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Barbara Gillespie married Edward Kelly Oct 19, 1872 Alameda, California

Benjamin Gillespie married Mildred Malurin Feb 6, 1889 Garberville, Humbolt, California


C Gillespie married E E Long Feb 17, 1886 Solan, California

Charles Gillespie married Elizabeth Webb 1854, California


Edwin G Gillespie married Ella J Carse Aug 8, 1890 Los Angeles, California

Effie Gillespie married James W Patterson June 25, 1890 Los Angeles, California

Elizabeth Gillespie married Ben Corz Sheater 1875 Placer, California

Ellena Ann Gillespie married Arthur Hupman Dec 28, 1878 San Joaquin, California


Guy Thomas Gillespie son of  G. S. Gillespie &  Sophie Elsey, married Ada Margaret Powell Nov 14, 1911 Los Angeles, California


Harold L Gillespie married Hazel G Burns 1920, California.

Henry Gillespie married Eliza Jane Bates Aug 14, 1864, Sonoma, California

Henry J Gillespie married Wilhemina Schaefer 1915, California


James Gillespie married Mrs C S Smith  Aug 15, 1883 Los Angeles, California.

James A Gillespie married Mary J Larrison March 28, 1901 Eureka, Humbolt, California

Jane Gillespi married John Ward Oct 14, 1863 Solano, California

John B Gillespie married Laura Belle Davis Sept 9, 1887 Solano, California

John T Gillaspy married Bertha Hutzler March 27, 1908 Santa Ann, Orange, California

John W Gillesphie married Francis D Yearnshaw Oct 1, 1892 Sacramento, California

Josie Gillispie married L E Tuttle July 29, 1888 Pico, California


L Gillespie married Eliza M Hunter Dec 23, 1879 Eureka, Humbold, California


Margaret Gillespie married Benjamin V Bullock Feb 10, 1885 San Luis Obispo, California

Mary Gillespie married James O’Brien, Child George Robert O’Brien, California. No date given.

Mary P Gillaspy married Joseph S Sale. Their child Leland Stanford Sale, California (no date).

Matilda Gillespie married Lemmel A Steevers May 28, 1903 Ferndale, Humbolt, California (2nd record gives date as May 21st).

May Gillespie married Guy Lauson May 19, 1898 Eureka, Humboldt, California (2nd record gives spouse’s name as Lairson).


Rebecca J Gillespie married Solon West Jan 16, 1888 San Luis Obispo, California

Robert Gillespie married Margaret Oliver 1862, Placer Co, California.

Robert Gillespie married Adeline Lapham Dec 25, 1880

Robert M Gillispie  married Hattie L Cook Feb 2, 1905 Los Angeles, California


Samuel Gillespie married Josephine Reis 1916. California

Sarah Jane Gillaspy married William Herbison Jan 11, 1867 Solano, California


William Gillespie married Mary Wilson Oct 21, 1880 San Joaquin, California

William Gillespie married Mary Ann Gerten Jan 3, 1883 San Josquin, California

William H Gillespie married Caroline Letterwell Feb 22, 1860 Sonoma, California

Record Count: 34

Source of Records: Mormon website

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