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Cecil Guelph BROCK, birth May 24, 1897 1438 Carol Ave , Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, son of J. H. Brock & S. L. Gillespie 

Cahill, (female) birth Nov 2, 1883 Oakland, Alameda, California, daughter of Patrick CAHILL & Kate Gillispie

Duncan  (female) birth April 13, 1881 Oakland, Alameda, California, daughter of Geo J DUNCAN & Daisey H Gillespie

Harriet DUNCAN, birth Oct 22, 1890 Oakland, Alameda, California, daughter of George J Duncan & Daisy H Gillespie


Ada M Gillespie, birth June 25, 1912 Los Angeles, California

Albert Gillespie, birth Dec 25, 1909 San Mateo, California


Breta Gillespie, (female) birth April 13, 1884 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California, daughter of Robert Henry Gillespie & Louise Virginia Anderson


Catharin Gillespie, birth Sept 17, 1911 Los Angeles, California

Charles Gillespie, birth Nov 28, 1892 Oakland, Almeda, California, son of Robert Gillespie & Mary Mckenna


Dorothy Gillespie, birth June 24, 1911 Napa, California


Edward F Gillespie, birth April 22, 1908 San Francisco, California

Edward R Gillespie, birth April 17, 1913 Alameda, California

Eleanor M Gillespie birth Nov 17, 1910 Alameda, California

Ethel Bernice Gillespie  May 18, 1897 1106 E 8th Street, Los Angeles, California, daughter of Jno W Gillespie & Katie Smith.

Eugenia L Gillespie, birth June 9, 1911 Los Angeles, California


Florence L Gillespie, birth March 8, 1911 San Diego, California


George A Gillespie, birth Nov 17, 1909  San Francisco, California

George F Gillespie, birth Aug 20, 1912 Sacramento, California

Gillespie birth April 4, 1909 Kings, California

Gillespie, birth April 27, 1909 San Francisco, California

Gillespie, birth Aug 13, 1911 Ventura, California

Gillespie, birth June 6, 1913 San Mateo, California


Helen E Gillespie birth Sept 1, 1910 Riverside, California


Ivan Gillespie birth May 6, 1907 Sacramento, California


James J Gillespie, birth April 22, 1908, San Francisco, California

Jeanne K Gillespie, birth May 10, 1912 Los Angeles, California

Jessie J Gillespie, birth May 18, 1911 Alameda, California

John Gillespie, birth June 9, 1908, San Luis Obispo, California

John M Gillespie, birth August 26, 1911 Riverside, California


Katharn Gillespie, birth April 14, 1906 San Francisco, California

Kathleen Gillespie, birth April 4, 1909 Kings, California

Kenneth K Gillespie, birth August 21, 1910 Fresno, Callifornia

Lelah Gillespie, birth June 17, 1906 Colusa, California


Lois A Gillespie, birth April 19, 1912 Los Angeles, California


Marjorie Gillespie birth Nov 25, 1908 Napa, California

Muriel E Gillespie birth Sept 1, 1910 San Luis Obispo, California


Opal L Gillespie, birth Oct 11, 1911 San Joaquin, California


Peter Gillespie, birth October 13, 1906 San Francisco, California


Richard H Gillespie birth May 15, 1909 Alameda, California

Ruth E Gillespie, birth Aug 3, 1911 San Joaquin, California


Thomas C Gillespie birth Aug 19, 1910 San Francisco, California


Vonda L Gillespie, birth Nov 4, 1908 Alameda, California


Walter W Gillespie, birth Dec 29, 1908 Alameda, California

Wilbur H Gillespie birth Oct 25, 1912 San Joaquin, California

William Gillespie, birth Dec 15, 1911 San Mateo, California

Woodrow Gillespie birth Nov 6, 1912 Kings, California

Record Count: 46

Source of Records: Mormon website, California Births & Christenings, 1812-1988

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