USA: Georgia Researchers

Researcher                   Persons Researched in Georgia

Allan Adams       Allen Gillespie, Pike Co, Georgia, b SC.

Jeffry Archer    Augusta E Gillespie & Fleming Newton.

Robin Boyer        Thomas Gillespie & Jane Stroud

Moe Bryant        Cosmos Gillespie & Blanche King

Charles Burns    William Morris & Hannah Gillespie from SC 1822. DeKalb Co, GA

Margaret Cole  William Word and Elizabeth Gillespie, Carroll Co, GA

Brenda Corley  Katie Gillespie & Mr Kinsley, Catoosa Co, GA

C Gillespie           Katherine Gillespie & Stephen A Baker; Charles Gillespie & Annie Braselton, Newman

John Gillespie    Alice Gillespie & W I Collier

Rhonda King       Eliza Gillespie & Jessie King, Pike Co.

Cheryl Lynn     Sarah A Gillespie & Bayless Lewis

Sharon Marshall   J Thaddeus Gillespie & Mary Ellen Stone

Bob Martin              Alexander Gillespie

Pat               David Young & Mary Francis Gillespie

Sheila Phillips    Robert & Alice Gilstrap Gillespie

Joe Turner     Sylvester Gillespie 1887-

Mary Webster    Martha Gillespie d/o Pickens Gillespie & Jane Terry, Carroll Co, GA

To be continued….

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