USA: Maryland Marriages


Alexander C Gillespie married Ellen Craig Dec 19, 1861, Cecil, Maryland

Alverda Gillespy married Frank P Neale Dec 16, 1872 Saint Peters Protestant Episcopal, Baltimore, Maryland

Ann Gillespie married Daniel Todd July 29, 1825 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Anna Gillespie married Joseph Keadey April 2, 1851, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Annie M Gillespie married John S Ewing Nov 13, 1873, Lower West Nottingham Presbyterian Church, Colora, Cecil, Maryland

Anthony Gillespie married Sarah Foyle, Maryland

Araminta Gellespy married James Carter Feb 11, 1822 Caroline, Maryland


Barbara Gillespie married Michael O’Neill June 9, 1852, Alleghany, Maryland

Barnes Gillespie Jr birth 1914, s/o Barnes Gillespie, Ruth Pepper Gillespie, married Mary Barley Baldwin March 8, 1940 Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Catharine Gillespy married Thomas Glass Aug 21, 1824, Baltimore, Maryland (2nd record gives Aug 24)

Catherine Gillespie married 1944 Washington Co, Maryland

Charles Gelaspy married Elizabeth Dunsheath Jan 28, 1823 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland (a second record gives date of marriage as Nov 20, 1779 in Hartford.)


Daniel Gillespie married Mary Mcmahon Jan 17, 1846, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


At the residence of the bride, Miss E Gillespie to Mr Edwin J Stansbury, all of Baltimore County, on Jan 1, 1873, by Rev J G Moore.

Edith Gillespie married 1939 Washington Co, Maryland

Elihu H Gillispie married Mary Ella Parter Feb 1, 1842, Hartford, Maryland (also Parten)

Eliza Gillespie married Samuel Hall Aug 31, 1858, Cecil, Maryland

Elizabeth Gillespie married Thomas Sharp, Cecil Co, Maryland

Elizabeth Gelispy married James Mcfadon Feb 9, 1829 Baltimore, Maryland

Elizabeth C Gillespie married John G Williamson Dec 13, 1862 Cecil, Maryland

Ella E Gillespie married Peter P McAulley.  Announced inWhig newspaper May 15, 1886 Cecil Co, Maryland.

Ellen Gillespie married Peter Galloway July 16, 1847, Hartford, Maryland

Emeline Gillispie married James Alexander Nov 2, 1837 Baltimore, Maryland

Ezekiel Gillespy married Elizabeth Pyle July 23, 1832 Baltimore, Maryland


Florence Gillespie married Oliver Nesbitt June 4, 1891, Cecil Co, Maryland


George Gillespie married Anne Ewing, Cecil Co, Maryland (Links to West Pennsboro Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Their son Stephen Gillespie bought property in PA from William Gillespie of Cecil Co, Maryland who died in PA) 

George Gillespie married Elizabeth Allen, Maryland

George Gillespie married Mary Mccord March 9, 1829, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

George Gillespie married Jane A Clendenen Dec 11, 1872 Lower West Notthingham Presbyterian Church, Colora, Cecil, Maryland

George F Gillespie married Susanna T Burns March 29, 1858 Cecil, Maryland

George P Gillespie married Susanna T Burns, March 29, 1858 Cecil Co, Maryland

George W Gillespie married Lizzie E Nivin April 9, 1885, Cecil Co, Maryland

George White Gillespie married Lela Warren Gillespie. Child Sallie Ann Gillespie, Maryland


Hamilton Gillespie married Elizabeth Amelia Lowry Oct 14, 1846, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


James Gillespie married Elizabeth Trimble, Maryland

James Gillespie married Elizabeth Burris Jan  12, 1849 Cecil Co, Maryland.

James Gillespie married 1946 Washington Co, Maryland

Jane Gillespie married 1942 Washington Co, Maryland

Jas Gillespie married E. A. Morrow Aug 17, 1855 Allegany, Maryland

John Gillespie married Anna Evans Dec 7, 1822, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

John Gillespey married Catharine Gaulagher May 28, 1825, Baltimore, Maryland

John L Gillespie married Elizabeth Jane Davis July 31, 1845, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

John S Gillespie married Mary Frances Clark Oct 6, 1860 Cecil, Maryland

John W Gillespie married Hannah Carter Dec 22,  1862, Cecil, Maryland

Josephine Gillespie married Amos Wilson May 23, 1860 Cecil, Maryland


Marg Gilaspie married Peter Samsell Aug 17, 1800 German Reformed Church, Frederick, Maryland

Mary Gillespie married Daniel Oconner April 17, 1846, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Mary Gillespie married Patrick Quinn March 8, 1852, Allegany, Maryland

Mary Gillespie married John Murray June 23, 1852 Allegany, Maryland, USA

Mary Ann Gillospy married James Baker Oct 28, 1816 Baltimore, Maryland

Mary E Gillespie married Hugh Gibson July 3, 1843 Cecil, Maryland

Mary E Gillespie married John Price May 16, 1863, Cecil, Maryland

Mary J Gillespie married 1943 Washington Co, Maryland

Matilda Gellespy married Bayard Davis Dec 27, 1836, Caroline, Maryland

Moses N Gillespie married Margaret Moore Feb 14, 1857, Cecil, Maryland


Nathaniel Gillespie, born ca 1743, son of William, married Martha, Maryland

Nellie Gillespie married Porter P McCauley May 12, 1886 Cecil Co, Maryland


Peter W Gillespie married Amanda Harris Feb 5, 1861, Cecil, Maryland


Robert Gillespie married Dracilla Oram June 17, 1847, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Robert B Gillespie married Ann Trimble, Oct 21, 1841, Allegany County, Maryland

Robert B Gillespie married Henrietta Richardson July 22, 1862, Cecil, Maryland

Robert T B Gillespie married Ann Trimble Oct 21, 1841 Allegany, Maryland, USA


Sallie Ann Gillespie birth 1919. d/o George White Gillespie, Lela Warren Gillespie, married Mervin Francis Taylor Oct 28, 1942. Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Samuel Gillespie married Mary McVey Feb 11, 1840, Lower West Nottingham Presybterian Church, Colora, Cecil,  Maryland

Sarah Gillespie married John Clark Dec 13, 1841 Baltimore, Maryland, USA (2nd record gives date as Aug 29, 1842 at First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore)

Sarah Ann Gillespie married Robert Sydney Sept 20, 1851, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Sophia Gillispie married Joseph Wagner Jan 28, 1823 Evangelical Lutheran or Lutheran Congregation of Zmiddletown, Middletown, Frederick, Maryland

Susanna Gillespie married Edward J Jackson May 21, 1853 Cecil, Maryland


Thomas J Gillespie married Ellen Gifford Sept 1, 1874 Lower West Nottingham Presbyterian Church, Colora, Cecil, Maryland


Vera Gillespie married 1946 Washington Co, Maryland


W. E. Gillespie married Mary R Ewing Dec 18, 1873 Lower West Nottingham Presybterian Church, Colora, Cecil, Maryland

William Gillespie  married Mary Emmett, Cecil Co, Maryland

William A Gillespie married Mary Haines July 25, 1889 Cecil Co, Maryland

William B Gillespie married Mary J Richardson  Oct 20, 1859 Cecil, Maryland

Note: A few marriages listed above in the 1700s are mentioned in wills of Gillespie individuals, especially those linked to Ewing Family History, and may or may not have occurred in Maryland, possibly Pennsylvania, or overseas before arriving in America. 

Record Count: 74

Source of Records: Mormon website, Newspaper articles, wills. Washington Co Public Library. Maryland Death Index; US Genweb