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Alice Gillespie death June 19, 2005 Macomb Co, Michigan

Arthur Gillespie death June 12, 1958 Macomb Co, Michigan


Betty Jean Gillespie death Jan 29, 2018 Livingston Co, Michigan


Carol Gillespie death May 13, 2015 Macomb Co, Michigan

Catherine Gillespie death May 27, 1989 Wayne Co, MIchigan

Charles Gillespie death Nov 10, 1984 Oakland Co, Michigan

Christine Gillespie obituary Oct 10, 1926 Kent Co, Michigan

Clara F Gillespie death Feb 18, 1897, age 36. Father’s name Justin Stiner. Mother Eliza Stiner. Michigan

Clarence Gillespie obituary Dec 17, 1962 Michigan

Cleo Gillespie death Dec 7, 1959 Macomb Co, Michigan

Clark Gillespie birth Michigan, farmer, death March 24, 1884 Scipio, Hillsdale Co,  Michigan. single, age 19 years 26 days, heart disease, s/o W H Gillespie & E M Gillespie of Mosherville.

Cletus Gillespie obituary Feb 7, 1986 Kent Co, Michigan

Clifford Gillespie obituary Sept 19, 2003 Kent Co, Michigan

Clifford Lee Gillespie death Aug 13, 1984 Livingston Co, Michigan

Clyde Gillespie obituary July 7, 1918 Kent Co, Michigan

Cora Gillespie death Aug 27, 2017 Macomb Co, Michigan


Daniel Gillespie birth IRELAND. Death Aug 11, 1875 Cedarville, Menominee Co, Michigan, age 40, inflammation of bowels, laborer.

David Gillespie birth Ohio. Death June 15, 1868 Clinton, Michigan

David Gillespie death Aug 15, 2017 Macomb Co, Michigan


Earl Gillespie death Oct 5, 1965 Macomb Co, Michigan

Edward Gillespie death May 28, 2008 Oakland Co, Michigan

Edward Gillespie death April 7, 1971 Macomb Co, Michigan

Edward Gillespie death March 8, 1972 Macomb Co, Michigan

Edward James Gillespie Interred Aug 6, 1902 Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Edwin Gillespie death May 29, 2005 Macomb Co, Michigan

Eliza Ann Gillespie birth CANADA, death Sept 16, 1879 Sault Ste Marie, Chippewa, Michigan, single, age 19, typhoid fever, d/o Robert Gillespie, residence Detour, Michigan & Elizabeth Ann Gillespie

Elizabeth Gillespie birth Tryony, IRELAND death June 27, 1895, d/o Daniel Donaldson

Elizabeth Gillespie death Aug 13, 2017 Macomb Co, Michigan

Emma Gillespie death June 23, 1987 Macomb Co, Michigan

Ernest Gillespie birth Michigan, death Sept 11, 1894, Michigan, s/o Walter & Grace Gillespie

Eva Gillespie death May 27, 1993 Saginaw, Michigan


Frances Gillespie death May 2, 2011 Macomb Co, Michigan

Frances Gillespie death Dec 13, 1979 Macomb Co, Michigan

Francis L Gillespie birth Michigan. Death Dec 20, 1873 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, age 5 months 14 days, inflammation of bowels,  child of Michael & Mary Gillespie, Flint, Michigan

Frank R Gillespie birth Apena, Michigan. Death Sept 2, 1894 Alpena, Michigan, age one year. s/o William & Ella Gillespie

Frederick Lee Gillespie death July 11, 2010 Livingston Co, Michigan


George Gillespie death June 20, 1880 Kawkawlin, Bay, Michigan, drowned age 9 years, son of James & Mary Gillespie, Kawkawlin, Michigan

Gertrude Gillespie birth CANADA. Death Nov 8, 1874 Lapeer, Michigan, single, age 19, absess. d/o Edgar J Gillespie & Mahala Gillespie, Lapeer, Michigan

Gertrude L Gillespie birth Michigan, death August 9, 1887 Allegan, Michigan. d/o Martin & Sabrina Gillespie

Glen Gillespie death May 8, 1969 Macomb Co, Michigan


Harriet Gillespie birth ENGLAND. Death Sept 29, 1894 Michigan

Helen Gillespie death April 18, 1995 Macomb Co, Michigan

Henry Gillespie death March 18, 1968 Oakland, Michigan

Henry Gillespie death March 6,  1985 Macomb Co, Michigan

Howard Gillespie death Sept 30, 1980 Wayne Co, Michigan


I M B Gillespie birth Ohio, death Nov 13, 1897 Michigan,  d/o Enoch & Mary Gillespie

Ira Gillespie birth Michigan, death Nov 17, 1890 Calhoun, MIchigan. s/o James & Polly Gillespie.


James Gillespie death April 3, 2017 Macomb Co, Michigan

James Gillespie death Oct 20, 2011 Macomb Co, Michigan

James Washington Gillespie,Jr  birth Oct 11, 1987. Death Aug 6, 2014. Place of Death Inc. Interred Aug 22, 2014  Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jane L Gillespie birth Palmyra, New York, death Oct 18, 1867 Ann Arbor City, Washtenaw, Michigan, single, age 15 years 14 days peritonitus. d/o George D Gillespie & Rebecca P Gillespie, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jas Gillespie birth CANADA. Death Oct 29, 1886 Tompkins, Jackson Co, Michigan, age 34 years 6 months. Consumption,  s/o Wm & Jane Gillespie, Michigan. Laborer.

Jason Gillespie birth New York. Death Sept 1, 1872, Allegan, Michigan. Married. Age 77 years 4 days, paralysis, farmer.

John Gillespie birth Tipperary, IRELAND, death Sept 15, 1874 Orangeville, Barry, Michigan. age 72 years, 3 months, 6 days, old age.

Josephine Gillespie birthplace GERMANY, death Oct 6, 1880 Wayne, Michigan. d/o Christine & Mary Schaffer.


Margaret Gillespie birth IRELAND, death March 14, 1893 Genesse, Michigan. Father Thomas Welsh.

Maria Gillespie birthplace New York. Death June 23, 1868 Jackson, Michigan.

Mariett Gillespie birth Sherwood. Death Nov 11, 1869 Sherwood, Branch Co, Michigan. age 7 months 10 days, lung disease, child of Hosly & Sarah Gillespie

Mary Gillespie birth Indiana, death June 4, 1883 Lincoln, Osceloa Co, Michigan. Married, age 24 years 17 days, puerperal fever, housewife. Father John Thornton, Mother Hannah M Thompson.

Mary Gillespie birth Indiana, death July 10, 1885 Berrien Co, Michigan, a widow, age 53, apoplexy, housekeeper, father Robert Foster, mother Fannie Foster.

Mary Gillespie death Oct 30, 1892 Michigan, age 34, father Michael Flynn. Mother Kate Flynn.

Millicent Gillespie birth Vermont, death Sept 11, 1896 Michigan. Father Wm White, Mother Catherine White.


Nora Gillespie death Oct 17, 1887 Alpena Co, Michigan. d/o William & Ella Gilespie

Nora Gillespie birth Jan 1, 1845. Interred July 22, 1926 Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan


Patricia Ann Gillespie birth Feb 22, 1941 death Feb 2, 2000 Kalamazoo. Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

 Paul Gillespie death July 21, 1884 Caro, Tuscola Co, MIchigan, age 1 month, erysipelas, son of J R Gillespie & Sadie Gillespie.

Peter Gillespie birth CANADA, death May 26, 1893 Wayne Co, Michigan.


Ralph Edward Gillespie death May 18, 1967 Livingston Co, Michigan

Richard B Gillespie death June 16, 1870 Clinton, Lenawee Co, Michigan. Married, age 79 years, 9 months, 28 days. General Debility. father not living.

Robert Gillespie birth Michigan. Death April 15, 1888 Calhoun Co, Michigan. Age 14 years. Father James Gillespie. Mother Julia Gillespie.

Roxella Gillespie birthplace New York. Death 1873. Lapeer City, Michigan, widowed, age 72 years 5 months, spinal fever, Father Ebinezer White, residence New York; Mother Roxanna White.

Ruth J Gillespie death Oct 6, 2014 Livingston Co, Michigan


Sheridan Gillespie, birth Michigan. Death August 9, 1887 Allegan Co, Michigan. Age 1 year. Parents Martin & Sabrina Gillespie


William Gillespie death Dec 4, 1880 Barry Co, Michigan. age 37, s/o John & Margaret Gillaspie.

William E Gillespie birth Jan 1, 1876. Interred Sept 9, 1943. Died Maryland. Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Wm Gillespie birth SCOTLAND. Death Feb 17, 1890 Eaton Co, Michigan. s/o W & Jane Gillespie

Wm Boyd Gillespie death Oct 10, 1890 Michigan. S/o Francis & Fanny Gillespie

Source: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services: Genealogical Death Indexing; Riverside Cemetery Register, Kalamazoo; Livingston Co Clerk’s Office; McComb Co Clerk’s Office;

Record Count: 77

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