USA: Montana Marriages


Ellen BROWN, 23, birth 1908 Moundville, Vernon, Missouri, d/o A S Brown & Mabel Gillespie, married Elmer Bates, 39, birth 1892 Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, s/o Walter S Bates & Jennie Sidell, on May 22, 1931 at Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, USA. Both white, both single.


Claude Clarence Gillespie, 38, birth 1889 Oscola, Stclair, Missouri, s/o George H Gillespie & Ellen J Terell, married Florence Lulu Lindsay, 22,  birth 1905, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois d/o Walter S Lindsay & Florence Smith,  on April 25, 1927. Both single, both white.


James W Gillespie married May Jane Edden 1931, Broadwater Co, Montana

John Gillespie, age 45, birth 1887, St MarBozeman, Gallatin, Montana, Usay’s, Iowa, son of Mark Gillespie & Mary Dietrich, married Sylvia Bolan, 31, birth 1901 Clancy, Montana, on Nov 12, 1932 Whitehall, Jefferson, Montana. Both single, Race both white.

John J Gillespie, 24, birth 1878 s/o John B Gillespie & Christine Taggert Gillespie, married Florence Daily, 19, birth 1883 d/o John Dailey & Ellen Coulter Daily, on Sept 2, 1902 at Butte, Silver Bow, Montana.


Nellie Gillespie, 24, birth 1871 West Virginia. d/o Alex S Gillespie & Sarah Picketts, married Joseph C Hurst. 23, b 1872 England, s/o William S Hurst & Minnie Brown, on  Jan 27, 1895 Dawson, Montana. Both single; both white.


Richard S Gillespie, son of Richard S Gillespie & Teresa Troxell, married Mary Conroy, d/o Batley Conroy & mother’s name Connolly. 1905 at Silver Bow, Montana, United States

Robert E Gillespie, age 27, birth 1912 Pallisade, Minnesota, s/o J.W. Gillespie & Alvara Manney, married Carol Mann, 21, b 1918, d/o Arthur J Mann & Lida Bledsoe, on  Nov 5, 1939 Boulder, Jefferson, Montana

Catherine M HANNON, 26, birth Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, d/o John Hannon & Margaret Gillespie, married Clarence Peterson, 27, born 1904 St. Paul, Ramsay, Minnesota, s/o P. O. Peterson & Mary Johnson, on June 26, 1931 White Sulphur Springs, Meagher, Montana

Grace M JONES, 23, birth 1891 Butte, Montana, d/o Jenneson P Jones & Emma D Gillespie, married William J Toepfer, 35, birth 1879 Chippein Falls, Wisconsin, s/o Henry J Toepfer & Agatha Schultz, on June 3, 1914 at Whitehall, Jefferson, Montana. Single/Married. Both white.

Mary C KITTS, 25, birth 1890 Minnesota, d/o T J Kitts & Clara I Gillespie, married Dwight Berkin Mccollum, 24, birth 1891 Lewiston, Mt, s/o William Mccollum & Sarah Berkin, on Feb 22, 1915 Fergus, Montana.

Bessie MCPHERSON, 20, birth 1914 Gallatin Gateway, Gallatin, Montana, d/o John Mcpherson & Belle Gillespie, married Henry Martin Nerbovig, 26, birth 1908 Kendall, Fergus, Montana, s/o Henry Nerbovig & Marie Havig, on March 1, 1934 at Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, USA. Both single, both white.

George F PRINCE, 23, birth 1867 Iowa City, Iowa, s/o Leander H Prince & Sarah J Gillespie, married Cattie M Miner, 18, b Iowa, d/o James M Miner & Mary J Wimmer April 6, 1890 Missoula, Montana. Single, both white.

Corinne WILSON, 29, birth 1916, Marshall, Texas, d/o Andrew Gillespie & Essie May Gulley, married Clarence Henry Dahlem. 30, birth 1915 Cody, Park Co., Wyoming, on Dec 11, 1945 at Carbon, Montana. Divorced. Widowed, White

Record Count: 14

Source of Records: Mormon website, Montana Marriages, 1889-1947