USA: Delaware Marriages

Tamson S Gillespie EAGLE, birth 1919, s/o John Gillespie, Nettie Or Vettie Pogue, married Clarence L Williams June 29, 1946 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Agnes Gillespie married Orin Strowe. Child John Strowe. (1913-1954) Delaware.

Albert Gillespie, birth 1928. s/o Frank Gillespie, May Gillespie, married Concetta Marcozzi Nov 3, 1951, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Alexander Gillespie married Sara McGinley April 29, 1867, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware. Witnesses Arthur Jennings, Anne McAteer.

Andrew Gillespie married Myrtle. Child Bernia M Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Anna Mae Gillespie, birth 1920, d/o Charles, Amanda Heberling, married George Gavin Oct 10, 1942 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Annie C Gillespie married Edward T, child Lydie J Morris (1913-1954) Delaware

Annie Virginia Gillespie, birth 1902, married Willie Bragtne April 29, 1923, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Arthur Gillespie, born 1890, s/o James Gillespie, Martha Gillespie, married Anna Teresa Whales Sept 14, 1916, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Arthur Gillespie married Ann Whelan. Child Marie Agnes Gillespie (1913-1954), Delaware

Arthur Paul Gillespie, birth 1917, s/o Arthur Gillespie, Ann Whalen, married Winifred Clare Cawley Oct 21, 1950. New Castle, Delaware

Augustus B Gillespie, birth 1872, s/o Robert Gillespie, Henrietta Gillespie, married Dora E Matthews Nov 22, 1919, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Bernia M Gillespie, birth 1917, d/o Andrew Gillespie, Mytle Gillespie, married Sherman B Iverson March 15, 1943, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Betty Gillespie, birth 1921, d/o Frank Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, married Robert McClelland Oct 6, 1944, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Bridget Gillespie, birth 1894, d/o John Gillespie, Mary Carr, married John J Begyane Nov 1, 1916, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Catharine Gillespie, d/o John, married John R Sullivan, s/o Dennis Sullivan on Jan 8, 1889. Witnesses Michael Gillespie, Helen T Connor. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Catherine Gillespie married Joseph Martin. Child Thomas C Martin. (1913-1954) Delaware

C Edward Gillespie married Amanda Heberling. Child Eichard Dickenson Gillespie. (1913-1954) Delaware.

Charles D Gillespie, birth 1921, s/o George W Gillespie Sr, Ella Jester, married Elsie Pintjen Sept 14, 1947. Milford, Sussex, Delaware

Constance M Gillespie, birth 1915, d/o Bernard Cooney, Agnes Smith, married Frank J Diksa Nov 20, 1954, Claymont, New Castle, Delaware


Dorothy E Gillespie, birth 1922, d/o Frank Gillespie, Helen Davis, married Anthony T Fraschetta March 27, 1941, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Edmond Gillespie married Sarah Cromley, Child Jane C Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Eichard Dickenson Gillespie, birth 1929, s/o C Edward Gillespie, Amanda Heberling Gillespie married June Sibley Lloyd March 17, 1950 Marshallton, New Castle, Delaware

Elizabeth Mae Gillespie birth 1918, d/o James Gillespie, Lydia Still, married Clifford Henry Mcfaden Oct 14, 1937 Milford, Sussex, Delaware

Elizabeth V Gillespie, d/o John Gillespie, married Edgar J Welsh Nov 23, 1898. Son of James B Welsh. Witnesses William Richardson, Maggie Gillespie, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Ella T Gillespie, d/o John, married Francis C Fox, s/o John Fox,  Nov 30, 1897. Witnesses Peter Fox, Lizzie Gillespie, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Ellen Gillespie, d/o M Gillespie, married James Wall, s/o John Wall on July 31, 1875. Witnesses Anna E Flynn, A Reilly. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Elsie L Gillespie, birth 1928, d/o Preston Gillespie, Clara M Gillespie, married William J Wolker Sept 8, 1946. Delaware

Esther Gillespie d/o William H Gillespie, Mamie L Masarone, married Ralph Randall May 30, 1942, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Etta Gillespie, birth 1926, d/o George Gillespie, Mildred, married Henry Reddick July 18, 1943, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Eugene G Gillespie, birth 1896, s/o Harry S Gillespie, Anna Faber, married Mildred F Bodlein Foley March 29, 1924. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Fay Ernestine Gillespie birth 1927, d/o Ernest Lance Gillespie, Fay Mcmillan Gillespie, married Oscar A. Pickett Jr Sept 9, 1950 Newark, New Castle, Delaware

Francis Gillespie, birth 1918, son of Frank Gillespie, Mary Macintyer, married Anne B Katach Oct 29, 1939, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Frank Gillespie married Mary McIntyer. Child Francis Gillespie, (1913-1954) Delaware. Also child Betty Gillespie

Frank Gillespie married Helen Davis. Child Dorothy E Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.

Frank Gillespie married May. Child Roderick J Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.

Frank Gillespie married Mary. Child Betty Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.


George Gillaspey married Mary Geddes Nov 25, 1798 Holy Trinity, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

George Gillespie married Mildred. Child Etta Gillespie. (1913-1954) Delaware. Also child Marion Gillespie.

George W Gillespie Sr married Ella Jester. Child Charles D Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

George B Gillespie birth 1905, married Grace A Wilson Sept 15, 1940, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

George W Gillespie Jr, birth 1905. s/o Geo W Gillespie, Carrie E, married Florence M Greer May 30, 1924. Milford, Sussex, Delaware.

George W Gillespie, birth 1917, s/o Wm A Gillespie, Francis, married Violet H Boyle May 12, 1943, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

George Washington Gillespie married Florence M Greer. Child Olga Irene Gillespie (1913-1954), Delaware

Geo Gillespie Jr married Florence M. Child Norma Lee Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Geo W Gillespie married Carrie E.  Child  Mary A Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.

Geraldine Gillespie, birth 1926, d/o Hampton Gillespie, Selar Gillespie, married Alex Jones Jr Oct 10, 1945 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Grace Wilson Gillespie married Amos Wilson. Child Sarah Wilson. (1913-1954) Delaware


Harry D Gillespie, birth 1893, s/o James E Gillespie, Georgeanna Warren, married Virgie R Lord April 26, 1923, Milford, Sussex, Delaware


Ida Gillespie married William. Child Joseph P Powell (1913-1954) Delaware


Jack Gillespie s/o Ben Gillespie, Rosalie Dalton Gillespie, married Helen Teleisa May 8, 1945 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

James Gillespie married Maria (Mary) Ford Jan 26, 1841. Witnesses An Reilly. Bride’s father “Ford”. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

James Gillespie married Columbia. Child Wilma C Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware (see also James H Gillespie)

James Gillespie married Martha , Child Arthur Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

James Gillespie married Lydia. Child Samuel Marshall Gillespie (1913-1954), Delaware. Also child William James Gillespie (see next entry)

James Gillespie married Leida Still. Child Samuel Marshel Gillespie (1913-1954), Delaware. Also child Elizabeth Mae Gillespie Wife also called Lydia. James also James B Gillespie.

James B Gillespie married Lydia. Child Lillian Ella Gillespie (1913-1954), Delaware

James E Gillespie married Georgeanna Warren. Child Harry D Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.

James H Gillespie married Columbia Johnson. Child Mary E Gillespie. (1913-1954) Delaware

Jane Gelaspi married James Flannelkin Jan 28, 1731 Trinity Church, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware (2nd record gives his last name as Hannelkin).

Jane C Gillespie born 1896, d/o Edmond Gillespie & Sarah Cromley, married Luke S Mckinis Nov 16, 1914 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

John Gelespe married Mary Derrickson Feb 28, 1799 Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

John Gillespie married Margaret Davison April 20, 1841, Witnesses Sara Wallace, Andrew Clark. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

John Gillespie married Mary Carr. Child Bridget Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

John Gillespie married Nettie or Vettie Pogue. Child Tamson S Gillespie Eagle. (1913-1954), Delaware

John J Gillespie married Anna Keiling Nov 28, 1895. Witnesses Jno Keiling, Lizza Landy, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

John W Gillespie, birth 1924, s/o Samuel Gillespie, Elizabeth Gillespie, married Graced M Asay Oct 15, 1847, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Julia E Gillespie, birth 1915, d/o William, Ida, married Walter H Betts Nov 28, 1940 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Lawrence H Gillespie Jr, birth 1928, s/o Lawrence H Gillespie, Lillian E Krumm, married Elizabeth V Rhenby Dec 8, 1951 Henry, Clay, New Castle, Delaware

Lee Calvin Gillespie, birth 1935, s/o Lee T Gillespie, Hazel V, married Diane Louise Mitchell Oct 24, 1953, Milford, Kent, Delaware, USA

Lee Truit Gillespie, birth 1908, s/o George W Gillespie Sr, Carrie Ellen Jester, married Hazel Virginia Voss Sept 7, 1933, Milford, Sussex, Delaware.

Lillian Ella Gillespie, birth 1926, d/o James B Gillespie, Lydia Still, married Harry A Twilley Jan 25, 1947 Milford, Kent, Delaware

Lola M Gillespie birth 1917, d/o Samuel Gillespie, Elizabeth  Gillespie married Lewis A Dempsey April 17, 1948 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Loretta Mary Gillespie birth 1911, d/o James Gillespie, Ellen Boyle, married Raymond Edward Nicholson Aug 31, 1946. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Madaline Gillespie, birth 1918. d/o Bailey Twilley, Lydia Downs, married Walter Ivory April 25, 1948 Millford, Kent, Delaware

Major Gelispie married Kathrine Hannah June 21, 1801 Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Marguerite Gillespie married Ambrose Greenwell. Child John W Greenwell, (1913-1954) Delaware

Maria Gillespy (Mary)  married James Mullen Jan 13, 1861. Witnesses Charles Hagerty, Maria (Mary) Hughes. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Maria Gillespie (Mary) d/o Mr Gillespie & Joan (Jane) Bradley, married Elwood Patterson Feb 11, 1887, s/o David Patterson. Witnesses Edward Morris, Anne Morris.Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Marie Agnes Gillespie, birth 1919, d/o Arthur Gillespie, Ann Whelan, married Elmer Purdy Hawke June 15, 1940 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Mary Gillespie married Early Roscoe Calloway. Child William R Calloway. (1913-1954) Delaware

Mary A Gillespie, birth 1899, d/o Geo W Gillespie, Carrie E Gillespie, married Herman R Jester July 28, 1916, Milford Cedar Creek, Sussex, Delaware. Child Edith Maderia Jester.

Mary A Gillespie, birth 1867, d/o Robt Gillespie, Harrette Gillespie, married Harry W Banks March 28, 1921, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Mary A Gillespie, birth 1901, married George J Corney July 28, 1928, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Mary Catherine Gillespie married John J Watkins Sr, Child Anne P Walkins. (1913-1954) Delaware.

Mary E Gillespie, birth 1926, d/o James H Gillespie, Columbia Johnson, married Stanley P Salamon May 7, 1949. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Matthew Gillespie, s/o Henry & Anna,   married Maria (Mary ) O’Neil, d/o Dennis O’Neil & Mary (Maria) Anne. Oct 7, 1888. Witnesses John C Coyle, Catherine O’Neil. Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Myrtle May Gillespie, born 1893, d/o William E, Mary E, married Millard E Logue April 25, 1917, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware


Norma Lee Gillespie birth 1925, d/o Geo Gillespie Jr, Florence M, married Hampton Joshua Carmine July 11, 1943, Milford, Sussex, Delaware


Olga Irene Gillespie, birth 1925, d/o George Washington Gillespie, Florence M Greet, married William Lawson Stayton Oct 24, 1943, Milford, Kent, Delaware.


Paula Isabell Gillespie, birth 1924, d/o Norman Swift, Mary W Swift, married Willard W Abbotts July 1, 1944, Roselle, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Phyllis J Gillespie birth 1929, d/o Isaac T Gillespie, Rosa A Gillespie, married Ralph D Powers May 4, 1951 Elsmere, New Castle, Delaware


Raymond W Gillespie, birth 1899, s/o Joseph Gillespie, Effie Gillespie, married Ann Racine Oct 30, 1930, Georgetown, Sussex, Delaware

Robert Gillespie married Henrietta. Child Augustus B Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Robert J Gillespie, birth 1906, s/o James Gillespie, Annie Gillespie married Julia Janeka Sept 12, 1933 Dover, Kent, Delaware

Robt Gillespie married Harrette. Child Mary A Gillespie born (1913-1954) Delaware

Roderick J Gillespie, birth 1925, s/o Frank Gillespie, May Gillespie, married Erika C Seyforth Nov 5, 1944, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Ruby Gillespie, birth 1930, d/o Charlie Gillespie, Jane Gillespie, married Thomas Johnson Dec 22, 1951, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Ruth A Gillespie, birth 1919, d/o Wm Gillespie, Ida Gillespie, married William E Morse Oct 26, 1940 Claymont, New Castle, Delaware.


Samuel Gillespie married Elizabeth. Child John W Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Samuel Marshall Gillespie, birth 1916, s/o James Gillespie, Lydia, married Gladys Marion Hurd Nov 4, 1939 Milford, Kent, Delaware.

Samuel Marshel Gillespie birth 1915, s/o James Gillespie, Ledia Still, married Madlyn L Twilley March 15, 1936 Milford, Sussex, Delaware.

Sarah A Gillespie birth 1923, d/o James W Gillespie, Eugenia C Hersion, married James L Steptoe July 19, 1941 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Sophie Gillespie married Fredrick Beyner. Child Herman J Beyner (1913-1954). (see next entry for two ways to spell spouse’s  last name)

Sophie Gillespie married Fred Bryner. Child Helen Theresa Bryner. (1913-1954) Delaware.


Thomas Gillespie married Lillian. Child Thomas E Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware.

Thomas E Gillespie, birth 1915, s/o Thomas E Gillespie, Lillian Gillespie married Pauline Blansfield April 15, 1944  St Georges, New Castle, Delaware.

Thomas Orr Gillespie, birth 1931, d/o James Gillespie, Elizabeth Gillespie married Eleanor B Moran Nov 11, 1950 New Castle, Delaware

Tom Gillespie married Emily Hickey. Child William J Gillespie. (1913-1954) Delaware


unnamed Gillespie(female), married William Patton Nov 21, 180?, Wilmington, Delaware.


William Gillespie married Elizabeth Furguson March 11, 1761 New Castle, Delaware

William A Gillespie, birth 1898, s/o Nimrod Gillespie, Maggie Gillespie, married Bessie Doris June 17, 1926, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

William James Gillespie, birth 1913, s/o James Gillespie, Lydia Gillespie, married Margaret Wilson Mcfadden June 15, 1940 Milford, Sussex, Delaware

William H Gillespie married Mamie L Masarone. Child Esther Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

William J Gillespie, birth 1922. s/o Tom Gillespie, Emily Hickey, married Ella Darlington Firlein May 2, 1947 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

William W Gillespie Jr, s/o Wm Gillespie, Josephine Gillespie, married Mildred E Diamond May 20, 1942 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Wilma C Gillespie, birth 1927, d/o James Gillespie, Columbia Gillespie, married John G Keeler Jr March 15, 1947 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Wm Gillespie married Ida. Child Ruth A Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Wm A Gillespie married Francis. Child George W Gillespie (1913-1954) Delaware

Record Count: 119

Source of Records: Mormon website