Johnston Gillespie, birth April 7, 1878 son of James & Sarah Gillespie, Morrisburg.  Baptized June 22, 1878 ID 030345

John Arthur Gillespie birth Morrisburg Oct 21, 1879. ID 030537

Matilda Chord Gillespie, birth July 17, 1870 d/o James Gillespie & Margaret Cameron, Winchester. Baptized May 24, 1871.  ID 009815

Margaret Agnes Gillespie, birth Feb 8,  1892 d/o James J. Gillespie & Sarah Halliday, Morrisburgh, Dundas

Matthew Gillespie, birth Feb 21, 1872 son of James & Sarah Gillespie.  Morrisburg.” Baptized April 21, 1872

Minnie Gillespie, birth March 31,1874 Osborne M.  ID 004821

Sarah Gillespie, birth July 22, 1888 d/o James J. Gillespie & Sarah Halliday, Morrisburgh, Dundas  ID 032312

Thomas Gillespie, birth Sept 16, 1869 s/o James Gillespie, a mason, bricklayer in Morrisburg &  Sarah Halliday (Microfilm ID 005738-69)

Thomas Irving Gillespie, baptism Feb, 1853 son of Thomas & Eliza Gillespie of Williamsburg, born Nov 1, 1852.

Thomas William Gillespie, birth Feb 20, 1870 son of James & Sarah Gillespie, born Sept 15, 1869 Williamsburgh

Jean Hazel JOHNSTONE birth May 9, 1892  Winchester, Dundas Co, d/o William Arnott Johnstone and Belle Gillespie


Arthur Millar Gillespie birth Aug 27, 1887 in Edwardsburg, s/o James Gillespie & Mary Ferguson

Edward Millar Gillespie birth Edwardsburg Aug 27, 1887. ID 017976

Francis Georgina May Gillespie birth Aug 25, 1892 , d/o Robert Elsworth Gillespie & Louisa Georgiana Robson, Prescott, Grenville. (2nd record gives child’s middle name as Georgiana)

George Ferguson Gillespie birth Sept 5, 1883 in Edwardsburg Twp, father James Gillespie, Mother Mary Irvine Ferguson ID 017043

Gillespie” born May 18,1907 in  Edwardsburg, child of John Gillespie & Elizabeth Dunlop.

John, birth Sept 29, 1869 s/o James Gillespie & Caroline Halliday. James a merchant in Ventnor.  ID 0061376

Margret Isabella Gillespie, birth May 4, 1895 d/o James Gillespie & Mary I Ferguson, Edwardsburgh, Grenville.

Alice Asenath WATSON birth Oct 23, 1869 in Leeds & Grenville, d/o Henry Watson & Margaret Gellsbie


Susan Louisa DODD birth Dec 17, 1891 in Brockville, d/o William Dodd & Catherine Gillispi, Leeds Co.

Bessie Gillespie, birth March 22, 1889 d/o William Edward Gillespie & Minnie Anderson Brockville, Leeds.  ID 904573

Mary Eleanor Gillespie, birth Sept 9, 1877 d/o John S. Gillespie & Jeanette Templeton, Brockville, Leeds  ID 013666

Samuel Gillespie birth July 10, 1875 Gananoque, Leeds, so John Gillespie & Betsy Ann Mulligan (my father and grandparents who lived in Billings Bridge , Carleton Co).

Edna PERRY, birth Aug 23, 1888 d/o Peter Perry & Jennie Gillespie of Brockville, Leeds Co.



Edith May BATES, birth Jan 22, 1899, christened May 24, 1899, Wolfe Island, d/o Edward Richard Bates and Dora Gillespie, Frontenac Co

Lucinda Gertrude BATES, birth Aug 19, 1902 Wolfe Island, d/o Edward Richard Bates & Dora Gillespie. Baptized May 24, 1903

William George BATES, birth Feb 10, 1907, Wolfe Island, s/o Edward Richard Bates and Dora Gillespie. Baptized March 14, 1907

George Francis BROOKS , birth March 11, 1890 s/o Francis Brooks & Mary Gillespie, Pittsburgh Twp, Frontenac Co.

Amelia Eliza COXALL,  birth Aug 27, 1866, d/o William Coxall and Eliza Gillespie, Wolfe Island, Christened Sept 30, 1866

Elizabeth Adeline COXALL birth Aug 3, 1868 , d/o William Coxall and Elizabeth Gillespie, Wolfe Island, Christened Sept 27, 1868

Florence COXALL, birth March 24, 1870 d/o William Coxall, a merchant,  and Eliza Gillespie of Wolfe Island

Ada Victoria Gillespie birth May 23, 1889 in Pittsburgh, d/o John Gillespie & Mary Wilmot, Frontenac County

Albert Edward Gillespie, born April 3, 1891, baptism May 10, 1891  on Wolfe Island, son of George & Fanny Coxall ?christening date. Frontenac County  ID 013529

Annie Amelia Gillespie, born Jan 3, 1869, baptised March 22, 1869 daughter of Robert & Ann Jane (Note: family lived on Howe Island) Frontenac County

Annie Elizabeth Gillespie, born Dec 31, 1888, baptism March 4, 1889 daughter of George & Frances Amelia (Coxall)  (date changed) ID 010394

Annie Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Jan 9,1894 d/o John Gillespie & Mary E Wilmot, Pittsburgh Twp, Frontenac Co.

Arthur Wellington Gillespie, born Dec 9, 1879, baptised June 21, 1881 daughter of  Robert & Ann Jane Gillespie, Frontenac County

Benjamin Gillespie, born Nov 16, 1827,  baptised Jan 7, 1828 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kingston, Ontario, son of James Gillespie & Jane Montgomery. Note: He moved to Picton, PE County.

Catherine Ellen Gillespie birth Feb 24, 1909 in Olden, Frontenac, d/o James Gillespie & Martha Vinkle

Charls Gorge Gillaspie, birth Dec 30, 1883 son of George & Frances A. Baptized May 4, 1884 Wolfe Island (name spelled that way on microfilm) ID 0208283

Charles Gordon Gillespie, born July 22, 1917, baptised Sept 16, 1917 son of Charles George & Estella H.(Boyd), Frontenac Co.

Conway Gillaspie birth in Pittsburgh Twp on March 3, 1875. ID 003933

Clara Lenora Gillespie birth June 22, 1895 on Wolfe Island, d/o William Gillespie & Alvira Woodman, Frontenac Co

David Gillespie birth Kingston Sept 14, 1878  ID 006549

Della Gertrude Gillespie birth Feb 18, 1894 on Wolfe Island, do Wm Gillespie & Alvira Woodman, Frontenac Co

Dora Gillespie, born Aug 6, 1876, baptised Feb 14, 1877, daughter of George & Francis Amelia Gillespie, Frontenac County

Elizabeth Gillespie, born April 6, 1846, baptised Aug 8, 1852,daughter of Robert & Elizabeth, Frontenac Co

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie, born March 26, 1873, baptised June 21, 1881 daughter of Robert & Ann Jane, Frontenac County

Elizabeth Gellespie Oct 15, 1882 on Howe Island, child of Robert Gillespie and Elizabeth Brakey (mother has many spelling  of her last names used in records) This is Ann Jane Breakey.    Frontenac County.  ID 008560

Elizabeth Gertrude Gillespie birth Nov 1, 1896 in Kingston, d/o James Gillespie &  Mary Moncrief

Eliza Jane Gillaspie, birth March 26, 1872 d/o Robert Gillespie & Ann Jane Brecky, Howe Island, Frontenac Co.  ID 004433

Eliza Matilda, born Sept 22, 1882, baptised Sept 22, 1882 daughter of George & Frances A. Gillespie, Frontenac County

Emma Viola Gillespie birth Oct 16, 1904  in Pittsburgh Twp, d/o John Gillespie & Janet Nettie Bennett

Ethel Alvira Gillespie, born Dec 7, 1887, baptised March 6, 1888 daughter of Robert & Ann Jane (Breakey) Frontenac County

Ethel May Gillespie, birth May 26, 1881 d/o James Gillespie & Mary Campbell, Portsmouth, Frontenac Co.

Ettie Maria Gillespie birth on Wolfe Island Oct 28, 1880. ID 006812

Euphemia Peat Gillespie, born Sept 6, 1842, baptised Nov 14, 1842 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kingston, Ontario, daughter of Thomas Gillespie & Catherine Thomson. Frontenac County

Evelyn Gertrude Gillespie birth Oct 13, 1907 in Kingston, d/o William Henry Gillespie & Ellen May Babcock

Fermantha Elizabeth Gillespie, birth 1872 d/o John Gillespie & Almira Grimshaw, Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co.(see also Simanthe)  ID 001541

George Gillespie, born March 7, 1852, baptised March 8, 1852 son of Robert & Eliza, Frontenac  Co.

George Albert Gillespie birth March 18, 1879 in Portsmouth. son of James Gillespie & Margaret Campbell. Frontenac County  ID 0062280

George Albert Gillespie birth Dec 12, 1893 on Wolfe Island, son of Wm Gillespie & Cynthia Alvira Woodman, Frontenac Co

Gertrude Amelia Gillespie, born May 12, 1878, baptised May 14, 1878 daughter of George & Francis Amelia. Frontenac County, (date changed) ID 206849

Gilbert E J Gillespie birth KIngston Nov 17, 1887 ID 901501

Gillespie’ (female) birth Nov 28, 1887 in Kingston, child of James Gillespie & Mary Moncrief, Frontenac County ID 007608

Gillespie (male) birth Pittsburg Dec 11 1887. ID 008090

Gillespie, birth Pittsburgh Twp May 23, 1889  ID 009800

Gwendalyn Dawn Gillespie, born June 20, 1908, baptised Nov 3, 1908 daughter of Percy & Lilian Gillespie

Harold Wilmot Gillespie birth Dec 11, 1887 in  Pittsburgh, son of John Gillespie & Mary Elizabeth Wilmot, Frontenac County

Henry Gillespie birth Wolfe Island June 23, 1874. ID 007151

Henry Gillespie baptised Aug 30, 1874 son of John & Almira Gillespie, Frontenac County,

James Gillespie, born Jan 6, 1825, baptised Jan 26, 1825 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kingston, Ontario, son of James Gillispie & Jane Montgomery. Note: He became Sherriff of Picton, Prince Edward County. 

Jane Gillespie, birth Dec  7, 1887 d/o Robert Gillespie & Ann Jane Breakey, Howe Island, Frontenac Co. ID 007860

John Herbert Gillespie birth March 5, 1896 in Pittsburgh, s/o John Gillespie & Mary E Wilmot Frontenac Co

John Howard Gillespie birth Feb 23, 1901 in Frontenac, s/o Thomas H Gillespie & Wilhelmima J Brebnor

John Sinclair Gillespie, born Jan 28, 1871, baptised Jan 28, 1872 son of Robert & Anne Jane, Frontenac County

Lenora Orletta Gillespie, born Oct 2, 1875, baptised June 21, 1881 daughter of Robert & Ann Jane, Frontenac County ID 004138

Leonora Gillespie birth Oct 2, 1875 Storrington,  d/o Robert Gillespie and Jane Breakey ( of Howe Island), Frontenac County

Letitia  Gillespie birth Dec 28,1872 in Kingston, d/o James Gillespie & Mayant Campbell. (2nd record gives child’s  mother as Margaret Campbell). Frontenac County. ID 204320

Libertha Jane Gillespie, born Aug 1, 1870, baptised July 16, 1871, daughter of John & Almira, Frontenac Co

Mabel Agnes Gillespie birth Dec 31, 1890 in Pittsburgh Twp, d/o John Gillespie & Mary Elizabeth Wilmot

Margaret Gillespie birth Oct 4, 1880 at Pittsburgh Twp, d/o Hugh Gillespie and Margaret Spence.  ID 007627

Margaret Gillespie, birth Aug 13, 1892 d/o Hugh Gillespie & Margaret Spence, Pittsburgh, Frontenac

Margaret Edna Gillespie birth Oct 12, 1903 in Pittsburgh Twp, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Margaret Scott

Martha Gillespie, born Jan 11, 1847, baptised March 8, 1852 daughter of Robert & Eliza, Frontenac Co

Maude Elizabeth Gillespie birth Nov 11, 1882 on Wolfe Island, d/o William Gillespie & Cynthia Alvira Woodman. Frontenac County

Muriel Eliza Gillespie birth Aug 31, 1907 in Pittsburgh, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Margret Scott

Mildred Gillespie birth April 19, 1889 on Wolfe Island, d/o Wm Gillespie & Cynthia A Woodman, Frontenac County  ID 213528

M Jane Gillespie birth Portsmouth on May 26, 1881. ID 007788

Oliva Matilda Gillaspie birth Jan 8, 1885 on Wolfe Island d/o William Gillaspie & Alviah Woodman , Frontenac Co  ID 008950

Robert Gillespie birth Aug 8, 1845 Baptized March 8, 1852, s/o  Robert & Eliza, Wolfe Island, Frontenac County

Robert Gillespie birth Pittsburgh on July 17, 1878  ID 006310

Robert Leslie Gillespie birth Wolfe Island Jan 4, 1887. ID 008190

Robert Walter Gillaspie, born Nov 4, 1886, baptised Nov 18, 1886 son of George & Frances Amelia (Coxall). ID 009747

Robert William Gillespie, birth Aug 15, 1871,  Frontenac, son of James Gillespie & Margaret Campbell. At Portsmouth. ID 022884

Sabina Alberta Gillespie, born Oct 14, 1882, baptism March 6, 1888 daughter of Robert & Ann Jane (Breakey) Frontenac County

Sarah  Gillespie, birth Jan 9, 1875 d/o James Gillespie & Margaret Campbell, Portsmouth, Frontenac Co  ID 003997

Sarah C Gallespie birth in Pittsburgh T wp on Sept 4, 1880. ID 208637

Sarah Jane Gillespie, birth April 13, 1875 daughter of George & Frances Amelia.  Baptized May 30, 1875. Frontenac County

Simanthe Elizabeth Gillespie, born Oct 16, 1872, daughter of John & Elmira. ( 2nd record gives Femantha Elizabeth Gillespie b 1872 child of John Gillespie & Almira Grimshaw. Were there twins?) Wolfe Island. Frontenac County

Thomas Gillespie, born Dec 27, 1867, baptised March 29, 1868, son of John & Almira. Frontenac County

Thomas Andrew Gillespie birth March 18, 1879 n Portsmouth, so Jas Gillespie & Margaret Campbell, ID 006281

Walter Weston Gillespie, born Oct 6, 1922, baptised Dec 5, 1922 son of Charles George & Estella Hooper (Boyd) Frontenac Co.

William Henry Gillespie, born Jan 11, 1860, baptised Feb 16,1860 son of John Gillespie of Kingston & Elmira Grimshaw. Frontenac County

William Henry Gillespie birth Aug 9, 1876 in Portsmouth, child of James Gillespie & Margaret Campbell, Frontenac County  ID 005552

William Henry Gillespie birth Kingston April 10, 1886 ID 010031

William Henry Gillespie birth April 10, 1886  in Kingston, son of James Gillespie & Mary Moncrief

William James Gillespie birth Dec 28, 1910  in Kingston, Frontenac Co, d/o Wm Gillespie & Ella Babcock

William Percy Gillespie birth on Wolfe Island Feb 8, 1880. ID 006_50

William Thomas Gillespie birth June 30, 1911 in Pittsburgh, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Margaret Scott

Wm Victor Gillespie birth Jan 18,1906 in Kingston, s/o James Gillespie & Martha Ann Vindale

Mary Jane GILLOW, born Sept 14, 1851, baptised March 8, 1852,  d/o  Samuel Gillow  & Ann (nee Gillespie) Frontenac County

Robert GILLOW, s/o Samuel Gillow and his wife Ann Gillespie, born Feb 19, 1854. Baptised June 18, 1854, Wolfe Island, Frontenac County

Eurella HORNEbirth Sept 22, 1869, d/o William J  Horne, a yeoman  & Mary Jane Gillespie, Frontenac.  (2nd record gives Euretta Home)

Martha RANOUS, birth July 13, 1888 d/o George Ranous & Martha Gillespie, Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co.

Luella Margaret SCOTT birth July 12, 1891 in Kingston, Frontenac Co, d/o John Scott & Annie Gillespie

Henrietta  SHARPE, born May 9, 1845, baptised Dec 15, 1847 daughter of  William Sharpe & Barbara Gillespie, Frontenac County

John SHARPE, born Aug 19, 1847, baptised Dec 25, 1847 /o William Sharpe and Barbara Gillespie. Frontenac County

Edith WELMOT birth May 5, 1896 in Kingston, d/o Henry F Welmot & Annie Gillespie, Frontenac.

Vera Alexander or Victoria May WILMOT birth May 24, 1891 in Kingston, Frontenac Co, d/o Henry F Wilmot & Annie Gillespie


Alice Maud DAWSON birth July 19, 1880 in Belleville, d/o James A Dawson & Jenny Gellespie,  Hasting Co.

Benjamin Albert Gillespie birth Oct 20, 1848, baptized Jan 14, 1851. s/o James  & Sarah Gillespie of PictonTown.

Clarence John Gillespie birth Sept 15, 1899 in Tyendinaga,  Hastings, s/o William E Gillespie & Sarah Jane Coulter.

David Findlay Gillespie birth Nov 14, 1870 in Plainfield, Hastings,s/o John Gillespie & Christina Miles  ID 901182

Dorothy Eva Gillespie birth June 10, 1904 in Tweed, Hastings Co, d/o Adam Kull Gillespie & Mary Ethel Bonn

Donald Hall Gillespie birth Dec 10, 1906 in Tweed, Hastings Co, so Adam Gillespie & Mary Ethel Beene.

Ella Maud Gillespie, birth Dec 5, 1888 d/o Wm E Gillespie & Sarah Jane Coulter, Tyendingaga, Hastings ID 2123945

Emma Jane Gillespie birth Nov 9, 1864 in Thurlow,  Hastings Co, d/o John Gillespie & Christina Miles

Emerson Gillespie birth Feb 6, 1870 in Thurlow, Hastings Co, s/o John Gillespie & Christie Ann Miles. See next entry. ID 010463

Gillespie” birth March 6, 1874  Picton, Prince Edward Co, child of Benjamin Gillespie & Ann Gaw.   ID 016543

Helen Gillespie, birth Oct 1, 1886 d/o James F. Gillespie & Julie A Vandewat, Picton Town, Prince Edward County  ID 031576

James Garfield Gillespie birth Nov 17, 1884  in Picton, Prince Edward Co, s/o James H Gillespie &  Julia A Van De Water  ID 030867

Jane M Gillespie birth in Campbellford Nov 17, 1881. ID 020987

Kathleen Gillespie, birth July 21, 1883 d/o Jonas H Gillespie & Julie Ann Vanderwator, Prince Edward Co. (date changed) ID 030137

Margaret Olive Gillespie birth Sept 28, 1910 in Tweed, Hasting Co, d/o Adam Gillespie & Mary Ethel Benn

Nora Gillespie birth Cambellford April 9, 1883  ID 028416 (difficult to read microfilm, especially first name)

Olivia Gillispie, birth Feb 1, 1886 d/o John Gillispie & Christina Findlay, Thurlow, Hastings Co  ID 013586

Charles SMITH birth Nov 17, 1859 Baptized Jan 14, 1851. S/o James & Sarah Gillespie of Picton

Mary Montgomery WIDDIFIELD, birth Jan 19, 1897 d/o C H Widdifield & Emma M Gillespie, Picton, Prince Edward Co.



Adam Hall Gillespie birth Oct 16, 1877 in Otonabee, s/o John Gillespie & Margaret Christie  ID 025012

Alexander Gillespie birth April 18, 1875 Otonabee Twp. ID 017668 See next record.

Alexander Gillespie birth April 15, 1875 in Otonabee, Peterborough Co, s/o Peter Gillespie & Jane Scott

Alexander Craig Gillespie birth May 15, 1885 in Ashburnham, s/o James Brough Gillespie  & Margaret June Craig

Alexander G Gillespie birth Ashburnham May 15,  1885 ID 027684

Allan Christie Gillespie birth Aug 3, 1907 in Ashphodel, Peterborough Co, s/o Peter Gillespie & Mabel Humphries

Andrew James Gillespie birth June 2, 1886 in Peterborough, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick ID 029728

Bruce Brough Gillespie birth July 9, 1883  in Ashburnham, Peterborough Co, s/o James B Gillespie & Margret Jane Craig ID 028012?

Bruce Brown Gillespie birth May 14, 1887 in Ashburnham, Peterborough Co, s/o James B Gillespie &  Margaret Jane Craig ID 027113

Cecil Alex Gillespie birth March 25, 1911  in Stinalue, Peterborough Co, s/o Alex Gillespie & Annie Anderson Baltyute

Clarence Humphries Gillespie birth Sept 8, 1908 in Asphodel, Peterborough Co, s/o Peter E Gillespie & Mabel Humphries

Edith Gillespie birth Feb 16, 1883 in  Peterborough, d/o Thomas G Gillespie & Mary Ann Duncan  ID  087993

Edith Mildred Gillespie birth Peterborough on May 8, 1877 ID 024438

Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Dec 14, 1849 in Monaghan. d/o Peter Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie. Baptized June 21, 1850 in Monaghan by I.B. Howard.

Ethel Mildred Gillespie, birth May 9, 1877 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Ellen Scott, Peterborough.

George Alexander Gillespie birth Dec 26, 1872  in Otonabee, Peterborough Co, s/o John Gillespie  & Margaret Christie  ID 218209

George Grant Gillespie,  birth Jan 15, 1909 s/o G A Gillespie & Elizabeth Lang

Gordon Vernon Gillespie birth June 20, 1892 in Ashburnham, so Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick

Helen Geoffrey Gillespie birth Jan 17, 1911  in Asphodel, Peterborough Co, d/o Peter C Gillespie & Mabel Miler Humphries

Isabella Gillespie, birth June 27, 1883,  d/o Peter Gallespie & Jane Scott, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough ID 028328?

James Gillespie birth June 8, 1848born Monaghan. Baptized Sept 2 1848 Monaghan. Parents not given.  By Geo Goodson.

James Gillespie birth Feb 14, 1881 in Otonabee, s/o  Peter Gillespie & Jane Scott  ID 026331

James Bertram Gillespie birth Dec 19, 1890 in Peterborough, s/o James Gillespie & Margaret Jane Craig  ID 901514

James Earl Gillespie birth Aug 12, 1909 in Peterborough, s/o Geo A Gillespie & Elizebeth Lang

James Maxwell Gillespie birth Aug 23, 1897 in Harvey, Peterborough Co, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick

Jane Gillespie birth May 20, 1885  in Peterborough, d/o Thomas G. Gillespie & Mary Ann Duncan, Peterborough, Ontario  ID 028013

Jane Brough Gillespie, birth Dec 12, 1878 d/o Peter Gillespie & Jane Scott, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough  ID 225778

Janet Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Oct 28, 1876  d/o Peter Gillespie & Jane Scott, Otonabee, Peterborough  ID 224752

Jean Turnbull Gillespie birth Nov 21, 1888, d/o James Brough Gillespie & Margaret Jane Craig, Peterborough ID 901566

J Francis Gillespie birth Otonabee Jan 2, 1888 ID 028945

John L Gillespie birth Sept 26, 1899 in Smith Twp, Peterborough Co, s/o Geo A Gillespie & Elizabeth Lang

Joseph Gillespie birth Dec 17, 1883 in Peterborough, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick ID 228705

Joseph Gillespie birth Feb 16, 1884 in Peterborough, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Ellen Scott (date changed). ID 028724

Joseph Francis Gillespie birth Jan 2, 1888  in Otonabee, Peterborough Co, s/o John L Gillespie & Elezebeth Samuel

Laura Gillespie birth Feb 23, 1903 in Peterborough, do Wm Gillespie & Annie Montgomery

Lilly May Pearl McCrorie, birth Feb 22, 1892 d/o William McCrorie & Sarah Gillespie, Peterborough, Ontario

Lottie Gillespie birth Oct 11, 1907 in Harvey, Peterborough Co, d/o  Wm Gillespie & Annie Montgomery

Maggie Gillespie, birth Aug 18,1878 d/o Peter Gillespie & Jane Thompson, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough  ID 225790

Margaret Gillispie, birth April 21, 1853 born Monagahn  d/o John Gillispie and Jane Gillispie. Baptized July 7, 1853 Monaghan by James Hughes.

Margaret Isabel Gillespie, birth Sept 13, 1885 d/o John Lyall Gillespie & Elizabeth Samuel, Otonabee Twp, Ontario ID 027871

Mary Jane, birth Dec 20, 1870 d/o John Gillespie and Margaret Christie. Born Peterborough County.

M Jane Knox Gillespie birth in Otonabee Dec 24, 1870. ID 009366

Peter Gillespie birth Otonabee July 14, 1884   ID 227861

Peter Christie Gillespie, birth Nov 12, 1874 s/o John Gillespie & Margaret Christie, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co. ID 017388

Robert Gillespie, birth July 17, 1878 s/o Hugh Gillespie & Margaret  Spence, Pittsburgh Twp, Frontenac  Co.

Robert George Cassidy birth July 13, 1881 in Smith, Peterborough, s/o James Cassidy & Sarah Ann Gillespie

Sarah Elizabeth Gillespie birth March 25, 1889 , d/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwict, Ashburnham, Peterborough Co.(2nd record gives her name as Sarah Isabella Gillespie ID 029409

Stanley George Gillespie birth May 25, 1887 in Peterborough, s/o Thomas George & Mary Ann Duncan  ID 501180

Thomas George Gillespie birth Aug 26, 1876 in Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co, s/o Peter Gillespie & Jane Thompson  ID 021819

William G J Gillespie birth Fenelon Falls Feb l7, 1874. ID 021213

Walter Jas Gillespie birth Feb 28, 1906 in Otonabee, Peterborough Co, s/o Alexander Gillespie  & Annie Anderson Bathgate

Walter Scott Gillespie birth Aug 31, 1872 in Peterboro, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Ellen Scott  ID 016499

Walter Stanley Gillespie birth Jan 4, 1903 in Peterborough , Toronto (two locations don’t make sense as these  places are far apart), s/o Hugh Wm Gillespie & Elizabeth Redpath.

Edith Letitia KENT birth Feb 19, 1881 in Peterborough, d/o Andrew Mather Kent & Mary Elizabeth Gillespie.

Bella Ida MILLER, birth April 24, 1884 , do Robert Miller & Mary Jane Gillespie of Peterborough

Ellen Seymour MILNE, birth Sept 8, 1878 d/o Alexander Milne & Margaret Gillespie, Kingston Mills, Frontenac

Catherine Esther Eveline ROBINSON birth Nov 2, 1881 in Otonabee Twp, Peterborough, d/o John Wesley Robinson & Sarah Ann Gillespie.

Etty Sophie Jane ROBINSON birth Aug 30,1883 Otonabee, Peterborough Co, d/o John Wesley Robinson & Sarah Ann Gillespie

Margaret Esther STEWART, birth Nov 13, 1885 North Monaghan Twp, Peterborough Co, d/o Joseph Stewart & Eliza Jane Gillespie

Ellen THOMPSON, birth April 16, 1882 Otonabee, Peterborough Co, child of Adam Thompson & Anna Gillespie.

Jane WALKER, birth Oct 5, 1894 d/o John Walker & Alice Gillespie, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co



Alexander Gillispie birth Haldimand Twp on Dec16, 1871. ID 212103

Allister C Gillispie birth Mariposa Aug 11, 1886 ID 035124

Annie Elizabeth Gillespie birth Aug 5, 1912  in Cramahe, Northumberland Co, d/o Walter Gillespie & May Phillips

Annie May Gillespie, birth Nov 10, 1879 d/o James Gillespie & Ellen Diviney, Fenella, Northumberland.  ID 901362

Benjamin Walter Gillespie birth Feb 1885, in East Neding, Northumberland Co, s/o  Charles S Gillespie & Debra Van Glasicum.

Clifford Holland Gillespie  birth May 9, 1905 in Northumberland, s/o William Gillespie & Lizzie Arkles

Edward Gillespie,  birth Dec 7, 1864 at Haldimand. Baptized April 18, 1865 by  C Hamilton, s/o James Gillespie, Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand.

Elizabeth Ann Clare Gillespie birth Sept 9, 1977  in  Lindsay, d/o  Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick  ID 02971

Elizabeth Debra Gillespie, birth March 22, 1891 d/o Charles Smith Gillespie & Debrah Ann Vanblarrscom, Campbellford, Northumberland ID 027565

Florence Muriel Gillespie birth Oct 7, 1900 in Northumberland, d/o William Gillespie & Elizabeth Arkles

Frank Gilbert Gillespie birth July 30, 1874 in  Newcastle, Durham Co, s/o  John Gillespie & Esther Johnston ID 219137

In Haldimand, on the 6th instant, the Lady of Mr. George Gillespie, born a son, April 13, 1836

George A Gillespie birth in Haldimand Twp on Feb 8, 1872. ID 012106

George Hilton Gillespie birth May 18, 1891 in Hamilton Twp, Northumberland Co, s/o William H Gillespie & Elizabeth Sandercock  ID 028398

Gillespie” birth Aug 15, 1905, in Northumberland, child of Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Anderson

Grace Adelle Gillespie, birth Oct 30, 1892 d/o Charles Smith Gillespie & Debra Ann Vanblaricum, Campbellford, Northumberland

Hazel Gillespie birth Jan 29, 1895 in Haldimand Twp, Northumberland Co, d/o William Gillespie & Elizabeth Arkles

Henry Ernest Gillespie birth Nov 18, 1902  in Cobourg, s/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Anderson

Hugh Gillispie birth March 7, 1873 in Haldimand Twp, Northumberland Co, s/o James Gillespie & Ellen Deveney  ID 014303

Hugh Thompson Gillaspie birth Pittsburgh Twp April 21, 1876. ID 005602

James E Gillespie birth Feb 8, 1884 Haldimand. ID 023015

James Thompson Robson, birth June 11, 1874 s/o George Robson & Elizabeth Gillespie, Haldimand Twp, Northumberland Co

Jane Montgomery Gillespie, birth Nov 17, 1881 d/o Charles S. Gillespie & Debra Anne Vanblasicum, Campbellford, Northumberland

Jas Frederick Gillespie, birth Feb 8,1884, Haldimand, s/o James Gillespie & Mary R Mallory, Northumberland Co

Jennie Mabel Bernise Gillespie, birth Nov 19, 1906 in Cobourg, Northumberland Co, d/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Anderson.

Johanna Gillespie, birth Dec 2, 1878 d/o William Gillespie & Mary Francis, Port Hope, Durham  ID 020166

John Gillespie birth Jan 10, 1871 in Hope, Northumberland Co, s/o  John Gillespie & Esther Johnston   ID 019151

John Gillespie birth June 26, 1899 in Cavan Twp, s/o Hugh Gillespie & Rebecca Cathcart.

John Wesley Gillespie, birth July 17, 1866 at Haldimand. Baptized Oct 2, 1868 at Fenella by J. A. Ivison. s/o Jas Gillespie, Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand.

Leonard Gillespie, birth Aug 18, 1863  baptized April 21, 1865 by C Hamilton, s/o Alexander Gillespie, Sarah Gillespie of Haldimand.

Lilly Eleanor Gillespie birth June 23, 1903 in Haldmand Twp, d/o William Gillespie & Jennie Arkles

Louisa Jane Gillespie birth July 29, 1866 at Haldimand. Baptized Oct 2, 1868 at Fenella by J. A. Ivison. d/o Edw’d Gillespie, Martha Gilespie of Haldimand.

Lucy Louisa Gillespie, birth Dec 19, 1886 d/o Charles S. Gillespie & Debra Vanblaricom, Campbellford.  ID 222981

Mabel Gillespie, d/o Wm Gillespie & Lizzie Ackles, Haldimand Twp, Northumberland, birth May 17, 1893

Margaret Gillespie, birth Sept 18, 1863 in Haldimand. Baptized April 18, 1865 by C Hamilton. d/o James Gillespie, Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand.

Margaret Gillespie, birth Feb 1, 1887 d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, Mara Twp, Victoria Co.

Marion Marie Gillespie birth Oct 17, 1912 in Haldimand, Northumberland Co, do William Gillespie & Elizabeth Arkles

Marian Morgan Gillespie, birth Oct 28, 1895 Campbellford, Northumberland Co, d/o Charles Smith Gillespie & Debra Ann Vanblasicum

Mary Jane  Gillespie, born March 18, 1872, baptized July 9, 1872  daughter of Gilbert & M.A., Beaverton, Thorah. A.C.Wilson – Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Record, Vol 11.

Mary L Gillespie,  birth Dec 7, 1864 at Haldimand. Baptized April 18, 1865 by C Hamilton.  d/o Edward Gillespie, Martha Gillespie of Haldimand.

Nora Gillespie, birth April 9, 1883 d/o Charles Smith Gillespie & Debra Anne Vanblancom, Campbellford, Northumberland

Oscar Eaton Gillespie birth May 21, 1900 in Northumberland, s/o John A Gillespie & Jennie Grace Eaton

Ralph Gillespie birth Oct 21, 1900 in Durham, s/o Hugh Gillespie &  Rebecca Cathcart.

Robert Henry Gillespie birth Jan 23, 1911 in Cramahe, Northumberland Co, s/o Walter Gillespie & May Phillips

Sarah Gillespie, birth July 3, 1867 in Haldimand. Baptized Oct 1, 1868 at Fenella by J. A. Ivison. d/o Jas Gillespie and Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand.

Sarah Jane Gillespie,  birth Jan 22, 1862, at Bowmanton. Baptized July 22, 1862 at Haldmand by W.L. Scott. d/o Edward Gillespie, Martha Gillespie of Bowmanton.

Susana L. Gillespie, birth Feb 17, 1890 d/o Charles Gillespie & Susana Henderson, Haldimand, Northumberland.ID 022311

Vera Blanche Gillespie birth April 12, 1908 in Haldimand, d/o William Gillespie & Elizabeth Arkles

William Gillespie birth Feb 17, 1873  in Newcastle, Northumberland Co, s/o John Gillespie & Esther Johnson  ID 014446

William Charles Gillespie, birth Aug 25, 1868 at Haldimand. Baptized Oct 2, 1868 at Fenella by J. A Ivison. s/o Alex’r Gillespie and Sarah J Gillespie of Haldimand.

William G Gillespie birth Aug 6, 1874 Hamilton Twp. ID 013940

Wm Stanley Gillespie birth Oct 29, 1896 in Haldimand, s/o William Gillespie & Lizzie Arkles (2nd record gives his second name as Standler).



Alice G Gillespie, birth Aug 26, 1880 d/o John H. Gillespie & Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, Brock, Ontario  ID 023838

Alice May Gillespie birth May 4, 1901 in Beaverton, d/o Dugald C Gillespie & Jennie Skinner.

Annie Melville Gillespie birth Sept 20, 1894 in  Mariposa Twp,  d/o Alexander Gillespie &  Sarah Campbell, Mariposa Twp, Victoria Co

Annie Thompson Gillespie, birth Dec 6, 1881 d/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Thompson, Brock, Ontario  ID 023024

Archibald Gillespie birth April 20, 1894 in Thorah Twp, s/o Archibald Gillespie & Effie Gillespie.

Benjamin Hanes Gillespie birth Feb 13, 1888  in Thorah, so Archibald Gillespie & Effie Simpson  ID 025298

Christina Margaret Gillespie birth Nov 26, 1887 in Beaverton, d/o Dugald Gillespie & Jennie Skinner  ID 024707

Daniel Gillespie birth May 11, 1885 in Mara, s/o Archie Gillespie &  Effie Gillespie.ID 225724

David Gillespie, birth Aug 16, 1891 s/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, Ontario.

Delina Gillespie birth Feb 2, 1896 n Mara, d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French.

Donald Gillespie birth Feb 25, 1888 in Mara Twp, s/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French  ID 085072

Donald Philibert Gillespie birth Oct 9, 1890 in Mara Twp, child of F. J. Gillespie & Christena Mcdonald  ID 228972

Dorothy Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Nov 7, 1905 d/o Dougald D Gillespie & Hattie Stabback, Ontario

Dougald Angus Gillespie, birth Sept 21, 1900 s/o Dougald Gillespie & Hattie Stabback, Ontario

Dougald Duncan Gillespie  birth Feb 18, 1876 in Thorah Twp, s/o Angus Gillespie & Margaret Mcarthur  ID 015762

Dugall Gilespie birth Feb 12, 1871  in Eldon Twp, s/o  John Gillespie & Nancy Mcdougall   ID 021271

Dugald Forster Gillespie birth Jan 16, 1903 in Beaverton, s/o Dugald C Gillespie & Jennie Skinner

Duncan Alexander Gillespie birth Feb 10, 1895 in Beaverton, s/o Dougald Gillespie & Jennie Skinner

Effie Gillespie, birth Oct 21, 1886 /o Archibald Gillespie & Effie Gillespie, Thorah Twp

Elizabeth Ann Clare Gillespie, birth Sept 9, 1877 d/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick, Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario

Ellen Gellespie, birth Aug 28, 1869 d/o John Gellespie & Mary Mcdougald, Victoria, Ontario (Microfilm ID 005658)

Florence Gertrude Hurd birth Jan 2, 1871  in Brock, d/o J. W. Hurd & Margaret Gillispie

Francis Ann Gillespie, birth May 30, 1893 d/o Francis Joseph Gillespie & Christena Ann Mcdonald, Mara Twp, Ontario

George Ira Gillaspie birth Manvers, Oct 17, 1887  ID 224772

Gillespie birth May 21, 1886 in Beaverton, child of Dugald Gillespioe & Jennie Skinner (date change) ID 026243

Gillespie birth Nov 22, 1904 in Beaverton, child of Dougald D Gillespie & Jennie Skinner, Ontario

Ida Fair Gillespie, birth Oct 10, 1874 d/o  George Gillespie & Mcphaden, Brock Twp, Ontario ID 014322

Issabella  Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Dec 6, 1870 d/o Donald Gillespie, Medical Doctor and Isabella Coulthard, at Cannington, Brock Twp, Ontario.  ID 013004

Isabel Lisle Gillespie, birth Sept 30, 1879 in Lindsay,  d/o Joseph Gillespie & Ann Renwick, Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario ID 030776

Janet Helena Gillespie, birth Feb 21, 1881 d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, Thorah Twp, Ontario  ID 022542

Janet Miller Gillespie birth Cannington  Oct 6, 1890 ID 023505

Jennie Gillespie birth Dec 31, 1890 in Beaverton, d/o Dugald Gillespie & Jennie S Kimmer (Mother’s last name incorrect, see Lorne). ID 228998

John Gillespie birth May 10, 1873 in Eldon Twp. ID 022002

John Gillespie birth Oct 29, 1871 in Thorah, s/o  John Gillespie & Mary Colville, Ontario   ID 018738

John Anderson Gillespie birth Nov 28, 1893  in Cannington, so Malcolm Gillespie & Janet Anderson

John James Gillespie birth March 30, 1883  in Mara, s/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, Ontario

Lorne Campbell Gillespie birth Dec 19, 1898 in Beaverton, so Dougald C Gillespie & Jennie Skinner

Lottie Gillespie birth Oct 11, 1902 in Brock, d/o  Wm G J Gillespie & Sarah Ann Montgomery

Malcolm Gillespie birth Sept 21, 1876  in Brock Twp, s/o Wilbert C Curd & Margerett Gillespie, Ontario

Malcolm Gillespie birth March 14, 1879 in Eldon, s/o  John Gillespie & Annie Mcdougall, Ontario  ID 901393

M Ann Gillespie birth Beaverton May 25, 1889 ID 025660

Margaret Gillespie, birth Feb 1, 1887 d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, Mara Twp, Ontario  ID 024132

Margaret Jane Gillespie, birth Jan 23, 1884 Mara Twp, d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann Gillespie

Margaret Jane Gillespie, birth June 22, 1884 d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann Gillespie, Mara Twp, Ontario  (may be a baptism)

Mary Ann Gillespie birth May 25, 1889 in Beaverton, d/o Dugald Gillespie & Jennie Skinner

Mary Christena Gillespie, birth April 7, 1886 d/o Francis Joseph Gillespie & Christena McDonald, Mara, Ontario ID 225079

Mary Evelyn Gillespie birth Nov 7, 1901 in Thorah Twp, d/o Dongald D Gillespie & Hattie Slatback (mother’s last name spelled incorrectly)

M Jane Gillespie birth at Thorah Aug 17, 1871. ID 018733

Mary Jane Gillespie, birth March 28, 1871 d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann nee French, of Beaverton,  Baptized July 9, 1872 at Thorah by A C Wilson. Wesleyan Methodist  Baptism record.(2nd record gives Aug 17, 1871 as birth record, but may be baptism)

May Gillespie birth Sept 25, 1885 d/o Gilbert Gillespee & Mary Ann French, Uxbridge Twp, Ontario (birth listed as Mara) ID 225673

Michael Joseph Gillespie birth Jan 20, 1884  in Mara Twp, s/o Francis J Gillespie & Christina Mcdonald

Nellie Isabell Gillespie birth Sept 10, 1884 in Brock, d/o John H Gillespie & Sarah C Thompson  ID 024976

Norman Albert Gillespie birth June 23, 1909 in Oshawa, child of Donald Alexander Gillespie & Abigail Hughes

Rebecca Ellinore Gillispie birth Nov 21, 1872 in Brock, d/o George Gillispie & Agnes Mcphader.  ID 015770

Trusdell Haymen Gillespie birth Nov 12, 1890 in Thorah Twp s/o Archibald Gillespie & Effie Gillespie ID 025861

Wilfred Walsh Gilespie  birth Sept 3, 1898 in Mara, s/o Frank J Gillespie & Christena Mcdonald

William Gillespie birth May 6, 1889 in Mara, s/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French. (date changed) ID 025481

William Duncan Gillespie,  birth Dec 8, 1870 s/o Duncan Gillespie, farmer, and Mary Ann McDaniel of Laxton, Victoria Co. Date given as June 20, 1870 on ID 011641

William John Gillaspie birth Manvers March 14 1884  ID 023111

Winnifred Margaret Gilespie, birth May 20, 1903 in Scugog & Thorah Twps, d/o Dougald D Gillespie & Katie Slabback

Wm George Jeffrie Gillespie birth Feb 17, 1875 in Fenelon Falls, Victoria Co, s/o  Joseph Gillespie & Annie Wrenwick

Teeny Teressa BELFREY birth April 20, 1883 in Lutterworth, d/o Isaac Belfrey & Christeena Gilespie, Victoria Co.

Ellen BERMINGHAM birth March 15, 1879 do James Bermingham  & Mary Ann Gillespie, Lutterworth, Victoria

Maryan CRONOLONG birth Oct 25, 1882 in Brock, d/o Richard Cronolong & Jeanett Gillespree

Margarita Alice Catherine ELLIS birth April 6, 1884 Cannington, d/o Peter Ellis & Mary Jane Gillespie

Alexander GRAHAM, birth Dec 21, 1891 s/o Archibald Graham & Flora Gillespie, Eldon Twp, Victoria

Flora GRAHAM birth Sept 1, 1890 in Somerville, child of Flora Gillespie and Archibald Graham.

Maggie GRAHAM birth Aug 16, 1882 /o Archibald Graham and Flora Gillespie, Eldon Twp, Victoria Co.

Donald MACDOUGALL, birth Sept 15, 1882 s/o Robert Macdougall & Sarah Gillespie, Thorah, Ontario

Mary Zeeth MCNULTY birth Jan 7, 1894 in Mara Twp, d/o Charles McNulty & Mary Ann Gillespie

Janet Miller Gillespie birth Oct 6, 1890 in Ontario, d/o Malcolm Gillespie Jr and Janet Anderson.


Albert Gilespie baptism Dec 8, 1872 Toronto, Ontario Father James Gilespie. Mother Jane Power.

Albert Stanley Gillespie birth Toronto on Nov 10, 1877 ID 037746

Alexander Gillespie birth Toronto Oct 20, 1877  ID 037506

Allan Charles Gillespie, birth Oct 13, 1913 York, Ontario. Father Albert Charles Gillespie. Mother Chrissie May McCool.

Andrew Edgar Gillespie, birth Dec 1, 1972 Toronto, Ontario. Father Ian Gillespie. Mother Edna LeBlanc.

Annie Gillespie birth Toronto March 16, 1887. ID 041841

Archie James Gillespie birth Toronto Sept 9, 1888 . ID 044856

Benjamin W Gillespie birth East Riding Feb, 1885   ID 023229

Caroline Gilispie, birth Dec 25, 1878, Baptism Feb 23, 1879 Toronto, Ontario. Father James Gillespie, Mother Jane Power.

Caroline Agnes Gillespie, birth April 1, 1894 York, Ontario. Father William Gillespie. Mother Annie Grant.

Charles Gillespy, birth May 10, 1874. baptism March 27, 1874 Toronto, Ontario. Father James Gillespy. Mother Jane Power

Clementina W Gillespie birth Toronto May 12, 1881. ID 040111

David A Gillespie birth Toronto on June 13, 1884  ID 044152

Duncan A A Gillespie birth Toronto  March 8, 1888  ID 042548

Elizabeth Gillespie birth Toronto Jan 9, 1874. ID 026877

Eva Gertrude Gillespie birth Toronto Aug 23, 1890  ID 042769

Evelyn Lurinda Gillespie, birth Nov 25, 1907 York, Ontario. Father George Gillespie. Mother Lollie May Hubbard.

Florence Gillespie birth Toronto Aug 19, 1883, ID 043523

Florence J Gillespie birth Toronto April 17, 1876 ID 038344

Florence Annie Gillespie birth Oct 23, 1870 in Toronto. ID 019312

Francis Joseph Gillespie, birth April 2, 1885 York, Ontario. Father Francis Gillespie. Mother Margaretta Jane Wilson. ID 041858

Francis Shirley Gillespie, female, birth Nov 26, 1911 York, Ontario. Father William Percy Gillespie. Mother Lillian Shirley.

Frederick Gillespie birth Toronto Oct 24, 1885 ID 043559

George Gillespie birth Yorkville on April 28, 1881. ID 038563

George Edward Gillespie birth in Toronto July 28, 1879. ID 038561

Gillespie (female) birth Jan 4, 1888 Toronto. ID 041920

Gillespie birth Toronto 1890  ID 040995

Grace Gillespie birth Toronto on Jan 9, 1881. ID 039240

Grace Gillespie birth Toronto Feb 25, 1883  ID 041813? (May be Grace B)

Harold Austin Gillespie, birth March 19, 1905 York, Ontario Father Richard Luke Gillespie. Mother Ada Richards.

Henry Howland Gillespie birth in Toronto Oct 28, 1879. ID 039170

Herbert Gillespie birth in Toronto on Sept 18 1881.  ID 041032

Ida Mabel Gillespie birth Innisfil on Jan 11, 1880  ID 031703

James Gellespie birth York on Sept 29, 1869. ID 00370

Jane Gillespie birth Feb 7, 1861 Toronto, Home, Ontario. Baptism Feb 8, 1861 Toronto, Home. Father William Gillespie. Mother Anne. Residence Toronto.

John Forbes Gillespie birth Toronto March 5, 1891 ID 001955

Madeline Gillespie birth July 11, 1903 York, Ontario. Father George Gillespie. Mother Lily May Hubbard.

Margaret Gillespie birth Innisfil Twp Oct 4, 1876. ID 028793

Margaret Isabell Gillespie, birth Aug 15, 1901 York, Ontario. Father James Gillespie, Mother Agnes Atkin

Marjery Array Gillespie, birth Nov 27, 1892 York, Ontario. Father George Gillespie. Mother Sarah Moore.

Martha Gillespie birth Toronto  Nov 16, 1883  ID 043783

Mary Gillespie birth Toronto Sept 1, 1888.  ID 044708

Mary Gillespie birth Aug 14, 1889 York, Ontario. Father Tobias Gillespie. Mother Mary Thorpe

Maud Gillespie birth in Toronto June 20 1879. ID 038162

May Gillespie birth Toronto Aug 14, 1889  ID 045573

M Eliza Gillespie birth Toronto Aug 14, 1885 ID 042801

Paul Desbarres Gillespie birth Toronto on March 3, 1884. ID 043343

Rebecca Grace Gillespie, birth July 22, 1886 York, Ontario .Father Francis Gillespie. Mother Margaret Wilson ID 045182

Robert Gillespie, Catholic baptism May 2, 1843 Toronto, Ontario. Father John Gillespie. Mother Mary Gillespie

Robert Albert Gillespie birth Innisfil March 10, 1883  ID 031754

Robert Edgar Gillespie birth Toronto  June 30, 1890 ID 201643

Samuel John Gillespie, birth May 12, 1889 York, Ontario. Father Thomas Henry Gillespie. Mother Ella Mears. ID 901594

Thomas Gillespie, birth July 20, 1878 York, Ontario Father William Gillespie. Mother Hannah Nichols. ID 039811

Thomas Francis Gillespie birth Weston  March 13, 1887. ID 901451

Thomasena Gillespie birth Toronto Oct 4, 1885 ID 043544

Walter Edmund Gillespie, birth Feb 10, 1901 York, Ontario. Father Walter Gillespie. Mother Constance Marion Wrage.

William Gillespie birth Toronto June 21, 1878. ID  039955

William George Gillespie birth at Toronto on Dec 31, 1872. ID 227365

William H Gillespie birth Toronto June 5, 1886 ID 044835

William John Gillespie birth Toronto May 31, 1888  ID 043628


Alexander M Gillespie birth Caledon Aug 13, 1890  ID 025839

Annie Gillespie birth Dec 5, 1870 born to Anne Gillespie, Esquesing, Halton Co.  ID 225096

Benjamin Gillespie baptized 1853 . Son of Jas & Sarah, Mission of Chincuacosy, Gore of Toronto.

Eliza Jane, birth Oct 7, 1846, daughter of James and Eliza Gillespie of Trafalgar Twp, Gore, Baptized May 17, 1846.

Frederick Ernest Gillespie, birth Nov 11, 1894 s/o Samuel Gillespie & Mary Ann Wilson, Toronto,  Peel, Ontario

Jane Gillespie, baptism 1850 d/o Jas and Sarah Gillespie,  Mission of Chincuacousy, Gore of Toronto

Jane Almira Gertrude Gillespie, birth Sept 2, 1881 d/o Hugh Gilespie & Martha Anderson, Nassagaweyn, Halton, Ontario  ID 010086

John Simpson Gillespie, birth July 26, 1886 s/o John Gillespie & Hannah Hillis, Caledon, Peel, Ontario ID 029033

Minnie Osborne, birth March 31, 1874, d/o Mary Jane Gillespie and John Osborne, farmer.  Residence Acton

William Henry Gillespie, s/o birth March 20, 1885 John Gillespie & Hannah Hillas, Chinquacousy, Peel, Ontario  ID 027204

Caroline L STUBBS, birth May 8, 1889 d/o William Stubbs & Annie Gillespie, Caledon, Peel Co.


(See Northern Ontario for location Monk)

Elizabeth Campbel DALLAS birth July 16, 1872  in Nottawasaga, d/o Peter Dallas & Ann Gillispie, Simcoe Co

Martha Ann DAY, birth Oct 3, 1882 child of Henry Day and Margaret Gillespie of Oro Twp, Simcoe Co.

Albert Daniel Gillespie, birth Dec 11, 1894 s/o Daniel T Gillespie & Sarah N Cole, Tay Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Alexander Gillespie, birth March 24, 1895 s/o Alex Gillespie & Sarah Mcdonald, Creemore, Simcoe, Ontario

Angus Gillespie,  birth Nov 17, 1878 s/o Alexander Gillespie & Sarah Mcdonald, Nottawasga, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 028923

Ann Gillespie, birth April 28, 1883 Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co, d/o Alexr Gillespie & Sarah Mcdonald.

Annie Gillespie birth Nov 29, 1883 in Orillia, d/o George Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain. Simcoe Co. ID 901422

Ann Jane Gillespie, birth July 27, 1893 d/o Henry Gillespie & Jane Hopskins, Flos, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Archibald Gillespie, birth Aug 5, 1878 s/o Duncan Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson, Stayner, Simcoe  ID 029613

Archibald Gillespie, birth Aug 28, 1889 s/o Peter Gillespie & Jessie Smith, Oro Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 033230

Barbara Gillespie,  birth Aug 5, 1878 d/o Duncan Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson, Stayner, Simcoe Co. ID 029614

Caroline Gillespie, birth march 4, 1896 d/o Daniel F Gillespie & Sarah N Cole, Tay Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Catherine Gillespie, birth July 5, 1888  d/o John Gillespie & Catherine Brown, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co. ID 034581

Catharine Jane Gillespie, birth March 6, 1878 d/o John Gillespie & Catherine Leon, Adjala, Simcoe Co. ID 029020

Christena Gillespie, birth March 17, 1897 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Annie Gillespie, Tay Twp, Simcoe Co

Clarence George Francis Gillespie, birth Dec 1, 1889 s/o Angus Gillespie & Carrie Armstrong, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario ID 033819

Donald Gillespie,  birth Feb 17, 1877 s/o John Gillespie & Catherine Brown, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 027761

David Gillespie birth Mara Twp  Aug 16, 1891  ID 222730

Donald Alexr Gillespie, birth June 15, 1873 s/o Samuel Gillespie & Flora Isabella Shaw,  Sunnidale, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 021035

Donald Oliver Gillespie, birth Aug 12, 1897 s/o Peter Gillespie & Jessie R Smith, Oro Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Effie Gillespie birth Nottawasaga Twp Oct 21, 1886 ID 026285

Elizabeth Gillespie birth Feb 22, 1889 at Flos Twp, d/o Henry Gillespie & Elizabeth Jane Hopkins. Simcoe Co  ID 033837

Elizabeth Lulu Gillespie, birth Feb 28, 1892 d/o James Gillespie & Elizabeth Martin, Adjala, Simcoe, Ontario

Florence May Gillespie, birth Nov 11, 1894 d/o Peter Gillespie & Janet Smith, Oro Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

George Gillespie birth Jan 29, 1886, s/o George Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain, Orillia, Simcoe Ontario

Gillespie, birth Sept 9, 1878 (female) child of Annie Gillespie, Oro, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 028992

Gillespie, birth June 8, 1894 child of William R Gillespie & Alberta Campbell, Penetanguishene, Simcoe, Ontario

Harold Garnet Gillespie, birth Jan 1, 1912 s/o George Gillespie & Stella Coombs, Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario

Hazel Isabel Gillespie, birth June 27, 1901 d/o Mary Gillespie, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Henry Gillespie, birth May 1, 1891 s/o Henry Gillespie & Elizabeth Jane Hopkins, Flos Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 035924

Ida Mable Gillespie, birth Oct 11, 1880 Innisfil, d/o Hugh Gillespie & Mary Ann Meredith, Simcoe Co

Isabel Marie Anderson Gillespie, birth Nov 24, 1895 d/o Wm Edward Gillespie & Minnie Anderson, Penetanguishene, Simcoe, Ontario

Isabella Gillespie, birth Oct 26,1870 Sunnidale d/o Samuel Gillespie & Flora Isabella Shaw, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 207529

Isabella Gillespie, birth May 4, 1900 d/o Daniel Gillespie & Sarah Cole, Simcoe, Ontario

Jack Gillespie birth Adjala Twp on Nov 3, 1881. ID 029817

Janet Gillespie,  birth Sept 6, 1874 Stayner, Simcoe Co, d/o Duncan Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson.  ID 021043

John Gillespie, birth March 8, 1887 s/o John Gillespie & Catherine Brown, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 031748

John Hopkins Gillespie, birth March 29, 1887 s/o Henry Gillespie & Jane Elizabeth Hopkins, Flos Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 031348

John Mcdonald Gillespie, birth Creemore March 29, 1890 s/o Alexander Gillespie & Sarah Mcdonald, Creemore, Simcoe, Ontario  (date & location changed) ID 031052

Laura Jane Gillespie, birth Aug 19, 1884 Adjala, Simcoe. D/o James Gillespie & Elizabeth Martin. (date changed) ID 901390

Maggie Gillespie, birth Nov 22, 1885, Nottawasaga Twp, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Sarah McDonald.  Simcoe Co ID 032893

Malcolm Gillespie,  birth June 1, 1877 s/o Samuel Gillespie & Flora Isabella Shaw, Sunnidale, Simcoe, Ontario (date changed). ID 02645

Margaret Gillespie,  birth Oct 4, 1876 d/o Margaret Gillespie, Innisfil, Simcoe Co

Margaret Gillespie, birth Feb 22, 1883, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co, d/o John Gillespie & Catherine Brown. ID 031090

Margaret Janie Gillespie, birth Nov 21, 1882 Oro, Simcoe Co, d/o Elisabeth Jane Hopkins & Henry Gillespie.

Margaret Jane Gillespie birth Mara June 23, 1884  ID 024793

Mark Gillespie,  birth Nov 3, 1881s/o John Gillespie & Cath Cox, Adjala, Simcoe Ontario

Mary Gillespie, birth Aug 12, 1873 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Euphemia Mcneal, Nottawasaga, Simcoe, Ontario  IF 021420

Mary Gellespie,  birth Aug 25, 1876 Stayner, d/o Duncan Gellespie & Elizabeth Johnson.  ID 028837

Mary Euphemia Gillespie birth March 9, 1881  in Nottawasaga, Simcoe Co, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Sarah McDonald.

Mary Florence Gillespie, brth Feb 25, 1892 d/o William Edward Gillespie & Minnie Andereson, Oro Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Matilda Jane Gillespie, birth Dec 20, 1901 d/o Daniel Gillespie & Sarah Mina Cole, Tay, Simcoe, Ontario

M Euphemia Gillespie birth in Nottawasaga March 9, 1881 ID 030426

Michael J Gillespie birth Mara on Jan 20, 1884. ID 024791

Milicent L Gillespie birth Collingwood April 17, 1890 ID 010218

Nellie Gillespie,  birth April 30, 1897 d/o Geo Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain, Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario

Peter Gillespie,  birth Feb 8 1879 s/o John Gillespie & Catherine Brown, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe, Ontario  ID 028345

Peter Lorne Gillespie, birth April 20, 1893 s/o Peter Gillespie & Jessie Smith, Oro, Simcoe, Ontario

Robert Albert Gillespie,birth March 11, 1883 so Hugh Gillespie & Mary Ann Meredith, Innisfil Twp, Simcoe, Ontario

Ruth Gillespie, birth Jan 17, 1894 d/o William David Gillespie & Minnie Anderson, Penetanguishene, Simcoe, Ontario

Sarah Gillespie birth March 24, 1889in Orillia Twp, d/o George Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain. Simcoe Co ID 033107

Sarah Ellen Gillespie, birth April 20, 1875 Sunnidale Twp, d/o Samuel Gillespie & Flora Isabella Shaw.  ID 228124

Susanna Gillaspie birth Oct 23, 1880 in Monck, d/o Charles S Gillaspie & Susan Mcmurry (see also records for Northern Ontario. This couple lived in Bracebridge)

Victoria May Gillespie, birth April 6, 1895 d/o Alex Gillespie & Ann Puterbaugth, Fesserton, Simcoe, Ontario

Wellington Gillespie, birth Feb 27, 1898 Tay, Simcoe Co, s/o Daniel Francis Gillespie & Sarah Nina Cole.

William John Gillespie, birth June 10,  1889 s/o James Gillespie & Elizabeth Martin, Adjala, Simcoe, Ontario (date changed) ID 901537

Annie Elizabeth GRANT, birth Jan 25, 1880 /o Robert Grant & Annie Gillespie, Oro Twp, Simcoe Co.

Archibald GRANT, birth Aug 2, 1874, s/o  Robert Grant & Annie Gillespie, Oro Twp, Simcoe Co.

Essie Irene GRANT, birth June 13, 1896 d/o Robert Grant & Annie Gillespie, Oro Twp, Simcoe Co.

Bertha Donalda KELLY  birth Aug 27, 1879 do John Jacob Kelly & Sarah Ann Gillespie, Mono, Simcoe Co

Mary Flora MCEACHERN  birth Sept 7, 1875 in Stayner, d/o Peter Mceachern & Rachel Gillespie, Simcoe Co.

Sarah Anne MCEACHERN, birth June 23, 1872 in Nottawasaga, d/o Peter Mceachern & Rachel Gillespie, Simcoe Co. Note: Family moved to Peel Twp, Welllington Co)

Ellen PARASOL birth Aug 13, 1879, Orillia, Simcoe Co, d/o Mansor Parasol and Ellen Gillespie

WRIGHT/GILLESPIE Jay and Sue are proud to announce the arrival of their third, a son, Matthew Robert Wright (Matt, born 8 pounds 7 ounces at 4:58 pm, at Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio on March 30,1999. Matt is welcomed warmly by brother Sam, 7, and sister Sophia 5. Matt is grandchild of Roberta Ashforth Wright of Bradford, John Wright of Montreal, and Bob and Irene Gillespie of Mississauga.


Esther Adna May BRAIDEN birth Dec 29, 1886, d/o C Braiden & Susannah Gillespie, Amaranth, Dufferin Co.

Sarah Catherine S. M. DIDISS , birth Aug 23, 1882  in Mono, do William Fiddis & Mary Jane Gillispie, Dufferin Co.

Albert Gillispie birth E Garafraxa Twp Aug 4, 1877. ID 0329…

Albert George Gillespie, birth April 3, 1895 s/o Matthew Gillespie & Elizabeth Croft, Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario

Andrew Fred Wilson Gillespie, birth Feb 25, 1895 s/o Andrew Gillespie & Eva Howes, East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin, Ontario

Andrew Wilson Gillespie, birth Jan 30, 1909  s/o Robert Gillespie & Sarah Brown, East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario

Arthur Wilbert Gillespie, birth June 19, 1885, s/o Thomas Gillespie & White, Melanthon, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 004187

Arthur William Gillespie, birth July 21, 1908,  s/o William Henry Gillespie & Jessie Adele Simpson, Amaranth, Dufferin

Beatrice Caroline Gillespie, birth April 8, 1892, Amaranth Twp, d/o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah Ann Buchanan. Dufferin Co.

Bessie Victoria Gillespie, birth Dec 27, 1902, d/o Charles E Gillespie & Alice Colley, Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario

Carl Albert Gillespie, birth Jan 22, 1887 s/o William Gillespie & Jane Ann Sloan, Dufferin, Ontario

Carl Albert Gillespie, birth March 20, 1904,  s/o Charles Gillespie & Catharine White, Dufferin, Ontario

Charles Buchanan Gillespie, birth Sept 28,1887s/o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah A Buchanan, Amaranth, Dufferin. ID 206883

Charles E Gillespie birth Feb 16, 1885 ID 004075 See next record

Charles Ephrai Gillespie, birth Feb 18, 1885, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Evan Idora, East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario

Charles Harland Gillespie,  birth Sept 18, 1906, s/o Charles E Gillespie & Alice Colley, Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario

Clara Margaret Gillespie, birth Aug 19, 1903, d/o W H Gillespie & Jessie Simpson, Amaranth Twp, Dufferin, Ontario

Dalton Vearl Gillespie, birth Marh 18, 1896 s/o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah Ann Buchanan, Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario

Davie Eral Gillespie, birth Sept 10, 1892 s/o Andrew W Gillespie & Eva J Howes, East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin.

David Winslow Gillespie, birth Aug 16, 1888s/o David Hind Gillespie & Isabella Jane Gale, East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario ID 007052

Dorthy Elisabeth Gillespie birth Aug 31, 1886, East Garafraxa Twp, d/o George Gillespie & Elisabeth Ann Daley.

Elena Ethel May Gillespie, birth May 20, 1902 d/o George Gillespie & Lillie May Hullan, Orangeville, Dufferin, Ontario

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie, birth June 12, 1887  Shelburne, d/o Robert Gillespie & Catherine Parks, Dufferin Co.  ID 004254

Ellenor Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Sept 17, 1886, East Garafraxa Twp, d/o Andrew Gillespie & Eva Howes.

Eva Ida Dora Gillespie,  birth March 24, 1910 d/o Robert John Gillespie & Sarah Brown, East Garafraxa, Dufferin

Frederick Gillespie, birth Aug 22, 1894, s/o  George Gillespie & Elizabeth A Daly, Shelburne, Dufferin

Birth of daughter of  George Gillespie & Maid A Paxman, April 17, 1884, Dufferin, Ontario

George Charles Gillespie, birth June 22, 1911, s/o William H Gillespie & Jessie Simpson, Amaranth, Dufferin

Georgina Gillespie, birth Dec 12, 1879, d/o George Gillespie & Marie Adelia Perman, Orangeville, [ 2nd record lists mother as Mary Adelia Papman]  ID 236968

 Gillespie, birth March 28, 1881, male child of George Gillespie & Maria Adelaide Paxman, Shelburne, Dufferin. ID 004916

Gillespie (female) birth in Orangeville Nov 26, 1884. ID 203987

James Clifford Gillespie,  birth July 19, 1906, s/o Robert Gillespie & Sarah Brown, East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario

Jane Gillispie, birth May 21, 1891, do George Gillispie & Elizabeth Ann Daly, Shelburne, Dufferin Co ID 010487

Jane Victoria Gillespie, birth May 24, 1889d/o Charles Gillespie & Catherine White, Shelburne, Dufferin ID 006679

John Gillespie, birth April 30, 1882, s/o Joseph Gillespie, Jr & Sarah Ann Buchanan, Amaranth, Dufferin

John Alymer Gillespie birth April 30, 1889 in Corbiton, Dufferin Co, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Susan White. ID 501067

Laura Edith Gillespie, birth July 7, 1904 d/o W H Gillespie & Jessie Simpson, Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario

Lollie Lulu Gillespie, birth May 18, 1891, Melancthon Twp, d/o  Thomas Gillespie & Susan White. (2nd record gives her name as Lottie Luilla Gillespie ID 010808

Louis Emerson Gillespie, birth Jul 29, 1906, s/o Robert Emerson Gillespie & Mary Edith Morrison, Orangevlle, Dufferin

Margaret Gillespie  birth Melanthon Twp June 28, 1886 ID 004134

Margaret Gillespie,  birth Jan 19, 1908, d/o R Emerson Gillespie & Mary Edythe Morrison, Orangeville, Dufferin

Margaret Ann Gillespie, birth June 2, 1886, Melancthon Twp, d/o Charles Gillespie & Catherine White.

Margaret Jean Gillespie, Dec 13, 1911  d/o Elmer John Gillespie & Eva Bailey, Shelburne, Dufferin

Mary Christine Gillespie,  Nov 1, 1911, d/o Robert Gillespie & Sarah Brown, East Garafraxa, Dufferin

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie  birth Sept 28, 1884, in Melancthon, d/o Charles Gillespie & Catherine White

M Eliabeth Gillespie birth Melanthon  Sept 28, 1884. ID 005468

Robert George Gillespie birth in Melancthon July 17, 1881. ID 004973

Robert George Gillespie, birth July 21, 1885, s/o Robert Gillespie & Catherine Parks, Melanchton, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 004189

Robert John Gillespie, birth June 30, 1883 s/o Andrew Gillespie & Eva Idora Hawes, East Garafraxa, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 003568?

Robert John Gillespie birth Shelburne Jan 22, 1887. ID 004263

Ruben George Gillespie   birth Sept 10, 1892, , s/o Andrew Gillespie & Eva J Howes East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin.  & Susan White, Melancthon, Dufferin

Sarah Gillespie birth Shelburne Feb 15, 1889  ID 006674

Sarah Luenda Gillespie birth Oct 26, 1884, in Melancthon, d/o William Gillespie & Jane Ann Sloane, Dufferin Co  ID 005482

Sylvia Jane Gillespie birth Dec 11, 1883, in Melancthon, d/o David Hind Gillespie  & Isabella Jane Gale ID 205544

Thomas Edward Gillespie, birth Jan 16, 1887, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Susan White, Melancthon, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 003899

Thomas John Lloyd Gillespie,  March 19, 1912 s/o Thomas Edward Gillespie & Georgina Speers, Shelburne, Dufferin

William Gillespie birth Shelburne Feb 26, 1889  ID 006675

William George Gillespie, birth March 26, 1878, s/o George Gillespie, Jr & Maria Adelade Paxman, Melanchton Twp, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 007773

William J Gillespie birth Amaranth Twp Aug 20, 1886 ID 204089

William James Gillespie,birth June 2, 1888, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Eva Adora Haws, East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin, Ontario  ID 007040

William Joseph Gillespie, birth Aug 30, 1886, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah A Buchanan, Amaranth, Dufferin, Ontario

Winnifred M Gillespie birth Shelburne April 17, 1884  ID 005880

Ruple Ellen May TATE birth April 15, 1890, d/o Crawford Tate & Mary Jane Gillespie, East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin Co.

Eley WALLACE d/o Thomas Wallace & Rebecca Gillespie, birth March 15, 1878, Melancthon Twp, Dufferin Co.

Mary Jane WILLIAMSON birth Dec 15, 1888 in Melacthon Twp, d/o John Williamson & Mary Gillsepie, Dufferin Co



Adam Scot Gillespie birth E Zorra Twp Nov 15 ,1874. ID 019150

Agnes Gillispie birth April 24, 1972, d/o Duncan Gillespie & Mary Bell, Minto, Wellington  ID 022291

Baird Gillespie, birth June 19, 1879 child of David Hind Gillespie & Isabella Jane Gale, East Garafraxa, Wellington

Charles Edmon Gillespie, birth Dec 24, 1869 /o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah J Corbot, Wellington, Ontario  ID 211911

Christina Catherin Mceachern in Peel Twp, May 2, 1883  d/o Peter McEachren & Rachel Gillespie, Wellington Co.

David Gillespie birth in E Garafraxa Twp on June 19, 1879. ID 033921

Dorthy E Gillespie birth E Garafraxa Twp Aug 31, 1886 ID 004085

Duncan Gillespie,  birth May 13, 1876 s/o John Gillespie & Sarah Ferguson, Minto, Wellington, Ontario  ID 034334

Elizabeth Margaret Lanig,  Sept 1, 1883 d/o James Lanig and Elizabeth Gillespie at West Garafraxa, Wellington Co.

Ellen Laura Gillespie,  birth Aug 28, 1907 d/o John Gillespie & Lillie A Tinkam, Nichol, Wellington Ontario

Ellenor E Gillespie birth E Garafraxa Twp Sept 17, 1886  ID 004087

Ida Irene Gillespie,  birth March 4, 1910 d/o John Gillespie & Lillie Amelia Tinkham, Nichol, Wellington, Ontario

Isabella Neir Gillespie birth June 18, 1889 in Erin Twp, do Robert Gillespie & Ann Lavania Reed.

James Henry Gillespie,  birth June 11, 1893  s/o Robert Gillespie & Ann L Gillespie, Erin Twp, Wellington, Ontario

James R Gillspie birth Minto June 25, 1886 ID 038640

John Gillespie birth Proton Twp May 28, 1889  ID 011973

John Edgar Gillespie,  birth March 22, 1883 s/o Samuel Gillespie & Maggie Reid, Maryborough, Wellington, Ontario

Loveria Reid Gillespie, birth Dec 19, 1885  d/o Robt Gillespie & Ann Lovina Reid, at Erin, Wellington. ID 239123

Maggie May Gillespie,  birth June 10, 1891 d/o Robert Gillespie & Ann L. Gillespie, Erin Twp, Wellington, Ontario  ID 041621

Margaret Gillispie birth Feb 27, 1872 Minto Twp. ID 022271

Margaret Gillespie,  birth May 25, 1872 s/o  Angus Gillespie &  Sarah Mcclellan, Minto Twp, Wellington Co.

Mary Gillespie birth Proton Twp Sept 22, 1886 ID 010869

Priscilla Craig Gillespie,  birth Aug 20, 1887 d/o Robert Gillespie & Ann L. Gillespie, Erin Twp, Wellington  ID 036133

Robert Gillespie,  birth Sept 10, 1875 at Rothsay. No further information.

Robert Gillespie,  birth June 25, 1886 s/o John Gillespie & Sarah Ferguson, Wellington, Ontario (date changed) ID 901445; 038639 for spelling of Gillspie

William Edward Gillespie birth Wallace Twp Sept 20, 1877  ID 023736

William H Gillespie, birth Dec 26, 1869  s/o John Gillespie & Silvah Ann May, Wellington, Ontario  ID 211915

Zilphy Ann Mey Johnston  birth Nov 18, 1872 in East Garafraxa, d/o John Johnston & Margaret Gillespie

Sarah Ann JOHNSTON  birth Sept 8, 1880 d/o Alexander Johnston & Jane Gillespie, Arthur, Wellington Co.

Elizabeth H Black LAING,  Sept 26, 1888 d/o James Laing & Elizabeth Gillespie, West Garafraxa, Wellington Co.

Hazel Anne Brown MARSHALL  birth July 2, 1888  d/o Frederick John Marshall & Caroline Olive Gillespie, East Garafraxa Twp, Wellington Co.

Flora MCEACHERN, birth Aug 31, 1877  d/o Donald M cEachern & Rachel Gillespie of Arthur Twp, Wellington Co.

Rachel Gillespie  MCEACHERN   birth Feb 20, 1888 d/o Peter Mceachern & Rachel Gillespie, Peel Twp, Wellington Co.

Ann MCMILLAN birth Dec 7, 1880  in Arthur, Wellington Co, d/o Donald McMillan & Sarah Gillespie

Edith Caroline MOAR ,  birth Marvh 29, 1888 d/o Matthew Moar & Margaret Gillespie, West Garafraxa Twp, Wellington Co.



Robert James ANDERSON, birth Dec 10, 1893, Holland Twp, Grey Co, Ontario, s/o Robert Anderson & Sarah Gillespie

Eva EDAM  birth March 1, 1874 Melancton, d/o Ebenezer Edam & Eliza Gillespie (note this township is also found in Dufferin County re boundary change over time).

Agnes Lillian Gillespie, birth July 11, 1890  d/o Alex Gillespie & Janet Young Scott, Egremont Twp, Grey  ID 010713

Albert Bear Gillespie,  birth Nov 23, 1891 son Andrew Allespie, Elizabeth Wright, Holland Centre, Grey. (?spelling error on father’s last name) 2nd record for this date give Albert O Gillespie ID 209880

Amelia Violet Gillespie, birth Oct 10, 1889  d/o Andrew Gillespie & Elizabeth Wright, Holland Twp, Grey ID 210252

Catherine Gillespie birth May 20, 1893  d/o Alexander Gillespie & Janet Young Scott, Proton, Grey, Ontario

Della Jane Ritchie,  birth March 20, 1897 d/o Andrew Ritchie & Letitia Gillespie, Holland, Grey Co.

Elisabeth Gillespie,  birth July 8, 1879 d/o James Gillespie & Isabella Boyde, Holland Twp, Grey. ID 007411

Emma May Gillespie,  birth Oct 30, 1899 d/o James Gillespie & Emma Mcgann, Collingwood, Grey, Ontario (Collingwood is a town in Simcoe County while Collingwood Twp,  is now called The Town of Blue Mountains, is in Grey County) (date changed – ID 010968

Georgina Gillespie,  birth May 9, 1899 child of Alex Gillespie & Janet B Scott, St Vincent,  Proton, Grey, Ontario

Harold Andrew Gillespie, birth July 9, 1901 s/o Andrew Gillespie & Elizabeth Wright, Holland, Grey, Ontario

Isabella Jane Gillespie,  birth Feb 26, 1878 d/o James Gillespie & Isabella Boyde, Holland Centre, Grey Co, Ontario  ID 007151

James Albert Gillespie,  birth March 15, 1885 s/o James Gillespie & Isabella Boyde, Holland, Grey, Ontario ID 211295

Janet Gillespie,  birth Sept 26, 1895 d/o Allexander Gillespie & Janet G Scott, Proton Twp, Grey, Ontario

John Gillespie birth April 19, 1882 Grey Co, Ontario Father Matthew Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Croft.

John Gillespie, birth Aug 3, 1888 s/o Alexander Gillespie & Janet Young Scott, Egremont, Grey, Ontario  ID 011758

John Gillespie,  birth May 28, 1889 s/o William Gillespie & Mary Jane Gamble, Proton Twp, Grey Co, Ontario

John Alex M Gillespie birth Holland Twp on Nov 19, 1880 ID 009189

John Herbert Gillespie,  birth May 14, 1883 s/o James Gillespie & Isabella Boyde, Holland, Grey Co, Ontario (date changed). ID 21_284

John Milton Gillespie, birth Jan 1, 1897  s/o Andrew Gillespie & Elizabeth Wright, Holland, Grey, Ontario

Louis Andian Gillespie,  birth May 28, 1884 child of John Gillespie & Ann Jan Deems, Holland, Grey, Ontario  ID 009661

Mabel Blanche Jackson,  birth Oct 30, 1896 d/o David Jackson & Jane Gillespie in Holland, Grey Co.

Mabel Eleanor Gillespie, birth Oct 10, 1907  d/o John Gillespie & Ethel Scott, Euphrasia, Grey, Ontario

Mabel Ellen Gillespie,  birth March 11, 1886 d/o John Gillespie & Ann Jane Deaves, Holland, Grey. ID 210369

Margaret Rebecca Gillespie,  birth Dec 28, 1894 d/o James Gillespie & Emma Mcgann, Collingwood, Grey

Martha Elisabeth Walker,  birth Oct 12, 1885 d/o Andrew Walker & Mary Gillespie, Holland Twp, Grey Co.

Mary Gillespie,  birth April 24, 1873 d/o Robert Gillespie & Christena Gillespie, Proton Twp, Grey   ID 004754

Mary Gillespie  birth Sept 22, 1886 in Proton Twp, d/o Alexander Gillespie and Jane Young Scott.

May Ethel Gillespie birth Holland, Feb 12 1881 ID 009164

Mary MacKenzie Gillespie,  birth Oct 3, 1898 d/o Wm Gillespie & Mary Jane Gamble, Proton, Grey, Ontario

May Ethel Gillispie  birth Feb 19, 1881 in Holland, d/o James Gillispie & Isabella Boyde, Grey Co

Milicent Levina Gillespie,  birth April 17, 1890 d/o Charles P. Gillespie & Margaret A.Reid, Collingwood Twp, Grey

Rachell Gillespie, birth May 7, 1870  d/o Robert Gillespie & Christena Gillespie, Grey, Ontario  ID 020168

Ruth Gillespie,  birth Dec 8, 1906 d/o Alex Gillespie & Jane Young Scott, Euphrasia, Grey, Ontario

Samuel Gillespie, birth Dec 19, 1890  s/o William Gillespie & Mary Jane Gamble, Proton, Grey, Ontario  ID 215528

Samuel James Gillespie,  birth Feb 11, 1878 in Desboro, s/o James Gillespie & Catherine Travers, Sullivan, Grey, Ontario  ID 901351

Violet Isabel Gillespie,  birth June 5, 1891 d/o Joseph Gillespie & Charlotte Ann Olmsted, Meaford, Grey. ID 014815

Willard Scott Gillespie,  birth Feb 21, 1911 s/o John Gillespie & Ethel B Scott, St Vincent, Grey, Ontario

William Alexander Gillespie,  birth Aug 7, 1892 s/o William Gillespie & Mary Jane Gamble, Proton, Grey, Ontario

William Charles Gillespie,  birth June 28, 1884 /o Matthew Gillespie & Elizbeth Croft, Osprey Twp, Grey Co, Ontario

William G Gillespie birth Osprey Twp  June 28, 1884  ID 009555

William Marcus Gillespie, birth May 12, 1901 s/o Charles Gillespie & Catherine Gillespie, Osprey, Grey Co

William McKenzie Gillespie, birth June 3, 1902  s/o Alexander Gillespie & Janet Young Scott, Proton, Grey, Ontario

William T Gillespie birth at E Zorra Twp on Nov 2, 1872. ID 012843

Wm James Gillespie,  birth June 11, 1882 s/o John Gillespie & Ann Jane Deaver, Holland, Grey Co, Ontario

Elizabeth Eveline Esther JACKSON  birth Aug 2, 1889 d/o David Jackson & Jane Gillespie, Holland Twp, Grey Co

William Stanley JACKSON  birth Jan 4, 1893 s/o David Jackson & Jane Gillespie, Holland Twp, Grey Co

Mary Millicent MERLATT  birth Feb 17, ? in Osprey, d/o John E Merlatt & Annie Gillaspie, Grey Co

Emma May RITCHIE  birth Oct 30, 1891 d/o Andrew Ritchie & Laetilia Gillespie, Holland Centre, Grey Co.

Annie Elizabeth ROLLINS  birth May 11, 1877 d/o Mark Rollins & Martha Gillespie, Melancthon, Grey Co.

Margaret WIGGINS  birth Sept 4, 1889 d/o Thomas Wiggins & Margarwt Gillespie, Glenelg, Grey Co.


Mary Ann ALLISTER,  birth May 30, 1876 Arran, Bruce Co, d/o Duncan Alister & Catherine Gillespie (see also McAllister)

1841, March 6     Born to Mr & Mrs. Herman Gillespie, a son (no place given).

Annie Gillespie,  birth Jan 6, 1882 d/o Robt Henry Conn & Janet Urquhart, Paisley, Bruce Co

Bertha May Gillespie,  birth March 15, 1892 d/o James Gillespie & Eliza Shewfelt, Kincardine, Bruce Co

Charles Gillespie baptized April 7, 1859 at Kinloss by E Sallows. Born July 11, 1857. S/o John Gillespie and Jane Gillespie of Kinloss.

David Gray Gillespie, birth June 21, 1879 s/o David H Gillespie & Stewart Gray, Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario  ID 202852

George Donald Gillespie, birth July 27, 1907 s/o Charles Gillespie & Florence Lumley, Walkerton,  Bruce, Ontario

John Gillespie birth April 24, 1859 baptized by E Salows at Kinloss. Born Feb 24, 1856 at Kinloss. so John Gillespie and Jane Gillespie.

Mable Clair Gillespie, birth Nov 9, 1876 d/o Wm E.Gillespie & Emma Inglisby, Kincardine, Bruce Co  ID 201988

William Edward Hussey Gillespie, birth Dec 15, 1875 s/o Thos E Gillespie & Harriet Ester Barns, Kincardine, Bruce, Ontario (? ID 001638 (cannot read name on microfilm but date same).

William I Gillespie birth Kincardine on Feb 17, 1878. ID 003047

Sarah HESLIP birth Aug 30, 1873 d/o John Heslip & Elizabeth Galespie in Elderslie, Bruce Co

Ann MCALLISTER birth Jan 4 1881 d/o Duncan McAllister & Catherine Gillespie, Bruce, Bruce Co.

Rachel MCALLISTER,  birth Jan 11, 1878 child of Duncan McAllister & Catherine Gillespie, Saugeen Twp, Bruce Co



Catharine Gillespie,  birth Aug 9, 1879 d/o William Gillespie & Agnes Hill, Seaforth, Huron. ID 012667

Charles Lloyd Gillespie, birth Oct 25, 1897  s/o John Gillespie & Agnes Bailey, East Wawanosh, Huron, Ontario

Delia Maud Gillespie,  birth Nov 2, 1886 d/o William Gillespie & Agnes Hill, Seaforth, Huron. ID 016286

Ellen Florence Gillespie,  birth Feb 4, 1891 d/o James Gillespie & Mary McMillan, Seaforth, Huron. ID 018242

Elsie Stewart Gillespie,  birth March 25, 1896 d/o Charles Gillespie & Maggie Inabella Pau, Wingham, Huron, Ontario

Evelyn Annie Gillespie,  birth Oct 25, 1888 d/o William Gillespie & Aggie Hill, Seaforth, Huron Co ID 015260

Fred Sayles Gillespie, birth Jan 31, 1879  s/o John Andrew Gillespie & Rachel Agnes Barker, Exeter, Huron, Ontario (middle name corrected) ID 011201

Gillespie (female) birth Wigham July 11, 1887   ID 215336

Hattie Gillespie birth Exeter on Sept 19, 1884. ID 013047

Ida Gillespie,  birth Nov 20, 1863 d/o Jas and Catherine of Hullett. Baptized Sept 24, 1864.  Wesleyan Methodist record (2nd record says birth was Nov 30th)

Ida Bell Gillespie,  birth Sept 28, 1872 d/o John A. Gillespie & Rachel Ann Barker, Seaforth, Huron.  ID 207540

Isabella Murray Gillespie, birth Aug 24, 1874  d/o Hugh Gillespie & Martha Mcallister, Tuckersmith, Huron  ID 010269

Jemima Elizabeth Gipsie,  birth Dec 2, 1886 d/o Thomas Gillpsie & Jemima E Maqurie, Howick, Huron Co

Jessie Maud Gillespie,  birth Jan 30, 1883 d/o John A Gillespie & Rachel A Barker, Exeter, Huron Co.  ID 012_63

John James Gillespie birth Dec 1, 1868 in Huron, s/o John A Gillespie & Rachel Agnes Barker  ID 007536

Lauretta Gillespie,  birth Oct 20, 1880 d/o John Alexr Gillespie & Rachel Agness Barker, Exeter, Huron, Ontario  ID 011793

Lillie Precila Gillespie,  birth May 16, 1881 /o David Gillespie and Mary Frances Carter, Hullett, Huron  ID 011357

Lizzie Ann Gillespie,  birth July 4, 1877 d/o John Andrew Gillespie & Rachel Agnes Barker, Exeter, Huron.  ID 010291

Margory Page Gillespie,  birth Aug 4, 1871  d/o John Gillespie & Mary Reid Barn, Seaforth, Huron.  ID 009969; 010005

Mary Agnes Gillespie, birth Oct 10, 1888 d/o James Gillespie & Mary McMillan, Seaforth, Huron ID 015263

Minnie Rintoul Gillespie,  birth Feb 22, 1911 d/o John Gibson Gillespie & Minnie Rintoul, East Wawanosh, Huron, Ontario

Olive Gillespie,  birth April 19, 1890 d/o John Gillespie & Harriet Pogson, Wingham, Huron  ID 013198

Paul Gillespie,  birth April 9, 1899 s/o Charles Gillespie & Maggie Isabella Paul, Wingham, Huron, Ontario. See also Military Record,  World War I Canada for his war record.

Robert Abraham Gillespie  birth March 14, 1870 in Huron, s/o John A Gillespie & Rachel Agnes Barker (2nd record gives date as March 17, 1870 in Seaforth)  ID 307537

Robert Arthur Gillespie,  birth July 18, 1894 s/o James Gillespie & Mary Mcmillan, Seaforth, Huron, Ontario

William Gillespie, birth Sept 4, 1877  s/o Wm Gillespie & Agnes Hill, ID 009980

William Gillespie,  birth July 22, 1880 s/o Geroge Monk & Agnes Gillespie,  Tuckersmith, Huron, Ontario

William Gillespie,  birth Oct 20, 1881 s/o John Gillespie & Mary Barn, Seaforth, Huron, Ontario  ID 012008

William Gillespie,  birth Sept 16, 1882 son of James Gillespie & Mary Mcmillan, Seaforth, Huron, Ontario

William Douglas Gillespie,  birth Aug 22, 1905 s/o Joseph Gillespie & Mary Reid, Seaforth, Huron, Ontario

William Thomas Gillespie,  birth Oct 24, 1875 s/o John Andrew Gillespie & Rachel Agnus Barker, Exeter, Huron, Ontario ID 006916

Elizabeth LOVELL birth Nov 23, 1872 Turnberry, Huron Co, d/o Lawrence Lovell & Mary Ann Gillespie.

Lillie May  SHEFFIELD ,  birth Jan 15, 1889 d/o William John Sheffield & Eliza Jane Gillespie, Wingham,  Huron Co.


Some records for North Dumfries Twp are found in Brant County.

Aletha Jane Gillespie,  birth Jan 19, 1878 d/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, at Wellesley, Waterloo ID 032256

Alvin Spence Gillespie, birth Sept 22, 1883 s/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo, Ontario  ID 034602

David Gillespie, birth Oct 2, 1874 s/o Joseph Gillespie & Marion Wallace, North Dunford, Waterloo, Ontario

Edward Stanley Gillespie,  birth March 25, 1909 s/o Edward Gillespie & Olive Smith, Wilmot, Waterloo, Ontario

Ernn Harper Gillespie,  birth May 18, 1885 s/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley Twp, Waterloo, Ontario (first name changed) ID 035680

Hazel Emma May Gillespie,  birth June 15, 1905 d/o Edward Gillespie & Olive May Smith, Wilmot, Waterloo, Ontario

Ida Beatrice Gillespie,  birth Dec 8 1879 d/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo. ID

James Scott Gillespie, birth Aug 29, 1902 s/o John Gillespie & Janet Taylor, North Dumfries, Waterloo, Ontario

John Gillespie birth N Dumfries Twp March 5, 1877  ID 031174

John Albert Gillespie, birth April 28, 1882 s/o John Gillespie & Jennie Taylor, North Dumfries, Waterloo, Ontario

Joseph Geillespie birth Nov 13, 1869 born Waterloo Co. Son of Joseph Gillespie, printer, and Marion Wallace. Informant Dr William Bell, Ayr. (Microfilm ID 005611)

Joseph Wallace Gillespie,  birth June 23, 1911 s/o George Murray Gillespie & Mary Ethel Holdaway, Ayr, Waterloo, Ontario

Lillie May Gillespie,  birth March 9, 1887 d/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley Twp, Waterloo, Ontario (date changed) ID 034760

Lillian Smith Gillespie,  birth Aug 17, 1899 d/o John Gillespie & Jennie Taylor, North Dumfires, Waterloo, Ontario

Mabel Gillespie,  birth Sept 22, 1884 d/o John Gillespie & Hanna Pogson, Wellesley, Waterloo  ID 036096

Margaret Ellen Gillespie birth in Wallace April 10, 1879, Waterloo Co. ID 024463

Margaret Ellen Gillespri   birth Sept 10, 1892 in Ayr, d/o Joseph Gillespri , Jr & Margaret Ellen Nichol. Waterloo Co

Margaret Marie Gillespie,  birth March 8 ,1880 d/o John Gillespie & Jennie Taylor, North Dumfries Two, Waterloo  ID 034678

Mary Jennie Gillespie,  birth July 13, 1890 d/o John Gillespie & Jennie Taylor, North Dumfries Twp, Waterloo.  ID 034019

Melvan Edgar Gillispie, birth July 7 1881 s/o Edward Gillispie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo Co  ID 033041

Pansy Alexandria Gillespie,  birth Nov 21, 1902 d/o Edward Gillespie & Olive May Smith, Wilmot, Waterloo, Ontario

Pearl Luette Gillespie,  birth Nov 22, 1900 d/o Edward Gillespie & Olive May Smith, Wilmot, Waterloo, Ontario

Richard Leslie Gillespie,  birth July 26, 1890 s/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo, Ontario.  ID 034368

Sadie Ellenor Gillespie,  birth Oct 16, 1888 d/o Eward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo, Ontario  ID 036618

Sarah Evelin Gillespie,  birth July 13, 1912 d/o George Murray Gillespie & Mary Ethel Holdaway, Ayr, Waterloo, Ontario

Thos Stewart Gillespie,  birth July 13, 1895 so John Gillespie & Jeannie Taylor, Dumfries, Waterloo, Ontario (date also 1896)

William H Gillespie birth N Dumfries July 24, 1886 ID 235075

William Wesley Gillespie,  birth July 26, 1890 s/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Jane Harper, Wellesley, Waterloo, Ontario.ID 034169

Wm Gillespie baptized October 1834 at Waterloo. S/o Dr Slade Robinson and Mary, his wife. Falls of Niagara

Ethel Pearson SUTHERLAND birth June 11, 1881 in Harriston, d/o William Warren Sutherland & Barbara Thompson Gellespie, Wellington Co.


Catherine Gillespie born Dec 16, 1881 , d/o John Gillespie and J. G. Miller in Hibbert Twp, Perth Co. ID 227197  (date changed)

Duncan Gillespie birth Jan 1, 1887  in HIbbert Twp, Perth Co, s/o John Gillespie & Janet E Miller  ID 02925

Edward Percival Gillespie birth Aug 5, 1886  in Stratford, Perth Co,  s/o Wiliam Gillespie & Mary Ann Payson  ID 028527

Frances Emeline Gillespie,  birth June 6, 1885 Mornington, d/o Samuel Gillespie & Margaret Reid.  ID 227693

George Russell Gillespie  birth June 5, 1892 in Fullarton, Perth Co, s/o John Gillespie & Janet E Miller

Gillespie” in Stratford, Perth Co, birth Sept 29, 1893 child of W Gillespie & Elizabeth Ann Puckham

Isabella Gillespie,  birth June  3, 1883 d/o John Gillespie & Janet E Mller, Hibbert, Perth Co. ID 027163

James Gillespie birth Sept 10, 1895 in Hibbert Twp, Perth Co, s/o Neil Gillespie & Elizabeth Laing

James Girdwood Gillespie birth Oct 24, 1880  in Hibbert, Perth Co, s/o Donald Gillespie & Mary McKay. ID 026405 (date changed)

Margaret Ellen Gillespie, birth April 10, 1879 d/o Samuel Gillespie & Margaret Reid, at Wallace, Perth

Margaret Jane Gillespie,  birth Aug 15, 1890 d/o John Gillespie & Janet Elizabeth Miller, Hibbert Twp, Perth (date changed) ID 026892

Mary Gillespie,  birth July 28, 1885 d/o John Gillespie & Janet E. Miller, Hibbert, Perth. (date changed) ID 028576

Maud Hellan Gillespie,  birth April 1, 1891 d/o William Gillespie & Ellen Reid, Mornington Twp, Perth

Thomas Laing Gillespie birth Jan 12 ,1900 in Perth Co, s/o Neil Gillespie & Elizabeth Laing

William Edward Gillespie birth Sept 20, 1877  in Wallace, Perth Co,  s/o Samuel Gillespie & Margaret Reid

William George GillIspie birth Oct 1, 1879 in Stratford, Perth Co, s/o William Gillespie & Mary Ann Pogson  ID 023989


Albert Charles Gillespie birth Oct 16, 1884 in  Brantford, s/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbott ID 001964

Alexander John Gillespie birth Aug 28, 1911 in Brantford, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Mary Scott

Benjamin Taylor Gillespie birth May 16, 2009 Brant Co record

Charles Henry Gillespie  birth Nov 29, 1879 in Brantford, s/o Robert Gillespie & Mary Jessie Hendries   ID 001743

David Michael Gillespie birth March 29, 1980 Brant Co record

Elizabeth Sarah Gillespie,  birth Oct 29, 1878 Brantford Twp, d/o  Joseph Gillespie & Georgiana Woods. Brant Co  ID 001671

Emma Margaret Gillespie,  birth July 24, 1890 d/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Ab, Brantford, Brant  ID 002331

Ernest William Gillespie birth Sept 19, 1910  in Brantford, s/o John Gillespie & Annie Scott

Ettie Jean Gillespie birth April 1, 1912  in  Brantford, d/o John Gillespie & Annie Scott ( wonder if Annie and Mary Scott were sisters?

Eugene Henry Gillespie, birth Aug 12, 1900 s/o William Gillespie & Emily Franel, Brant, Ontario

Eugenia Emily Gillespie,  birth June 24, 1882 d/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbott, Brantford, Brant. (see also Kent County)

Eva Bullock Gillespie birth Feb 15, 1874  in South Dumfries, d/o Joseph Bullock & Margaret Gellespie

Florence Gillespie, birth Oct 10, 193 d/o William Gillespie & Annie Brant, Brantford, Brant. 2nd record gives a different mother as Amelia Frauel, so this record needs to be re-examined.

George James Gillespie,  birth March 24, 1873 s/o Robert Gillespie & Jessie Hendrick, Brant, Ontario  ID 001091;  028596

Gillespie,  birth March 27, 1897 child of Joseph Gillespie & Demarius Garlent, Brantford, Brant (child’s name partially given as” .llron”

Gillespie birth Oct 12, 1932, d/o Alexander J & Betty Armstrong. Brant Co record

Harriet Esther Swarfield Gillespie,  birth April 3, 1878 d/o Thomas Edward Gillespie & Harriet Esther Barrus, Brantford Twp, Brant  ID 001511

Harry Franklin Gillespie birth Dec 7, 1902 in Brantford, s/o John Gillespie & Annie Scott

Henry Gillespie  birth Sept 10, 1874 at Brantford. Child of Robert A Gilespie, brick layer,  and Mary Jessie  ?Archie (unable to read).  Brantford. Dr Cole.

Hilron Gillespie birth March 27, 1897  in Brantford, so Joseph Gillespie & Demarius Garlent

Isabella Gellespie birth May 25, 1872 d/o James Gellespie & Mary L Mellan, South Dumfries, Brant Co   ID 001518

Jack Stephenson Gillespie birth July 7, 2007 Brant County record

James, born May 21, 1849, baptized at Grace Anglican Church in Brantford. Child of Joseph and Mary Gillespie.

Janice Marie Gillespie birth May 20, 1950 Brant Co record

John Gillespie  birth March 5, 1877 in North Dumfries Twp, Brant Co, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Marion Wallace. Note records for North Dumfries Twp is usually found in Waterloo Co).

John Sturgeon Gillespie, baptism 1855 age 8 months, child of Joseph and Mary Gillespie, baptized at Grace Anglican Church, Brantford

Kirsten Mary Gillespie birth April 21, 1978 Brant Co record

Lillian Gillespie birth May 7, 1895 in  Brantford, d/o William Gillespie & Amelia Frauel,

Mabel Gertrude Gillespie,  birth Jan 4, 1877 d/o Joseph Gillespie & Georgiann Woods, Brantford, Brant, Ontario  ID 001290

Maggie Gillespie birth May 20, 1904  in Brantford, d/o  John Gillespie & Annie Scott

Maggie Pearl Gillespie Dunlop, birth  May 4, 1894 Brantford, Brant Co, d/o James S Dunlop and Margaret Ann Gillespie

Major Gordon Gillespie birth March 23, 1887  in Brantford, s/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbott (see Peterborough burial)  ID 002104

Mark Andrew Gillespie birth Set 14, 1977 Brant Co record

Matthew John Stephenson Gillespie birth Jan 20, 1976 Brant Co record

Paul Smith Gillespie birth Nov 22, 1903 in Paris, Brant Co, [s/o Geo Henry Gillespie & Letitia Smith.  Paul died in Colorado 1970 says researcher).

Reginald George Gillespie birth June 8, 1885  in Brantford, s/o Joseph Gillespie  & Gerogann W Lute  ID 001766

Rhea Beatrice Gillespie, birth July 24, 1900  d/o Joseph Gillespie & Demarius Garland, Brant, Ontario

Robert A Gillespie birth Brantford Jan 14 1878 ID 001455

Robert Alexander Gillespie birth Jan 19, 1878  in Brantford Twp, s/o Robert Alexander Gillespie & Mary Jessie Henderson  ID 001169 – day changed.

Roy S Gillespie birth Blandford Oct 11, 1887  ID 026090

Sara Blanche Gillspie birth Sept 7, 1890  in Blantford, d/o Joseph H Gilispie & Jane Lee Stevenson

William, baptism May 20, 1852 age 8 months, child of Joseph and Mary Gillespie at Grace Anglican Church, Brantford.

William Burns Gillespie birth Dec 20, 1921 Brant Co record

William Henry Gillespie birth Brantford Twp Sep t0, 1874. ID 003768

William Howard Gillespie birth July 24, 1886  in North Dumfries Twp, Brant Co     s/o John Gillespie & Jennie Saylor (See also Waterloo Co for  this township records)

William John Gillespie birth Dec 9, 1947 Brant Co record


Alice BUCAN  birth Nov 15, 1869 d/o George Buchan and Elizabeth Gillespie, Oxford.

Fanny BUCAN,  birth Oct 1, 1874 d/o George Buchan & Elizabeth Gillespie, Blantford,  Oxford Co

Bertha May CROSS,  birth March 29, 1889 d/o Joseph Cross & Fannie H Gillespie of Woodstock, Oxford Co.

George William CROSS, birth March 14, 1874  s/o Joseph Cross & Fanny Gillespie, Woodstock, Oxford Co.

Harriet Jane CROSS,  birth Aug 31, 1876 d/o Joseph Cross & Fanny A Gillespie, Woodstock, Oxford Co.

Annie Josephine CROSS,  birth March 20, 1880 d/o Joseph Cross & Fanny Gillespie, Woodstock, Oxford Co.

Adam Scot Gillespie  birth Nov 15, 1874 born East Zorra, s/o Adam Scott Gillespie & Mary Elisabeth Corbett Clement

Andrew Bell Gillespie birth July 11, 1879  in East Zorra Twp, Oxford Co s/o Andrew Gillespie & Ruth Mathieson  ID 022794

Gillespie”  born Nov 7, 1910 in East Zorra, Oxford Co, child of James Gillespie & Margaret Sutherland

James Hall Scott Gillespie birth June 29, 1882  in Blandford, s/o James Gillespie & Sarah Cowing

Jas Sutherland Gillespie birth April 28, 1912  in East Zorra, s/o Jas Mathieson Gillespie & Margaret E Sutherland

Jonathan McCuaig Gillespie birth Feb 22, 1898 in East Zorra, Oxford Co, s/o Jonathan M Gillespie & Mary Nichol

Joseph B Gillespie,  birth Jan 1, 1870 s/o James Gillespie & Ann Brown, labourer of Norwich, Attended by Ephraim Cook, MD. Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada (Microfilm ID 007848)

Margaret Elizabeth Gillespie,  birth Oct 25, 1881 d/o Andrew Gillespie & Ruth Matheson, Innerkip, Oxford, Ontario Canada  ID 901356

Mary Isabella Gillespie,  birth April 20, 1882 d/o Robert A. Gillespie & Mary Jessie Hendrie, East Oxford, Oxford.

Roy McLeod Gillespie  birth May 14, 1886 in Blandford, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Ruth Mathieson ID 027272

Sara Blanche Gillespie,  birth Sept 7, 1890 d/o Joseph H Gillspie & Jane Lee Stevenon, Blantford Twp, Oxford Co  ID 024884

Vera Thurold Gillespie,  birth June 12, 1891 d/o Fred Gillespie & Annie Crane, Woodstock, Oxford. ID 030565

Warden Lawsen Clement Gillespie birth Aug 4, 1883  in East Zorra, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Ruth Mathieson (Date changed). ID 025404

William Gilespie birth June 17, 1908  in Blandford, s/o Wm Thompson Gillespie & Charlotte May Blackmore

William Andrew Gillespie birth July 1, 1871  in Blandford, s/o James Gillespie & Sarah Cowing  ID 017648

William Thompson Gillespie birth Nov 2 1872  in East Zorra, s/o Andrew Gillespie & Ruth Matheson

Jennie Stephens MCLEAN  birth Feb 13, 1871 daughter of Robert McLean & Margaret Gillespie, Blantford Twp, Oxford Co.

Elizabeth Gillespie SIM, birth Dec 10, 1879  in West Oxford. D/o Wm Sim & Margaret Gillespie




Elizabeth Gillespie ADDISON,  birth Feb 3, 1876 d/o William Addison & Elizabeth Gillespie, Hamilton, Wentworth Co.

Maud Harriett ARMITAGE birth Dec 8, 1879  in Hamilton ,d/o Thomas Armitage & Emma Gillesby, Wentworth Co

Edth Elizabeth FRASER, birth April 22, 1880 d/o James Fraser & Annie Gillespie, Hamiilton, Wentworth Co.

Sarah FRASER,  birth Oct 18 1874 Hamilton, d/o James Fraser & Annie Gillespie.

Agnes GARVIN  birth Nov 20, 1881  d/o William Garvin & Emily Gillespie, Hamilton, Wentworth Co.

Mary Florence GARVIN  birth July 15, 1883 in Hamilton, d/o William Garvin & Emily Gillespie.

Albert Gillespie birth April 15, 1888 in Hamilton, s/o Wm Gillespie & Mary Hamilton ID 039090

Alexander Hamilton Gillespie birth June 5, 1898 in Hamilton, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Grace Gertrude Glassco

Anne Gillespie birth Nov 18, 1877  in Hamilton, d/o Hugh Gillespie & Martha Mcallister  ID 235970

Arthur Gregory Gillespie  birth April 30, 1901 in Hamilton, s/o Arthur Gillespie & Annie Bird

Arthur Patrick Gillespie  birth Sept 30, 1873 in Hamilton, s/o John Gillespie & Ann Quin  ID 025225

Clifford Gillespie birth July 11, 1889  in Hamilton, s/o Samuel Gillespie & Elizabeth Blake  ID 040949

Clifford Stanley Gillespie birth Aug 11, 1903  in Hamilton, s/o William Thomas Gillespie &  Minnie Han…….

Earl Franklin Gillespie birth Oct 20, 1896  in Hamilton, s/o Richard Gillespie & Edith Williams

Elenor Gillespie,  birth Nov 19, 1879 d/o Wm. Thomas Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton, Hamilton, Wentworth   ID 035875

Ernest James Gillespie birth May 3, 1891 of Hamilton, s/o William T Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton  ID 043378

Eugene Gillesby birth Hamilton Nov 12, 1885  ID 210956

George Gillespie birth April 28, 1894 in Hamilton Twp, s/o William Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton

George Kenneth Gillespie  birth Oct 19, 1881 in Hamilton, s/o George Gillespie & Florence Hebden  ID 037484

Gordon Hillyer Gillespie  birth Aug 23, 1898 in Hamilton, s/o William Chas Gillespie & Mary Adeline Jones

Harry George Gillespie birth Oct 16, 1885  in Hamilton, Wentworth Co,, s/o William Thomas Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton ID 040119

Hugh Gillespie  birth Dec 8, 1870 in  Hamilton s/o Hugh Gillespie & Martha Mcallister 2nd record gives date as Dec 18th. ID 2020

James Edmund Gillespie birth Nov 26, 1896  in Hamilton, s/o Samuel Gillespie Jr & Mary Ann Wilson

John Duncan Gillespie birth Oct 13, 1912  in Hamilton s/o Robert Gillespie & Marion Bradwood

John William Gillespie birth July 15, 1889  in  Hamilton, s/o Alex Gillespie & Grace Gertrude Glassco

Margery A Gillespie birth Feb 8, 1898 in Barton, Wentworth Co, d/o Richard Gillespie & Edith S Williams

Marie Lillian Gillespie,  birth March 17, 1897 d/o John Gillespie & Marg/t Ann Ford, Hamilton, Wentworth Co.

Mary Gillespie  birth Oct 3 1869  d/o William Gillesby, Editor, and Christina Blythmann at Wentworth. Informant William Gilesby of 22 Margaret St, Hamilton.  ID 003987

Matilda Gillespie,  birth Aug 27, 1882 d/o William Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton, in Hamilton, Wentworth

Ottie Louise Gillespie birth June 25, 1896  in Hamilton, Wentworth Co, child of William Gillespie & Adeline Jones

Pearl Irena Gillespie birth Oct 6, 1896  in Hamilton, d/o William Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton

Peter Love Gillespie birth Nov 6, 1911 in Hamiiton, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Elizabeth Donaldson

Robert John Gillespie birth Nov 9, 1881  in Hamilton, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Annie Renwick ID 037387

Roy Arthur Leslie Gillespie  birth April 28, 1894 in Hamilton Twp, s/o William Giillespie & Minnie Hamilton

Ruby Violet Gillespie birth Nov 6, 1899 in Hamilton, d/o William Thos Gillespie & Minnie Hamilton

Samuel Barnes Gillespie birth March 15, 1893 in Hamilton, s/o Samuel Gillespie & Mary Ann Wilson

Stella May Gillespie birth Sept 14, 1904 in Hamilton, d/o William Chas Gillespie & Mary Adeline Jones

Virginia Maude Gillesby,  birth June 2, 1888 Hamilton, d/o William Frankln Gillesby & Emma Virginia Bogart Wilde. ID 039186

Walter Gillespie birth Aug 25, 1872 in Barton,  Wentworth Co,  s/o George Hamilton Gillespie & Elizabeth Agnes Gillespie  ID 901266pE

William Gillespie,  birth Nov 3, 1870 born at Barton s/o George Gillespie, grocer,  and Elizabeth Agnes

William Gillespie birth Dec 23, 1884  in Hamilton, s/o David Gillespie & Jane Mcquaid (My note: the couple  had been in Kingston,  and later moved to the States).  ID 040401

William Francis Gillespie  birth Dec 16, 1893 in  Hamilton, s/o William Francis Gillespie & Wm Francis Gillespie

William Fred Gillespie  birth Sept 29, 1900  in Hamilton, s/o William Chas Gillespie & Mary Adeline Jones

William George Gillespie  birth Oct 24, 1870 in Hamilton, s/o William Gillespie & Sarah Makins Gillespie  ID 014663

William J Gillespie birth in Barton  Nov 3, 1970 ID 014305

William Lee Gillespie birth Hamilton Dec 11, 1890  ID 242954

Margaret Elsie Whitehead MCCOY  birth Dec 23, 1884 d/o Jeremiah McCoy & Sarah Gillespie, Hamilton Wentworth Co.

Mary MCNIVER, born Sept  27, 1843,  baptized Dec 19, 1843 Knox Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, daughter of Don’d McNiver & Nancy  Gillespy of Hamilton.

Mary Elsie MEEGHAN  birth April 23, 1888 in Hamilton, d/o Thomas Meeghan & Maria Gillesby, Wentworth Co

Susanna PHILIPS birth June 14, 1876  in Hamilton, d/o James Phillips & Elizabeth Gillesby, Wentworth Co



Maud Oxinda ALBAUGH,  birth Jan 24, 1883 d/o Lewis Albaugh & Hattie Gillespie of St Catharines, Lincoln Co

Thomas BRICK birth May 24 1890 in Merriton, s/o Mary Gillespie.  Lincoln Co.

Albert Marshall FITZSIMMONS,  birth Oct 15, 1881 St Catherines, s/o Thomas Henry & Mary Gillespie.

Charles A Gillespie Dec 2, 1886 in St Catharines, s/o Gabrariel Gillespie & Eliza Smithwaite ID 020050

Charles Henry Gillespie, born Oct 22, 1865  at St Catharines . Baptized Sept 27, 1866 by Rev J. B. Howard.   s/o William & Hannah Gillespie

Florence Gertrude Gillespie,  birth April 1, 1894 d/o Thomas Hugh Gillespie & Florence Blanche Wilson, St Catharines, Lincoln

George Thomas Gillespie  birth Nov 20, 1871 in Lincoln, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Sarah F…Ilbert

Lawrence May Gillespie birth Aug 3, 1884  in St Catharines, s/o Gabriel Gillespie & Eliza A Smithorait  ID 019113

Robert Renos Gillespie birth Sept 2, 1882  in St Catharines, s/o Grabrial Gillespie & Eliza Ann Smithwait

Wm G Gillespie birth Sept 2, 1882  in St Catharines, s/o Gabrial Gillespie & Eliza Ann Smithwait

Beatrice I HUTTON birth July 20, 1896 , d/o Thomas Hutton & Annnie Gillespie, Port Dalhousie, Lincoln Co

Rose Dell PACKHAM,  birth Aug 5, 1884 d/o George Thos Packham & Sarah Jane Gillespie

Elle E SPRINGSTED  birth Sept 30, 1889 in Caistor, d/o D. D. Springsted & Mary Gillespie. Lincoln Co.



Frederick William,  birth July 25, 1862 Grantham Twp, Niagara, Baptized July 8, 1864. Chld of James and Rebecca Gillespie.

Gertrude Audrey Barkwell, birth Oct 1, 1887  do Charles A Barkwell & Louisa Gillespie, at Niagara Falls Village, Welland Co.

William Henry birth March 22, 1881 in Walsingham, s/o William Henry & Jane Gillesby, Norfolk Co.



Edward,  birth Dec 7, 1864 son of James and Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand Twp. Baptized April 18, 1865. Rev C Hamilton.

Leonard Gillespie,  birth Aug 21, 1863 s/o Alexander Gillespie & Sarah Gillespie of Haldimand. Baptized April 18, 1865 Haldimand. Rev C Hamilton.

Margret J Gillespie,  birth Sept 18, 1863 d/o James & Ellen Gillespie of Haldimand. Baptized April 18, 1865. Rev C Hamilton.

Mary J Gillespie, irth Dec 7, 1864  bd/o Edward Gillespie & Martha Gillespie of Haldimand, Baptized April 18, 1865. Rev C Hamilton.

Richard Gillespie  birth Sept 24, 1869, baptized Dec 12, 1870. s/o E and M of Haldimand.

Richard Gillespie, baptised Dec 12, 1870 son of E & M,  of Haldimand. Born Sept 24, 1869.

William Gillespie birth March 27, 1876,   baptized June 25, 1876. S/o Luke and Mary A, Bosanquet

Ethel May WHITELAW birth Feb 11, 1890 in Seneca Twp d/o James Whitelaw & Rebecca Gillaspie, Haldimand Co


Mina Annetta BROWN  birth Oct 23, 1893 d/o John W Brown & Annie M Gillespie, St Thomas, Elgin

Annie Elliot Gillespie, birth Aug 28,  1880 d/o Thomas E. Gillespie & Harriet Ester Barnes, Yarmouth Twp, Elgin  ID 004785

Carl Alfred Gillespie birth Aug 25, 1900 in Elgin, s/o Frederick W Gillespie & Annie Crane

Wilfred Frederick Gillespie birth Feb 10, 1898  in St Thomas, s/o Frederick William Gillespie & Annie Maria Crane

Anna May Lang SABISTON  birth May 6, 1877 d/o James Sabiston & Sarah Gillespie, St Thomas, Elgin Co.

Sarah SABISTON   birth Sept 30, 1874 St Thomas, Elgin, d/o James Sabiston and Sarah Gillespie.



Andrew Alexander Gillespie birth Sept 24, 1905 in London, s/o George Hamilton Gillespie & Kate Alexander

Annie Maud Gillespie, birth Sept 5, 1881, d/o Charles Albert Gillespie & Jane Hogg, London West, Middlesex  ID 018667

Dorothy Ermine Gillespie birth Aug 10, 1901 in London, d/o James Gillespie & Annie Mcnaughton

Emily Blanche Gillespie, birth Jan 21, 1883  d/o Charles A Gillespie & Jane Hogg, London West, Middlesex Co. (date changed) ID 019339

Geo Hamilton Gillespie birth July 3, 1902 MIddlesex, Ontario. Father Geo Hamilton Gillespie, Mother Kate Alexander (link to Hamilton, Wentworth Co).

Helen Isabella Gillespie birth April 16, 1897 in London, d/o Wm B Gillespie & Lillie  G Mcguffin

James Alfred Fonger birth March 13, 1880  in Ilderton, s/o Alfred Fonger & Gillispie mother (name not given). Middlesex Co.

Jessie Newell Gillespie birth March 24, 1899 in London, d/o George Hamilton Gillespie & Kate  Alexander

Kate Menzies Gillespie  birth Nov 13, 1900 in London, d/o George Hamilton Gillespie & Kate Alexander

 Mary Hamilton Gillespie birth Sept 1, 1908  in London, d/o George Hamilton Gillespie & Kate Alexander. (Link to Hamilton, Wentworth Co)

Nita Maud Kelly birth Feb 8, 1896 in London, d/o James Clarence Kelly & Sarah Gillispie, Middlesex Co.

Stella Barbara Sutherland, birth Oct 2, 1889 do William W Sutherland & Barbara T Gillespie, London, Middlesex Co

William Hayward Gillespie birth Sept 1, 1908 Middlesex Co, Ontario. Father George Hamilton Gillespie. Mother Kate Alexander


Cathrine Gillespie birth Thedford on Jan 29, 1878. ID 0129002

Edith Isabella Gillespie, birth Aug 29, 1879 d/o Joseph Gillespie & Ellen Duncan, at Petrolia, Lampton  ID 013077

Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Feb 9, 1876 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Isabel Karr, Petrolia, Lampton  ID 012889

Henry Gillespie birth Petrolia on May 28, 1884. ID 015571

Isabella Gillespie, birth March 20, 1886 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Isabella Karr, Petrolia, Lampton

James Gillespie birth Petrolia  April 16, 1888   ID 016966

John A Gillespie birth Petrolia on Aug 14, 1880. ID 013999

Joseph Stanley Gillespie, birth Feb 14, 1876 s/o Joseph Gillespie & Ellen Duncan, Petrolia, Lampton Co.  ID 012890

Mabel Agnes Gillespie, birth Aug 5, 1888 d/o Malcolm Gillespie & Sarah Anderson, Alvinston, Lampton

M Edith Gillespie birth Petrolia May 12, 1872. ID 009351

Oliver Gillespie birth Petrolia April 26, 1890  ID 015468

Rebecca Gillespie birth Petrolia on July 16, 1878. ID 013124

William Gillespie, birth March 24, 1876 s/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbot, Petrolia, Lampton Co. See next entry.

William Gillespie birth Bosanquet March 27, 1876, ID 012990

William Gillespie,birth May 8, 1877  s/o Alexander Gillespie & Isabella Karr, Petrolia, Lampton Co. ID 019254 (date changed)

William Oliver Gillespie birth Petrolia Feb 15, 1878. ID 013217



Archibald Everitt Gillespie,  birth Dec 1, 1891 s/o Archibald Gillespie & Eliza Ann Everitt, Dover Twp, Kent ID 501051

A Son birth Nov 5, 1908 of Selton. Born to Angus Gillespie

Camby Carman Gillespie birth Nov 1, 1908  in Howard, s/o Angus Gillespie & E. A. Newell.

Carman Gillespie birth Nov 10, 1908 (?) of Howard, Kent Co, s/o Angus Gillespie & E . A. Newell. ( Record needs clarification)

Catherine Gillespie,  birth Jan 29 ,1878 d/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbott, Thedford, Kent. (see also Brant County)

Catherine Gillespie birth Jan 29, 1898 in Thedford, Kent Co., d/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbot.

Christina May Gillespie, birth April 14, 1875 d/o Malcolm Gillespie & Sarah Anderson, Howard Twp, Kent ID 212165

Donald Arthur Gillispie birth Howard June 10, 1891  ID 020432

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie,  birth July 17, 1882 d/o Alexander Gllespie and Isabella Kerr at Petrolia, Kent.

Gillespie‘  birth Oct 11, 1900 in Howard, Kent Co, child of A Gillespie & L Everitt

James Gillespie,  birth May 2, 1882 in Camden, Kent Co, s/o James Gillespie & Mary Windom

Jennie Christena Winnareta Gillespie,  birth June 19, 1887 d/o Dugald Gillespie & Jennie Elizabeth Anderson, Merlin, Kent

Mabel Agnes Gillespie birth April 5, 1888 in Alvinston, Kent Co. ID 017793

Malcolm Giillespie birth April 18, 1903  in Howard Twp, Kent Co s/o Angus Gillespie & Edith Newell

Matilda May Gillespie birth June 10, 1883  in Howard, d/o Archibald Gillespiee & E. A. Everett. (month changed). ID 014542

Maud Helen Gillespie birth Mornington Twp April 1, 1891 ID 031857

Newell Criel Gillespie birth Oct 17, 1897  in Howard ,Kent Co. child of Angus Gillespie & Edith A Newel

Rebecca Gillespie, birth July 10, 1878 d/o Alexander Gillespie & Isabella Karr, Petrolia, Kent. (see next record)

Rebecca Gillespie birth July 10, 1879  In Petrolia, d/o Alexander Gillespie and Isabella Kerr.

Violet Agnes Gillespie birth April 19, 1901 in Petrolia, Kent Co, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Isabella Kerr

William James Howard Gillespie birth June 12 1885 in Raleigh, Kent Co,   s/o Dugald Gillespie.  ID 015099

William Oliver Gillespie  birth Feb 15, 1878 in Petrolia, Kent Co, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Helen Duncan

Winifred Gillespie  birth April 21, 1896 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co. d/o John Gillespie & Maggie A Todd

Geta Pentland Shaver, baptized Aug 22, 1890 by E.H. Yakes. Parents Alexander and Caroline. Residence Blenheim. Parents Mary Gillespie


 Angus, birth July 18, 1870  s/o Hugh Gillespie of Ruthven , blacksmith, and Sarah Ann Fox, Gosfield, Essex Co, Ontario  MS 929, Reel 2, Copy 2  ID 006302

Charles Dew Gilespie birth Feb 7, 1900 in  Windsor, s/o R Adelaide E Gillespie

Ernest James Gillespie, birth July 28, 1875 child of Hugh and Sarah of Gosfield Twp, Kingsville. Baptized Nov 21, 1875. ID 003854

Ernest Laurnence Nicholas Gillespie birth Sept 6, 1910  in Windsor, s/o Ernest Gillespie & Anna Mccormick

Florence McDonald, birth Feb 10, 1891 Kingsville, Essex Co, d/o Ezra Mcdonald & Nellie Gillespi

Issac Ellis Gillespie, birth May 20, 1878  Colchester, Essex, Ontario. Father Malcolm Gillespie. Mother Emily Williams. ID 005142


Sarah Edith DILLLION  birth Nov 19, 1883  R. J. Dillon  & Sarah Gillespie, Ontario.

Annie Maud Gillespie,  birth Aug 4, 1878 d/o Wm Gillespie & Lucy E, Ontario (I am fairly sure this is for Dundas Co, Morewood, and mother is Lucy Beach)

Annie May Gillespie  birth Nov 30, 1873 in Ontario, d/o James Gillespie & Amelia Friedlander

Cassie Gillespie,  birth March 15, 1892, d/o Andrew Gillespie and Effie Gillespie, Ontario

Ernest James Gillespie,  birth July 28, 1875 s/o Hugh Gillespie & Sarah Ann Fox – see Hastings Co

Georgia Frances Gillespie,  birth March 8, 1907, d/o Thomas George Gillespie & Cassie Georgina Robertson

Gillespie” child  birth Nov 26, 1884 of Ino E Gillespie & Corbit, in Ontario

Gillespie” in Ontario, birth July 16, 1906  child of Mary Gillespie Sheridan. Father not listed.

Hattie Gillespie,  birth Sept 19, 1884 d/o John Andrew Gillespie & Rachel Agnes Barker, Ontario

Hugh Curry Gillespie  birth Oct 23, 1906 in Ontario, s/o Peter Gillespie & Mary Houst (see Kent County for name Curry).

Janet Miller Gillespie, Jr. birth Oct 6, 1890 in Ontario, d/o Malcolm Gillespie Jr & Janet Anderson (?Victoria Co).

Jean Barklely Gillespie birth Nov 17, 1908  in Ontario, d/o Thomas Geo Gillespie & Cassie Georgenia Robertson

John Edgar Gillespie birth Maryborough March 22, 1884  ID 23809

Margaret Isabel Gillespie, birth Sept 13, 1885 d/o John Lyall Gillespie & Elizabeth Samuel, in Ontario

Mary Gillespie  birth July 28, 1885 in Ontario, d/o John Gillespie & Janet G Miller

Pat Jos Gillespie,  birth May 15, 1889 s/o John Gillespie & Bridget Whalen.

Walter Gillespie  birth Aug 25, 1872  in Ontario, s/o George Hamilton Gillespie and Elizabeth Agnes Gillespie. (?Hamilton, Wentworth Co)

William Charles Gillespie  birth April 8, 1896, in Ontario, s/o William Charles Gillespie & Adalena Brittou

William George Gillespie,  birth Nove 30, 1873 s/o James Gillespie & Amelia Friedlander, Ontario

Mary Ann GRAHAM   birth Aug 9, 1886 child of Archibald Graham and Flora Gillespie, Ontario.

Ella May JOHNTON,  birth Dec 4, 1895 d/o Robert George Johnston & Jessie Gillespie, in Ontario

Emma Elizabeth LAING,  birth Aug 2, 1878 d/o Thomas Laing & Mary Jane Gillespie, “Ontario.”

Thomas George Goodson Gillespie RELEYA, birth March 25, 1871  s/o William  Henry Relyea & Margaret Isabella Gillespie (?Prescott/Leeds/Grenville Co)

Mabel Thompson SUTHERLAND, birth Aug 16, 1878 do William Sutherland & Barbara Thompson Gillespie, “Ontario”

 No Year of Birth Provided

Sarah Gillespie, d/o W Gillespie & Sarah Gillentyne, April 9___ York, York, Ontario

NOTE: When more than one record is found and dates conflict, the statement (date changed) means I have made it the one registered with the Ontario Archives of Ontario microfilmed record.

Source of Records: Mormon website,, Ontario Archives for index of Gillespie records on microfilm

Record Count:  1,111

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